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The Death of My Favorite Wrestler by Brad Dykens

For as long as I've been a wrestling fan, I don't remember ever feeling the way I do right now. I can't quite figure out how to express myself right now, after discovering that my favorite wrestler has passed away. It's a sad reality that I, like many wrestling fans, live with every day of my life. Every time I sit down at my computer and log onto the internet, for one brief moment I think to myself, "I hope nobody died today." Well this afternoon I went through the motions; I logged in, hit Meltzer's site and was punched in the stomach with the saddest news I could ever imagine. Eddie Guerrereo DEAD. I couldn't believe it. I hit a couple other websites to find the same horrific announcement. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005.

I checked my email, only to find that I had been flooded with over 100 emails with "Guerrero" in the subject line. I couldn't bring msyelf to open a single one of them - and still haven't. I don't feel like a fan right now. Updating OWW just doesn't seem like a priority to me at this moment. But I do feel the need to write something and get it all out in the open. Wrestling doesn't seem to matter to me right now, and anybody who knows me knows that's a shocking statement.

My heart goes out to the Guerrero family, his wife and three daughters, his legendary brothers and father and to everyone who has been touched and inspired by Eddie Guerrero like I have. Rest in Peace Eddie Guerrero -- My favorite wrestler....... wrote:
WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.

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On Sunday morning, TNA joined the wrestling world in learning of the unfortunate and untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero.

The mood backstage in Orlando is solemn, as many TNA staff and stars were close with Eddie and worked with him throughout his career.

Everyone in TNA will keep Eddie and his family in our thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come as we say goodbye to a friend...
Dave Meltzer ( wrote:
It's just a very sad day today. Eddy Guerrero was loved by many and entertained millions. I feel just horrible for his family and for his close friends in wrestling. I just hope there's an angel over his shoulder watching him right now.

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JBL was just on MSNBC talking about Guerrero. He said everyone lost a good man and a great wrestler. He noted Guerrero had a great passion for wrestling and a tremendous ability to feel the crowd and work off their emotion. He said he was great in the locker room, would bring scriptures and other items to help wrestlers who were down. He said Guerrero did battle a lengthy addiction to pain killers but praised him for getting his life back in order. He noted he had bought a new home in Phoenix (in fact, they were just moving in this week). JBL said he hoped the death was not drug related and believed Guerrero was doing fine, and he speculated it was a heart attack. He noted that his own career owes so much to Guerrero because his first big program was with him, and there was tremendous criticism of him getting the spot. He sadi he will always be grateful to Guerrero for going to bat with him management and in the locker room.

(After RAW Tribute) I think everyone needed to cry and on a personal standpoint, I would to thank the people involved in the show last night, in particular the people who spoke from the heart about Eddy Guerrero last night. I don't think any of them realize how much they did for all of us watching. It is a tragedy that a great wrestler passed away too young, when he had so much to give the profession. But that is a terribly minor tragedy compared to that a wonderful human being passed away. I recognize almost everyone reading this is hurting right now, and if they aren't, I'm very sorry for you, but there many people who lost a very dear friend. Unfortunately something like this had to happen for the whole world to realize it and if there is a such thing as him watching from above, I guess he saw it. But I also know he'd be saying, "Why is everybody making such a fuss about me. What did I do to deserve it." Maybe that sums it up as good as I can. One thing about these tragedies and it really is the most important thing, is those children and his wife loved that man. He and his wife were childhood sweethearts and no doubt with Eddy she had the highest of highs, and unfortunately, she had to endure the lowest of lows a few years ago. There are things that most of us don't think about when the phone call comes or it's that time again. The familiarity doesn't make it easier. But, the plight of the families left behind is rarely thought about. That is the real heartbreak here, and elsewhere. And for every wrestler, and everyone in wrestling who makes decisions, try to at least learn something from this, whether it be being a better friend, or being humble, because that man had the talent of 100 people and was never arrogant about it and he did not get so good at his profession without loving to give people the kind of show that he perceived his father did. He had gigantic shoes to fill in the ring, and he more than filled them. He had battles every day of his life with his own problems and being in a world that in many ways is the worst world to be in for someone with depression and addiction issues. He appeared to be winning the battle. He achieved things that few would have ever thought were possible for a man of his stature. But there is a real truth here about the families left behind, and that this was not a freak occurrence but the result of bad decisions. Most of all, the greatest thing that can happen in Eddy's memory is not watching him beat Brock Lesnar, or perform against Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko or Rey Mysterio, or tag team with Art Barr, but if somehow, somehow this is learned from, and becomes a true watershed moment in the profession, and some families are saved from this in the future.

(After attending Funeral) I don't really have the words to describe Thursday yet. Maybe in a few days. About the only thing I can say is Eddy Guerrero was blessed by having several true friends. You can really tell the kind of person someone is by how true their friends are, and the quality of people who are their friends. You already knew Eddy Guerrero had an A+ plus heart even without that. The lesson for the week is, don't take your friends for granted. Among the people at the funeral, and I apologize in advance for leaving people out, included, naturally, the entire Guerrero family, Hector Rincon, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, JBL, Rey Mysterio and their wives, Dean Malenko, Vince, Shane, Stephanie & Linda McMahon, Tom Prichard, Billy Anderson, John Laurinaitis, Edge, Lita, Jamie Noble, Shane Helms, Charlie Haas, Jackie Gayda, Mark Jindrak, Konnan, Gail Kim, Mike Tenay, Doug Basham, Christian, C.M. Punk, Billy Kidman, Torrie Wilson, Sting, Tommy Drake, Kevin Dunn, Bruce Prichard, Michael Hayes and Steve Austin. Superstar Billy Graham led the service, and among those who spoke were Malenko, Jericho, Benoit, JBL (funny as hell by the way), Vince McMahon, Prichard, all of Eddie's brothers, one sister, Chavo Jr., and Valerie Coleman "Graham." Most of the WWE people took the company plane out to Europe immediately following the service and the wrestlers will be back in the ring later today.

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John Byrnes wrote:
The greatest tragedy since owen hart died, the death of Eddie Guerrero. A great preormer and even better man, hears to Eddie Guerrero, a man who who shall have a place in my heart. RIP...Eddie..... Viva La raza.
Stanley Samuelsen wrote:
A great man has died, He will be terribly missed. I grew up watching this man wrestle, I remember when entered the wcw, i remember when he was one of the filthy animals and i remember when he went to the wwe and when he and chyna were together and when he won the wwe undisputed title, and his confrontation with Rey Mysterio. Even though he is gone every one will remember Latino Heat. But does any one know how he died yet? RIP Eddie, I will never forget you
Tyler Pratt wrote:
On November 13th 2005 the life of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time was ended. This wrestler was Eddy Guerrero. He was found dead in his hotel room. When I heard this news I honestly cried. I started watching wrestling again when Edy became the WWE champion, and I remember how happy I was for him. He lost it soon after to JBL and from there I knew that he was not going to ever reach that level of success again. They did the same with Chris Benoit. Eddy was one of the hardest working wrestlers the WWE had and on a daily basis did his best to entertain the fans. I'm sure that everyone who reads this will agree with me when I say that he will truly be missed. Eddy Guerrero will never be forgotten. EDDY GUERRERO 1967 - 2005
Antonio (from Huelva, Spain) wrote:
En primer lugar pido disculpas por escribir este texto en español porque mi inglés es pésimo.

Siempre duele que una persona,un deportista,muera,pero en el caso de Eddie es una tragedia como nunca antes había conocido en el mundo del wrestling.

No se qué ha causado su muerte,y sé que las especulaciones y rumores correrán en los próximos días,pero me da igual.

Estoy convencido de que se nos ha ido una gran persona,repito,una gran persona, y uno de los mejores wrestlers de los últimos 10 años.Eddie era el alma de Smackdown y al menos me queda la satisfacción de haberle visto coronarse campeón de la WWE en Wrestlemania XX. Recuerdo que conocí a Eddie en la WCW poco antes de formar los Filthy Animals con Rey Misterio,Konnan y Kidman y,desde el primer momento,se convirtió en uno de mis favoritos.Pensar que nunca más veré asomarse su coche brillante y saltarín por la rampa de Smackdown me rompe por dentro.

Realmente no tengo muchas más palabras para decir lo que siento tras esta repentina muerte.

Sólo quería ser partícipe de este llamamiento.

Descanse en Paz
C Thomas wrote:
I am truly sadden yet still shocked by what has transpired with the recent loss of Eddie Guerrero. This individual had an in-ring style that cannot be matched by ANYBODY. He had the skill to turn a terrible match into a classic and a story line from boring to down right interesting (i.e. Rey's child custody angle). His matches with Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Dallas Page, and Brock Lesnar are timeless. Including his victory at Wrestlemania XX. The mark that he left on the sport of professional wrestling, besides Lucha Libre, is so severe because he has influenced so many wrestlers behind him like The Amazing Red and his nephew Chavo, Jr. Throughout his personal demons getting the best of him, last night he was 3 years sober (taken from the press conference at WWE) and that's the way he left the world. Sober, happy, and blessed to be alive. That's the kind of legacy only LEGENDS leave in this business and in this world. He was and forever will be a inspiration to follow your dreams, never give up, always keep the ones you love close, and be who you want to be. Now he may rejoin Art Barr to reunite as the best heel tag team in Lucha history and be at rest.

Eddie Guerrero, LONG LIVE LATINO HEAT!!!! God Bless The Dead.
Pablo Gonzalez wrote:
I don't know how to describe the shock that was for me to find out that Eddie "Don Eddie" as we the latin fans call him, was found dead in his suite. This is a great lost for everyone who likes wrestling and for all the people of here, chihuahua, the mexican state that see him born. This was one of those wrestlers that motivate you to see wrestling and to like it more and more, now i don't know what's gonna happen in smackdown! without our beloved Don Eddie, I'm truly sorry and i don't have any words to describe this feeling. He was really a wrestling god and an amazing person i hope WWE make the tribute that he deserves and i hope that the fans will always remember him. Cheating Death.... Stealing Life. Goodbye Eddie we love you!!!
Whittney Coy wrote:
Basicly, the same thing happened to me, turned the computer on and got a swift kick in the gut. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005. I remember when i first saw Eddie in the WWE. I liked him from the start. His cocky attitude always made me laugh as i'm sure it has many others. He was one of the few men i've ever seen that was able to pull off the mullet and it look good. What truly inspired me about him though was how he was able to "face his demons." Reading all the articles and interviews on his addictions in past magazines gave me the strength to do the same as well. I felt that if somone like Eddie who had to travel all year, not get to see his family much, and have to beat the hell out of his body for the entertainment of millions could do it, why the hell couldn't i? In a way he was my angel. I loved seeing his face on t.v. I'll miss him like the millions of other fans that will miss him also. My deepest sorrow and regrets go out to his family and friends. I know that they are the ones who need the most help and support at this tragic time. His legend will live on in the hearts of the people who loved and cherished him. All my love to his beautiful wife and daughters. Remember that there are millions who are supporting you and your family and we will all help you to get through this. Latino Heat will be forever loved and never forgotten. LATINO HEAT FOREVER.
Danny Carson wrote:
I couldn't believe when I saw it. I read on a website "Breaking News:Eddie Guerrero passes away". I was hoping it was one of those fake ad's but I knew it wasn't. However I held hope but didn't mean anything. I checked just be sure and sadly enough it was there. I was in complete shock. I mean I just saw this guy wrestle Thursday night and now he's dead? It just doesn't seem real.

I kept checking back on websites to find updates on how it happened. I have exams tomorrow and I can't even stay on track to study because I just keep thinking of this. It's so sad that just around three year ago's he overcame all those demons and was able to be the husband and father he always wanted. I feel so sorry for his family. I can't imagine what they're going through.

I really hope this sends Vince a message. Eddie Guererro is the most skilled performer of alltime in my opinion. However for him to make it big in the WWE he needs to get bigger. So he did what most guys do, took steroids. Guys with his talent shouldn't have to resort to that. I'm not blaming Vince for his death but I really hope he see's that he should reward talent, not muscle.

I really hope WWE does a tribute show like they did for Owen. Eddie and Owen are very alike. Both have the ability to make laugh, boo, hate them, and they both can outwrestle anyone. They both can fly, mat wrestle you, and tech the crap out of anyone. Eddie was unique talent and like I said at the start, the best ever in my opinion.

As I'm writing this it still doesn't seem real that Eddie has passed away. I will always remeber him for the sly smile after stealing a win. I will miss him a lot and the wrestling world will not be the same without him. RIP Eddie, a true legend
SA Venss wrote:
I have to agree with what Brad Dykens said one hundred percent, wrestling at this moment is nothing, but the memories of this truly wonderful man and wrestler are all we have to lift us up from this terrible tradegy.

Eddie Guerrero was always a favuorite of mine, he out performed most if not all the WWE superstars in the ring and on the mic for many years, I just watched Eddie on friday and personally thought it was the best match of the night on smackdown and in fact I turned to someone and said "you gotta love this Eddie Guerrero heel or face he is a legend" he brought humour, intensity, excitment and most of all great entertainment other wrestlers just can't dream to contend with.

Im in total shock and for me wrestling can never be the same again, I think now when I watch the shows there will be something missing and it will remind me of this great wrestlers untimely death.

But I can assure all Eddie Guerrero fans that "Latino Heat" will always burn bright and strong.

13th november 2005 will be a black day for all wrestling fans all over the world, we will not forget Eddie Guerrero but we will be inspired and always remember this wonderful man.

All my thoughts go to the Guerrero family.
Joe L. wrote:
Why, God, why? Why did this happen? This is why I'm always reluctant to watch wrestling at times. Eddie Guerrero was not only one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation but he was a good friend to everyone in the locker room, he was a great husband and a loving father. I don't even want to believe any of this but it happened and now, all our hearts have been completely shattered by this tragedy.

Thank you, Eddie. You were a wonderful human being and you made all of us happy in and out of the ring. Thanks for the memories. R.I.P.

Sebastien Ferland wrote:
Eddie Guerrero... I can't remember how many times me and my brother would joke around with his famous latino accent - "I'M YOUR PAPI!!!" or "Orale Ese Vato!!" We laughed so hard sometimes about how he talked. I especially remember the match right after Vengeance, when The Rock won his 7th WWE Championship, and Eddie showed up saying that his kids had a poster of The Rock, and he tore it up, squashed it, ripped it and burned it, and his daughters would ask "Why, Papi, Why?" "SHUUUTUUUUUUUP!!!!!" That was one funny show.

But now, my brother called me and said to go see When I got there, my heart stopped. I couldn't believe it. Morte. The Great Latino Heat...

I watched the press conference with Vince and Chavo. I had a feeling that the question about whether it was substance abuse or something else that had killed him would come up, and sure enough, it did. It's normal question to ask, mind you, but I know - I'm positive - that substance abuse was not the reason of his passing.

When we first heard of Eddie's addiction problems and when he eloquently spoke about it on tv, I gained a newfound respect for him. Going through tough times like that, realizing and admitting that you have a problem, and dealing with it the way he did... There's just no turning back once this happens. Eddie loved life, and you could see that in his performance, in his talk, in everything he did. Knowing a bit about substance abuse myself, I can tell you that Eddie was an inspiration to me, and proof that you can surmount any obstacle life throws at you. Substance abuse nearly took someone I love from me, and I can tell you that Eddie has been, and still is, proof that the person I love can make it through without substance abuse, and can surmount that obstacle, and will stay with me for a very long time.

Being selfish is truly a human emotion we all have to deal with, and in that sense, I am selfish about the people I love. I don't wanna lose them. Eddie has proved to me that this problem can be dealt with, like any other problem. That my loved ones won't go because of that. So thank you Eddie, for helping me deal with my fears, my faith, and showing me that you can accomplish absolutely anything once you set yourself on it.

Eddie will be missed, sorely, by much more than just me and my brother, but by all the fans of wrestling everywhere, no matter their age, size, problems, or any other differences they may have.

Eddie, you've inspired me. Thank you for all you've done. Peace
God of Gods wrote:
Theirs not much that needs to be said... Eddie Guerrero was one of the greatest ever. Both in the ring and out. I will miss him forever...
Matt Kopp wrote:
When I discovered that Eddie Guererro had died today, a tear came to my eye. I can only two things to say about this. Those things are, " What's here today could be gone tomorrow, and only the good die young." Eddie Guererro was widely regarded by many including myself as one of the absolute greatest. Just like with Owen Hart, the black hand of death took another great man's life in the most shocking and tragic of ways. The World Wrestling Entertainment will never be the same without Eddie, and there will only be one Eddie Guererro. He overcame some of the hardest obstacles in life, and turned himself around to finally become a world champion. Never in my life did I think that the morning of November 13th, 2005 was going to be Eddie Guererro's last day on this earth. While I am deeply saddened by this, I know that Eddie is sitting in the purest and most beautiful part of heaven right now, looking down on us all. Adios, amigo, and may you rest in peace.
Michal Petrgál wrote:
As everyone in the wrestling world, I cannot believe that. I was enjoying ice-hockey performance in person when suddenly my friend called me that Eddie was dead. I was speechless a now, nothing has changed. Eddie was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. You know that and he should be in every single hall of fames. But that's not important right now. The death is absolutely unjust. Eddie was wonderful person and he once made a mistake and should he deserve this? I mean, he was only 38 years old! It's unbelievable. It was Candido, now Eddie...who else is gonna be from "sinners"? Raven? Sting? Vampiro? I must also agree with Brad. I cannot imagine that I would watch wrestling in the nearest time. But, on the other hand, Eddie wants everybody to go on. To go on with the thing what we did before his death.

Anyway, I will miss you Eddie so much. You were one of the most favourite wrestlers in my eyes. Heaven has the big main-eventer right now. Goodbye, Eddie. I'll never forget.
Campbell Turner, New Zealand wrote:
Turning on my computer in the early hours of the morning (in New Zealand), I was absolutely shocked and stunned when I saw the headline on I couldn't believe it, I thought maybe the 1967-2005 was just maybe his career had ended or something not so horrible. But looking through everything I had to face facts - one of my favourite wrestlers of all time was gone.

Watching SmackDown! last night was great, when Eddie Guerrero, with his usual cheeky grin, threw the chair at Ken Kennedy and won the match by disqualification. Those are the moments Eddie should be remembered for - his lying, cheating and stealing. Thank god they got him out of the horrible, evil, Rey Mysterio hating character, so that he goes out being remembered as Latino Heat.
evelyn villegas wrote:
Eddie was my favorite wrestler I watched Smackdown just for him hes what got me in to wacthing wrestling. Ihope his family is okay and my prayers are with them. Its is such a sad loss I mean he went through so much in his life I thought that nothing else would happen. Well R.I.P Eddie we'll miss you. QUE VIVA LA RAZA
Mike Fantastic wrote:
I have no doubt that oww is inundated with numerous people wishing to talk aout eddie guerrero's tragic passing, and I have no doubt that there are many more people more talented at writing than I am and with more personal stories of the man than I have that deserve to be heard. The reason I am submitting this is for two reasons - that I have no doubt that some sort of tribute will be arranged and that perhaps my perspective may echo that of many around the world, and secondly if this is only read by only one other wrestling fan, then I might have a better chance of sleeping tonight.

I have so much respect for the man we all know as eddie guerrero. I never met him, I can't tell you of how he took time out to talk to me or sign something, but then very few people can. I admire him on so many levels, as a person and as a performer. We all know how he beat his demons, it's been well documented, perhaps too well documented considering how fantastic a performer he has been. I find it impossible to talk about Eddie in the past tense. He has shown exception character as a man t overcome his flaws and I can tell you, it's not easy. In one way or another everyone knoes it's not easy. He hit bottom and he came back. It takes a special kind of person to do that wahetever the circumstances. I don't need to tell you this, you already know, just like you know that when Eddie's music hit, as a performer, you knew you weren't going anywhere. I never got bored when Eddie was on T.V. I doubt many people did.

Four hours ago I was sat with a friend of mine who doesn't have internet access right now telling him about the Batista situation. We were trying to sort out how he was going to watch Smackdown this week since there was a big chance of a title change. Oblivious of what was going on, we were talking about how we hoped the title ended up with Eddie Guerrero, how he deserved to be top guy again. We went for a few beers, I turned on my computer, found out what had happened and called him. We discussed arrangements for watching smackdown once again, but for such different reasons. That is my personal story on Eddie Guerrero, that is why I feel I need to add my voice.

The fact is, I know like so many others that in my heart there is nothing I could say to Eddie as parting words that I wouldn't have said to him yesterday, last week, last month or last year. It's tragic his life was cut short. There are no words to describe what a loss of talent to the business but more so what a loss of humanity to the world his passing is. But those of us in the fan community always knew how good he was. His work never went unappreciated and that means something in this industry. We all knew the road he had to travel to get to where he got on a personal level and I've seen enough people count his embrace with Chris Benoit as a top Wrestlemania moment to know in my heart that none of it was in vain. From what I have read, he went out with the people who loved him best able to say goodbye. As premature as it was, perhaps that's all any of us could ever hope for. I for one am so happy that I got to see him perform live, that I got so many years of seeing him on television and that maybe in one of his final moments he thought of the fans voices he had heard over the years and it's an honour that I was one of them.

Often after someone dies people say things about them they really should have said more when they were alive. With Eddie Guerrero there's no compliment you can pay him that so many people who care about wrestling haven't said so many times before. I hope he knew, I'm sure he did. His passing has effected me on so many levels as it doubtlessly has so many others, but in the end he was a fantastically talented wrestler who devoted his too short life to us, the wrestling fans. We loved him and appreciate dhim for what he did, and in this tragedy I can only hope that it pulls us all closer together. We all have things to think abot when someone we care about dies and even though none of us can even come close to understanding what his family and closest friends may be feeling, we all have a place in our hearts for the people willing to sacrifice so much for us.

Viva la rasa, Eddie, you deserved more than what you got, but you had and will always have the love and devotion of all wrestling fans.
gus davis wrote:
When I heard Eddie Guerrero died, I was in total shock. He was a wrestler who loved this sport, Eddie gave us memories that will last a life time. I wanna say thanks to Eddie for giving 110 percent everytime he came to the ring. Eddie, you will be missed. RIP
Doug Kinsella wrote:
Eddie Guerrero was truly, one of the greatest professional athletes in the industry of wrestling. He had fans everywhere, whether they loved him, hated him, or anything in between. Then, on Sunday morning, the great athlete died suddenly. This left many people shocked, and it was unbelievable. I, myself could not get over it. To make it short, thank you Eddie Guerrero for a great, GREAT career, and making every wrestling fan proud. May god rest your soul.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
Eddie Guerrero without a doubt was one of the best of all time, his ring skills were awesome and his microphone work was brilliant. When I started watching Wrestling Eddie Guerrero was just starting to get into ECW. Over the past couple of years we seen Eddie's greatest matches and his personal highs. All I can really say is my heart and prays go out to the entire Guerrero Family and Eddie thanks for the memories. RIP Eddie Guerrero
Jasper J Sha wrote:
It's odd, I never thought I would actually be close to tears over wrestling, but in this is completely understandable.

Eddie, you were a legend, are a legend, and forever will be a legend. If I never saw Chris Benoit before you, you would take place as my favorite wrestler. Let me tell you, you are a a good man, a man who is truly a role model in an industry that is hard to find moral and upstanding people who have been through it all.

You will always be one of the wrestlers that beat all odds: the "you're too small" odds, the "drug rehab" odds, the "well spoken wrestler" odds, the "good man" see Eddie, everyone misses you already. Your influence spreads through all aspects of the wrestling world; no one will ever forget you. Come this Monday and Friday, on TV we will see two tributes to you that are definitely NOT for ratings purposes. We need a place to honor you, to show you how much you sacrificed for us so in turn that we may thank you. Two shows aren't even enough, but you would want the show itself to go on wouldn't you.

You could cut any promo, you could wrestle any match, you could make any wrestler look good while smelling like a million roses yourself. You are the perfect wrestler. I'm not going to say "were the perfect wrestler" because as cheesy as it sounds, you will still exist in every wrestler that goes out in the squared circle and you will be in every single fan. You are the standard that wrestlers should measure up to.

You did what you loved and came back from tragedy. You showed us that anyone can actually beat the odds, just as long as you have something to work for. I feel bad for us fans, who can no longer see you ply your trade which you lovingly created night in and out. I feel horrible for your family who will no longer get to have a father, husband, son, uncle, nephew, or cousin who is truly someone to look up to and love.

I don't normally attest to believing in an afterlife, but for you, I hope there is one. I hope I one day I get to go to that afterlife and see you wrestling in the ring of your dreams.

Thank you, Eddie Guerrero. Latino Heat burns forever in our memories. Rest in Peace. You've earned that right.
Anthony Senn wrote:
Eddie Guerrero, even though I didn't know him, was a personal favorite of mine. Sad to see such a progressive wrestler go at such a young age. Mr. Lie..Cheat...Steal will never die in the hearts of many. God must be booking one helluva supershow in heaven.
XW wrote:
This morning while I was making a banner using pics from here, I was also rping at my favorite site, gaiaonline, and a girl in a wrestling roleplay posted in a backstage topic, inside prenticies(sp?) that eddie was dead. Somebody quoted and said, 'Oh shit, she's not liyin''. I myself was completely shocked and headed straight to to find out it was true. So after that, all the wrestling fans on Gaia in all diffeent wrestling guilds and threads gave tribute to eddie, some were even in roleplay standards, which was hard for me considering i created a char and said he was related to eddie and finally got to ACTUALLY roleplay him about a week ago. So today has been a sad day for us all. Infact, I know a bunch of people at Gaia online that said they were crying. And today half of us changed our signatures to eddie banners, I even made one, once again thanks to some pics from OWW, for mine. So today I was surprised to find out how much every single superstar in the WWE has made an impact on all our lives and how everybody from all wrestler federations, even TNA, cares about every other wrestling star. And that did not help me get over eddie's death. All it did was make me sadder. It and the facts that eddie was back to his old self on Friday when he cheated to defeat Ken Kennedy, he was only 38 years old, and he had a family. Now today may have just been one of the worst days for all wrestlingfans. Today goes up to Owen hart's(R.I.P.) death. Today, or should I say eddie's death is just completely tragic. Rest In peace Eddie Guererro.
Tim Fountain wrote:
This is a true case of "you don't know what you've got till' it's gone."

Now, I haven't been watching wrestling for very long, but in the time I have, it has literally changed my life. My weeks are built around Mondays and Fridays (and Saturdays now too with the arrival of TNA) most of what I ever talk or think about is wrestling, and being an amateur wrestler my self, it is amazing to see the feats of athleticism these guys can pull off. There are a few wrestlers that pop up whenever I talk about the WWE. I'm writing now about one that would always pop up. Eddie Guerrero.

He was young, strong, talented, and extremely entertaining. I was never bored during any of his matches or any times he was on the mic (save for the awful Mysterio/Guerrero "Bedtime Story"). He was the last one I would have expected to die. I remember watching him on Friday just this week, and laughing at how he won the match by DQ against Mr. Kennedy by fooling the referee. He was so full of energy, and there was no prior indication of medical problems.

It came as a HUGE shock to me, it was like losing a family member unexpectedly. I really didn't know how much I liked him till' now, and now I won't ever be able to see him again. I am going to miss him, more than any other entertainment or sports figure out today. I've never been this sad about someone I didn't know dying as I am now.

Via con dios, Eddie, and rest in peace.
Cody Hanson wrote:
Unfortunatley,The Death Of Eddie Guererro Is Tragic And Extremly UnTimely.The Young SuperStar,38,Was My Favorite Wrestler And Still Is.Ive Watched "Cheating Deat,Stealing Life"About Eight Times And Im Planning On Reading His The AutoBiography He Wrote That Will Be Released Some Time in December.Ive Watched Wrestling For Four Years Now,Im Almost Fourteen,And Eddie Guererro's Always Been My Favorite.My Best Wishe's To Eddies Family.R.I.P. Eddie.VIVA LA RAZA
Adam "The Adaman" Heap wrote:
He Lied, He Cheated, He Stole ---- I'm diving straight through all the claptrap. Eddie Guerrero was what made SmackDown! worth watching. He always had a trick up his sleeve. I loved his last match with Ken Kennedy. It was classic Eddie. He grabbed a chair, the ref was getting up, he banged it on the floor, threw it to Kennedy and then dropped himself to the mat. Eddie was always like that, and he could do it as a face. It's always sad when you here older wrestlers die, but this shouldn't have happened. And so, Eddie, from the Adaman - I salute you.
C. M. Latsha wrote (A Tribute to the Greatest Luchador to Come to America):
Since I never watched WCW, I was not the first to hear about the crossover of four of WCW's greatest wrestlers, I had caught wind of it before the Raw when they showed up, and some of the names were familiar, but I did not comprehend their importance in the Monday Night Wars until much later.

However, the made an impression immediately. As time went by two rose to the lofty heights of championship; the other two eventually sank into obscurity and eventually left full-time wrestling with the Federation. Perry Saturn sank into apparent insanity, and eventually quit. Dean Malenko gained the Light Heavyweight title, but eventually slowed down, and is now a Road Agent.

Between the other two, one has more talent as a wrestler, Chris Benoit;:the other, Eddie Guerrero, had been the most over, both as a face and as a heel. Both had gained World Championships, but Eddie had better storylines, and a more charismatic personality.

Eddie Guerrero started in the independent circuit, and was then recruited to WCW. He, like almost all the Luchadors, was extremely hard-working and able to gain some gold, in the form of US and Cruiserweight titles, but as he was not part of the exclusive clique that ruled WCW, he never had the push he deserved. His most prominent push was as one of the leaders of the latino World order (lWo). During one of the many times of turmoil, several wrestlers, including Eddie, asked to be released from their WCW contracts, obtained it, four wrestlers became known as the "Radicalz," and soon each created their own identity.

Of the four, none had a more dynamic career than Eddie. He developed an onscreen romance with Chyna, which of course ended in anger and a sordid breakup. He went on to hold the US Title, Tag Titles, and the WWE title, defeating Brock Lesnar, in a match which was universally cheered, and led to a wildly successful feud between Guerrero and Kurt Angle. His final long storyline involved tagging with Rey Mysterio, and then a long feud, lasting several months, ending with a goofy custory match for Rey's (or Eddie's or whoever's son).

Soon, Eddie was back on the World Title scene, aiming for Dave Batista, and his title, since he had newly swtiched from Raw to Smack Down.

There have been many many great Luchadors, and many good Luchadors who have crossed over into American wrestling. Chavo Guerrero, Juvuntud Guerrera, and Rey Mysterio Jr.

However, at this point, one Luchador stands a head higher than all the others, Eddie Guerrero. None was more charismatic, none had amassed the number of titles in America. Eddie will stand as a WWE champ, and will also be remembered as one of the best wrestlers in both the WWE and the WCW. He is gone, but will not be forgotten.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
Sigh, I am not sure what to say about this. For some reason today, I slept in really late. Until about 3pm. For some reason I did not want to get up and face the day. Once I got up and signed online, I sorta wish I hadn't gotten up. There was an email from a fellow OWW columnist, and once I saw the headline, I knew that someone had died. My shock just grew bigger and bigger when I realized it was Eddie Guerrero.

Several times in my life, wrestlers who have been my favorites have died. I had been saddened by many, but I don't have words for this. Eddie Guerrero was one of the most solid performers and one of the most charismatic. He was someone who triumphed over life and he was someone I admired. All I can say is that I was happy to see him cheered by the fans once again while he drove the low ride into the arena. It was good to see him enjoying and being enjoyed by everyone. This is one of those great tragic losses. I'll miss you so much, Eddie, you were one of the best ever.
James Reinheimer wrote (Latino Heat Will Live On In Our Hearts):
In a shocking event, Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes (Eddie Guerrero) has been found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis. This tragic event has already been taken in by many wrestling fans world wide. At this time I would like to pay tribute to one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever set foot into the ring. Eddie was a great man, father, and husband, and I am writing this tribute to the life and memories of Latino Heat.

From the day he was born, Eddie was wrestling bound. He is the son of Mexican wrestling legend Gori Guerrero, and grew up with wrestlers all around him. As a kid he was a very loveable boy. He was just a kid who wanted to have fun. Because he was the youngest of all his siblings, so he grew up with his Brother Chavo Guerrero Sr's son, Chavito Guerrero III (Chavo Guerrero). At a young age both Eddie and Chavo enjoyed wrestling.

During intermissions at shows Gori Guerrero had promoted they would put on their boots and tights, and just wrestle in the middle of the ring. People in the audience would even just stay during the intervals and watch them wrestle. It was shown at a young age that Eddie was going to walk in the same footsteps of his father, and brothers.

In the early 1990's Eddie was brought into Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW was all about hardcore, but Eddie along with a whole lot of other wrestlers eg. Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, brought the Lucha Libre style of wrestling into the United States. In ECW, Guerrero had some amazing matches with Dean Malenko. These matches were highlighted by there final match in ECW. It was a 2/3 falls match to determine who the better man was. Both wrestlers were tied one fall a piece, and then the third fall was a double pin. After the match, the ECW locker room emptied out and showed their respects for both men. This was an incredible night. Guerrero really gave an incredible effort in this match, and to me will always be one of the greatest pure wrestling matches ever.

Now that Eddie was getting a name for himself, he was hired by the World Championship Wrestling. In WCW, Guerrero kept having incredible matches. As the Cruiserweight Champion, one of his matches was against his close friend Rey Mysterio. At Halloween Havoc 1997 the two of them had an incredible match for the title. Although Mysterio won, this was one of Guerrero's favorite matches, and it won the match of the year award.

During his time in WCW, Eddie got a drinking problem. One night he was at a party, and started drinking. He drunk too much, and ended up in a car crash. He was going to a shop, and fell asleep at the wheel going 130 mph. At the crash site he was pronounced dead, but that was all wrong. He had broken his hip, and was told that he would be out for a year, but because of Eddie's love for the wrestling business, he was back in six months. Due to him coming back to early, he was not fully healed, and ended up back in hospital. About two months after that, he was spending Christmas with his family, and again, alcohol got the better of him and he was back in hospital. These times in WCW didn't get any better. Eddie and other mid card wrestlers eg. Benoit, Malenko, weren't getting the push they deserved. Due to this they asked for their release and got it.

Latino Heat began in the World Wrestling Federation. Eddie was now had a new in ring valet Chyna, was part of the faction The Radicalz, and was now the European Champion. Although things were going good for him on air, Eddie still had a lot of personal issues. He never talked about them, but his close friends Benoit, Saturn, and Malenko, began to grow worried. In an event that Eddie didn't find out about until three years later, Benoit, Saturn, and Malenko, went into Jim Ross's office and talked to him about it. During the year of 2000, Eddie was in really bad shape, and was given two options. Ether he goes to rehab, or he goes home. He was at rehab for two months and then after than he though he could do it on his own, so he went home. At home he wanted to have one glass of wine, but ended up having an entire bottle. The next night he woke up in jail.

Because Eddie was not improving, Jim Ross made the tough decision to let him go. Eddie was now at rock bottom. He had no job, no money, and his family were about to leave him. Aware that he had sunk so low, he began his comeback to life. He started thinking much more differently. Instead of saying to himself he would stay sober for the rest of his life, he would say he would stay sober for the day. To Eddie it seemed more possible and it worked. He began wrestling in independent shows around the US and Mexico. His life he once lost was now returning, and he had the support again from his family.

Eddie's return to the company started off well. He began contending for the Intercontinental Championship, and had a new catch phrase 'I lie, cheat, and steal' He became one of the most popular superstars in the entire WWE. Even when the WWE tried to turn him heel, he had too much fan support and it wasn't possible. At No Way Out 2004, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco,

Eddie had done his dream, and became the WWE Champion. At Wrestlemania Eddie successfully defended his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle. Which made the night even more memorable for Guerrero, at the end of the show, the World Champion Chris Benoit and WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, stood in the ring, and were both given a standing applause by the fans at Madison Square Garden. Both Eddie and Chris had been best friends since they started in the US, and it was a memorable moment to see them hug and raise each others hands in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania XX.

In 2005 Eddie and Rey Mysterio had just won the Tag Team Championships. In an attempt to live back the old days, they decided to begin a feud with the two. The two worked incredibly well, and this will always be one of the best feuds in 2005. Because, Eddie and Rey were such good friends they were able to go all out to make the storylines interesting. They used the internet to advertise on each others websites, and even brought Rey's son Dominick into the mix. Although Eddie didn't get the better of the matches, he showed how much he cares for the company, by putting Rey over a total of five or six times out of seven. After the Rey feud, it was believed that he was now good enough to compete against the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Batista and Eddie began a little relationship on air with Eddie being a tweener. A few months later he broke out of that and became a face again. With Batista out of the mix due to an injury, Eddie was one of two who had the opportunity to become the champion. To contend for the World Heavyweight Champion is a huge honor, and Eddie Guerrero was as good as any other wrestler in the locker room. This was shown by many shots at the champion, and a championship reign.

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most complete wrestlers around. He could do it all in the ring. He was an excellent mat wrestler, one of the most exciting high fliers around, and good on the mic. He had fought many of battles in his past, which has helped him gain the respect from his pairs and his fans. Eddie Guerrero's tragic death will be terribly felt by every wrestler and fan.

"Although you have gone, Latino Heat will always live on in our hearts. We thank you for all you have done for us, and hopefully you have gone to a better place. Rest In Peace Eddie Guerrero, you will be missed"
David V. wrote:
It still hasn't sunked in yet, but I know pretty soon it will hit me pretty damn hard and it will probably bring me to tears. As a person I would want everyone to celebrate my post-life when I die. I don't want anyone to be sadden because I am gone, I would want instead is my family and friends and anyone who knows me to just celebrate my life and move on when they are ready instead of being depressed and what not. I am pretty sure that Eddie would want all of us, including wrestling fans, to celebrate his life and move on with ours. I thought the death of Owen Hart would keep me down, but life moved on and I am happy that Owen is somewhere in peace, and now the same goes for Eddie. He had a troubled life, dating back in the mid-1990's with his addictions, personal problems and being fired from the WWE at the near peak of his career. He almost died when he was in the car-wreck a few years ago but soon after Eddie changed for the better. Everything was going well for him. He got back with his wife and his family once again loved Eddie for beating his demons, and in Feb. 2004 at No Way Out, Eddie won the WWE Championship title from Brock Lesnar, with the help from Goldberg. Eddie was on top of the world. He was one of the main-events at Wrestlemania 20 wrestling Kurt Angle for the WWE championship. Eddie beat Angle with a roll-up, retaining the WWE title. Soon after Beniot won the World Title in the classic Triple Threat match against then reigning World Champion Triple H and the man that was also involved Shawn Michaels, Eddie made his way to the ring with his WWE title and he and Beniot hugged as confetti came from above, both acknowledging to each other that they finally made it to the top of the wrestling world in Madison Square Garden. Eddie was the fan-favorite though-out the year of 2004. He lied, cheated, and stealed and that made the fans love Eddie. Eddie was one of the top wrestlers in the world, he would be acclaimed as "One of the greatest wrestlers of all time." Eddie beat the odds. Nov. 13, 2005, Eddie Guerrero is no longer with us. We all know now that Eddie is in a better place and in peace.

I would like to say is that Thank you, Eddie! Thank you for the memories, thank you for putting a smile on our faces and for the matches you've had in your wrestling career. Gracias, Eddie Guerrero, gracias por todo que tu has hecho por el mundo de lucha and el mundo que nosotros estamos. Thank you!
Renzo Avalos wrote:
Bye Eddie.... im deeply sad for what happened, one of my fovorite wrestlers, i should call him the favorite.. im really shocked, i cant believe it, when i logged on this morning on, i almost cried, WWE has lost a great former WWE, Intercontinental, European champion and for me... a World Heavyweight champion.. Eddie: La Raza will always be with you here and up there where u are now with Gory.. Adios Eddie, Toda la gente latina siempre te querra.. Descansa en paz... R.I.P -- Thanks OWW
Josh "Silvercloud" Aker wrote:
This is just the kind of thing you can never prepare for. I am staring at my computer screen, completly numb. My mind is blank, and my eyes wet. The first thing I think of it what will happen to the wrestling storylines, then I realize I am so stupid and selfish to be thinking that way. Right now, who gives a fu­ck about WWE? This isn't about some some wrestling company, or about me. This is about a man who has done nothing to deserve what fate has dealt him. Of all the wrestlers, Eddie was the last person I would have expected it to be. Damn, I still can't bring myself to say it. Eddie worked so hard and so long to come back from the brink of death back a few years back. Of all, he deserved a long life of health and hope. It was not meant to be. It is terrible that such things happen to the best of people. I can't say I ever actually knew Eddie, but from what I have seen on TV, he was full of life and lived each day to the fullest. I send my deepest sympathies to his family and freinds.
D. Grieve wrote:
I don't know if this is worthly of a place among the Oww columnists, but I felt I felt I needed to say a few words for the late, great Eddy Guerrero. Thanks if it makes it, and if not, thanks for your time. Thank you, Eddy Guerrero.

Today I, like many others, discovered the terrible news that Eddy Guerrero - one of the absolute best Technical Wrestlers and talented in Professional Wrestling history - passed away in his hotel room in Minneapolis at the Young age of 38.

Many wrestlers have passed away during all my years of watching the sport and entertainment form. Owen Hart, Roadwarrior Hawk, Chris Candido, Big Bossman, Davey Boy Smith the British Bulldog and so many others. They have all added so much to what entertains us each and every week, and each one of them have been an unspeakably sad occasion: but for me, I have never been as touched as I was when Eddy Guerrero passed away over the Weekend.

I admittedly saw almost none of Eddie Guerrero during his Ecw and WCW days, but from the first day he appeared on World Wrestling Federation Tv, I've been a fan. Eddy hit the scene in WWE as part of "The Radicalz", along with Dean Malenko, Benoit and Perry Saturn. Three brilliant wrestlers who WCW let go for whatever reason. Eddy dislocated his shoulder on his first show in World Wrestling Federation, but it didn't stop his run to the top. He captured the European championship from Chris Jericho on April 3rd, 2000: His first of many titles working for Vince McMahon.

Eddy has a brilliant run as "Latino Heat", which Joanie "Chyna" Laurer by his side most of time. Over time their on screen coupling split up, and on September 4th, 2000 - on an addition of "Raw" - Eddy Guerrero captured his biggest championship to date: The Intercontinental championship, in a Three Way match with Kurt Angle and Chyna. After an obvious great run in the Intercontinental championship Division, Eddy's personal problems caught up with him. Around May 2001, Eddy was taken off the road and placed in a rehabilitation program. He didn't quite shake his issues that time, and was released from World Wrestling Federation on November 12th, 2001 to fully deal with his personal problems.

Eddie Guerrero kept himself busy by working on the Independent circuit, for Promotions such ICW, Ring of Honor and IWA: MS and WWA. Eddy captured the WWA International Cruiserweight title and the IWS: MS Heavyweight championship during his time away from WWE. After signing back with World Wrestling Federation, Eddie still fulfilled his obligations to Ring of Honor, performing his last match for the Promotion on April 27th, 2002 when he teamed up with Amazing Red to take on Jose and Joal Maximo. The RoH Performers then gathered in the ring to show appreciation for Eddy. The fans, wrestlers, bookers and RoH workers knew and appreciate the talents of "Latino Heat".

Eddy returned to World Wrestling Federation on April 1st, 2002 with a run in during a Rob Van Dam match. On May 27th, 2002 Eddy and RVD met in a Ladder match over the Intercontinental championship. Rob Van Dam walked away with the gold, but many consider the match to be outstanding. After a shot at the Undisputed WWE(r) championship against Rock on the July 22nd, 2002 edition of "Raw", Eddy headed to SmackDown! With Benoit, making their first appearance on the August 1st, 2002 edition of "SmackDown!"

Whether he was teaming with Benoit or his Cousin Chavo as part of the entertaining and talented "Los Guerrero's" team, Performing on his own or joining up with Tajiri: winning the Tag Team championships or running with the United States championship, Eddy Guerrero stole countless shows in 2003. If there was any doubt about Eddy Guerrero's ability to make a successful comeback, 2003 was the year that proved the doubters wrong. Eddy had become one of the most popular Superstars in Professional Wrestling again, Viva La Rasa!

It was too much for WWE Management to ignore. At 5'9'' and 223Lbs, Eddy Guerrero wasn't the stereotypical choice to become WWE(r) champion, but the fans loved him. They cheered him, whether he was Performing in the ring, on the mic, participating in a backstage skit or any other on screen role: the fans cheered him. The month of January, 2004 and early February, 2004 saw Eddy Perform with his Nephew Chavo Guerrero along with Chavo's Dad, Chavo Guerrero Sr. This was only part of Eddy and Chavo's long running storyline together: from their run as Tag Team partners in "Los Guerrero's" to working with each other in single's action and with Chavo Guerrero Sr. 2003 and 2004 turned out to be a good Year for the Guerrero's and their Performing together.

Then he reached the top of the mountain in his Professional Wrestling career.

On February 15, 2004 at the Wwe No Way Out Pay Per View, Eddy Guerrero became WWE(r) champion, with Brock Lesnar dropping the title to "Latino Heat" in the mainevent. Eddy Guerrero was finally at the top of the mountain, he had overcame all the odds, he defeated his personal problems, he proved the neigh Sayers wrong: He became the WWE(r) champion.

Eddy Guerrero held that title for over four months: a long time for a face usually, and in that span he defended the title against the likes of Kurt Angle (at WrestleMania XX in Madison Square Garden), Booker T, Big Show and more before dropping the championship to JBL on July 27th, 2004 at the G. American Bash Pay Per View. JBL had been going through a push to the top and Eddy Guerrero undoubtedly helped in getting the Man JBL over a top heel. JBL held onto the title for the closest part of the Year, and Wwe claim it to be the longest reign in almost a decade. It seems as though - as a face - Eddy did a good job, for his part, in helping JBL get over as a heel.

Eddy Guerrero stayed on top for the rest of World Wrestling Entertainment career. He wrestled with Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Cena, MNM, Carlito, Jimmy Jacobs, JBL and others. His feud with Rey Mysterio lasted long to today's standards, and the fans loved it. Eddy Guerrero was never afraid to "do the job" for his friend Rey Mysterio, helping Rey get over as an upper card face.

Eddy Guerrero's last program in Professional Wrestling was with World Heavyweight champion Batista. I still can't believe I'm writing that: his last program. Eddy was apart of the "WWE Homecoming" Raw show, teaming with JBL and Christian to take on Batista, Rey Mysterio and Benoit. The match was "cancelled" though by Raw General Manager, as part of the "SmackDown! Vs. Raw" on screen feud.

On October 9th, 2005 Eddy Guerrero worked with Batista at the "No Mercy" Pay Per View for the World Heavyweight championship. Batista kept the gold, and both shook hands after the match. Eddy Guerrero's last on screen match was with up and comer Ken Kennedy. "Latino Heat" won the match via disqualification, in true Eddy Guerrero style, by throwing a Steel Chair into the hands of Kennedy and fell to the matt, shortly before the referee came through and saw the newcomer Kennedy with the Chair and Eddy Guerrero on the mat, which obviously made he referee presume Ken Kennedy had used the weapon, leading to a disqualification, thus meaning that Eddy Guerrero had gained a spot in the Survivor Series match as part of the SmackDown! Team to take on the Raw team in the mainevent.

Eddy Guerrero Passed Away on Sunday, November 13th, 2005. That nigh he was schedules to Perform with Batista and Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight championship. With Batista's supposed injury, Eddy Guerrero was highly rumoured to be capturing the World Heavyweight championship on that night ... unfortunately it didn't turn out that way, but I trust in the Good Lord, and it was sadly Eddy's time to go.

It's ironic how it happened. Eddy Guerrero overcame so much to get his life and his career back on track. He turned to Religion and was given that little bit extra time with his Children, Wife, Family and Friends, along

with his fans. He was also given the opportunity to be WWE(r) champion, to become a solid and legitimate Mainevent Performer in World Wrestling Entertainment and to go out on top.

Eddy Guerrero was scheduled to participate in the mainevent of Survivor Series, and could well have walked into the even as World Heavyweight champion. I thank God that Eddy Guerrero was allowed to do that. He will be dearly missed by all those who loved him, and all those who's lives he touched through his skills and talents in the ring and throughout the Professional Wrestling industry. His mic work was second to none, his ring work the same: it was outstanding. His backstage and on camera skits were so entertaining, and he was a true joy to watch on Tv, and I'm sure at Live


He was funny, he was talented, he was a Father and a Husband, a friend to many and an entertainer to millions. He will deservedly go down as one of the absolute best Professional Wrestlers ever and I may never have met him but I for one miss him already.

I'll remember him for his sky smile during a match. I'll remember him for his astonishing ring skills and mic work. I'll remember him for his charisma and entertaining ways. I'll remember him as WWE(r) champion. I'll remember him for being Eddy Guerrero.

Vince McMahon said it best and I truly mean this: there was only one Eddy Guerrero.
Katie P. (from Green Bay Wisconsin) wrote:
I just had gotten home from vacation in the Northwoods overnight (I don't have access to media there) and I got onto my Yahoo! Messenger as usual Sunday Evening.

A friend of mine had instant messaged me and told me Eddie had died. I was sitting there, is she toying with me or not? I wrote back to her and said 'You're shitting with me, arent you?' she said 'nope!'

I sat there confused and stunned, like 'This is not happening.

Well I looked at the wrestling sources and sure enough, there it was Eddie's picture with his birth date and today's date as his death. My jaw just totally dropped because Eddie was one of the last people that I thought would we as wrestling fans lose next after Reggie Libowski's passing.

Wow what memories I have of Eddie...

I was at a show here in Green Bay in the Fall of 2003. (the only one I went to that Eddie was booked to wrestle) He was booked in a 6 man tag match with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit (as heels) versus Edge, Rikishi and Undertaker. After the fact that Angle and Benoit were fighting in the outside of the ring, Eddie was confronted (in a stalking behind the back kind of thing) by Edge, Rikishi and 'Taker. He looked in front of him with the most priceless face I ever seen then looked behind him. He then tried to become friendly with the three faces, which didn't go well like he wanted it to. The 3 faces went on and kicked his ass. I respect Eddie for all he has put into the business, but that skit was too priceless and funny.

Another moment was witnessed on my television, when Eddie gave Big Show some Mexican food. Moments later, Big Show ran to the bathroom. Eddie apparently put in some laxative substance into the food.

Man, fans are going to miss one hell of a funny guy, and one of the best technical wrestlers ever.

RIP EDDIE...We'll Miss Ya!
Jonathan Wilson wrote:
im sorry to hear about the death of eddie he was one of the first wrestlers i had ever seen in a match i just hope he has a nice afterlife we all love and miss you eddie R.I.P -- viva la raza eddie viva la raza
Samiur Rashid wrote:
It was on a WCW Saturday Night where I first discovered Eddie Guerrero. At the time, I was amazed at his finishing move, a simple Frog Splash, but little did I know that this man would entertain and inspire me as I head into my twenties.

From 2002 to early 2004, I didn't watch a single wrestling-related thing simply because I felt there was something missing, even though I couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was. It felt like the passion I once had for it since I was a child watching from my uncle's house was all but gone, but then as WrestleMania XX came to a close, my first WrestleMania since X-7, I saw two of my favorites, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero embrace in the middle of the ring in front of my hometown crowd with tears streaming and confetti floating. It was at that moment that I felt that fate had returned my passion for wrestling.

From that moment, I began to embrace Eddie Guerrero once more. I wasn't completely familiar with Eddie's "Lie, Cheat, and Steal" monicker, but it didn't take long before I would be up in arms about it every time Eddie played dead, stole a win by tossing the chair to his opponent, and beating his opponent over the head with some object behind the referee's back. These antics would always put a smile on my face no matter how many times it was done. This, along with his amazing wrestling ability, made me realize why I considered him one of favorites of all-time and why I will consider him one of the true greats. However, my love for Eddie wouldn't be complete without his inspirational story of overcoming addiction. Not only did this man tell many marvelous stories in the ring, his own life would become a muse, not only to the wrestling community, but to many others who faced similar demons.

As I reflect on the passing of Eddie, I'll never forget what he brought me: five-star classics, humor and entertainment, and most importantly, a hero who fought for the fans and always gave his best.

Thank you, Eddie Guerrero, you'll always be in my heart and you will never be replaced.
Britny W wrote:
i'm so shocked that Eddie's dead and i was looking foward to see him in the SD vs. Raw SS elimination match. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Eddie Rest In Peace...
Adrian Cotton wrote:
It's really hard for me to write this but I'm gonna do my best to get through it. You know it's funny but I like everyone else today got a swift kick in the gut when I saw at WWE 1967-2005. It really did not compute that Eddie Guerrero was really gone. He truly was one of those wrestlers that went beyond performer and into superstardom. He was a great technical wrestler, a great luchadore and from what I've seen and heard an even better human being. In closing I just want to say that while I never knew him or got to see him in person I will still miss seeing him but I know that he is definitely in a better place. So everyone let's not think of this as a sad moment but a joyous moment for Eddie because he is now in a place where championships don't matter. So Eddie I will not say good bye to you, but until we see you again you Lied, Cheated and Stole Your way into all our hearts. Orale Holmes, Viva La Rasa Essa Vato!
Freddy Sturguess wrote:
Whether as a heel or babyface, Eddie always had a look in his eyes that told you he really, sincerely loved the sport of wrestling, and that he really felt a connection and obligation to entertain his fans, whether they were cheering or booing. And the joy in his face from entertaining a crowd was indescribable. Two days ago I watched him wrestle his last televised match on Smackdown! against Ken Kennedy. He used two of his trademarks that were my favorite, a poke to the eye (forget the figure four, the sharpshooter, the DDT--that simple eye poke was more entertaining to watch than just about any wrestling move ever invented, for reasons I just can't help), and the classic pretending to be struck with a steel chair and tossing it to his opponent, leaving the man he was wrestling to take the blame as Eddie would lay on the mat and wave behind the referee's back. There will never be another wrestler who can play dirty...or Lie, Cheat, and Steal...while still keeping a strong athletic prowess. Ever. And on top of that, Eddie Guerrero's heart was genuine. He loved the sport and his fans. There is only one word to describe the loss of Eddie Guerrero: incalculable. -Freddy Sturguess, November 13, 2005.
Bill Yankowy wrote:
Whenever somebody close to you dies in life, you have this thought of this can't happen, not to this person. That's my first thought when I found out that Eddie Guerrero died. A person who admitted to drug and alcohol problems in front of the world and got his life together, cleaned his act up and made one of the greatest comebacks of all time is gone. When I heard it I thought it was a cruel joke that somebody was playing on us, but when you go all over the wrestling websites today you just can't avoid thinking about Eddie and mainly his family. A wife now without a husband, three daughters without a dad who will never get to see them graduate from school, get married, see their kids, it is such a tragic thing. And the worst thing is how young he was, 38 years old. Now yes when Chris Candido died he was younger then Eddie Guerrero but both men beat there demons, something that is so hard for anybody to conquer. And I said this to somebody earlier about this, we are in fact family. The wrestlers and the fans are family because we see so much of everybody to know that they have there good days and there bad. And when you see somebody that you knew for so long gone, it's just tough.

A story I would like to tell everybody is something that took place when they recorded SmackDown! for Washington, D.C. two days after the 2004 Royal Rumble. I was sick, but I went to the show and that was the night of the 15 man Royal Rumble in which Eddie won it, and then when the cameras stopped recording, he said something on the lines of "Brock Lesnar, at No Way Out I'm going to kick your ass and take the WWE Title home" and as much as I liked him, I didn't think he would do it, but you know what, he shocked the wrestling world by beating an unbeatable monster and doing something that so many people never get to do in there life and make a dream come true. If there were more people out there in the world who would admit that they have problems and face them, and then beat them like Eddie Guerrero then the world would be a hell of a better place. Eddie, we miss you and for all the Guerrero's my thoughts and prayers go out. R.I.P. Eddie.
Kaite wrote:
I am to another one of his many loveing fans, since I was a kid I loved Eddie he was a hero to me the whole *LATINO HEAT* thing was the best, I miss him and my thought go out to the Guerrero family, I to miss him as a fan and a childhood hero, Mr. and Mrs. Guerrero you raised a fine boy and I admired him verymuch, when I heard that he passed I was devistated and did not believe it until I saw it 3 or 4 times on TV and the internet and to tell you the truth I cried and I am still crying. ((* I will miss you Eddie*)) 11-13-05 VIVA LA RAZA!

Mr Jonathan Booth wrote:
Eddie was a good worker, but unfortunately, his passion for illegal drugs never completely stopped. We all wish Eddie the best and hope that his resent untimely death helps support the fact that drugs are no good.
Kristian Hooker wrote:
What can I say that hasn't already been said by everyone here? This sucks. This really REALLY sucks. This is so much like the Owen Hart tragedy 6 years ago. Owen's death may have been caused by a terrible accident while Eddie's was a heart failure (or as we speculate), but everything else is the same. They were both young, popular and very talented wrestlers cut down in their prime.

It's sad knowing how rough his life was with all the addictions he had to overcome. One of the small facts that not many people are aware of is that even when someone is clean and sober and hasn't had drugs or alchohol for years, those drugs and such are still in your system and can cause heart problems in the future. And unfortunately, that sounds like what happened with Eddie.

The question on if Eddie would've won the World Heavyweight Championship and had another celebration like he did 21 months ago at No Way Out 2004 will never be answered. All we can say is that Eddie Guerrero would've done everything to make sure we were all entertained Friday night because that was the kind of person Eddie was.

He's gone physically, but his legacy, along with the rest of the Guerrero family legacy will live on forever in Chavo and all other Guerreros of the future that will enter the wrestling world.

R.I.P Eddie -- 1967-2005
Alex Dance wrote:
I can not claim that I have been an avid wrestling fan for longer than most but Eddie Guerrero has always been one of my favorites. He brought that sense of fun and light heartedness to the ring with the way he interacted with the crowd something that i have only seen in few others such as HBK Flair and from what I read the late Owen Hart.

His lie, cheat and steal gimmick was pure brilliance and he played it with such charisma and humor that it got Chavo and himself over as faces when they were supposed to be heels and he was one of the few current wrestlers who could still make me "mark out" as the saying goes. Even in his very last match ever against Ken Kennedy. Kennedy was down and the ref was down Eddie looked at the camera and you knew what was coming, even though we hadnt seen it for a long time. Classic Guerrero hitting the ground then passing the chair to Kennedy. Waving cheekishly then playing dead again. Pure brilliance.

One of the few champions whose reign ended too quickly, although there were complicated circumstances; for all the work he has put into wrestling in his life and every obstacle he has overcome he deserved every second of that WWE title reign. He could make you care about his fueds no matter who he was against and when he was against a quality opponent his matches were unforgettable.

Eddie is an inspiration to anyone who is trying to re-invent themselves, he hit rock bottom; lost his job and marraige but didnt just give up. He fought and fought and got it all back and more. I will miss watching him and i cannot imagine how those close to him feel particulary his wife and three daughters === R.I.P Latino Heat
Ironman949 wrote:
i was shocked, i just found out when the tna ppv started, and it said, in memory of eddy guerrero, i went straight online and it was on all the sites , i go to, it was really unexpected, he was an awesome wrestler, he will be missed, deepest condolences to the guerrero's, and the wrestling world.
LazyJoeD wrote:
i am still in shock --- in all senserity for me when one of these guys falls it is as if a member of my family passed away cause firstly i have been watching since age 5 and also cause of what they do for us fans, they give and they give to us on a daily basis, they leave their families and the put themselves in harms way. so for me i think we all as fans need to stop booing the wrestlers that we do not like and cheer them and everyone and secondly let us not cry in eddie's passing , not i say let us rejoyce in his living cause he will be with us forever. now to the guys at OWW i have two questions! is there a way to contact his family ? and any news on what he died of?
Ori221 wrote:
I just can't believe the fact that Eddie Guerrero died today.When I turned on my computer today and went to some wrestling websites the main news for Nov.13 is Eddie Guerrero has passed away.I feel very bad for him, his family and friends.If there was anything I wanted to see him have is the World Heavyweight Championship he has had almost every Championship in the wwe.I just hate the fact that I will never get to see Eddie Guerrero wrestle again and become World Heavyweight Champion.I will also miss the him lie,cheat and steal in a match again.I will miss every thing about Eddie Guerrero very much.Eddie Guerrero was one of best superstars in the wwe and he will always be one of best superstars in the wwe.
Steve, CA wrote:
I have one window up right now listening to the Chavo/Mr. McMahon press conference for the second time. I woke up, was eating breakfast when my brother told me Eddie Guerrero died. I thought he was pulling my leg so I checked and wow... but it didn't quite hit me until now. I went off to work, kept my mind off the tragedy, came home, went straight to to watch all the eddie videos, and man -- it's hit me now that this man is no longer around. A true dark day in the wrestling business and I wish the best for the Guerrero family and friends. Eddie, you will be missed and remembered forever.
Burn wrote:
There's not enough rings in any bell to honor Eddie the way he should be. I don't feel bad for him or his family. I don't feel bad for the sport. They got to know a guy I've only wished I knew, that I've only wished I was talented as, as gifted as. People will talk of his past demons, his past accomplishments, and forever we'll wonder what could have been. I'm honored to have seen and watched Eddie from the time that I did. I'm grateful for all the big jaw dropping moments, the laughs, the tears and the joy that he gave me. He's still a star, and I (like many others) will always be a fan.. Thank you Eddie.
Joe & Iwi Benion (New Zealand) wrote:
Just a while ago my mate text me and told me the most horrible news EDDIE GUERRERO IS DEAD. I wasn't sure if he was just lying or making up stories. Those words nearly made me cry. I first got into guerrero on judgment day 2003 when he teamed up with Tajiri against team angle in a not so bad ladder match. Even eddie performing a sunset powerbomb on charlie haas of the ladder.They also won the tag team gold that night. And also scored a victory over kurt angle at wrestlemania 20 using his clever shoe trick. I also could not believe just months ago when he attacked his long time friend Rey Mysterio on a episode of Smackdown!. And months later becoming friends with the animal batista. So I finish by saying i am deeply sorry for the guerrero's loss. Rest In Peace Latino Heat. Viva La Raza
Jamal Kiyani wrote:
I Didnt believe that my favourate wrestler died when my friend told me when i went on the WWE website i was just shocked i was shaking and near to crying, knowing that 1 of the best died so young and he is a true inspiration to everyone beating his drug addiction and alchoholic problem and in the ring by proving everone that didnt believe in him wrong by beating Brock Lesnar to Become the wwe.

Rest in peace- Eddie Guerrero you will be deeply missed by every wrestling fan that has had the privalige to see you perform.
Purgatory A.K.A Chris Greenfield wrote:
Hello i got on to my fav wrestling website after school and heard and read all about one of the wrestling greats Eddie Guerrero died. i would just like to say that no matter if eddie was heel or face in the ring he would always keep his fans on the edge of there seats. and even surprised those who were not a fan of eddies. out side the ring he would have been a great husband and father. it is a massive lose that the wrestling industry and to his family. lest we forget eddie...... *bows head*
Paul Pacheco Jr. wrote:
A few words TO and FOR Eddie please. I found the news straight out of work. I read it on a forum, and since that is where I found out my original thought was " Please tell me this is a sick joke". But no, It was all too real. I feel like I am going to wake-up anytime now and be away from the nightmare. NO. Sad, yes. Painful, yes. Confused, YES. Why? Eddie was a huge inspiration (and always will be). He overcame and he found God in the middle of it all. His story should be told a million times, because of the inspiration value and the all-around feel-good of it. Eddie has always entertained me, I watched SmackDown always waiting for his match, or his promo. Eddie meant so much to me as a fan of 20th Century Pro Wrestling. Eddie has an impact on me in a strong way. And one reason is because of his heritage and how proud he has always been of it. I loved "Latino Heat". I loved how he represented ME and what I feel is our great race. Hispanic. That's one of the reasons I followed him so closely. And to top it ! all off, he was the ultimate performer. How you can define an ultimate performer is by these qualities: Overall entertainment- Makes you laugh, smile, angry, chant Holy Sh*t, inspired, cry, clap, chant, boo and just overall HAPPY to watch. Eddie did all that. I loved to do all of those at one time or another when I saw Eddie perform. I loved saying "Viva La Raza!" with pride at a live event or even just screaming it at my TV when Eddie would do his little shoulder shake. I just saw him 3 weeks ago, and I gave him tried my best to lose my voice cheering for him, and now he is gone? I won't get to try and give him a pat on the back, or get the chance to catch one of his T-Shirts in the crowd? Our Race. Our herritage. Long-Live our race, our people! Eddie did it. Eddie was not just a dreamer, he was a do-er. Although I am sad (the tears will hurt), I am happy for Eddie. I know he was happy the last few years of his life. He glowed, and you could see it in his eyes. ! Peace and happiness he never had. He accomplished his dreams. He got straight to the top. And most importantly he earned Love and Respect from the millions of fans who he loved to give a show. To his familia: God Bless his wife and his beautiful children...You were already Blessed by God to have such an awesome person so close in your life. I can only imagine what they are going through. Eddie-I Love You. Viva Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Thank You. Your Fan Forever, Paul Pacheco Jr.
Masonbrw wrote:
i went to a wrestling related website, and my heart just stopped,i couldn't believe what the headlines said, eddie guerrero passes away,so i quickly go to to confirm this news,and my worst fears were confirmed,i viewed the press conference footage with vince and chavo, complete shock, as a wrestling fan i'm saddened by this news,eddie had tons of talent,he was a good wrestler and a good entertainer ,my deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to the entire guerrero family,it makes me sad to know that we will never here the words i lie i cheat i steal,you sure did eddie, you lied ,cheated, and stole your way in our hearts, thanks for the memories,homes,orale , viva la rasa you will be missed.
Nicholas of Minnesota wrote:
I can only say this i met him when he wrestled for wcw and when i found out he died i was just devistated.Now that eddie is gone i have no one who will LIE CHEAT AND STEAL LOL but meeting him was the best thing i coul;d have ever done in my life he was so cool to me and i wish the best of luck to the Guerrero family and may the eddie legacy never dies
Craig Lewis (Swansea, Wales, UK) wrote:
It was a typical, boring Sunday afternoon. I was playing SmackDown! Vs RAW 2006 which I had bought on the Friday. My brother was on my PC listening to his normal Metal music when he decided as normal, to check out to see if there were any new updates to the site. After the front page loaded up, he called me as I was indulged in my game. 'Craig' he said, 'come and read this!' My brother is also a huge wrestling fan but for some reason he didn't read the headline properly and understand what had happened. I saw the picture of Eddie on the website and made my way over. I thought that he had left the WWE, in such a way that Christian had earlier in the month. I thought that it was going to read Eddie Guerrero, 2000-2005, which was Eddie Guerrero's career in the WWE. To my astonishment, I read the line 'Tragic Loss' and saw '1967-2005'. I looked at my brother and instantly told him to get the phone, I told my mates and they couldn't believe it either. I am still in shock over the whole incident. The wrestling world will be affected for a long time, but as they say 'The show must go on'.

I was watching Over The Edge 1999 live when Owen Hart tragically died and that was the most shocking thing I have ever seen in wrestling. Even though Eddie didn't die in a similar fashion, this is as shocking as the death of Owen.

I am not going to pretend, I will admit that Eddie wasn't my favourite wrestler in the WWE, but I did enjoy his matches and all that he contributed to the shows. Just seeing him smile and performing his lie, cheat and steal gimmick would be such a treasure. I know I didn't know Eddie Guerrero in any way, shape or form, but as a fan of the WWE, you feel that you know the wrestlers in and out. We even know of their personal lives, well we like to think we do anyway. Goodbye Eddie, your memories will be treasured.

R.1.P. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005, you will be dearly missed.
Matteo Berra wrote:
Ciao, sono Matt, scrivo in italiano perchè non sono abbastanza bravo da farlo in inglese, ma credo che in momneti come questi la lingua del dolore sia unica. Vi chiedo scusa se per alcuni di voi questa mail sarà incomprensibile se non si conosce l'italiano, ma questa è una lettera per Eddie Guerrero, uno dei miei wrestler preferiti.

Eddie era un grandissimo intrattenitore e su questo mi ci gioco tutto, un "worker", come si dice in gergo,di classe stima anche quando aveva dovuto impersonare il cattivo nella faida contro Ray Mysterio. Eddie era, anzi, è un lottatore capace di riempire i palazzetti con la sua presenza, con il suo modo di fare, con quella sua personalità da canaglia sul ring che pochi, anzi, pochissimi sono in grado di ragguingere. Eddie ci mancherà perchè i suoi incontri non erano mai banali, ne tanto meno noiosi, con una mossa improvvisa sapeva sempre prendere per mano il pubblico e portarlo nella terra del divertimento sportivo, perchè è questo il wrestling, divertimento all'ennesima potenza. Divertimento con gente che fa un lavoro e che lo svolge, o cerce di svolgerlo, nella massima professionalità e serietà possibile, in modo da offrire al pubblico pagante (che sia dei palazzetti o che lo guardino dalla tv) uno spettacolo da raccontare in giro.

Mercoledì avrei dovuto vedere Eddie finalmente dal vivo a Milano, durante il "Survivor series tour" che con 5 tappe avrebbe attraversato l'Italia. Mercoledì finalmente l'avrei visto entrare e avrei gioito con lui scandendo il coro "Eddie!!! Eddie!!!" Invece no....., non avrò mai la possibiltà di vedere La Raza dal vivo...., in Italia Smackdown arriva con una settimana di ritardo, ma oggi è lunedì e quindi per vedere la puntata celebrativa per Eddie che si è svolta stanotte in USA dovrò aspettare due settimane, pechè questo sabato dovrò vedere quella della settimana prima ancora..... Tra due settimane il mio cuore sarà ancora in lacrime per la perdita di Eddie ed il wrestling per me non sarà mai più lo stesso, mi ci vorrà un bel po' di tempo prima che un qualcun'altro possa prendere il suo psoto nel mio cuore, ma credo che preferirò tenerlo vuoto perchè quella casella che ora è vuota nessun'altro potrà riempirla, non ci sarà mai nessun'altro Eddie Guerrero.

Mai più.

Mai più nessun'altro riuscirà ad essere guascone e canaglia come lui, nessun'altro potrà più far divertire la gente come lui, nessun'altro potrà prendere una sedia, il gong, la cintura del mondo e fare il classico giochetto che era abituato a fare, ossia dare in mano all'avversario l'oggetto contundente e cadere a terra facendo finta di essere stato lui quello colpito. Eddie, Eddie....., cavolo se ci mancherai....., ora sto qui a scrivere in preda alle emozioni che mi davi e che mi dai tutt'ora....., la tua perdita è troppo grossa ora, troppo.

Non avrei ami creduto che l'ultima puntata di Smackdown trasmessa in Italia sarebbe stata l'ultima volta in cui ti avrei visto volare, sorridere ed entrare nell'arena a bordo della tua low-rider con Batista. Mai...., ma ho un bellissimo ricordo di quella puntata, tu che sul ring assieme a Batista, Randy Orton e Ken Kennedy ti becchi il coro "Eddie!!!! Eddie!!!" e tu cerchi invece di far cantare "Batista!! Batista!!!" per inneggiare il campione. Ma il campione della gente eri tu. La gente ti amava e tu lo sapevi, per questo non hai mei deluso nessuno con uno dei tuoi show.

Per questo non saprò mai ringraziarti abbastanza Eddie Guerrero. Grazie di cuore, spero che ora tu possa aver trovato una calma e una pace dopo aver passato una vita travagliata, tuttavia piena di amore da parte del tuo pubblico. La tua Raza.

W La Raza!!! W Eddie!!!! Con amore e profondo rispetto, un tuo grandissimo fan.
Syed Kazim (From Pakistan) wrote:
Man! I m 1 of the big fans of the wrestlers in WWE. I was watching WWE Smackdown match Bobby Lashley Vs Orlando Jordan on the TV, in the meantime my bro came to me n told me Eddie is dead... for a moment I couldn't believe him.. I rushed to the computer n on the internet i found the same sad news of his death on various websites... I was in the great shock... In d meantime match between Eddie Guerrero and Mr kennedy started, I watched dat match with extreme sorrow... he deceived the refree once again n won the match to qualify for survivor series... it was really awsome...

Man he was the wrestler of his own kind... his cheats, cleverness n deceiving the refree at the right time oftens let him won great titles... his fans 'll definitely feel these things missing in the wrestling from now on... Eddie I ll really miss ya...
bobby wrote:
Well ive been a wrestling fan since i was about five years old and i can remember the days he was in wcw and stuff like that some of his matches there were awesome and more recently his ones in the wwe were ones to rewind and play over and over again..this man was an insperation to many people and especially myself hes one of the main reaons why i watched wwe smackdown and its unfortunate to hear that hes gone...i will miss the guy heaps but i will always have the memories....R.I.P EDDIE!
Arturo Cruz wrote: Eddie Guerrero is still here in spirit.....

David Ademuyiwa Moradeyo wrote:
i guess its true eddie is dead, i logged on to a wrestling site this morning (monday) and saw the head line, 'eddie guerrero fyneral' i thought it was one of the crapy wwe angles for a pay per view, but after checking, words cant explain how i felt, eddie dead?how?why? just yesterday i was playing the here comes the pain game and i was using eddie against brock, brock kept putting me down with power moves, thought to myself eddies got more skills that brock not knowing that was some kind of tribute i was making to him. his wwe title win got one of the best reaction for a title change have seen in a very long time and definately one of the best wrestling mathces and this is not bcuz hes dead, this has been a genuine thought for me,best wishes to your family eddie and thanks for the memories, one of the best tag teams with chavo, one of the best wwe tilte win over brock, one of the best title defense over kurt at wmania r.i.p viva la ra za
Elizabeth Malpas wrote:
This has totally shocked me! I cant really believe that its true! Eddie was a great wrestler one who the fans loved! I have had the plesure of watching him preform and it was one of the best experiances i have ever had! all my love and respect goes out to his family and friends, because the way we are feeling right now is nothing compared to their pain. eddie u will be sorely missed. Viva la raza xxx R.I.P EDDIE GUERERRO 1967-2005

¡viva la raza!

Ryan.S wrote:
Gutted. That word basically sums it up. I live in England and had been out most of the day getting back home at 10:00pm and this was the first chande I had got all day to get on my PC. I logged into MSN as usual and one of my mates contacts me saying "have u heard :(".

I reply "heard what"? then realise his name was currently reading RIP Eddie. As soon as I saw that I thought no, it can't be, and was trying to think of other Eddie's from the entertainment world. Unfortunately his next reply was confirmation of the awfully tragic news that one of the WWE's most talented wrestlers and entertainers ever had passed away.

He is one of my favourite wrestlers whether a face or a heel and was one of the best at putting his character across, and was one of the few wrestlers I could sit down and watch all day.

Now I never knew the man or met him but from the way he came across on the screen he seemed like a really nice guy. I have never once read a derogatory story about him on the internet about poor work ethic or stupid demands, and he is one of the rare few who despite making a big mistake in life, had the determination, common sense, bravery and heart to turn his life around and for that you can only have the utmost respect.

My heart goes out to his wife and 3 daughters aswell as Chavo, Chavo SR and the rest of the Guerrero family.

He was a true great who I believe was destined one day for the Hall Of Fame and I for one hope he is inducted.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005 --- May you continue to lie, cheat and steal wherever you may be.
Sean Melendres wrote:
Just 24 hours ago, I witnessed the return of the lowrider and "Viva La Raza" blasting throughout the arena once again. Here in the Philippines, we get WWE three weeks late. On the one hand, I would be able to watch intently and cherish Eddie's last appearances. On the other hand, I would be very painful. Painful. In a sense, the wrestling fans here would be "Cheating Death, Stealing Life" for the next 3 weeks.

It's been a hard day. I'll just sleep this out. I hope nothing else happens in the morrow.

God bless Eddie's family, his friends. Gracias, Eddie. And I think I speak for all your fans here when I say I love you, homes. You'll always be in our hearts.
Hector Vasquez wrote:
Eddie, my favorite guy, along with Benoit, is a champ of life. Let us hope we remember this upon his unfortunate passing. Not much to say that hasn't been said. Se te quiere y extraña, eres un idolo para la aficion latino....¡POR SIEMPRE EDDIE! (we love you and miss you - you are idol to latin fans...ALWAYS EDDIE!
Raffaele Trigiani (From Italy) wrote:
Jeff Gonzalez wrote:
When I logged on to and I saw the headlines I instantly started to cry, me as a Latin-American living in Australia I loved Eddie Guerrero ever since I became a fan of this sports entertainment when he was in the WCW and I will never forget the memories not only me but the whole wrestling world will have of Latino Heat. Eddie to me was not only another wrestler that I liked instead he was my truly favourite wrestler who through think and thin I always went for him from the time he was at his peak in Wrestle Mania XX to when he had his feud with Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic, it meant a lot to me seeing successful Latino in the wrestling business and I will never truly forget him, also when he had his last No Mercy P.P.V. I was wanted to see Eddie beat Batista to become the World Heavyweight Champion because I wanted to feel the happiness and proud-ness I had seeing Eddie as the Champion of the WWE. Also I will never forget going to Smack Down! 2005 Survivor series tour where he appeared at, it would have to be my happiest wrestling moment because I went not only to John Cena (when he was the WWE Champion on SD!) but to go see Eddie. I will never forget when the commentator introduced him to the crowd, the whole building erupted and I for one could not stay on my seat and when his music came on I remember yelling and singing along with the song and I will never forget him in that match where the Adelaide crowd go to the lie, cheating and stealing.
Jeff Gonzalez wrote:
When I logged on to and I saw the headlines I instantly started to cry, me as a Latin-American living in Australia I loved Eddie Guerrero ever since I became a fan of this sports entertainment when he was in the WCW and I will never forget the memories not only me but the whole wrestling world will have of Latino Heat. Eddie to me was not only another wrestler that I liked instead he was my truly favourite wrestler who through think and thin I always went for him from the time he was at his peak in Wrestle Mania XX to when he had his feud with Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic, it meant a lot to me seeing successful Latino in the wrestling business and I will never truly forget him, also when he had his last No Mercy P.P.V. I was wanted to see Eddie beat Batista to become the World Heavyweight Champion because I wanted to feel the happiness and proud-ness I had seeing Eddie as the Champion of the WWE. Also I will never forget going to Smack Down! 2005 Survivor series tour where he appeared at, it would have to be my happiest wrestling moment because I went not only to John Cena (when he was the WWE Champion on SD!) but to go see Eddie. I will never forget when the commentator introduced him to the crowd, the whole building erupted and I for one could not stay on my seat and when his music came on I remember yelling and singing along with the song and I will never forget him in that match where the Adelaide crowd go to the lie, cheating and stealing.

Andrea Fregnan (Italy) wrote:
Caro Eddy, come poter dimenticare il tuo frog splash dalla gabbia contro JBL... e per non parlare di quando sei diventato campione WWE contro Brock, sei un mito. Lo sarai sempre per me e per tutti i miei amici! Ti ricorderemo sempre per tutto quello che hai fatto, con le tue macchine lucenti e saltellanti, con i tuoi movimenti di bacino e spalle unici, con i tuoi inganni... Grazie, by Bardsley.
Demon Assassin from wrote:
I still can not believe he is really gone. I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie on a couple occasions and this is definitely a case of only the good die young. I really feel bad for Vickie and the kids because he was a loving husband and father and he will be missed. One thing is for sure though he is up there right now with his wings and he will always look down on them and protect them just as he did in this world.
TJW in SAT, TX wrote:
I am shocked. Eddie Guerrero, one of the best entertainers in the WWE, died at the age of 38 yrs. old. He wasn't elderly like "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka yet he was a seasoned veteran in the pro wrestling ring. I wonder what the cause of death was. Guerrero was the 1st WWE Champion that I can think of that is from Mexican descent. While I myself am not from Mexican descent, I know that Mexican American (AKA Hispanic) pro wrestling fans in the city that I live at treated Eddie Guerrero like a cultural icon. I am really going to miss watch Eddie Guerrero drive his lowrider to the ring and lie, cheat, and steal his way to a victory on SmackDown! I am just fortunate enough to have seen Eddie Guerrero wrestle in person at the SBC Center. This will have an impact on the SmackDown roster as I know that Eddie Guerrero had friends on the roster (Mysterio and Benoit to name 2).

Eddie Guerrero --- Was Born Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes in Ciudad --- Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico on October 9, 1967 --- Grew up in El Paso, Texas, USA --Was Resident of Tampa, Florida, USA -- Died in Minneapolis, MN, USA on November 13, 2005 -- R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

WWE style pro wrestling fan since 1988 --- Eddie Guerrero fan since the Latino World Order of 1998
Laura Occhiello (Italy) wrote:
io ti adoro e ti adorerò sempre...sei e sarai per sempre il mio campione...perchè te ne sei andato????mai più guarderò smackdown...mi sento malissimo...come hai potuto lasciarci???mi macherai...per sempre il mio campione,per sempre nel mio cuore...MI MANCHI GIà!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!la tua grandissima fan,
Norma Tate (AKA: Lady Wrestler in Greensboro N.C.) wrote:
Love him or hate him. Eddie Guerrero was one the best wrestlers of his time. You could depend on him to give 110% of hisself when he wrestled each & every time. I at times did not like the way he would cheat to win. But I respected him as a wrestler. His recent lie,cheat, & steal, I have to admitt I liked. At times it would be right funny the way it would work out. I have on many occasions seen Eddie live. You could feel his intenisty when he entered the arena. He was a powerful personality. The world lost a great wrestler. When we lost Eddie. But, his family & friends has suffered a greater loss. My heart & prayers go out to them. Eddie will live on in our memories & in our hearts. It is going to be odd to watch smackdown now w/o Eddie on there anymore. Long live the memory of EDDIE GUERRERO! You will be sorely missed. I will be seeing you on taped shows. And one day when we get to meet face to face. I will miss you my friend.
Dustin Middleton wrote:
theres alot of things i missed about eddie guerrero,was that he would throw the chair to the guy he was vsing and falldown and blame it on him and the ref would dq him it was funny but when i see something on the score iwas like what yah right i ran so fast to check the computer i said omg a tear went down my eye i met eddie 6 times he remembered who iwas i said wow u remembered this was weird i seen him fight ons mackdown las tmatch i was like ok i check on friday i see world title match between batista vs randy orton vs eddie guerrero iwas like eddie should win this hes my fav superstar in the world noone can take hes place but he since hes on hes way to good place to watch down on hes family and friends and co workers i think they do fine cause they know eddie is always gonna be number 1 to them and be behind them every step like they were when he did alot of drugs but i wish everyone good luck that he worked with and hes family and friends.
Tarns Roberts wrote:
to a man who was loved by many fans this is my tribute to you and your family R.I.P
Cactus Chuck wrote:
This may sound like a cliche, but I feel it truely fits the man who's passing we mourn here: Men die, but Legends live forever.

Via con dios, Eddie. You left us way too soon, but like all legendary performers, you left us wanting more. May God be with your loved ones and friends, and all whose lives you've touched.
Nolco Pty Ltd wrote:
hi wrestling fans Today i got a huge shock when i found out eddie had passed away i couldnt believe it and didn't beleive it for a while like some of you guys i thought it was a fake but no i checked other sights to see the same shocking news. Eddie guerero was a legend a great wrestler he always made the fans cheer and that is a is preciouse ability to have i do not know yet why he died but i do know it's not fair for some one as great as him to die at 38 let alone anyone at that age. So from me and all the wwe fans we will always remember you eddie R.I.P
perdimos a un gran hombre, un hombre de palabra y de buen corazon, ahora el esta en un mejor lugar, eddie descanza en paz tu legado jamas sera olvidado

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!

Jim Goodwin wrote:
The day started for me just like any other Sunday. I was checking my fantasy football team, and I decided to get on TNA's website to get the results for Impact, which I had missed. I was shocked to see a message about the passing of Eddie Guerrero. To be honest, at first I was so shocked I didn't believe it until I checked WWE's website. Low and behold, the message was correct. On this day, wrestling had lost one of it's true greats.

I can't begin to fathom what the people who are truly close to Eddie are feeling right now. I know that this is a time of solemn reflection on a man who left this world too soon. However, now is also a time to celebrate the life of a man who rose above the demons of his past to live a full life. Eddie was one of a rare few who had the privilege to do what he loved for a living.

On this day, we lost one of the greats of the business, and a great man. Things were gained this day as well. Eddie transcended from this world to the next, into a world without pain or reminder of one's past. We gained a greater appreciation for life, as it could be snuffed out at a moment's notice. I gained a realization that I need to live every day to it's fullest, because I'm not guaranteed that I will see tommorrow.

To the Guerrero family and all of his companions in the wrestling business, my thoughts and prayers are with you all in this time.

Thank you Eddie. For all the times that you entertained me in the ring and for being a true inspiration. Vaya con Dios Eddie.
Hero Hardy wrote:
It's about 12:54 rite now where i live and I still can't beleave it Eddie gone.It was about at 5:30 after the nascar race I want online and checked out and like everyone eles i saw that Eddie's dead.I still can't beleave it Eddie was the best this age and time hade ever seen.He was such a good person,had a big heart and will always be in my heart.When I saw it I didn't bleave it took about 15 min. after i started to cry.One of the best superstar ever!i send my heart out to all of his fans, fellow wwe superstars and mosty to his family.I try my best to help out his family I will try and talk my parents to help out but i will always miss you Eddie.You tought me to never give up untill you get what you want and that nothing will stop you.So if it wasn't for Eddie i woud have stoped waching because he was entertainent so Eddie I hope when I pass on I'll will see you.Lie Cheat and Steal forever and that will never die.Latino heat forever RIP Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005)
Krystle wrote:
I say all of this heartfelt statement directly from my heart. I loved Eddie Guerrero. He always loved his fans, and they loved him. I followed Eddie as a fan from his days back in WCW, and since the first day I watched him on Nitro, I've been a diehard fan ever since.

When Eddie came to the WWE, then the WWF, I was ecstatic. I felt that now he would get the push he deserved, though he was already more than over with the fans. Eddie was always one of my favorite wrestlers; always has been, and always will be.

It's sad to see you go, but you will remain in our hearts always. You may be gone, but not forgotten. I love you Eduardo Gori Guerrero, and may you continue to shine your love and legacy on us from the great squared circle in the sky.
Devin Skaggs wrote:
To be honest, I am soulsick... I am tired of watching guys that entertain me, that make me want to be a better person, that show me that no matter what ...anything is possible, die. I am absolutely crushed right now and it is very hard to see through the tears to write this. I only met Eddy once and the conversation was awkward (I mean, he is Eddy Guerrero!) but after I met him, I wished nothing but the best for him! The most emotional time, to me, in recent history was Benoit and Guerrero both being champion at Wrestlemania and the celebration after Benoit's win. Too many thoughts and too many emotions are coming and going. All I have to say is Eddy, I am going to miss you much more than these words can express and and my deepest condolences go out to Vickie and Eddy's three beautiful daughters. My prayers go out to all who now feel an emptiness with the loss of Guerrero.
Cesar Guerrero wrote:
I just found out... i couldn´t believe it, Eddie Guerrero passed away, one of most charismatic wrestlers of all time and the pioneer of getting the Lucha Libre style into US, he was not only an incredible performer, but a loving father and husband... and of course an incredible friend.

Latino Heat will live forever in the hearts of all of us... HIS FANS. So just join me in a last Chant:

"Eddie!! Eddie!! Eddie!!" -- Rest in Peace Eduardo (Eddie) Guerrero -- 1967-2005.
Moni (Italy) wrote:
Ih!I'm Monica from Italy.I read a lot of letter to eddie guerrero and i'd want to write mine(excuse me for my english!I write the letter in italian!)

Ho scoperto della morte di Eddie questa mattina.Quando me l'hanno detto ho riso,era impossibile!Eddie,il MIO Eddie non poteva essere morto!era un'assurdità!Poi, ho letto la notizia sul giornale. La prima cosa che ho fatto è stata piangere.Chi era attorno a me mi guardava e immagino pensasse:'Ma chi è questa!'.Eh!Io stavo morendo dentro di me...appena tornata a casa ho cercato su ogni sito web..c'era sempre la scritta:EDDIE GUERRERO 1967-2005..le sue immagini,i video,le interviste..non facevano che aumentare il mio dolore.Ma ora, ora,passato del tempo comincio a capire:Ci sono uomini che non moriranno mai.Eddie è uno di questi. Lui vivrà sempre nei nostri cuori,a scaladarci con le sue battute o la sua gioia.Lui,sempre così sorridente e furbo,sarà sempre con noi, nella nostra memoria.Penseremo ai suoi Tre Amigos,alla Frog Splash e sorrideremo anche noi.Come non sorridere di fronte ad Eddie?Ci ha donato felicità e questo è la dote di un grande uomo.GRAZIE EDDIE!
Ryan Close (aka Ryi Mysterio) wrote:
One of my favorite wrestlers gone. I was really looking forward to seeing him when he was coming to the UK, because I have got tickets to Smackdown in Sheffield. So now all thats left to be said is what I'm going to put on my sign: Eddie Guerrero GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTEN.
Daniel Mallett wrote:
Eddie was one of the greatest performers ever to enter the squared circle. He will be sorely missed. RIP Eddie Guerrero.
Mauro Barci (Italy) wrote:
Scusate l'italiano ma non scrivo molto bene in inglese ma volevo anche io essere presente per unirmi al dolore di tutti per la morte di Eddie. Ciao Eddie, non ti dimenticheremo.
Ilaria (Italy) wrote:
Ciao Eddie, probabilmente sei stufo quanto me di vedermi piangere per te, ma non ne posso fare a meno. Sono due giorni interi che non riesco a smettere di pensarti e di piangere, vorrei tanto poter tornare indietro ed impedirti di prendere la strada sbagliata, oppure potrei impedirmi di guardare il wrestling e quindi di non conoscerti e di non innamorarmi di te e del tuo modo simpatico e a volte fuori dalle righe di vivere la vita.

La ricordo come se fosse ieri quella puntata di marzo di Smackdown!, tu eri il campione di coppia con Rey Mysterio e andavate contro i Basham Brothers, vi ho visto entrare con un low rider meraviglioso, vi ho visto combattere emozionandomi, ti ho visto muovere le spalle, battere le mani sul petto e prendere in braccio Rey Rey, ti credevi il migliore, e credimi lo eri. Sei passato dalla parte dei cattivi, ma a pochi importa, perché sotto sotto eri rimasto il solito mitico Eddie e odio ammetterlo, ma mentre di urlavo contro e tifavo per il piccolo Rey, mi emozionavi ancora e mi facevi morire dal ridere? vorrei tanto poter tornare indietro e non leggere quell?assurda notizia in internet, lo stesso posto su cui leggevo delle tue vittorie e delle tue sconfitte, ma comunque match ineguagliabili, e vorrei che la cosa che ti ha ucciso, possa fermarsi e capire che non era giunto il tuo momento, ma che il bello della tua vita doveva ancora venire.

Forse la tua stella buona e il Dio del wrestling (che per fortuna non è JBL), hanno deciso di abbandonarti proprio quando potevi tornare campione e farci sognare.

Sono già passati due giorni e non riesco ancora ad accettare che nella prossima puntata di Smackdown! tu non ci sarai, che non ci saranno più le tue mitiche auto, che non ti vedrò più vincere o sorridere o farmi sognare. Probabilmente quando gli altri ti hanno abbandonato e ti gridavano ?Eddie sucks?, io ho capito che tu eri fatto per me, che mi assomigliavi e che dovevo renderti onore. Sei diventato il mio preferito quando gli altri ti odiavano, quando perdevi sempre, specialmente contro Rey, ma a me non importava, perché sapevo che un giorno saresti tornato quello di sempre e che avresti vinto di nuovo i titoli di coppia con Rey e il titolo del mondo, tornando in vetta alla scala del wrestling, di cui tanti sognano di far parte e di cui tu ne occupavi il posto centrale.

Non so quando potrò di nuovo sorridere, magari non tornerò mai più a farlo, ne tantomeno guardare il wrestling senza pensare a te, ma rimarrai sempre nel mio cuore e nei miei pensieri. Sarai la prima persona che insegnerò ad amare ai miei figli, che spero apprezzino la disciplina che era la tua vita e apprezzino te come l?ho fatto io. Ti ho amato, ti amo e ti amerò sempre. Ti adoro. Sei il mio campione e quello di tutti coloro che ti amano? e ricordati che qui in Italia, ti amiamo tutti e saremo sempre tutti con te?

P.S.: Muovi le spalle anche per coloro che ora sono lì con te? e VIVA LA RAZA, PAL!
Falcon wrote:
Eddie Guerrero is one of the best of the best in this sport. You can't talk about wrestling with out mentioning his name. The type of wrestler that made you hate him when he wanted you to hate him & you loved him when he wanted us to love him. Where ever he was in Mexico, ECW, WCW, WWE, he performed at his best. For me, being Mexican, I looked up to him like I did to Rey and to others Mexican wrestlers. Nobody will ever replace Eddie. He is one of a kind. For him just being the best Mexican wrestlers and then becoming WWE Champion, I was like, finally. We have a Latino Champion and one of the greatest. I will miss him. It won't be the same with out Eddie at the shows. I still can't believe that he is gone. When I saw it on the net, I was way. It can't be. Out of no where. It is going to be hard for us fans to move on and watch wrestling. Eddie is one of the best, always will be. Eddie will be remembered forever and his sprint will live on in everybody. In the fans & the wrestlers. Rest in peace Eddie Guerrero, we will never forget you.
Brian Tunyiswa wrote:
There's this empty and hollow feeling as I write this. Eddie Guerrero has been an inspiration to me and to those close to me. When I heard my colleagues say that Eddie had passed on, I thought that they were joking, until I saw them viewing the website the saddest news. I know that alot of South Africans enjoyed watching Eddie Guerrero perform on tv. My heart goes out to his family. Latino heat forever!!!
Richard Bermingham wrote:
Last night I cried like a little girl.Last night I cried and I cried and I wasn't ashamed.One of my idols,my icons had died.And I feel myself already missing him more than bareable.Eddie Guerrero was a great sportsman,entertainer and all round good guy.No,a GREAT guy.Eddie Guerrero will be missed always and as long as I'm around I will make sure nobody forgets the name Eddie Guerrero. Viva La Raza=The Race Lives.
Chris Ede (UK) wrote:
it doesnt seem right that Eddie has been taken. he had his demons but he battled them and won, he won. And now all of his friends, family and fans have lost. im feeling bad right now, tears are streaming down my face, i cant imagine how those who were close to him are feeling. my thoughts are with them. theres nothing else i can say but he was and is a true inspiration. espacially for me. I was in hospital a few months ago after overdosing and it was the words off the Cheatin death, stealing life dvd "if my story can be a positive influence on 1 person, if 1 person thinks Eddie got help i can to, it will all be worth it". just hering that made me want to egt help. and i did. so for that, thank you Eddie. you deserved so much more. i miss you. R.I.P
Ester Salerno wrote:
eddie: the legend will never die. --- riposa in pace, sarai sempre nel mio cuore, di tutti i tuoi fans e delle tue meravigliose bambine, eri con loro fino ad adesso con il corpo ora lo sarai con lo spirito. god bless you. --- W la raza 4ever
Efrem Solomon wrote:
Hearing the news of his death is so surreal. Eddie is a great wrestler and I hope his name is remember throughout history. He struggled so muh to live up to the name his family had and everyone knows he brought that name to new heights. He will definately be missed in the wrestling world, he is a great performer, friend, and a hero to many. God rest his soul and forever watch over his family.
Theda Kane wrote:
A special light has gone out with the death of Eddie Guerrero. I loved him, admired him & will never enjoy wrestling quite as much now that he's gone. Thank you, Eddie, for all you gave your fans. Viva la raza, ese.
Rob Tonkinson (UK) wrote:
I am also deeply saddened by the death of Eddie. Eddie was one of my favourite wrestlers I mean any guy who's retired like 20 years ago its normal but a man at 38 who's perfectly fine he's passed 4 years without drugs its confusing. All my thoughts go out to Eddies family and I hope the tribute show on RAW ans SD go as a sucess. R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005
jorge bryant wrote:
What can be said about Eddie? He was a idol to the latino community, when we saw Eddie win the WWE title it made all us latinos fell proud seeing one of us doing it big. Eddie seemed like such a great person, father and you could just see that he loved the business. He had a beautiful smile that we well all remember. To me its like I don't want to believe hes died. Like I want to see him come out Friday and be like " Dead Homes? NAH MAN I JUST LIED" but tonight monday his death becomes real.Eddie u won urself a place in heaven's main event with all the memories u left with us. All my thoughts go out to Eddie's childern and famliy. I can just see it in my head Eddie coming up to heavens gates in his lowrider with his theme music on saying" Im here Homes" -- Eddie Rest In Peace -- Thank You for The Memories
danny hem wrote:
I've been a wrestling fan for nearly all my life and since then I have followed Eddie from ecw to wcw and to the wwe and as a fan I have never felt the way I did when I read that Eddie had passed on it just didn't hit me that it was Eddie. You just don't expect it to be someone like him so full of life like he was and its too soon to be taken away from him so in the words of Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes: VIVA LA RAZA.

Eddie you will be dearly missed no doubt about it the wrestling fans worldwide!
Nicholas Johnson wrote:
Once again, the wrestling world has lost another member in the family. Eddie Guerrero will no doubt be truly missed by all. Whether he was a face or a heel (or even a tweener), you cannot deny the passion and wrestling ability that this man had. Eddie was definitely one of the best! I will never forget No Way Out 2004, when he defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship Belt. I remember standing there-- tears of joy in my eyes-- shouting, "I'll be damned-- Eddie won!" I'll never forget the phone call he made to Vickie after he won. I'll also never forget attending WrestleMania 21 in Los Angeles, and I remember sticking by Eddie Guerrero, hoping that he would defeat Rey Mysetrio on the grandest stage of them all.

I'm still at a loss for words on what to say on account of there are so many mixed emotions right now, but I can say this: If Heaven is looking for the best main eventers, then they will definitely be proud to have Eddie Guerrero! God Bless You, Eddie-- and GRACIAS PARA LAS MEMORIAS!!!
El Zama wrote:
In Just A Few Words..."THE LATINO GOD OF WRESTLING" -Viva La Raza In Heaven-
AxlBGod wrote:
Ormai è tutto il giorno che penso alla notizia sentita di sfuggita al giornale, mentre ero al lavoro e pensavo a cosa proverò a non vederti più sul ring, a intrattenere tutti i nostri cuori che si levavano all'unisono solo per te.. Nessuna parola che dirò potra risollevarci tutti da questo immenso dolore. Una volta ho sentito dire che un' anima cessa di esistere solamente quando la si dimentica, beh, allora la tua sarà immortale, Eddie! Viva la raza, adios Eddie!!!
Agostino (Italy) wrote:
ciao EDDIE,hai appassionato me e i miei figli. -- non ti dimenticheremo mai -- W LA RAZA
Andrea (Italy) wrote:
Sono davvero mortificato.Quando ieri sera ho appreso la notizia non volevo crederci.ora non ho parole per commentare.Eri e sarai per sempre un grande.Uomo e lottatore.Il tuo poster rimarrà appeso in camera mia come sempre.Viva la Raza Eddie.
Samuel Hanson (aka Sammy Shayder) from Australia wrote:
I remember when I first saw Eddie Guerrero back in WCW about 9 years ago and boy has he changed since then. There was always something about Eddie that just made him stand out from everyone else, his appearance, his character, his wrestling ability and most of all his Lying, Cheating and Stealing. Whether people think wrestling is real or fake, the wrestlers are real people with real emotions just like anyone else, especially Eddie Guerrero. Eddie is a real family man and a real inspiration to many wrestling fans worldwide. Eddie Guerrero may be gone but he'll never be forgotten. Thank you Eddie for everything. We will always love you and miss you.
Brandon M. wrote:
Sunday marked a truly saddening day in the world of sports entertainment, with the untimely passing of one of the true great in ring performers, Eddie Guerrero. In addition to being a devoted husband and father, and a world class athlete, Eddie was a role model. He overcame so much, and as a result serves as an inspiration to everyone. Eddie's life and career are to be celebrated, and his legacy on professional wrestling forever remembered. Although he no longer walks among us today, his enduring spirit and presence will be here long after. Many men spend their whole lives trying to change the world, and there is to be no doubt that Eddie Guerrero has done just that. Eddie we shared in your greatest triumphs and tribulations and we watched in awe of your abilities. So, for every wresting fan young and old, we say thank you Eddie for moving us, captivating us, and most of all entertaining us. And to the entire Guerrero family my thoughts and prayers are with you.
MattY G (UK) wrote:
Eddie Guerrero was a legend, And will always be a legend in my heart. He has always been my favourite wrestler and as a 15 year old kid it is going to be devastating getting over him after supporting him for well my whole life, I wish the Guerrero family the best in getting things back to normal as soon as possible and I also hope the millions of MILLIONS of fans over the world can get over it, I will miss Eddie so much and I know it will take me a very long time to get over him if I ever do that is.
Giancarlo (Italy) wrote:
I'M Giancarlo an italian fan of wrestling, i see WWF since 1986,Eddie Guerrero wasn't my firsrt favourite wrestler,but he was a good wrestler and a legend for mexican people and he have a lot of FANS IN ALL THE WORLD, it's terrible because now again people that hate wrestling will speak again thie fantastic sport,but in all the world millions of peple were killed by drugwrestling will live always abd all the people 'll have a wonderful memory of one of the greatest wrestled in the history of the world
TATIANA wrote:


Ant Heald wrote:
the Latino Heat that burnt through arenas whenever Viva La Raza blasted through the speakers and the lowrider coming down the ramp has been untimely put out.

I have a gulity feeling in myself because i said after No Way Out that Eddie would lose the title and never win it back, im unfourtally right, there were rumors that he was going to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a single match vs 'The Legand Killer' Randy Orton but I geuss we will never know.

Chavo, who on RAW was (I hopfully belive that WWE in memory of Eddie will bring 'Chavito') known as Kerwin White,or security found Eddie dead reportedly found Eddie with a toothbrush in his mouth so if that was the case we know he didn't go back to his old ways.

Latino Heat: The greatest luchadore to grace this planet -- May the fans of this great sport never forget Eddie he was a legand, an icon, a insperation and he was all the for the fans.

The Latino Heat has been put out --- Eddie Gurrero 1967-2005 -- que en paz descanse
Neil Dimmick (UK) wrote:
I switched on my computer this morning completely unaware of the tragedy that had happened the night before, I visited one of my regularly visited wrestling news sites only to see the words 'Eddie Guerrero Passes', i couldnt believe it, i was completely devestated and emediately began to cry. The wrestling business have lost one of the all time greats.

There will never be another one like Eddie Guerrero, the way he beat his addictions and got back on top of his wrestling really touched me and i will never forget this amazing athlete.

Heres to Eddie Viva La Razza.

Simon Clark (England) wrote:
I've been an Eddie Guerrero Fan since his US title run in WCW, and he's my favorite wrestler of all time. Eddie Guerrero was more than just a wrestler, he was a friend to all his fans. When i found out he had died I just started crying, it was so unexpected. I feel so sorry for Chris Benoit he and Eddy had been best friends since Japan. The perfect scenario to a perfect career would be if Eddie was inducted in to the WWE Hall of fame next year. Eddie I will miss you buddy.
aaron tiley wrote:
This is the first time I've posted on OWW, and I, like the poster, have never felt the way I do about Eddies passing. I will miss him for his anticts, his charisma, and his in ring ability. I didnt cry for Brian Pillman, Kurt Henning or even Owen Hart. Today, I am in no way ashamed to say I cried for Eddie Guerrero. Incredibe talent, and he proved everyone wrong. I'm sorry he was taken from us so soon, when I was sure he would become an even bigger star. I hope we can find out what he died of, so I can finally rest. And if it was an effect of that chair shot Ken Kennedy gave him, I take everything good back I said about him.
Sean Muldoon wrote: God Bless Eddie you will be sorely missed.

Keith Knobloch (St. Louis, MO) wrote:
I had just got back home to St. Louis last night after a weekend trip to California. I was sick and exhausted when I went to to see the results for Smackdown and TNA for the weekend. I was in a hurry to get to bed so I clicked the spot on the screen where the OWW logo usually is to quickly get my results. Because of my haste, my computer didn't have time to load the photo of Eddie with 1967-2005. I didn't know that we had lost him. I went straight to the Smackdown results and saw how he had cheated to beat Mr. Kennedy. My thoughts were "Classic Eddie". It brought a much needed smile to my face.

My father woke me up this morning and said that "some wrestler" had died. He told me that his nephew had found him in his hotel room. I thought of Chavo when he said nephew and my heart just sank with the realization that we must have lost Eddie. I rushed to grab the sports section of the paper and my fears were confirmed. I had to go into the bathroom and cry. Like so many other fans, I haven't felt like this since the day that Owen died.

Nine days ago, I took my five year old daughter to her first live wrestling event. The main event was Eddie against Batista for the world title. Being a house show, we knew that Eddie wasn't going to win the title. By the time the match came, my daughter was tired, it was storming outside, and the crowd was getting restless from seeing wear down holds throughout the match. We decided to leave early to beat the traffic. I remember telling another fan outside, "I wish that Eddie was feuding with someone with a little more ring skills so we could see Eddie shine. Oh well, we'll see him next time." Famous last words. Had I know that this would be the last time that I would ever see him wrestle, then I would have stayed. I wish that I would have stayed. Unfortunately in life, we never know when someone's time is going to come.

Today as wrestling fans, we mourn the loss of a family member. In our own strange way, wrestling fans have a unique bond with each other and with the wrestlers. We may boo or cheer differently when times are normal, but under these circumstances, we all come together and we all feel the loss of someone who brought us good times. It's like losing a Friend that most of us have never met. But a Friend, nonetheless.

As an individual, I mourn the loss of a man who I can relate to. I am a Mexican, I have overcome substance abuse, I have overcome personal demons, and most importantly, I, too, am a father. My prayers are with his wife and three daughters. Eddie Guerrero was a man that embodied what it means to overcome the challenges that life throws at you. Bookers and promoters make decisions as to who is a champion in the ring. Eddie Guerrero made the decision to be a champion in life. May God welcome a true champion into his home. Viva la raza, Latino Heat!
Luca (Italy) wrote: Un commosso saluto a EDDY il grande --- Ciao eddy..........

Andrea (from Italy) wrote:
Eddie... You gave all of yourself to Wrestling, you gave all to your fans, but the most important thing is that you taught us how to raise from bad and dark times.. While a tear fall from my eyes I continue to see you shaking you shoulders, that's how I will remember you.. -- QUE VIVA LA RAZA!!! Wherever you are, you are sincerely missed, a man who really won his never -- easy fightings... C'mon Eddie, May you rest in peace... Ci manchi...
TI11AGO wrote: Eddie era uno de los luchadores que me inspiraron a que fuera un gran ventilador del wwe. Mi corazón sale a su familia especialmente su esposa y niños. R.I.P EDDIE.

Fabio De Meo wrote: E' stata una notizia sconvolgente...Anche se non era tra i miei preferiti Eddie resterà sempre tra i miei ricordi e spero non solo nei miei..perchè oltre ad essere un ottimo atleta ha dato dimostrazione di come si può combattere ogni tipo di "battaglia" fuori e dentro il ring...EDDIE SARAI SEMPRE TRA NOI....

Brian Bertrand wrote:
Eddie Guerrero has always been fun to watch ever since I first saw him in WCW. He meant so much to the wrestling world and to have him suddenly pass like that was just heart-wrenching.

I first saw Eddie Guerrero as part of the newer luchadores that came into WCW in 1996. Of course, he came from ECW during that time but not many people remember him from there. He had a lot of potential and he had become one of the biggest names in WCW until he became part of the Radicalz in WWF in 1999. I then saw Eddie in an even bigger light because his gimmicks had a lot of new changes that I really liked and his lucha libre style of wrestling had become a bit of a favorite among fans and his gimmick had a bunch of great moments. Backstage, he was a very postive guy among the locker room according to many people. When he was in the ring with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX it was a surreal moment and I thought it was cool that he came from nowhere and to retain a title such as the WWE Championship. To see him suddenly pass away is a crushing blow for me and I hope the Guerrero Family the best. My prayers are with them.
david moreira wrote: hi im 12 years old and i come from portugal i've wathced wrestling since 2002 and Eddie Guerrero was one of the most entertaining superstars i've ever seen.God bless him ad his family its really sad that he has to leave his children and his wife behind a bit like Owen Hart i think that he deserves a place in heaven p.s I do think its possible it was the painkillers he was taking according to chavo guerrero that he might have died well anyways good by amigo.

Cheating death, stealing life was the title of Eddy Guerrero's DVD, what an appropriate title. Eddy was, hands down, one of the greatest ever. Many fans credit Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels for breaking down doors for smaller, more skilled wrestlers, Eddy helped break down doors for wrestlers under the height of 6' as well. Guerrero is credited in my opinion for breaking down one of the biggest barriers in wrestling: race. Eddy, being latino and coming from a great wrestling family,had to work twice as hard to gain respect for all latin wrestlers around the world. Men like Pedro Morales and Tito Santana helped get credibility for latin wrestlers, but it was Eddy who truly ran with it and I believe help make latin stars such as Scott Hall, Savio Vega, Konnan, Rey Mysterio JR., Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and even Carlito achieve tremendous success in this sport that they only dreamed possible. Eddy had such a unique style, like the late great Owen Hart, combining an ariel and technical mat game that enabled him to defeat former WWE CHAMPION Brock Lesnar in 2004 at NO WAY OUT(My favorite Eddy moment). On that night Eddy made history by becoming the only other latin wrestler to win the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP since Pedro Morales did it in 1971. MY condolences go out to Eddy's wife Vicki, his 3 daughters, Chavo, and the entire Guerrero family. Although I am only a fan, I may have been just as devestated to hear the news as anyone who new Eddy. Last year I had the privalege of meeting Eddy at an autograph session in NY and the man was truly a class act. I will never forget the smile on his face that day hewas truly greatful for all the support the fans had given him, he thanked every fan for coming out to see him. He gave you a sense that you felt like you knew him just on his personality alone. Every week we fans see these larger than life figures on T.V. and these men and women every week put there bodies on the line to make us happy, and never ask for anything in return, so for that we all feel conected to them. They are just like us, only different! In conclusion Eddy Guererro's death is not only a tragic loss to the wrestling world, but to the world it self. I feel truly blessed to have met Eddy and his memory will live on forever, not just as a wrestler, but as a person. Cheating death, stealing life was what you did, you also stole our hearts and it is there where we will always remeber you. A devoted husband and father, a great wrestler, a great entertainer, a great soul, we'll miss you Eddy thank you for all the memories and although you passed away, you will never be forgotten, WE LOVE YOU EDDY.
Endostorm wrote:
This is truly a sad day. Eddie has been through so much in his life and he seemed to have overcome it all...and now this. I will truly miss him as he was one of the best entertainers out there today. I just have to say one thing, though. Those writers at WWE take note. Your lowbrow storyline with Dominic will now haunt us as being one of the last things that Eddie was in the limelight for. That is not how I would want to be remembered. Take some time to think about the lives your stories are affecting. and don't make that mistake again. Regardless, remember Eddie for his charasmatic and flawless ability to entertain, because that is how he would want it. Thank you Eddie, for all the memories.
Eddie, ciao sono Francesco e scrivo dall'Italia, più precisamente da Modena. Sei stato il più grande lottatore di tutti i tempi per la tua tecnica, per la tua grinta, per il tuo carisma. Anche ora sento risuonare nella mia testa il tuo urlo "VIVA LA RAZA", sento il rombo della tua auto che zompetta di qua e di là. Tu entri, scuoti le spalle, poi ti batte il petto tre volte. Eddie, non sei morto, sarai sempre vivo nei nostri cuori!!!

Ti ricorderò per sempre Latino Heat!!!
Nick Currier wrote: Eddie was an amazing wrestler and an excellent performer. He is truly a great athlete. I am very sad to see such a tremendous wrestler cut down way too early. I would like to see this man inducted into the hall of fame. Eddie you will be missed and never forgotten R.I.P.

Tristezza (Italy) wrote:
questa è la sensazione che mi ha colpita appena ho sentito la notizia al telegiornale! Tristezza per un grande campione che se ne va e tristezza per uno sporte che perde un "DIVINO".

Ho 26 anni e seguivo il Wresiling dai tempi in cui Andrè de Giant e Hulk Hogan spadroneggiavano e si affrontavano sul ring. Poi,Per un po di anni, si sono spente le luci su questo fantastico sport e non nego di esseremi riavvicinata alla WWF nel momento in cui ho visto Eddie. Così atletico, guizzante, vivace,con quegli occhietti vispi e le macchine fuori dal comune!

Mi piace, è un campione di quelli che c'erano una volta, di quelli che ti fanno apprezzare uno sport anche per lo spettacolo:un Cipollini del Wresling! Ha il potere di unire tutta la nostra compagnia davanti alla televisione, a tifare e ad attendere l'ennesima prodezza. Anche da cattivello è fantastico, ironico, spettacolo! Come dimenticare la sua faccia e la sua gag dopo la sediata a Batista!!! Un viso allegro, furbo, da campione ed è così che io e tutta la mia compagnia non smetteremo mai di ricordarlo. Ciao Eddie!
Samantha VanWormer wrote: This is a very sad thing to have happen. Eddie was a very brave man he over came many things in his life and work hard in the business to get to the top. I will miss him he was talented and it is a shame that it had to happen to such a good person like him. He will be missed. He is gone but the important thing to do is not to forget about him. If we remember him he will live forever.

Edrom41 wrote: I just wanna say that I'll miss seeing Eddie in the ring. He's leaving behind a family that loves him more than we ever can so my best wishes go out to them, I'm glad to see that wwe is coming together for raw and sd! to pay respect to a great in ring performer and a hero to all those who had demons in their lives. all in all R.I.P Eddie, We'll all miss you.

Tiago Duarte (Lisbon - Portugal) wrote: We all lost a reason to smile, but the sky has just won a big shining star. We'll always miss you. Rest in peace homes.

Turin (Italy) wrote:
I can Proudly say that yestarday I felt a deep sense of sadness when I read in the net the news of Eddie's death. I began to follow him, his acrobatics many years ago when wrestling was still unknown by media. Now, in Italy we have two networks that broadcast the adventures of our incredible myths, the Smackdown ones and the Raw ones, but only one star have shone over all the wrestlers.... Our beloved and unforgiven Eddie. Everyone has still in his memory Eddies smiles when shruggin' the shoulders and when driving those ridiculous dancing latino cars. No has has forgot the reaction of the people when he has been the pair with Rey. No one of us forgot the grim looks when he played the rule of the bad boy (Just for him Cena is still singing.. I'm a bad boy). We have to be grateful to a man that made wrestling the only important thing in his life notwithstanding drugs and alcohol. The friendship with Batista has ment the apotheosis of Eddie's career. He's passed, his smiles, his looks, his "movidas" will remain in our memories forever. I want to recommend to all of you to see the movie "Wwe Cheating Death Stealing Life The Eddie Guerrero Story". It is a wonderful lesson of life, obssession for drugs, love for life and wrestling and a strong will to revive. Thank You Eddie, we love you all.

p.s. let me try to translate the verses wrote by Loris Panchieri. Eddie Guerrero, proud and free spirit, In the sky you have flown and with a Frog Spalsh and another back you have blocked In this day, all together we shout: "viva la raza" and don't worry, we'll never forget it even if the time is running away We salute you and we will remember you as EDDIE "LATINO HEAT" GUERRERO!

Eddie.. nunca nos olvidaremos de ti, tu ejemplo de lucha contra las drogas y el alcohol, tu voluntad de volver a vivir como un hombre es la cosa mas linda que non podias dejar. Sergio
Raúl Vadillo (from Valladolid, Spain) wrote:
I´m a wrestling fan thanks to internet... Sorry for my english...I have lost a piece of my heart when I know about eddie's death...That's impossible!!! I don`t believe this. One of the best wrestlers in history (in my opinion) has died..My eyes and my heart want to cry...All good moments of Eddie that I saw ,cross my mind in an instant: his victory over Brock Lesnar, celebration with Benoit, good matches with or again Rey Mysterio, the frog-splash form steel cage over JBL...ladders,bull rope,steel chairs,etc...funny moments with many other wrestlers...lied cheat steal..And now, thinking that all of this I never seen again. I really really really sad to write this letter.. Now in Spanish...Realmente estoy jodido al saber que Eddie se ha ido. Pensar que jamas le volveremos a ver en un ring luchando, saltando, fingiendo, volando, en definitiva hacernos vibrar...Esto es un palo para todos los fans del mundo, sobre todo para los latinos, que esto de la lucha les viene de raices.. Me encantaba su forma de ser, su papel en la WWE, me parecía el mejor de todos porque hacía cosas que muchos no hacen,era atrevido, divertido y por eso gustaba a todos, incluso cuando tenía papel de malo. Alguien debería plantearse porque mueren tantos luchadores repentinamente, y ponerle remedio Quisiera tambien dar el pesame y mis condolencias a toda su familia, en especial a su mujer y sus hijos....Es muy duro perder a alguien tan joven así de repente, y lo digo por experiencia propia....

Y como dice una sevillana: "Algo se muere en el alma cuando un amigo se va...." Descansa en paz Eddie, y vela por tu familia y amigos alla donde quiera que estés... Ojalá esto no volviera a suceder...
Charles W. Gray wrote:
My heart is so very heavy this morning after arriving back in the states to the news of Eddie Guerrero's passing. Eddie was hands down one of the best performers in the history of this business.

I had the honor of meeting him two years ago just days before I left San Francisco, and the night before he rose to the top of the WWE mountain. I will never forget the way he made us laugh as he happily signed our stuff, and the comment he made to my buddy when Rick wished him luck at No Way Out, and said "you've gone through hell to get here Eddie...I hope you kick some ass". Eddie smiled, and said "I've learned there are some things more important than being on top, but I plan to!". To be in that predominantly hispanic West Coast crowd, and see him down the Vanilla Gorilla to capture that belt was the greatest wrestling moment I ever took part in. The roof came off the place, and I will always remember that weekend.

Thank you for the memories Eddie, and for the legacy that will live on forever. May God keep you from harm, and watch over your family for all their days.

VIVA Guerrero por siempre

Massimo wrote: Ciao Eddie, voglio unirmi a tutti i tuoi fans. Non mi vergogno a dire che mi sentivo piu' vicino a te di quanto non mi senta a degli atleti di altri sport che forse atleti non sono, ma che fingono piu' di te. Voglio ricordarti come tutti per il tuo sorriso. Ciao Eddie ora la cintura che il pubblico ti riconosce sara' sempre vacante.

Charliewestside wrote:
My heart is so very heavy this morning after arriving back in the states to the news of Eddie Guerrero's passing. Eddie was hands down one of the best performers in the history of this business.

I had the honor of meeting him two years ago just days before I left San Francisco, and the night before he rose to the top of the WWE mountain. I will never forget the way he made us laugh as he happily signed our stuff, and the comment he made to my buddy when Rick wished him luck at No Way Out, and said "you've gone through hell to get here Eddie...I hope you kick some ass". Eddie smiled, and said "I've learned there are some things more important than being on top, but I plan to!". To be in that predominantly hispanic West Coast crowd, and see him down the Vanilla Gorilla to capture that belt was the greatest wrestling moment I ever took part in. The roof came off the place, and I will always remember that weekend.

Thank you for the memories Eddie, and for the legacy that will live on forever. May God keep you from harm, and watch over your family for all their days.

VIVA Guerrero por siempre

Bishop92882 wrote:
I have been a long time fan of Eddie Guererro, and it shocks and saddens me to know that the greatest Luchador of all time and one of the true Icons of sports entertainment has ben lost to us all. At this time, I can only think of his family, and the sadness they must be feeling right now. The Eddie Guererro memory that stands out more than any in my mind is the Ladder Match versus Rob Van Dam on Smackdown where Eddie lost but at the end he was given a standing ovation for his performance. That, in my opinion, is a metaphor for the life he lived. He may at times been the bad guy, and did things that people didnt agree with, but in the end, when you look at the man he used to be, then look at the man that left us Sunday, just like he earned our respect in that match, Eddie Guererro has earned my respect in life by being man enough to look his anxieties and personal demons in the eye and conquer them. Many of us are still in denial about our demons and dont have an eighth of the character that Eddie Guererro had. In 38 years, Eddie lived a more fufilling and amazing life than many people have lived in twice that amount of time. Do not mourn for the man and consumate performer that we lost, instead remember the hard road that Eddie came from and how he got himself on the right track and use that as inspiration to conquer any struggles any of us might have.
Destro Alessandro (Italy> wrote:

viva la raza... forever!!

Keith Young wrote: I was one of the lucky ones. I got to meet Eddie when I was at Wrestlemania.He was so nice and took the time to talk with you.It didn't matter if you cheered for him or booed him, you respected him for what he brought to the ring and for the kind of man he was outside of the ring.I think I can speak fior the entire wrestling world when I say Eddie Guerrero will truely be missed.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.You will always be a champion in the hearts of everyone.Til we meet again in heaven, Thanks. -- Latino Heat 1967-2005

Matt Lytle wrote:
It's just like Brian Pillman...just like Owen Hart...just like Chris Candido...and now, Eddie Guerrero. All of these deaths came as a shock to all of us! Pillman dead, no warning...Owen Hart, a horrific accident...Candido, dies after breaking his leg...and now Eddie, no warning what so ever! In fact, I couldn't wait to watch SmackDown this week. I was confident in Eddie Guerrero defeating Batista and Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title! It's such a sad day in professional wrestling. I too think to myself "I hope no one died today". Whenever WWE programming comes on, I always worry that I will see the black screen, with a picture of someone's face, their name, and their dates. Tonight, I will see Eddie's pictures, name, and dates. It's so sad. I don't know what else to say. Eddie was great. An awesome performer. I will cherish everything that he did in professional wrestling. We all will cherish everything he did. Rest in Peace Eddie.
billy miller wrote:
i have watched wresling for a long time and when my friend told me eddie was dead i couldnt believe it. so i went to but had to check somewhere else to see if the's information was wrong so i came her and got the same news so now i must face realality and see that Eddie Guerrero is rest in peace eddie and let the wwe fans around the world know that we have lost one of the greatest atheletes in the goodbye latino heat and my deepest apoligies to eddie's friends and familys.
Gabriele from Italy wrote:
Ciao Eddie, volevo spendere solo due parole per dirti grazie. Per dirti grazie per tutto quello che hai fatto sul ring per noi fans, per tutto quello che ci hai lasciato e che solo adesso che non ci sei più iniziamo pian piano a ricordare. Stai sicuro che anche chi non ti amava, apprezzerà le tue gesta, imparerà a farlo, anche se purtroppo, dopo la tua morte. Death, ce lo hai portato via, ma niente potrà cancellarlo dai nostri ricordi, almeno quello. Che tu possa riposare in pace, campione. Un tuo amico.
Chris Thomas wrote:
In a business where heroes are few and far between, Eddie Guerrero should be remembered as a true hero.

It is common knowledge now about his addictions and past probelms, and a lesser person might not have been able to reach rock bottem and slowly climb up, but Eddie did. He found God and with sheer determination and hard work he slowly worked his way up.

Eddie Guerrero is a true role model for fellow wrestlers, wrestling fans and anyone who has ever had an addiction and conquered it. He proved that with a strong will, anything can be achieved. And it is with a very heavy heart and with tear's in my eye's that I say, I for one will sorely miss him and are proud to call him my hero.
David C wrote:
As a young child I was always a fan of Eddie Guerrero. He had done some pretty odd things in his career but we had grown to forgive Eddie for the things he apologized for and we had grown to love him as we do our families. Eddie Guerrero was born with wrestling in his blood. He had started out wrestling extremely young. He trained in a ring the Guerrero's

had in their backyard. Eddie had lots of friends and fans, always standing behind him. Eddie put his body on the line so many times its hard to count, going from federations is Mexico to WCW all the way to WWE and being successful is all the federations he had been in. This is a tribute to a great in ring performer, and a great man out-side the ring. So Eddie, this is all out of respect for you, your family, friends and fans, Eddie we will never forget you or anything you have done over the past years, so this is for you Eddie Guerrero. Eddie, R.I.P.
TG wrote:
I just learned this evening about the passing of Eddie Guerrero. While I've been out of the loop as a wrestling fan for several years, I remember watching Eddie in action on the WCW cards in the mid-90's and recall him being such a great performer.

He'd go the extra mile to make sure the fans got their money's worth. He threw himself completely into the matches and did whatever it took to make the match a good show.

I'd heard about his drug and alcohol problems, and I can sympathize; I had a family member who fought those problems for years, but he came out of it okay.

Obviously we don't know what happened to Eddie, and we may not know for awhile. Whatever the case, I salute a great performer and a man who did what he had to do to save himself and get back into it.

My thoughts are with his family. Blessed Be.
Tyrone.Hunter wrote:
I'll just say this, when I heard 'bout Eddie passing it was similiar to when Tupac Shakur died. Both where before their prime, but then it seems like they both put in their hard work to achieve where they were and just like when it seems like they 'bout to take it to another level or such heights, they leave us. Its frustrating and hard to accept. Thank God that I had the opportunity to see Eddie live on two separate occasionals here in Austin, Texas once in '03 and this past October. He was quite a character, an underdog who had the main event status and would actually win. I mean he beat Brock Lesnar. Eddie will be missed, love him or hate him, this cat stood out which is hard to do in a shady business, much like the legendary 'Pac.
Kevin Blanchard wrote:
I cried over Eddie. I've never met Eddie Guerrero, but I feel as if I have known him all my life. I have grown up as a young man watching him wrestle in Mexico and in Japan. Eddie always had this charismatic charm that drew fans across the world. To hear of his passing saddens me as we lose one of pro wrestlings most entertaining and gifted wrestlers. My Prayers go out to the Guerrero family and friends, and I want to tell the fans and family of Eddie this: Do not cry, for Eddie is walking with God now, and we shall see him again one day. But today, I cried over Eddie.

"And I'll Take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain"

"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" Boyz II Men

Vaya Con Dios Eddie, R.I.P. --- God's Given Me Wings and I use them to Fly
Jamie Frost wrote: I will miss Eddie he was a good guy RIP Eddie

mchirico3 (Italy) wrote: Ciao Eddie,sono sconvolta da questa terribile notizia,ancora non mi sembra vero.Non ho mai seguito il wrestling,un giorno x caso cambiando canale ti ho visto,mi sei stato simpatico dal primo momento,poi ho visto anche che eri un grande sportivo.Eri veramente forte,ora nulla sarà più come prima.Dentro di me sento un vuoto enorme,ho quasi la sensazione di aver perso una persona vicina,mi mancherai ma il tuo ricordo sarà sempra vivo in me.Sei stato e resterai un grande,riposa in pace.

Winston G. Jordan wrote:
I'm sure this is just one of millions of emails that have been received regarding the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero. I was informed of this terrible news today by my wife, who is also a wrestling fan. Although I did not know Eddie personally, the reaction feels as though I did. I have found myself saddened and not my usual up-best self. Now I know it may seem weird to feel like this about someone who didn't even know you existed, but the fact that we will never see Eddie perform another frog splash or throw a chair at an opponent and pretend to be knocked out is reason enough to feel this way. Furthermore a wife is now without her husband and three girls are without their father and hundreds of wrestlers are without their colleague and close friend. One of my first memories of Eddie is perhaps the most poignant. I was attending a WCW show (he still worked for them at the time) in my town when some friends and I were walking around near backstage. My friend shouts, 'there's Eddie Guererro!' I yelled 'Yo, Eddie, what's up!?' He turned around, gave a wide smile and threw up a 'peace' sign before walking behind a curtain. I watched him throughout his ECW, WCW and WWE careers and all I can say is I have not felt like this since Owen Hart died. Tonight will be the tribute edition of RAW. Part of me wouldn't miss it for anything in the world and the other part of me doesn't want to watch. I'm not an overly-emotional person, but even I could not hold back tears as the WWE Superstars spoke of their fallen friend Owen Hart. Now history repeats itself. Rumor has it that Eddie was set to win the title from Batista in their next match together (a rumor further fueled by the fact that Batista will be out for surgery). So sad that this man is no longer here to entertain us. A tremendous loss to the wrestling business and to humanity in general.
Caleb Inboden wrote:
Eddie will never truly die in all wrestling fans' hearts. When I was told that Eddie was dead, from my friend who doesn't watch wrestling, I did not believe him. Eddie was so young. He couldn't have died. Then when I got home I read the article in my newspaper. I started to cry. I can't play my wrestling video games without crying about Eddie.

R.I.P. Eduardo Gory Guerrero | Liein', Cheatin', and Stealin' from beyond the grave 1967-2005
Eddie Sanchez wrote:
i really felt sad about this situation specially to a wrestler which was the least i thought that would die...guerrero will live in all our hearts eventhough i wasnt that fan of guerrero....i imagine the tremendous pain that his family are passing through right now even i wasnt part of his family or knew him closely i felt touched by the terrible news because it happened the same to me with my grandmother which died unfairly just like guerrero too young at age 38. im 17 and i wanted to be a wrestler with this news of his death it put me to think how precious life is specially when you have a loving family it also put me to think that any moment could be the last for me.....for everyone. God bless you Eddie Guerrero Godspeed i will never forget his favorite quote I LIE I CHEAT I STEAL VIVA LA RAZA LATINO HEAT FOREVER HOLMES

amen. Edward Sanchez-Oquendo un latino orgulloso/ a proud latino
Don Grey Day wrote:
Hello, my name is Don Grey Day. I'm a Native American and a single father of two. My son is 11 and Sunday, he came out to the living room and broke the news to me. I could not believe it. I had to console my son all day, because he knew that Eddie Guerrero was one of my boys. No matter how he was portrayed in WWE, Eddie was my boy. Latino Heat will always be remembered by me as one of the all time greats. No matter the size of Eddie's opponent, he never backed down - he stood his ground. I will continue to follow wrestling, although right now - I am numb.

My heart goes out to his wife, and his three beautiful daughters. Their "Papi" is forever gone from this world but will continue to live on through his children and his legions of fans. I have talked with several of my friends who are wrestling fans and a fan of Eddie, and all were shocked and saddened by his news. I spent an hour with my son, as I let him cry for one of his favorites.

Eddie, you will be missed. I proudly state that Eddie Guerrero will always be remembered here in this household. His Frog Splash is one of my favorite finishers of all time. I can go on and on about Eddie, but I will end it here.
Phillip Healy wrote: Upon hearing the news that Eddie Guerrero had passed away I was distraught, but also happy that Eddie had now found peace. He was a special wrestler that will have a special place in my heart and I will always remember him. I am so glad I had the chance to see Eddie live on the last trip to England and I will always remember it, R.I.P Eduardo Gory Guerrero

Pat Stergos wrote: You may be gone Eddie, but your greatness will live forever.

daniel mihaichuk wrote: People were shocked when they heard about Eddie Guerrero,tragically found dead in his hotel room.Eddie Guerrero was one of my favorite wrestler's, I could not believe it when I heard that he had passed.That night I could not even sleep that feeling that I would never see him wrestle again,Eddie was loved by many including his family,his fans and especially me,Eddie guerrero will be missed by everyone...R.I.P Eddie Guerrero we all miss you deeply.

Andrew Takahashi wrote:
It is with a heavy heart, that today, I sit here and type these words out.

I found out about the tragic lose of wrestlings greatest gems, Eddie Guerrero about 24 hours ago. I sat down in front of the computer, expecting to read about nothing in particular. Maybe a spoiler or two from TNA's Genesis PPV. I came across a topic that had the headline something likes of "Guerrero expected to win World Championship?" and I thought "Awesome! I'll check this out!" In the topic, it read something about Eddie passing. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then, I looked over to the side of the screen, and saw a picture of Eddie with (1967-2005) on it. I thought it had to be a mistake. I checked seriously maybe 7 or 8 websites, trying to make sure it was just a mistake. It couldn't be true. So, finally, I came across, and I saw their article. And I saw a video of Eddie's newphew Chavo, deliviering a press conference about his uncle. And suddenly it felt real. And I cried.

Eddie Guerrero is probably Wrestling's best kept secret. Outside of pro-wrestling, the name Eddie Guerrero carries no weight. He's not The Rock. He's not Stone Cold. He's not Hulk Hogan. However, in pro-wrestling, the name Eddie Guerrero carries such pride and endearment. I'm proud to have known Eddie Guerrero the performer. I wish I had known Eddie Guerrero, the man.

Heres a person, Eddie Guerrero, who I never knew in real life. I've never met him, but he had such a positive impact on my life, that even in not knowing him, it hurts my heart to know he won't be around anymore. Eddie Guerrero is an inspirational man. Say what you will about him. Yes, he was an addict (pain killers, alcohol) at one time. But he fought for years to drop the addiction. And had been clean for 4 years now. Which, makes this whole situation even more difficult to swallow. He had been getting his life back together.

When Eddie won the WWE Championship in February 2004, I was watching the match on PPV, but it was one of those rare moments where you felt like you were right there with him. When the match ended, I saw one of the greatest and most memorable things of my life. I saw pure happiness. I saw this look on his face that I will never forget. As human beings, I think we all strive for that feeling of being on top of the world. It was one of my proudest moments to have witnessed someone who had worked so hard in his life to defeat his demons, to accomplish that feeling. Seeing him accomplish that goal, and how much joy not only he was feeling, but that entire arena and everyone watching the show at home was feeling. Seeing this, it inspired me to be a better person. So, I could someday not only experience that moment of joy, but be able to share it with people like Eddie did.

I spent all of yesterday trying to find the words to express how I felt about his passing. I knew that once I put it into words, it would really be real. When I woke up this morning, I checked all the sites again. To make sure I wasn't dreaming. So, it finally hit me this morning. Eddie was really gone. I've been wanting to watch Eddie matches all day, to kind of pay tribute to him, but I can't bring myself to watch them, not yet anyways. I know once I start watching Raw tonight, and hear everyone talk about Eddie, and pay tribute to their friend, I will probably cry again.

There is a bandaid over my heart right now. It hurts to know he was taken away at a time in his life when he was on top. It hurts to know that he had foughten so hard for so many years, only to be taken away at a time where he seemed to finally be at peace. It hurts to know that a man who was a father and a husband, won't be there for his family. My sincere condolences go out to Eddie's family and his friends. If i'm hurting like this, I can't imagine what its like for them.

In closing, i'd just like to say that even though i'm sad to see him go, Eddie Guerrero, the man and the entertainer, had such a positive influence on me and my life, that I know I will never forget him. For those who don't watch wrestling, it might be hard to understand why i'm so upset, and understablely so. For those who do watch, you at least in some way, know the pain of losing Wrestlings best secret. Goodbye Eddie. Thanks for everything you've done for us, the fans.

Viva La Raza. - R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005)
K Penna wrote:
There is nothing I can really say. It's even hard to watch Raw tonight. All I can say is R.I.P. Eddie...we all will miss you dearly.
Adam Rodrigues wrote:
You know frankly i dont care if this gets posted or not...Its not about the world seeing how i feel...i just want to type how i feel...i woke up yesturday morning in a great mood...came on the computer and saw that one of my favorite wrestlers had passed away...all night i was in a state of total shock...i too felt like i was kicked in the gut.. i just remember constantly hoping WWE was doing an angle and we'd hear tonight on raw "VIVA LA RAZA" and that all too firmilliar music and we'd see him riding his low rider to the ring with that smile on his face...sadly enough we will never see that again...i pray for his family...and his friends...i cant some from expierence i know what it was like going through his problems...ive never had them...but i know he touched so many people and he helped so many....i remember i wasnt that big of an eddie untill he won the belt...i felt so proud cuz ive watched him come from a cruiserweight in WCW to the point he was...then i saw his documentry...cheating death and stealing life and i remember i suddenly had the most respect for this man...he was an incredible incredible talker...and he was an even more incredible thoughts and prayers go out to his family...god i can still see him hitting his opponent with a chair while the ref was down...falling to the ground and telling the fans to be quiet...Thank you eddie for so many wonderful memories and i know your in heaven smiling down...All us fans love you and very much appriciate everything you did for us...RIP Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Hartley (Kilsyth, Scotland) wrote:
i was deeply saddned to hear of the passing of eddie its a great loss as hes given us loads of great matches from wcw to the wwe and i will always miss him , i`ll miss the smile on his face when he lies cheats and steals ;) VIVA LA RAZA :( goodbye eddie R.I.P 1967-2005
Mike nowak wrote:
I just want to show my condolences to the family and friend of Eddie. I remember the First time i actually Saw him Live it was aganist Rey at the Great american bash, the first PPV i ever saw live. Despite what was heard on TV and on the DVD, There were many Chants of Eddie all throuhgout the match, including my best friend Matt. He will always be a great technical wrestler and a world class perfromer. I'll miss him

For the Next Seven days. My AOL screen name will be up and anything that you want to send to me ill take and post everywhere, every forum that i can imagine. My AIM screen name and my Yahoo IM screen name is MNOWAX. Send all your thoughts and prayers please and your name so i can put it up with your comment.

VIVA LA RAZA! = RIP Eddie = 10/19/67-11/13/05
Aaron Fowlow (Canada) wrote:
For me, tonight, I found RAW very hard to watch. I knew as a fan, I should, but it was hard. I don't know when I cried as much as that before. My tears flowed profusely. It's obvious that Eddie Guerrero had a huge impact on the world of wrestling, and wrestling aside... he must have had an impact on alot of people's lives. WWE did him a great honor tonight, in continuing the show. It was a tribute to Eddie, no storyline, just wrestling, with a few crazy antics here and there... it was the type of show that Eddie would have put off.

I never met Eddie, but I know I will. He was a man of faith. He knew Jesus, and thats something I have in common. He's in the presence of Jesus, and weather we all get emotional, and selfish that we will miss watching him ON tv, or miss the chance to some day meet him in person, we gotta remember that life is about what a man does, and this man obviously had alot of battles... but he's the picture of perseverance.

I have aspired for many years to become a wrestler. When I think of wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, it makes me smile, knowing I want to be apart of a great industry.
Will M wrote: EDDY you stole alot of things in your life, but most of all you stole our hearts. We're all gonna miss you homes. VIVA LA RAZA

FJ Parlan (from Philippines) wrote:
This is the longest reaction column I've ever seen here, the event's surely unforgiving.

I was extremely weak this morning with few unconvincing reasons. I don't know why until I dragged my ass into my classroom only to hear some of my classmates say: "Patay na si Eddie Guerrero!" (Eddie Guerrero is dead.)

I suddenly felt even weaker, I would never wanna believe, but no one's fooling around. I asked questions, hoping they're just playing with me, and inside me: BEGGING this is no truth.

Why? Why should something like this happen? I wanted to cry, I elaborately stressed to my classmates how sad I am, that I can't simply accept it.

The next thing I did was hit the PC, and sure enough, the sites says the same thing: Eddie Guerrero, 1967-2005. I never felt something like this about wrestling before, I seldom feel such. The news is like decaying me inside-out, I was wrecked, "Bad Trip!", I don't know what to do, I feel like it's not time for anything else, but I can't be mourning forever, so I want to express my damn thoughts.

Eddie's simply my favorite WWE SmackDown! superstar, he's one of my ONLY two real wrestling idols (the other's RAW's Triple H), but he may be very well my favorite wrestler. Maybe. Even ALL-TIME.

He's such an oh-so great wrestler, an even greater entertainer, and an even greater man. Amazing how he moved on and on with his tortured life and fitted the puzzle pieces perfectly again. He pushed his body on the line, stretched his physical self to the extremes. He put his soul to perfect wrestling his way. He makes us smile, mad, cry, and laugh. He's a great locker room inspiration to his wrestling peers. He did it all for his amazing feel for wrestling and people's emotions. HE DID IT ALL FOR THE FANS.

He's one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, let alone one of WWE's greatest superstars, one of the greatests in our generation. He will be sorely missed. I know this tremendous pain will stay in my bloodlines long after the tears and years have dried.

Eddie, wherever you are, we will forever remember every single effort you did to amuse each and every one of us, you're a great man. We love you. God bless you and your family.

"Holmes, Orale ese amato! VIVA LA RAZA!" (whatever those means) You're LIE, CHEAT, STEAL tradition and spirit will live in us. LATINO HEAT I'll feel forever. I have never met you, which I always wish I would, but, until here, 'till I see you soon. Later, idol! God Bless! Rest in Peace.
Matthew Geddes wrote:
I don't cry that much. Sure I may shed a small tear if my beloved Manly Rugby League side loses a final or while listening to Bono sing a eulogy to his dead father. But this is different.

In my 35 years, outside of deaths in the family, I've seen my father cry once. It was for John Lennon when he was assassinated. As a nine year old who was just starting to appreciate the Beatles, it was weird. There were no tears for Elvis from my father.

As I got older I understood how people you've never met can connect with you. I was freaked out by the response to the death of Princess Diana but I completely understood it. I cried buckets when Johnny Cash died. I cried when George Harrison died. And I cried when Owen Hart died.

Reading about the death of Eddie Guerrero, I just feel numb. Apart from Owen (whose death was an accident) I can't remember a wrestler dying in his prime. It just makes no sense.

I have loved wrestling for about 30 years, and I love guys like Stone Cold, Undertaker, Foley and Triple H. But I also know that without the backbone of a federation it can't survive. Guys like Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and William Regal and Bob Holly.

And guys like Eddie Guerrero.

To his family and friends, please know the thoughts of all the wrestling fan community are with you.

I'm off to put James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" on the stereo and have a beer. I'll be raising my glass to Eddie Guerrero.

And I'll be crying.
Jose Camacho wrote:
I can't really express any words to how much Eddie Guerrero means to me as a fan. I'm only 18, but ever since elementary school I'd watch Eddie on WcW as one of the great cruiserweights. All my life he's entertained me and his untimely death comes as a shock to me. Honestly I can't believe it, i hope it's all just a lie, but I know that's not the case here. Anyways, this drawing is my tribute to Eddie. Hope you like it.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero - 1967-2005 - You will be missed.

Jason Hunt wrote:
I would truly give anything to see one more match with Eddie Guerrero. A truly great person, an amazing wrestler. Its just very clear to me from the way I feel, and the way everyone else feels that wrestling has lost a very important person. I will miss seeing more of Eddies matches, but tonight I am enjoying his past matches. His soul will R.I.P , But his name will always run wild.
Monday morning as I was getting ready for work went down stairs, then while I was eating breakfast my moms lab top was sitting right there I logged on to Didn't see the Eddie front page picture right away with (1967-2005) until a minute later. When I saw it I said out loud "Oh My God" out loud. I am surprised I didn't find out sunday cuz usually, I am in or some wrestling site every day. When I then saw he had passed away sunday morning it was shocking, wondering if this was true or is this a dream like Batista said in his interview. I got off the lap top 15 minutes later before I left for work. I went back into and saw Eddie's picture still on the site with (1967-2005). So then I knew it was not a dream. One thing if my moms lap top was not sitting right there turned on in the morning . I would not have found out until later that night a half hour before Raw started when I logged on to

Been a wwe fan for a lot years, and in the almost six years Eddie spent with the wwe he was a pleasure to watch. All the memories from Latino Heat with Chyna, to the Radicalz, to the lie, cheat & steal times. Also the stuff he did when he messed with Team Angle. With all his matches and fueds he has had with including Angle, JBL, Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Benoit, Brock Lesnar and Chavo. Eddie three time tag team champ with three different guys. But only one of them became tag champs with Eddie then later that year had a US Title match which Eddie beat him. For Tajiri we all know Eddie would beat him. I am not a big Smackdown fan don't really watch it that much now that it is on fridays. But when I did watch it and Eddie was wrestling he was almost wrestling like he was the main eventor, every match I got to watch. This Smackdown I will tune in but it will be odd without Eddie Guerrero not there, at last his car will be there like he is there.

R.I.P. Eddie (1967-2005) "Viva La Raza"
Liam Partridge (UK) wrote:
I just wanted to added my name to the list of people saddened by the untimelty death of Eddie Guerrero.

A great wrestler and a joy to watch everytime I saw him wrestle. You will be missed.
adam heap (Australia) wrote:
What a tragic loss to the world of wrestling...

As I live in Australia, it was Monday morning that I turned on my laptop to log on to my homepage, Gerweck. Usually, the left border is filled with a poster of the next PPV. Today, it was filled with a picture of Eddie Guerrero, underneath: Eddie Guerrero - 1967 - 2005.

I was stunned. How could he be dead? he was so well at the time. He'd just gone through a major match with Ken Kennedy, and, although being smashed on the head with a chair afterwards, it didn't cause him to die. I sat back in shock, and my friends at school were equally surprised.

All three major brands paid tribute and dedicated matches to Eddie this week - WWE, TNA and ROH were united in the passing of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Every few minutes I'll get a thought in my head. "How can Eddie be dead? He was going to win the title!"

And it was true. This week on SmackDown!, Eddie Guerrero was going to win the Heavyweight Championship off Batista, who will be out of action for a few months. There is no higher honour in the WWE than to be considered ready for a championship. And yes, he may have won it before, but he deserved it again. He truly did.

And, on a final note, I know, by watching the RAW tribute show, that Eddie Guerrero, along with Shawn Michaels, was a true Born Again Christian. I being one myself, know that eventually, I'll get up there and meet Eddie in person, and when I do, I'll thank him for all he did for ECW, WCW, and WWE.

Viva La Raza - Live The Race. R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero, 1967 - 2005
Jesco Brodersen (Hamburg, Germany) wrote:
First I have to admit that I am not what one could call a fan of Eddie. But I had no negative feelings towards him. I never felt of him as a great champion till just now that he is gone. That's something which just happens so often. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Eddie sure knew how to sell. He put everybody over. I didn't think of JBL as a great wrestler but when he feuded with Eddie it was obvious that there was more talent in him than I thought. Eddie always got the best of others. There are wrestlers who can show skills at the mic or in the ring. Eddie was capable of both plus he could put guys over who weren't able in each of these categories. He wasn't the type of superstar you have in HHH or Hulk Hogan who are very selfconcerned. He always wrestled for the greater good. He truly was a Guerrero a warrior. If I were to fight in a battle I'd wish to have a man like Eddie next to me. He will not only leave a huge gap in the WWE storylines but in our hearts. May god rest his soul
Dominik Mayer (Denmark) wrote:
i was realle sad,when my cousin told me that eddie had passed away,i put my eddie poster back at the wall of my room and wrote rest in peace on it,put an eddie r.i.p. picture in icq and as my desktop background,i haer eddie's musik all the time,and i cried all the time yesterday,i'm so sad that eddie is dead because he was one of my favorite wrestlers,so i wish his family good luck to manage this misery.eddie will live in our hearts forever,we'll never forget him!!!!EDDIE REST IN PEACE AMIGO!!!! greetings from fürth,germany Dominik Mayer
Jay Roberts wrote:
I'm lost for words. I've had this dull feeling in the pit of my stomach for the past couple of days now. Eddie Guerrero is a legend whose ability and personal character as demonstrated so many times, will never be equalled. Watching RAW last night I cried every time I saw Chris Benoit, Chavo, rey or any of the superstars breaking into tears when talking about him. Wrestling has lost an unbelievable performer but more importantly the world has lost a wonderful human being.

My thoughts and well wishes are with his family and friends
rexy Tan wrote:
It was a terrible moment when i was acknowledged that Eddie Guerrero passed away at Sunday. Eddie not only entertained me, he entertained the whole world. He was a top performer, one of the best wrestler i knew. Eddie was a unique person, a person who brings joy, laughter, cheers to all.Thanks Eddie, RIP Eddie!!! You live forever in my heart...!!! Viva la Latino Heat!!!!!
Luke O'Neil wrote:
Let me start off by giving my heart felt feelings of remorse to the Guerrero family and friends. Eddie, you will be missed. He will be remembered as one of the greatest performers ever!! I really feel for the locker room. I am still in shock that eddie is gone. When I first found out, I was like " No, No, it must be fake" but then I read into it more and found out it was true. Eddie has allways been a great performer. Whether he was a face or heel, you love eddie, even deep down inside. WWE will be different after this.
Tecnici - Andrea Brezigar (Italy) wrote:
Sono solo 4 anni che guardo wrestling, sono in italia e il fenomeno è scoppiato solo poco tempo fa. Le prime immagini di smackdown arrivavano timide e sconosciute per chi non aveva la PPV. Strani personaggi, diversi da quelli che eravamo soliti vedere nei primi anni 80. Ma lui lo si riconobbe subito. Sfacciato aggressivo ridicolo ma dannatamente grande. Eddie Guerrero. We miss u. Latino Heat Still Burn....4ever
GGlor369 wrote:
When ive heard the news i started to cry because i knew that one of the greatest athletic wrestler has died. He lived a long tough life through out the years but he came out as a champion. My favorite moment is when he beat kurt Angle at WrestleMania 20. I hope that Eddie Guerrero lives on in everybody and god bless him.
Harle 3:16 (Australia) wrote:
I cant believe eddies gone what will smackdown be without eddie honestly eddie is and always will be my fave wrestler
daniel mihaichuk wrote:
People were shocked when they heard about Eddie Guerrero,tragically found dead in his hotel room.Eddie Guerrero was one of my favorite wrestler's, I could not believe it when I heard that he had passed.That night I could not even sleep that feeling that I would never see him wrestle again,Eddie was loved by many including his family,his fans and especially me,Eddie guerrero will be missed by everyone...R.I.P Eddie Guerrero we all miss you deeply.
KumaarSauraj wrote:
Oh boy, did I ever think that I can shed a real tear again. Eddie you taught me that it does not matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up. Good bye Eddie, may be they needed a champion in the God's indy and they took the best one.
Eddie was a great wrestler and probably an even greater person even though I never knew him it was clear because his family was behind him and helped him get through a hard period in his life i'm very upset at the moment and feel that eddies untimely death was a big part in wrestling history and will change the face of the wwe forever.

R.i.p eddie guerrero 1967-2005
Navin wrote:
A true legend, I cant believe that his life was cut so short, a man who was truly great and did prove that he could wrestle day in day out, the man who overcame all that laid before him in the ways of drug abuse and alcoholism, this man in my eyes was and always will be up there with the greatest Mexican wrestlers, I want to say that it was an honour to me that I got to see the majority of his matches whether it be in ECW, WCW, or WWE. I will never forget the man they call Eddie Guerrero this man was a true great, and we can not all deny his accomplishments being the first ever Mexican-American World Champion, he will always have that to his name, this man is a guy who remember copying with his twisting frog splash in my wrestling days down in the gyms wrestling ring, I will never ever forget this man he is by far the best wrestler I have ever seen and I wish nothing but the best to his family and friends as what there are going through must be so much pain for a truly great man, RIP Eddie I know ill never forget you
Rodrigo Gómez Torres wrote (A Memorial for a Guerrero):
I'm still shocked for the last news. I don't want to believe it. But it's real. Probably he would gain the WHC, but now he's not with us anymore. I've read the two shows that the WWE has made to remember Eddie, and I still that they were genuine, from the heart. Thank you buddies.

But I think that the show must go on (with a heavy heart, at least me) I'm sure that Eddie would have preferred a good match for him that tears and sorrow. And I had a humble dream to remember Eddie.

In the next big event, the WHC must be won by a person near of Eddie (Chavo, Benoit, Malenko...) or for a special guest (Sting, Rock, Jericho...). This workers should vacate the title and propose a "Memorial for a Guerrero Torneum". 16 workers would fight for his title in a style of play-offs (the best of 5 matchs for example). The workers should be this midcarders with talent and no push nowadays (RVD, Booker T, Paul London, Chavo, Kane, Conway...) and maybe 1 or 2 big names (Michaels, Angle...). To make a real Memorial the torneum should be "semi-open". Booked, but passing the next rounds the workers that made a best effort (in the ring and outside the ring). This way the winner should be the worker with a better effort and maybe the last final match would be in Wrestlemania, for the WHC, after the induction of Eddie in the Hall of Fame.

Of course this idea it's just a humble dream with a hundred of failures, but this kind of approach would make sense, as a expression of respect to Eddie, as person and worker.
Mac Hontiveros (Philippines) wrote (GOODBYE EDDIE):
Yesterday morning, as soon as I woke up, I went straight to my computer to surf the net. I was giddy. Raw and Smackdown were to have a TV taping on Sunday (Monday morning here) before heading to a week-long European tour. One of the matches scheduled was a Triple Threat match between Batista, Orton, and Eddie for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was designed to take the title off Batista, who got legitimately hurt a week ago, thus requiring him to undergo surgery and miss roughly three months of action. So for sure, by the end of the night, we will have a new champion, and Eddie was heavily favored to win.

Finally, the thing that I've been wanting to happen was within reach, that is, Eddie as the Champion once again. His first reign a year ago was curtailed. Eddie gave in to the pressure that comes with being the champ. But everything in his life was all about second chance. A second chance to live after a near fatal accident, a second chance at love after he and his wife separated and got back together. And now comes a second chance to be The Champion. To run with ball. To be the show's standard-bearer, as they say.

Now I have always liked Eddie Guerrero. With his superb in-ring talent, capability to cut brilliant promos, and his over-the-top acting skills, add to that his overflowing charisma and his good looks, Eddie was the quintessential professional wrestler. Whenever I saw Eddie, I knew I was in for a treat. To me, nobody deserved to be Champion more than him.

And so before I went to see the spoilers from that TV taping, and that Triple Threat match that I was so sure Eddie would win, I decided to check out my Friendster account first. On the bulletin board was a post with the heading that says "Eddie Guerrero passes away at 38, 1967-2005". I opened it and read it, and sure enough, it reported of Eddie's death, but I really wasn't certain on what that was. Initially I thought it was some prank joke or something. So I went to other wrestling websites to confirm the appalling news, and it was then and there that I learned that indeed, Eddie's dead. My jaw dropped, my hands and feet went cold, and my spines shivered. It was mind-numbing. I was stunned. I didn't know how to react. For a moment I felt like crying. But I didn't. My tears weren't shallow, whether that's a good thing or not. Soon I was consumed with questions. Why? What happened? What caused his death? Why did it have to be him of all people? Why Eddie?

It is a well-known fact that Eddie Guerrero has had troubles in the past with alcohol and substance abuse. On one occasion, he almost killed himself in a car accident after driving drunk. Then on two separate incidents, he was rushed to the hospital, fighting for dear life, for substance over-dose. His wife and kids left him and he has been given the pink slip from the WWE. His professional and family life had almost completely fallen apart because of these. But not before Eddie did something about it. Eddie decided to change, and change he did. Eddie has been sober the last three years. He has found God, reunited with his family, got his job back, and everything else in his life has finally been put in perspective. His life was intact. He was at peace with himself. And that is why for something like this to happen, just like that, I can't help but wonder. But does it really matter now? I don't think so. Would knowing why he died change the reality that he's already dead? Definitely not. Would it ease the pain? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is yet another one of the wrestling greats has left us prematurely. Eddie's dead and everyone in the world of professional wrestling, fans and wrestlers alike, is mourning.

But I take solace in the fact that Eddie is in a much better place now, with his dad, the late great luchadore Gory Guerrero. Somewhere up there in the Pearly Gates, Eddie is looking down at us, smiling.

Last night, I popped in my copy of "Cheating Death, Stealing Life : The Eddie Guerrero Story" on my DVD player. It documented of Eddie's life since childhood, his struggles in the past, how he overcame his demons, and how he defied the odds to eventually reach the apex of both his professional and personal life. He has succeeded in certain trials and tribulations in this life where many others would have faltered. Eddie may have fallen a few hours short of capturing the World Heavyweight title, but he lived and died a winner. He is a true champion in this game of life.

When I think of Eddie, I'd like to look back at all the good memories he has left us. And boy, there are plenty of them. His lying, cheating, and stealing tactics that would always make us laugh. The Frog splash, the three amigos, and the Latino heat dance. The classic matches that he's had with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Kurt Angle. His skits with Chyna and with Chavo Guerrero Jr. His reaction and celebration the night he won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar, where you can see the genuine bliss that he felt after finally seeing all those years of hard work pay-off and his dream coming to a realization. And what about that Wrestlemania XX moment with him and Chris Benoit, both as champs, hugging and crying with tears of joy in the middle of the ring. Very moving. Priceless. Without a doubt the most memorable visual in the history of pro wrestling.

I could go on and on with all the memorable things Eddie has given, but in the end, I'd simply like to thank Eddie for everything he's done. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for putting smiles on our faces. Thank you for the entertainment that you have provided. Thank you for relieving us of the pressures of our daily lives, even for just a couple of hours a week, making us cheer, boo, laugh, and forget everything else going on for a while as we watch you perform. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for being the great human being that you've been.

Rest in peace now Eddie. Thanks for everything. You will certainly be missed. You may have gone too soon, but one thing I can guarantee, Eddie, is that Latino Heat will keep on burning in our bosoms forever.

And one day, when this life is over, we will get to see you perform again. And together with the wrestling angels, we'll all cheer and chant in unison and echo throughout the heavens....


Goodbye Eddie Guerrero. God speed. We'll miss you.
FJ Parlan (Philippines) wrote:
I was extremely weak this morning with few unconvincing reasons. I don't know why until I dragged my ass into my classroom only to hear some of my classmates say: "Patay na si Eddie Guerrero!" (Eddie Guerrero is dead.)

I suddenly felt even weaker, I would never wanna believe, but no one's fooling around. I asked questions, hoping they're just playing with me, and inside me: BEGGING this is no truth.

Why? Why should something like this happen? I wanted to cry, I elaborately told to my classmates how sad I am, that I can't simply accept it. But none of them really understands, none of them is as great a WWE fan that I am, they say I look like someone having a sense of idiocy by letting it disturb me. I said, you must be "Obsessed with Wrestling"! Since they were basketball fans (but again, nowhere near the fanatic that was me), I just told them I would feel the same way if (please don't) Kobe Bryant dies. The wrestling world will miss the passing-away of these wrestlers as much as the basketball world would do when Jordan dies. That's what I stressed. Heck I even said that it was enough of a reason for me to kick someone's ass (even a teacher's). Isolating myself was a consideration that time, but they really thought I was nuts.

So I spill my beans out here.

The next thing I did was hit the PC, and sure enough, the sites says the same thing: Eddie Guerrero, 1967-2005. I never felt something like this about wrestling before, I seldom feel such. The news is like decaying me inside-out, I was wrecked, "Bad Trip!", I don't know what to do, I feel like it's not time for anything else, but I can't be mourning forever, so I want to express my damn thoughts.

He's like a great inspiration to me in more than ways one. I always wanna have a great physique, and I'm still small and young, and Eddie's who I wanna mimic. I haven't seen just as much as what I want and need from him, what happened is just so untimely. I wanna see more of him, damn it!

I simply love Eddie Guerrero. He's unanimously my favorite WWE SmackDown! superstar, he's one of my ONLY two real wrestling idols (the other's RAW's Triple H), but he may be very well my favorite wrestler. Maybe. Even ALL-TIME.

He's such an oh-so great wrestler, an even greater entertainer, and an even greater man. Amazing how he moved on and on with his tortured life and fitted the puzzle pieces perfectly again. He pushed his body on the line, stretched his physical self to the extremes. He put his soul to perfect wrestling his way. He makes us smile, mad, cry, and laugh. He's a great locker room inspiration to his wrestling peers. He did it all for his amazing feel for wrestling and people's emotions. HE DID IT ALL FOR THE FANS.

My dreams of meeting him is gone.My dreams for him of returning back to the top of the WWE is now out of possibility. My fantasies of a great match between him and Triple H is as well out.

The wrestling world is crying. The Guerrero family is crying. Chris Benoit is crying. The Radicalz is crying. Rey Mysterio is crying. Chris Jericho is crying. Batista? Everyone is missing you. I do.

He's one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, let alone one of WWE's greatest superstars, one of the greatests in our generation. He will be sorely missed. I know this tremendous pain will stay in my bloodlines long after the tears and years have dried. WWE will never be the same again without Latino Heat's physical presence.

Every tres amigos, every lasso from el paso, every frogsplash, every lowrider action, every lie, every cheat, every steal, every latino heat shake and dance. These are the few more things that will remind us of you. But unfortunately, sadly, badly, damnly, whateverly, (I could think of numbers and numbers of formal/informal adjectives that will attempt to explain our feelings), they're all out... Well, nothing will ever beat the original.

Eddie, wherever you are, we will forever remember every single effort you did to amuse each and every one of us, you're a great man. We love you. God bless you and your family.

"Holmes, Orale ese amato! VIVA LA RAZA!" (whatever those means) You're LIE, CHEAT, STEAL tradition and spirit will live in us. LATINO HEAT I'll feel forever. I have never met you, which I always wish I would, but, until here, 'till I see you soon. Later, idol! God Bless!

Rest in Peace.
Jim Bryan wrote (Remembering Eddie Guerrero):
Eduardo Guerrero was born on October 9, 1967. Guerrero was born into greatness. His father, Gory Guerrero, probably the most recognized Mexican wrestler of all time. His 3 brothers, Chavo, Hector and Mando were also wrestlers. Guerrero started out as a manager in the American Wrestling Association when he was only 19. He managed his brothers at the AWA's only Pay Per View, Super Clash 3, as they defeated Cactus Jack and the RPM's.

From there, Eddie went to Mexico to begin his wrestling career. He wrestled for the World Wrestling Association, mostly teaming with his brothers in 8 man tag matches. Eddie also wrestled for the popular Asistencia Asesoria Administration (Triple A). It was in AAA where Eddie developed close friendships with Rey Mysterio and the late Art Barr. Eddie also had a brief tour in Japan, as he competed under the Black Tiger mask to participate in New Japan Pro Wrestling's Super J Cup Tournament in 1994. In NJPW, Guerrero met his 2 closest friends in the business, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. The 3 would follow each other from New Japan, to ECW, to WCW, to WWE over the next 10 years.

In 1995, Eddie entered Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW was home of hardcore brawlers. Guerrero was one of the men who changed all that. Because of Eddie Guerrero's series of matches with Dean Malenko over the ECW Television Title and their Best Out Of 3 Falls going away match, ECW became a place not just for hardcore and a take no prisoners attitude but also a place to appreciate great wrestling.

In the fall of 95, Eddie came to World Championship Wrestling, along with friends Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit. He would have great baby face and heel runs with titles. Eddie also brought in his nephew Chavo and even his brother Hector. In early 1999, Eddie was involved in a serious car accident and almost died. Doctors told him he would never wrestle again and would have to learn to walk again. 6 months later......... Eddie returned to the ring. That right there shows the heart Eddie had for the business. When Eddie returned, WCW was slowly changing. Vince Russo had been brought in to make WCW a more adult entertainment show. Russo was also known for pushing the younger wrestlers which meant nothing but good things for Eddie and company. Eddie was put in a stable known as the Filthy Animals with Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Konnan and Billy Kidman. By the time the year 2000 hit, WCW had removed Russo from booking. Eddie, along with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Shane Douglas all requested and were granted full releases from WCW........

Rumors were ramped on the internet that all of these wrestlers were heading to the WWF. On the January 28, 2000 edition of the Ross Report, Jim Ross put over Malenko, Benoit, Guerrero and Saturn but declined that the WWF had even spoke with them. On Raw, 3 days later, the Ross Report proved to be a trick as all 4 men were sitting in the front row. The Road Dogg eventually got in their face and were taken care of by the dubbed "Radicalz". At that time, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were on the on air bosses and HHH refused to sign the men. The next night at the Smackdown tapings, they were all given try out matches by HHH. Eddie broke his arm in his first match after landing wrong with the Frog Splash. The next week at Raw, the Radicalz turned heel on Cactus Jack and were all given contracts by HHH. As the group split, Eddie quickly became the most popular Radical and one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWF. He became the on air boyfriend of Chyna and dubbed himself "Latino Heat." "Mama Cita" became a popular phrase in the WWF. Eventually, Eddie turned heel and feuded with Billy Gunn. In the summer of 2001, Eddie was starting an interesting love triangle with Matt Hardy and Lita. However, just weeks after the angle began, Eddie had disappeared. The internet soon got word that Eddie had been sent to drug rehab. He had established an addiction to pain killers and alcohol. In November, Eddie was ready to make his return, he seemed sober as ever. Then on November 9, he was charged with a DUI. He was released from the WWF 3 Days later.

To make matters worse, Eddie's wife left him. Eddie realized he had to change to continue his dream, and he did. Eddie wrestled hard for World Wrestling Allstars and the new Ring Of Honor organization. This would earn him his job back. Eddie returned during the first Raw of the Brand Extension era on April 1, 2002 and immediately started a feud with Rob Van Dam. 1 month later, the WWF became WWE. Eddie would jump to Smackdown later that summer. He formed the popular "Los Guerrero's": tag team with his nephew Chavo. Eddie was really producing some great matches. His series of matches with Edge in late 02 are considered the best of matches of that year. Eventually, Eddie achieved what very few men his size do, the WWE Championship. After being held down by WCW and considered nothing more than a cruiserweight, he became the #1 guy in WWE. Eddie even had a DVD made about him called "Cheating Death, Stealing Life." Eddie shockingly passed away on Sunday, November 13, 2005. Details are sketchy at this point. Eddie was believed to be sober and off pain killers. The only thing anybody really knows is that he was found with his toothbrush in his mouth. It truly is one of the saddest day's in wrestling history. It certainly has that Brian Pillman and Owen Hart feeling. Eddie will be truly missed by his family, friends and his millions of fans across the globe. "You want some Latino Heat?", "Mama Cita" and "I'm your Papi" will go down as some of the most popular catch phrases in wrestling history and Eddie Guerrero will go down as the one of the greatest performers, in the ring and out we all have ever seen.

Rest In Peace: Eduardo Llanes Guerrero. October 9, 1967 thru November 13, 2005.
Mike Guthrie wrote: Eddie was one of the greatest wrestlers of my life, I will never forget the frog splash. A wrestling world without Eddie just isn't the same. R.I.P EDDIE GUERRERO WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!

Dylan Bowker wrote:
When I heard about Eddie passing it was when I was on was hoping to see the results of Genisis,so far or maybe get some important news.Then when I was reading the Genisis results I came across something that said in loving memory of Eddie Guererro,1967-2005.I thought that they meant another Eddie Guererro(I knew deep down it was slim but I still had to try).So I checked on OWW to see when Eddie was born and I saw it loud and clear,1967.This was now starting to get me worried so in a last resort to prove that Eddie wasn't dead I went on and to my surprise it confirmed the terrible headline I'd read before, Eddie Guererro 1967-2005.After I had found out this information I felt winded.I couldn't believe that one of my all-time favourite wrestlers,a man who had given me hope and a belief that I could overcome any obstacle life would throw at me was no longer alive.I felt so bad that night I lay in bed at night for hours thinking why god?Why would you take someone as great,pure,and loving away from this life so soon?As I sit in my computer chair in my kitchen 2 days after finding out this information I still don't now why.Even though Eddie is no longer with us he has left an unforgettable legacy that will never be matched. From his early-years in Mexico,to being the Black Tiger in Japan,to the United States in the ECW arena and the bright lights of WCW,to the radicalz,a Los Guererro,and a WWE champion in WWE.Eddie has done it all in wrestling and has had unforgettable classic battles everywhere he's been against the likes of Chris Benoit,Dean Malenko,Chris Jericho,Rey Mysterio,El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon,Kurt Angle,Brock lesnar,and Rob Van Dam.Eddie has also been through more then his fair share of trials and tribulations as well like the backstage politics of WCW,Struggling to keep food on the table for his first born and his wife in a single bedroom hotel room,his bad drug addictions,a car crash,his wife wanting a divorce,and even being arrested.Through that all though Eddie showed his true character and gutted it out and all his hard work culminated in winning a big smackdown! battle royal last eliminating Kurt Angle to get a WWE Championship match with the then-youngest WWE Champion in history the unstoppable,badass monster Brock Lesnar.Even with most all ready counting him out(not me mind you I was cheering him on all the way)and Eddie showed he could defeat Lesnar as evidenced by his pinfall victory over him during a Smackdown! tag match three days prior to the February PPV ,No Way Out where the title match would be held.Then when No Way Out rolled around there was still some doubt as to whether Eddie could win the big one or not and he proceeded to silence all the doubters by pinning Lesnar 1,2,3 in the sold-out San Francisco Cow Palace where his father,mexican legend Gory Guererro promoted wrestling many a time and among that crowd was Eddie's family which made the moment that much more special for Eddie as he then dove into the crowd after his victory and then afterwards as he was doing his trademark shoulder shuffle with the Mexican flag in one hand and his brand new belt in the other he then fell to his knees at the top of the ramp and raised the belt to the heavens for his deceased father,Gory who had helped Eddie all his life without a second thought about it.Then when Eddie got backstage he celebrated with friends,family,WWE Staff,and Vince Mcmahon(who he hugged)then he called his wife,Vicky and actually thanked her for sticking with him through the good and the bad and said even though it was materialistic he said that his WWE title victory was for her and his three children such was the character of Eddie.Even though he lost the title some months later to JBL(the former Bradshaw) in a highly controversial bullrope match at The Great American Bash PPV in June Eddie still kept wrestling, title or not because he simply loved wrestling that much.After his title loss he had several feuds with stars like Kurt Angle,Luther Reigns,the Bashams,Rey Mysterio,and in his last feud ever with World C seemed lackluster and I thought would be bad but for some reason felt like I had to go.It was a good move because although I didn't realize it, I found myself watching Eddie's last PPV Match where it deserved to be in the main event.I liked this match quite a bit even though Eddie didn't win the title and after the match the 2 men embraced ending the show.After that Eddie had earned Batista's trust and the 2 became good friends teaming often and Eddie now was again riding high in his notorious low rider and all was good.Then prior to one of the biggest shows of the year,Survivor Series I watched Eddie's last match ever.The match was to gain a spot on the SmackDown! Team against the Raw team in one of the biggest angles of the year when Eddie took on Mr.Kennedy.Eddie would end up winning the match by D.Q after using some of his lie,cheat,and steal tactics which is how Eddie will be remembered.After this match Eddie was schedueled to be in a triple threat World Title match on Smackdown! against Randy Orton and Champ,Batista and it was found out Batista had badly injured his back and would likely be dropping the title to either Eddie or Orton and I was very excited that Eddie could win the title again.Then one of the most unexpected occurences of the year happened as Eddie Guerrero was discovered dead in his hotel bed in Minneapolis by his nephew,Chavo JR.It almost breaks my heart to how close Eddie came to the title that he so richly deserved once again,but even though Eddie didn't hold the title at the time of his death he still passed on as a champion and before and after Eddie held that coveted ten pounds of gold, I always did and always will remember Eddie Guerrero as a true champion.Viva La Raza, Latino Heat you will always be with us.
Jonathan (Aged 10) wrote: Eddie was my favourite wrestler and no matter what there will never be a wrestler as good as him.

Nightmare the Clown of WCBW, Virginia wrote:
I'd like to say on behalf of myself as an amatuer wrestler and as a backyarder, Eddie will be severely missed and remembered. Also, WCBW gives its deepest apologies to Eddie's family and friends. I, personally, recently ran through the stories of Eddie in my head. From times with Chyna to resently. And, there's no doubt that he's going in the hall of fame for me. I hoped with all my heart for a few brief moments it was just some sick storyline......But, now, I've full realized that it's the cold truth. The Lucha will always live on in every industry, and in the hearts and minds of all of us who've seen him in action.
jon ham (UK) wrote:
when i heard this i thought it was a cruel hoax because it was only on 1 site,but coz my internet is busted i got my sister 2 go 2 to check if it was literaly the worst feeling i have ever fealt,i couldnt even sleep or go in my room coz of a huge eddie poster above my bed.i cried my eyes out that night,all this time he had heart disease without him even knowing it.why is it that the great go first.owen hart,candido,but,i loved him,he was such a great guy.i also found out chris kash died aswell so that made it worse,i just cant handle watchin wwe without eddie.he was the best wwe will ever haave.the tributes by the stars were heart warming such as rey m takin his mask of due 2 cryin.eddie,ill miss u latino heat,i hope ill c ya sumday in heaven.r.i.p eddie
Stevetherambler wrote:
Eddie will never be forgotten. Anyone who watched RAW last night knows this. When Batista and Chris Benoit break down on national TV you know Eddie was something special. Eddie, you'll never be forgotten. I know that your up there somewhere, still wrestling for the fans, because if there's a heaven without wrestling, I doubt Eddie would stay there. God Bless you Eddie, you'll never be forgotten. Viva La Rassa
Jess wrote:
E veryone's favorite hero.
D id drugs but got clean.
D id what he wanted, never gave a care.
I s one of the greatest lucha libres of all time.
E veryone will miss him.

G ave your soul to your sport.
U ntil the world ends you'll be remembered.
E tched out your mark in the stone of sports entertainment.
R eached your goals, every one of them.
R ose to the occasion.
E nd of your life came so suddenly.
R etained his title on numerous occasions.
O ne and only, he can never be replaced.

Leo Harvill wrote: Eddie could do it all, he will be missed! God bless the Guerrero family!

Samuel Mansell (Surrey, England) wrote:
I was so shocked when I heard that Eddie Guerrero had passed. It didn't seem real. It was that same feeling I got when Owen Hart died, this horrible aching of disbelief and deep, deep sorrow. Eddie was one of the best, I'm not just saying that because of the tragedy. Its that simple, Latino Heat was one of the all time greats. Eddie Guerrero was one of those wrestlers you knew going to give you a show to remember. He was one of the great pioneers of the business who had charisma by the bucket load and was something of a novelty because he could actually wrestle. In the business today there are too many guys who talk and look the part, but after a series of witty interviews and over hyped promo's, the actual wrestling is an anticlimax. Eddie was one of the guys who made these average guys look good. He had the great skill being excellent at what he does and bring the people he was working with up to a better standard.

He was that good

The WWE has lost one its best, most decorated and respected performers Sports entertainment will never be the same

Cheated in life, Stolen by Death - RIP Eddie Guerrero
Michael Bush wrote:
I could say a lot of things about Eddie, but I will leave it short and to the point. I love you Eddie. I'll miss you. And above all, Thank you for all the memories. Viva La Raza
Danny Fitzpatrick (San Diego, California) wrote (Eddie Tribute Article : A Class Act):
Husband, father, son, entertainer. These are all words used to describe Eddie Guerrero. On Monday, November 14th, the WWE held a special tribute to Eddie. On this night, it wasn't about the matches, the storylines, championships or gimmicks. It was about paying the respects of someone who created a legacy.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't cry very often at all - something really has to pull at me in order to show that kind of emotion, but last night, hearing the ten - bell salute, watching the WWE and it's fans stand in silence to pay tribute to Eddie, it struck a cord with me. I broke down, I couldn't control my emotions - not as the tribute video was shown, not as the matches took place, not as the wrestlers shared their thoughts and prayers - This was in fact, Eddie's show, as he captured the hearts of many throughout his career, he stole the show yet again, as his memory lives on through us all.

The phrase is overused often times, but as we lost a champion here on Earth, God gained one up in heaven. As he looks down, he can, and should be proud. Proud of the legacy in which he's created. Proud of the inspiration he was to countless people. Proud of the fact that despite he didn't know many of us he still impacted us. Overcoming all the obstacles he did in order to just get to where he's at really makes you sit back and wonder "Why must he go after completely turning his life around and having such a positive impact on those who knew him?" Eddie had a passion for this business like no other, and he made the most out of it. Although always looked down upon and criticized, whether it was overseas or in ECW, WCW and finally WWE, he worked in order for us to say that we got our moneys worth.

When I think of Eddie, I smile. I smile because through all the pain and suffering that he experienced - that's exactly what he did. On his final appearance on WWE television, Eddie came out to that familiar theme song with that famous low rider, and he smiled - as did we. His final ECW appearance took place in a phenomenal 2/3 falls match with one of his best friends, Dean Malenko. Throughout the course of the match, the fans kept chanting "Please don't go", but unlike then, we won't see him again - not under a different name, not in a different company, only through our memories of him.

Last night as the video tribute concluded, the crowd erupted in a tremendous "Thank You Eddie" chant it felt as if it was like you never wanted it to end but life works that way - All good things come to an end eventually - It's just too bad that this good performer, friend, and most importantly person, had to come to a end far too soon. Rest in peace, Eddie, your excellency will always be with us.

"Thank You Eddie!" ( 1967 - 2005 )
daniel mihaichuk wrote:
Today I found out that Eddie died from heart failure...its soo sad last night at

I cried I actually cried at the tribute show almost everyone in the crowd was to.Well Eddie will live forever,Rest In Peace Eddie everyone misses you.
Silvia (Milano) wrote:
Excuse me ?cos I write in Italian, but is my language and for me is easier than English Ciao Eddie, è stupido che io ti parli così come se fossi stato un mio amico o una persona che conoscevo. Non ti ho mai visto all?infuori del ring, non ti ho mai parlato, non ti ho mai parlato negli occhi, non so cosa ti faceva arrabbiare e cosa ti rendeva felice, probabilmente stare con la tua famiglia ora vi renderebbe felici, ma Qualcuno ha deciso che sul ring della tua vita andassero spente le luci e a quel Qualcuno io continuo a domandare perché, perché ha deciso di prendersi proprio la tua vita e perché in quel modo, ma più io glielo chiedo e più Lui mi abbandona e io perdo sempre più fiducia e speranza. Non sono mai stata davvero felice nella mia vita, ma da quando ho iniziato a guardare il wrestling, tutto ciò che mi faceva paura e che mi faceva arrabbiare, veniva accantonato per fare spazio a te e ai tuoi amici e allora mi sentivo completamente felice; ma sembra che Dio ce l?abbia con me e quindi ha deciso di rendermi ancora una volta la vita difficile e di rendermi di nuovo triste, e c?è riuscito, tu non sai quanto c?è riuscito. In questi giorni non faccio altro che chiedergli di portarti indietro, di prendersi qualcun altro al posto tuo, anche me stessa, perché io non merito di vivere quanto lo meritavi tu. Avrei tanto voluto che lui si prendesse la mia vita piatta e squallida in cambio della tua, ma evidentemente Dio pensa che io valga qualcosa, ma è l?unico a pensarlo. Io odio la mia vita e chi fa questo non se la merita, tu hai sbagliato e sei tornato indietro, io non ammetto e non capisco mai i miei sbagli, forse perché sono estremamente orgogliosa, testarda e fragile. Ti può sembrare strano ma eri uno dei miei migliori amici, anche perché devo confessarti che nella vita reale io di veri amici non ne ho, sono circondata da persone che mi vogliono bene, ma di veri amici non ne ho e ti potevo raccontare tutto, semplicemente guardando la tua foto che è appesa sul muro della mia camera e che da lì non se ne andrà mai via. Rispetto agli altri ti ho conosciuto relativamente presto, da circa otto mesi. Mi sono persa i tuoi incontri migliori, le tue strepitose vittorie e il tuo primo e unico titolo mondiale, ma quando in quel sabato di marzo di vidi entrare nell?arena con una low rider e Rey, capii che tu eri speciale e quando vi vidi vincere e i tuoi occhi brillare, capii che tu saresti sempre stato uno dei miei preferiti, perché non mi importava se vincevi o se perdevi, ma tu eri il migliore. Hai combattuto diverse volte contro la morte, ma hai perso la più importante, forse ti ha colto alle spalle o ha usato uno dei tuoi mille trucchi per vincere e ti ha schienato definitivamente, anche se tutti non volevano che andasse a finire in questo modo. L?unico rimpianto che ho, oltre al fatto che te ne sei andato via così presto, è quello di non averti visto campione un?altra volta, ma di averti visto sprecare il momento più importante della tua vita, non per colpa tua, ?litigando? con Rey. Sono quattro giorni che non ci sei più, e più passa il tempo, più sto male e piango all?idea di non vedere più la tua faccia, i tuoi occhi, il tuo sorriso, di non vederti più muovere le spalle e batterti le mani sul petto e di non sentirti più parlare o ridere; non posso e non voglio crederlo, forse fra qualche mese riuscirò definitivamente ad accettare che tu te ne sei andato e che non tornerai mai più, anche se fino ad ora è l?ostacolo più grande che io abbia mai trovato nella mia vita. Ora che sei fra gli angeli, ricordati di farli divertire, di muovere le spalle e di gridare ?Viva la Raza!? per loro e credimi, se lo farai si potranno ritenere i più fortunati dell?Universo, perché fra di loro c?è una delle persone migliori del mondo. Sei il migliore, sei perfetto, il nostro campione ed il mio angelo custode. And remember that Latino Heat still burns? 4ever! We love you!
Noel (Australia) wrote:
Eddie was the greatest, he thought us to lie, cheat, steal. i loved the way he wrestled, he had stlye he had class. Eddie i miss you, you are the greatest of all time
rudy ortiz (san antonio, tx) wrote:
thanks vato loco..You reprsented us hispanics. LA RAZA what you did in wrestling is what you did out in the world. Cruisin the low riders, from texas to. Damn it sucks you had to leave us. But your with the big man up their. Thanks eddie.. viva la razaaaaa
Courtneyhaubert wrote:
Pauline Knott wrote:
On Monday I was supposed to be doing geography in school but i clicked onto wrestling observer to find that Eddy Guerrero had died. I just burst out crying in the middle of the classroom. Thank you Eddy for the dedication you gave to wrestling, we will allways remember you R.I.P
michael nader wrote:
Eddie Guerrero. There will never be anybody like him again. You know when most celebrities die, I say "oh that sucks" but it really doesn't phase me, because I never really knew them directly. Eddie Guerrero is different. I felt I knew Eddie because he came into my living room every thursday/friday night. That man was a giver, and a role model. My condolences to the Guerrero family. He will be missed.
Alex Bryant wrote:
What too say, I'm in shock. I can't even begin to describe it, but I know everyone who knows him knows how I feel. I can't even imagine how his wife and kids must feel right now. He was one of the greats, he was one of the best, he was just great. I found out monday, my brother told me what had happened, I thought he was making a cruel joke, but I checked and sure enough it was true. It just didn't seem possible, a man so young, it couldn't be true, it was.

Thanks Eddie, for everything, EDDIE GUERRORO R.I.P. 1967-2005
Mike G. (Mp3) wrote:
Eddie Guerrero was a great wrestler, without out a doubt, we all loved him, I stood by Eddie as a fan, in good times and bad. I remember his celebration when he got the WWE Championship I was jumping up and down screaming in happiness. When he went to the rivalry with Rey, I looked at the good parts of it and stood by him. Your probably wondering where this is going, well I'm getting there. Eddie I have to say was my favorite wrestler on the roster, I loved Eddie, and he was my idol. I saw how he overcame all the addiction and I found an idol.

I logged onto a forum and saw a signature, RIP Eddie Guerrero, I broke down, not in tears, in shock. I couldn't cry but it hurt just as bad. Eddie Guerrero just dying out of no where it was so surreal. I then thought about Eddie and his career, it was a great career, enviable by all. Eddie started out at a young age, he wrestled Chavo during intermissions at his father's promotion. He then left after his dad died for ECW, then WCW, then to the WWE. I thought about his family, got on my knees said a prayer, and hoped it was a spoof. I checked five wrestling sites then WWE's site, every where I found the same thing, Eddie Guerrero dead.

I sat down and wrote this: I wish he was alive, I wish I could see the three amigos one more time, I wish I could here him talk smack on the mic. I wish I could see the fake chair shot again. I wish I didn't take that Kennedy, Guerrero match for granted, I wish I could know it was your last. Man, Eddie we all love you we wish we hear your voice again.

Tyler Keef (I Will Always Remember) wrote:
There is one night that I will never forget in my whole life. That night was Tuesday, December 7, 2004. I was excited, my dad had bought two tickets for me and him to go see WWE Smackdown live from the Bi-Lo Center in my hometown of Greenville, SC, my first WWE event ever. This night had alot of moments, I saw Funaki become the number one contendor for the Cruiserweight Title, Paul London returning to defeat Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam winning the Tag Titles from Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. But the most special match that evening was the main event.

This was the last Smackdown before Smackdown's exclusive Pay-Per-View Armageddon. John Bradshaw Layfield had been WWE Champion for six months and he had to defend it in a fatal four way match at Armageddon against Booker T, the Undertaker, and finally....Eddie Guerrero. JBL had his Cabinet, Orlando Jordan and the Bashams and these four were put in a 4 on 3 handicap match against JBL's opponents. In the end, the faces won, and what made it so special is that it was Eddie that won, and with the frog splash too.

After the Undertaker, Booker T, and Eddie Guerrero all hit their finishers on JBL after the match, we went to where the Shopzone was set up, and I had to decide what I wanted to get with the $20 I had left. I bought the Smackdown "5th Anniversary Magazine", the Rey Mysterio "Red 619 wristband and headband set", and the "Guerrero County Choppers" skull cap because on December 7, 2004 I got to see Eddie Guerrero do the frog splash for the first time with my own eyes, not through a TV screen. Little did I know that it would also be the last.

On November 13, 2005, I woke up a little angry. I didn't know why, but I knew that my day would me miserable. Little than an hour later, I found out why. I went on the internet to do my daily routine, which includes going to I scrolled down and I saw a picture of Eddie Guerrero's face. Next to it said 1967-2005. I clicked to read more, still in disbelief, since they did the same thing for the Undertaker vignettes. I still thought it was a work, so I went to the Wrestling-Edge since it is constantly updated, and it had several headlines about Eddie's death. My heart sank as I read more. I was still in disbelief, and before I went to a concert with my youth group, I checked one last time to see if it was still real and it was.

I almost broke down on the first song, as it was about life, but at the end, I looked up and I imagined Eddie Guerrero frog splashing off the rafters, then being caught by God and being lifted into heaven. As we went outside to leave, I looked up into the sky and saw stars clouds, despite being in the middle of downtown Greenville. I imagined Eddie and God doing frog splashes from cloud to cloud, and it really seemed real, Eddie's passing was the ultimate confirmation of my Christian faith. When I got home I hung up my 2 Eddie Guererro posters above my bed, and I pinned my Eddie skull cap between them. When I told my friend on Monday morning, he couldn't believe it. We wrote EG on the back of our hands, and under it wrote Viva La Rasa.

I will always remember seeing Eddie Guererro on December 7, 2004, he helped my faith and lifted my spirits with his charisma, no matter how much people hated him at times. Smackdown is coming back to Greenville on January 24th, 2006, and I'll be there. Look for the guy with the sign that says Eddie 12-7-04. Thank you Eddie Guerrero, for all the memories, RIP. Viva la Rasa.
Jack Reeve wrote:
Eddie you are the man and you will be in everyones mind forever. From the radicalz to latino heat to the very forgettable 'im your papi' angle he made us angry as a heel laugh as a face he had the crowd how he wanted it to be WWE has lost a great worker the fans have lost an idol. my fondest memory is after no way out 04 when he won the WWE title I remember the disbelief when I found out he'd won it. Im shocked and sadened no tribute show can justify you god bless you --- may your latino fire burn forever
W D wrote:
You know its hard to take someone like Eddie and summurize what he ment to me cause i have watched him ever since his first match in ECW and thats the hard part cause i have so many memories of Eddie i mean when your little you think wrestlers are these imortal people but that all changed when obvisouly owen heart died but i mean eddie was one of my all time fav wrestlers and i cant think of ever watching wrestling without seeing him there i mean when i seen him at ecw i seen this guy with a mullet coming out and i said to myself i hope he is good cause hes a guerreo every bodys eyes is on him and when he came through that curtin i felt this glow that i knew he was ment for somthing great you could just fell it the electricty and i get online sunday moring like i always do get on and then i seen it i seen the headline breaking news Eddie Gurerro passes away it was like wow i was shocked i mean i couldnt belive i thought i was dreamng i litterly went back to bed slept for a few hours and thought it was all a dream but it was reality and it slapped me in the face hard that this guy that stole are hearts that we the fans of wrestling watched for so long that he became a family member and i felt like i lost a family member cause i have grown up watching wretling week in week out that i know who people are who there family is and when you go to a live event see that person and go hey hes just like me he has problems and they talk to you like they have known you forever thats what eddie was like and man i cant exsplain it im still in denial that when i turn on smackdown this friday im not going to see eddie there ever again it makes you question what now this guy that brought entertainment back to the bussiness that his main goel was his family friends and fans i mean we the fans seen him more then he seen his family thats the hard part that we the fans became more of a family then fans and a samckdown show with out a low rider or hearing that viva la raza then he the we lie we cheat we steal theme and seeing eddie come down slapping his chest you knew that play time was over it was now bussiness and when he was in there bussiness picked up a guy that just wouldnt give up a guy that fought his demons and found faith i mean to fans he could have went his whole carrer and not win a title and we wouldnt think anything less of him cause in us the fans eyes he was a champion and he still is and will always be a champion so i say this in closing RIP EDDIE WE MISS YOU WE LOVE YOU AND TO THE GUERRO FAMILY WE ARE SO FOR YOUR LOSE AND KNOW THAT ONE DAY WE WILL ALL SEE EDDIE PERFOME IN THE BIGGEST STAGE OF THEM ALL AND HEY THATS AN EVENT I WOULD PAY MONEY TO SEE BUT EDDIE YOU MAY BE GONE BUT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN SO THE NEXT TIME I SEE SOMEONE LIE CHEAT AND STEAL IM GOING TO SAY HEY EDDIE IS LIKEING THAT AND PEOPLE ASKED WEATHER OR NOT YOU WERE LIVING UP TO THE GUEARRO NAME YOU HELP MAKE IT A NAME AND WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT SEE YA SOON MAN AND ALL THESE YEARS I CAN CONSIDER YOU FAMILY EVEN THOUGH I NEVER MET YOU IN PERSON YOU HAVE FILLED MY MIND WITH MEMORIES THAT I WILL TELL MY CHILDRIN AND IM PROUD TO SAY I CAN WATCH YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN ON DVD BUT IT STILL WONT BE THE SAME IN MY MIND THE DEATH OF EDDIE IS THE DAY WRESTLING CRIED RIP MAN RIP
Harry Salem wrote:
I just wanted to say that I cannot believe that Eddie Guerrero died. He looked so strong, and seemed to be able to overcome anything. I was hoping that if Batista had to lose the world title this week, that it would be to eddie. I was hoping to see the first world ( not WWE like Pedro Morales) heavyweight champion crowned before anything else happened. I remember when I first saw him wrestle in WCW. He was alot smaller then, but was abslolutely incredible to watch. He was the first Lucha Libre wrestler I literally ever saw. At least he accomplished alot in his life before his service was up. He will be missed by all, and especially by a fellow Chrisitan.

P.S. My favorite match with him, was his title defense at Judgement Day against JBL. Sadly, he was hospitalized before he got to Palm Springs. I really wished I could have seen him wrestle live.
Justin Maynard wrote:
As we have all found out by now, we have lost a great superstar in the wrestling organization. Eddie Guerrero was probably one of the best entertainers in the world. He also had that grin on his face that let us know something. Yes it is sad, but he's definitely in a better place.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero-Viva La Raza
Richard Marks (UK) wrote:
I just couldn't beleive that he's passed on so I've created my own personal tribute to him: Thank you Eddie, we'll miss you!!! RIP : Eddie Guerrero : 1967-2005
Mike Moralejo wrote:
My friend called me on Sunday, November 13th. He told me Eddie Guerrero died. I didn't believe him. He said he wasn't lying. I log on to and it says, "EDDIE GUERRERO 1967-2005". I was shocked. Right underneath it read, "The WWE is deeply saddened as Eddie Guerrero has passed away". I told my friend I had to go and I went to dozens of different wrestling news sites. They said the same thing. I went back to and just stared at the caption. It didn't seem possible. As I'm writing this it's occurring to me that there will be no more 3 amigos. No more Frog Splashes. No more lying, cheating and stealing. No more famous smile. No more low riders. No more Eddie Guerrero. Eddie may be gone, but his legacy will live forever.

R.I.P. Eddie - We'll Miss You
Alyssa Morales wrote:
Sone con Eddie anoche: On Monday, after watching the tribute 2 Eddie Guerrero on RAW I went to bed and cried myself to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep where I dreamt with Eddie. The dream started with me when I'm 16. I am 16 right now by the way. He saw some miniature wrestling skill of mine and was impressed. Since then he began to train me with Chavo and I looked up to him as an important father figure in my life. Well, the real story starts on Friday, in the dream I am now 21, where Eddie reveals to me that he wants me to be a part of Latino Heat because he wants to add more hispanic ethnicities in it. So he asked me if I'd like to be a part of Latino Heat and I said yes. So we went 2 see Vince McMahon and he said I will fight on RAW on monday night and if I win I'll will be promised a job in the WWE. So later on in the night me and Eddie were talking about each other's past and Eddie gave me some advice in reference to his own. He called me Guerrero-Morales cuz' I wanted to be a Guerrero so bad yet I wanted to keep my own name. He said 2 me, "You can make a mistake today and tommarow wake up a better person. I know because that's what happened to me." So Eddie wanted to practice how we would come in on monday night so we made a tape. We were at his house and we were practicing what we had planned. He was gonna come out in his car do his shimmey and scream VIVA LA RAZA! and then his music would cut and he would introduce the new part of Latino Heat, me. So then my theme song would play and I would come out in a four wheeler and we would both get out of our vehicles and walk into the ring together. Then he said to me a final peice of advice on the tape for monday night. He said, "Now, when you walk into that ring, I want you to walk into the ring a woman, and walk out a champion. But don't just walk out a champion, walk out a legend." So then, unfortunately, Eddie passed away on sunday. So on monday I went to RAW and came out for my first match. I got the mic and I said to the audience, "I was supposed to walk down that ramp with Eddie tonight. He was gonna introduce me and wish me good luck for my first match. Unfortunately, he's not with us anymore, but if everyone could just stand and join me and Eddie's first and last walk down the ramp." So I played the tape on the big screen and everything went according to the tape. You see Eddie on tape acting like he's in his car and getting a mic to introduce me. Then you see me on the ramp doing everything I'm doing on the video. Then I get in the ring and everyone hears Eddie give me his last piece of advice. "Walk into the ring a woman but walk out of the ring a champion. But don't just walk out a champion, walk out a legend." So all the champions got into the ring. Women's champ, Intercontinental champ, tag team champs, heavyweight champ, and WWE champ. So the contest was all challengers were thrown out of the ring and the last two could only win by pinfall or submission. Somehow I managed to get everyone out of the ring. All the championships were mine except for one. The Women's championship. So I used all of my signature moves and then all of Eddie's signature moves and beat Ms. Stratus by pinfall. Then I took off the I'm Your Papi shirt I was wearing and laid it down in the middle of the ring. Then I placed all of the other championships around it except for two. I picked the up the WWE championship belt pointed it towards the sky and then laid it on top of the shirt as if to say that Eddie was the real champ here tonight. Then I picked up the mic and said, "Eddie I walked into the ring as a woman and now I'm walking out a champion." And I put on the Women's championship. Then I picked up the mic with my left hand and with my right pointed at all the other championshps and said, "But not just a champion, but a legend too." Somehting tells me that the advice Eddie gave me in that dream was not because I'll be wrestler someday, which I may, who knows, but it was just for any arena or ring that I enter in my life. If I make a mistake I'm gonna make sure that tommarow I wake up a better person
Gianmarco Di Michele wrote:
La morte di questo grandissimo wrestler mi ha sconvolto moltissimo...era uno dei miei preferiti...nn posso ancora credere che se ne sa andato così questo modo senza aver lasciato nulla o poco di memorabile...Eddie ricoeda...ERI AMATO ANCHE IN ITALIA......nn ti scorderemo....
ShaunLUFC wrote:
Eddie Guerrero will always be remembered by everyone VIVA LA RAZA!!! 1967 - 2005
Danielle O'Connor (Age 10) wrote:
I liked eddie when he said I lie,I cheat, I steal. I was shocked when he died,as I am a big fan, we all miss him

Thomas (Age 8) wrote: I want to be a wrestler like Eddie and I miss him.

spaceacejd wrote:
Eddie's death is nothing short of one of the greatest tragedies in my life as a wrestling fan. Losing Owen Hart was another, as was Chris Candido's. Eddie's death on Sunday has left a huge hole in the life of every wrestling fan. Seeing the affect it had on not just guys like Chavo, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle is one thing, but to see the entire locker room and crowd in tears makes this really hit home.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie a few years ago and everything the wrestlers said about how great a guy he was are 100 % true. He was a kind and wonderful man who although he had his problems, Eddie always was a true to life great guy. To see Eddie return from his darkest hours and shine there after will be something I never forget.

The highlights of Eddie's career was a great touch. There one some great ones, but nothing will ever top watching Eddie beat Brock to win the title. Watching Eddie celebrate with the crowd and his mother moved me to tears. Another great moment that I will never forget was WM 20. Seeing Eddie and Chris retain and win the titles was great and I will never forget the touching moment with both holding theirs belts.

Now.... Time to do a little bashing here. This is directed at Colin Cowherd. Colin, the he in your name should be removed and replaced with an A to truly describe what you are. You are a Coward. Your comments about Eddie were disgraceful. Hey... OK... Wrestling is sports-entertainment. Your right, it's not exactly sports, but let me ask you a question? Can you do a frog-splash? How about a moonsault? Didn't think so. Do me a favor. When you have 5 to 10 million people watching you every time your on T.V. or listening to you on radio, then you can talk about Eddie and whether is death should have gotten media coverage. First off, when a guy wins a world title, they are everywhere. Just because they are not on ESPN does not mean that there isn't coverage of them. You do realize there's things like variety and talk shows. Conan, Leno, Letterman and even Jimmy Kimmell have had wrestlers on. So, maybe having him in the sports page isn't that important, but there should be coverage somewhere. Just because you haven't heard of him doesn't mean he isn't huge. When your death moves every single person you work with, every single fan in an arena and lord knows how many people watching on T.V. to a river of tears, come talk to me. Other than that, keep your mouth shut about things you don't understand!

Allow me to join the rest of the fans in saying I am sorry for the Guerrero's family loss and send my best wishes to them. And to Eddie... You will never be forgotten and your fans, friends and family will love and miss you forever. R.I.P. Eddie... Viva la raza!
Vinni wrote:
Eddie I miss you man, I love you even though I'm a fan and don't know you personally but watching you every week as you performed at your very best and gave it your all every time you stepped in the ring, I love you man, You will sadly be missed and never forgotten. You touched every wrestling fans heart, humourous, caring and without a doubt one of the best entertainers the world has ever seen. Im gonna miss the lowriders, "Viva La Raza" but most of all im gonna miss you Eddie. You touched my heart and im sure you are up in heaven with the Lord right now watching over us all. I'm gonna miss you man, along with every other wrestling fan in the world. My heart goes out to all of Eddies family, his daughters his wife and everyone who knew him. Rest in peace Eddie, I love you Eddie.
Michael Kovacs wrote (The last bit of Eddie Guerrero's career):
On Sunday November 13, 2005 World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE fans got some shocking news Eduardo Gory Guerrero better know as Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eddie Guerrero a former WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, WWE tag team champion w/ Chavo Guerrero, Tajiri, Rey Mystirio, United States Champion. Eddie Guerrero finally accomplished his dream of becoming WWE Champion by defeating

Brock Lesnar at Now Way Out 2004. Four months later Eddie lost his title at the Great American Bash 2004 to John Bradshaw Layfield. A little after Wrestlemania 21 nearly a year after Eddie lost the WWE Championship he turned heel by suplexing his partner Rey Mystirio on steel steps. The reason Eddie turned heel is because Eddie has lost 7 straight matches to Rey Mystirio. On the first ever episode of Friday Night Smackdown he finally defeated Rey Mystirio inside a steel cage. After Eddie was in the prime of his career being named number one contender for World Heavyweight Champion Batista's title, they began to be friends teaming on numerous occasions fought on Eddie Guerrero's birthday October 9, 2005 at No Mercy however, Eddie came up short and lost he became the number 1 contender again the next week by defeating 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton by disqualification.

The following weeks Raw started to invaded Smackdown so that put Eddie's title shot further back as Eddie def Mr. Ken Kennedy in his last Smackdown match to advance to the Smackdown Survivor Series team by lying, cheating, and stealing Eddie trademark when throwing the chair to Kennedy then the referee disqualified Kennedy. Alfter that disqualification Kennedy hit Guerrero with the chair. That ended Eddie's last match on Smackdown.

The Monday and Friday after Eddie's untimely death the RAW and Smackdown superstars remembered the life of Eddie Guerrero. Many superstars cried but others just remembered the descent man Eddie was. Everyone will miss Eddie Guerrero, because wrestling will not be the same without Latino Heat. In closing Eddie was just a great person. Thank you, Eddie

Viva La Raza - Eddie Guerrero 1967- 2005
George Kneller wrote:
I really can't believe that he's gone, I really can't. I can't begn to explain all of the great and funny memories Eddie gave me. I will always miss him, and my best wishes go to Eddie's family and friends. He was robbed of his life too early, at the mere age of 38. I am not only upset, but also shocked. Goodbye Eddie Guerrero, tahnks for the great memories, god bless your soul, and may you rest in peace. Heaven is defiantly lucky to have you.

"Eddie may be gone, but the heat will never die"
polishbulldogg wrote:
I am vary happy to be able to have watched Eddie Guerrero wrestle. I only knew him from a professional point of view. I love Wrestling when I found out about Eddie Guerrero Dyeing. I was in Denial I was like no way I just watched him last Friday night on heat. Everyone keeps calling this a lost for WWE and many. But for me it is a gain. From this I gain that the Lord will come Like a thief in the night. Because of Eddie passing I feel is to short and if I'm going to become a wrestler like Him I will have to start training. And THat I am. I am a fan but I feel like we are part of the wwe family. Eddie passing gave people a better point of view on the other wrestlers to. It gave us a different look at sertent superstars. I Just know because of my faith and my heart that one day I will get to watch Eddie Perform like HBK said in front of the biggest stage of them all. Jesus CHRIST.

my prayers are out to the Guerrero familia. Keep your Head held high because God has a purpose for everything. Thank you. EDDIE I will always remember and love you. thank you. Because Eddie you are now my true Inspiration in life one day I will be in WWE or TNA or any where else I want to dedicate my first match to you Holmes. Because we may not be family in life, but we are Familia of JESUS CHRIST. Amen.
Richard wrote:
My sincerest condolences to Eddie's family on their tragic loss. It has taken some time for this sad news to sink in. Latino Heat is gone from the Wrestling World. I still can't believe it. Eddie Guerrero is gone from us. He was a great family man, one the best wrestlers to ever become WWE Champion, and many of his performances were priceless. His victory over Lesnar to win the WWE title will forever be in all of our minds as we remember this great gem of our time.

Tirthankar Bhattacharjee (West Bengal, India) wrote:
I am a wrestling fan from when i was in 6th std. Now i am a software professional. For all these years of being a wrestling fan, I am particularly amazed with wrestlers who are at the top of being a good wrestler and also an entertainer.. Eddie Guerrero was one of those greats!!! Right from being a pathetic heel to a fan favorite face, He has always entertained us... Basically his 'lying, cheating, stealing' character was One of the most appreciated characters in the wrestling world I think. And that is becoz it's comical and also touches ones mischievous self.. And when he used to do that, everyone use to get up from their Seats in amazement. His dialogues-Viva vi Rasa !!! Always keeps ringing in my ears... His Latino Heat shaky shaky dance made huge crowd pops.. Alas!! We'll miss these!!! There will be a void in the wrestling world.. In our National Language, Hindi there is a phrase- "Bhagwan ko Pyaara ho gaya" It means that the person has died because he has become 'Dearest to God' and thus not to grief. Farewell Eddie! R.I.P.....
rovarotto (Italy) wrote:
excuse me but i speak italian: quando ho sentito la notizia di eddie non sapevo cosa fare, mi sembrava che tutto il mondo mi crollasse addosso, un GRANDISSIMO wrestler che ho sempre tifato, con cui ho gioito e pianto, con cui ho trascorso ogni istante pensando a lui, tanto ad arrivare alla conclusione di scegliere il liceo linguistico, per imparare bene l'inglese ed avere così la possibilità di andare almeno 1 giorno in america a vederlo dal vivo, adesso tutti i miei sogni sono infranti e non so davvero cosa fare. Quasi ogni giorno, navigavo in internet per trovare i risultati di smackdown e vedere cosa faceva il mio eddie ma adesso che non c'è più non so proprio cosa farmene di tutte le mie speranze e previsioni per il futuro. E' da lunedì, quando ho sentito la notizia della morte di eddie che il mio cuore si è fermato per un istante e ha smesso di battere. Ogni giorno ho pianto, tutte le volte che lo pensavo e non potevo sfogarmi con nessuno, me ne stavo sul mio letto e piangevo, piangevo continuando a guardare il suo poster! Un grande uomo che si è consumato morendo così stupidamente, non se lo meritava! Amava tutti i suoi fan e voleva dare sempre il massimo per farli felici! Ora tutti lo stavano apprezzando come una volta, il giorno prossimo, molto probabilmente, sarebbe diventato campione del mondo e tutti sarebbero impazziti per lui! L'ho sempre amato per tutto quello che faceva e per il suo carisma che non smetteva mai di esistere in quel dannato grande uomo! EDDIE MI MANCHI TANTISSIMO, MA SEI UNA CICATRICE INDELEBILE NEL MIO CUORE, E NON POTRO' MAI DIMENTICARTI!! GRAZIE PER AVER DATO UN SENSO ALLA MIA VITA DA TREDICENNE, GRAZIE PER AVERMI REGALATO GRANDI EMOZIONI! GRAZIE DI TUTTO! VAI EDDIE! W LA RAZAA! SEI GRANDE! SEI E RIMARRAI PER SEMPRE IL NOSTRO "LATINO HEAT"! CIAO EDDIE!
ILENIA7 wrote:
Sono passati 7 giorni, una lunga settimana, e solo ieri sera ho VERAMENTE realizzato. Guardando smackdown ho sentito un brivido, e una lacrima mi ha rigato il viso mentre osservavo la furbizia del mio grande campione. Si, furbizia. Perchè era soprattutto questo. Astuzia e simpatia lo caratterizzavano, come quando faceva il "giochetto" della sedia mentre l'arbitro era distratto. Mi ha sorriso il cuore nel rivederlo entrare con la sua auto molleggiata e l'aria da spavaldo, quella che ha solo chi non ha niente da perdere. Poi mi sono venute in mente tutte le cattiverie che i giornalisti sono riusciti a dire su di lui in questi giorni. Overdose, cocktail di farmaci, droga e alcolismo. Ma nessuno ha pensato a quello che realmente è stato. Il suo cuore ha smesso semplicemente di battere e ci ha lasciati qui, un po' più tristi, un po' più soli. Era come se inconsciamente in questi giorni mi rifiutassi di credere che Eddie se n'è veramente andato. Ma ora ho capito, ci sono arrivata anch'io. Lui non se n'è andato. La raza è sempre qui con noi. Ha solo smesso di essere visibile ai più, ma dal cuore di chi lo ama veramente non se ne andrà mai, perchè il LATINO HEAT non muore mai! E allora cosa rimane da dire??? Lui la sua battaglia l'ha vinta, ora tocca a noi farci forza per andare avanti...perchè tanto un giorno ci rivedremo! Ciao EDDIE...sei e sarai sempre il migliore!
G Raison (Australia) wrote:
The news of the passing of Eddie Guerrero, Latin Heat, is so shocking and unbelievable. His soul was taken from his family and the world so young and with it went a piece of every wrestling fan. Condolences to his family. R.I.P. Eddie on behalf of every Australian wrestling fan
S.J.Mattson wrote:
One year ago, I really didn't know Eddie very well. I had drifted away from pro-wrestling for some time and only began watching WWE faithfully last fall. In that year's time, Eddie Guerrero had earned his place as one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. He had technical skill, and a ring presence you couldn't ignore. To me he was everything a pro-wrestler should be. In that one year, his character had enough of an impact on me that for only the third time in my 30+ year life did I become visibly emotional during a memorial of someone I had never even met in person... and the other two times were both U.S. Presidents. Eddie is something of the odd man out of that trio, but there he is none-the-less. I only knew the ring persona of Eddie Guerrero, but to see how hard hit his WWE family was by his passing (even relative newcomer Melina didn't seem to be all there during her entrance on Raw), I can kind of get a feel for the man behind the persona. On top of the loss of an entertaining character, I now also feel a sense of loss in that I will never be fortunate enough to know Eddie the person. Chances are I wouldn't have even if he lived to 100, but now there is a grim certainty to it.

It is of some comfort that my last memory of Eddie Guerrero is a good one. His last televised match on Smackdown against Ken Kennedy. I was already glad to see the old Eddie was back as opposed to the darker twist his character took with the Dominick storyline. This last match was classic Eddie all the way, from the classic entrance to the look on his face when the ref was knocked out. With that look, fans across the globe smiled because they knew they were about to see Eddie do what Eddie did best: lie, cheat and steal. Of course I'd rather he'd still be with us to make us feel like that every week, but if he had to go, I think that was a great match to go out on. And finally, I am also glad to see, though I haven't looked into everything about it yet so I'm not sure the exact goings-on, that Chavo has apparently decided to cast Kerwin aside and go back to representing the Guerrero name in the ring, such as the name should be into the next generation and beyond. Thanks for the good times Eddie.
Rocky Mellito wrote:
I was told that this was a decent story and most people would find funny and then yet a little heartwarming.

Upon hearing the news of Eddie's death I was saddened greatly as I can remember vividly his ECW stint and it remains some of the best wrestling I had ever seen. Years later, Eddie had become an all-around talent to be appreciated for his humor as well as his stellar ringwork. As much as I was going to miss him, it then occurred to me there was someone else; my 6 year old son, Mike.

I approached him very carefully with the news to which he responded in a way I did not expect.

Me: Mike I have some bad news
Mike: What dad?
Me: Eddie Guerrero died yesterday
Mike: The Undertaker got him??
Me: No, no, Mikey; this is for real and not like the stories they do.
Mike: Oh...he died for real?
Me: Yes he did Mike; his heart stopped working.
Mike: Oh...(he bit his bottom lip and thought for a moment) I bet Benoit is going to be very sad.

I found that almost astounding that the very first thing he thought of, other than the Undertaker that is, was how Benoit was going to be upset. I know the how WWE loves to present the reality of what it is that they do when it suits their needs, but Mike had just turned 6 and has limited knowledge of the long time relationship between them. Sure enough on the Raw tribute show, Chris cried and cried in a way that made us all feel the pain. Mike didn't cry during the tribute (I did), but I could see he was a little more in shock of it.

Mike asked me if it was okay if he sleeps with his Eddie action figure now and I told him that was fine. I'm not sure for how long that will last, but I do know that you are a special entertainer if you could touch someone that deeply from afar. Benoit still resides with his other figures in a big box, but to quote my son, "Chris and Eddie can still wrestle here though whenever they want."
lizbeth hernandez wrote:
i love eddie i have all his like products and stuff i saw all his matches. i was crying when he died i wish he was still here. heaven is lucky to have altino heat now that eddies up there
David M (15 yrs old, from Kent, England) wrote:
I heart was torn in half as I expect many where, My deepest thoughts go out to Eddies family and friends. It is our greatest loss to lose one such as Eddie, I wish and wish this was a dream or a big storyline and that I'd be able to see Eddie again but I know I won't be able to. I was devested and that night after I heard the news I lay there thinking how bad this was and eventually fell asleep in tears. Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes was the best wrestler I have ever seen. He was a great man always made me laugh and enjoy his matches. I am 15 years old and eddie was the same age as my mum, I would hate to lose her so my thoughts are with his children it must be theres along with his family where there is the most pain. I so wish time could be turned back and that this could be changed no one will be able to fill the spot and the talent that leaves with Eddie, i watched along with my friend my friends house Eddies last match. Once again i was done over with Eddies humour. He was certainly the main event now with him gone wrestling will not be the same. Eddie you may be gone but, deffinatly not forgotten. You will always be with us. One thing is for sure heaven is now feeling the "Latino Heat" and heaven now has the king of the low riders. Heaven is a much funner place with Eddie there. God bless you Eddie, you may be gone but never forgotten. Eddies family my heart goes out to you, God bless you, all the best for the future, my heart goes out to you. Viva La Raza - Eddie Guerrero "Latino Heat" 1967- 2005
Albert Ling wrote:
I am 16 years old boy from Malaysia. Here's a poem entitled 'Thank You' specially dedicated to Eddie Guerrero and family and The Eddicts.

you came and built your throne in my heart,
tender as can be,
And now, and now,
Here am I,
shaping this poem,
expressing my gratitude to you.

Thank you,
For your love,
when I am loveless,
Your care,
when I am ill,
Your advices,
when I am lost,
For those comforting words,
when I am down,
For the warmth you gave,
when winter comes in.
The fresh stories,
when I am tired of fairy tales.

Thank you,
For being the light of my life,
when darkness was all I could see.

The tears that flow,
when you left the world,
will never stop,
I am here without you.

And I hope,
I know,
I will one day see you again,
In the paradise above,
Till then,
Eddie and Eddicts will unite again.

---By, Albert LCK---
---Rest In Peace Eddie Guerrero---
---We will always miss and love you, Latino Heat---

Dave Goldberg wrote:
I don't know truly how to react because I am in a state of shock. We have all lost a great wrestler and a really great person in a Eddie Guerrero. I was lucky enough to meet Eddie during the period where he was let go by the WWE. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Eddie was really nice, treated me with a lot of respect and busted his ass in a match with Nova. The time off from WWE and working with new talent in the indies really made him a better wrestler when he returned in the Spring of 2002.

This one is really really hard for me. You know when someone who was big passes away, a lot of people tend to almost jump on the bandwagon or crap like that. But for me, I have been an Eddie fan for a long time always keeping an eye on his matches even when the WWE was at its worst. You could almost guarantee Eddie would pull out a fantastic match at any point despite WWE's limitations. His feud with Rey this year produced fantastic matches as well as his classic with Kurt Angle in a Smackdown main event.

Consistantly, Eddie pulled out the best matches. In 1995, in a feud comparable on some levels to the Flair-Steamboat feud, Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko put on amazing match after amazing match. I was lucky enough to get to tell Eddie how much those matches meant to me as a fan and he was very appreciative. Nobody can forget how him and the late Art Barr turned Mexico upside down as Los Gringo Locos putting on one of the greatest matches in Lucha history against El Hijo del Santo & Octagon.

I was lucky enough to also get a lot of his Black Tiger matches in New Japan. He did not disappoint there either with sensational Super Juniors tournament matches in 1995 & 1996 against Chris Benoit. In 1996, Eddie beat Jushin Liger in an incredible match to win the years Super Juniors series.

When he went to WCW, I was hoping for him to wrestle Ric Flair. It was almost like a symbolic passing of the torch because of how both workers effected their respected decade. I will never forget the fantastic match in Monroe trhe day after Slamboree in 1996 between the two. Even Flair mentioned it in his book. That same year, I got to see Eddie wrestle Chris Benoit at the Paramount in NYC. It was the first time I saw either wrestler in person which was a big thrill.

I think really Eddie's career took a huge turn in 1997 with his heel turn. It led to an awesome match with Chris Jericho where he won the Cruiserweight Title. This led to one of the best matches of the 90s with Eddie vs. Rey Mysterio (mask vs title). It may very well be the greatest cruiserweight title match. It was just a testament to how good Eddie could perform. He just busted his ass over and over again.

In 1998, he formed the hilarious LWO. The skits really showed a funny side of Eddie; another dimension. Unfortunately tragedy struck his accident where he was thought to be dead, but he beat the adversity and returned. Along with Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko, Eddie bolted out of WCW and went to the WWE. The Radicals entrance was a huge one, but again Eddie suffered a tragedy when he hit a frogsplash and his elbow actually moved in a nasty thing on Smackdown.

He went on into the hilarious angle with Chyna which again explored Eddie's funny side. Unfortunately like everyone's demons at times, Eddie was overcome. It is very hard sometimes to beat these tough temptations. In some ways, it was a rebuilding of the man Eddie Guerrero. He worked the indies against the best wrestlers including CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Low Ki and Doug Williams in the UK. It just seemed to make him even better.

I think I totally knew Eddie was that much better when he returned to WWE and put on one of the greatest ladder matches ever seen against Rob Van Dam. I knew right then and there, that Eddie was back and better than ever in some ways. He took another great turn when he did the Lie, Cheat & Steal gimmick. It was hilarious that he was so popular people ignored his heel turn on Taijiri and still cheered him heavily. The WWE had no choice but to have him do it as a face.

His match against Chris Benoit for the US Title was another classic. When Eddie beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title, it was so emotional. Really it was something that truly meant something to wrestling. It was a title change where you could feel the emotional. They were in San Francisco in an area where Chavo Sr and other Guerreros were legendary so it really meant a lot in so many ways. Also it was a tremendously underrated match.

He next went on to the brilliantly technical World Title match vs Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the match for weeks because I had to rush to the hospital halfway into Mania. However, seeing the site of Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero holding up their World Titles to end Wrestlemania will forever be frozen in time.

It is such a sad day with Eddie leaving us, but he was such a motivation person who overcame obstacle after obstacle and he reached the top. Most people can't say that, but Eddie Guerrero made it as one of the very best and we will all remember the great accomplishments and the great man he was.

I want to send my deepest condolences to Eddie's daughters, his wife, his mother, his brothers & his sister. I wish them all the best in their lives and I hope they can remember the great times he gave them. I honestly believe through all Eddie's struggles the passion he gave, that he made all of us better people in life.
HelenGrffn wrote:
I will never forget the day I heard of Eddie's death. I knew Eddie through another friend, he always had the ability to put a smile on your face, even at the hardest of times. I got an email from my friend saying I've got some awful news, he told me, and I felt like crying, but I couldn't as I was getting ready for school ( I found out on the monday ). I live in England, so we get the WWE Raw broadcast live at I stayed up till, and I cried like hell. I then had a long and emotonal conversation with my friend, Mark, who passed on my condolences to Vickie and the kids. One of the first question was ` Can you make it to Phoenix for the funeral? ` my answer was no, as I had exams on that day. Vickie, the kids, Eddie's friends, and of course Eddie, were on my mind all day. Even though I met Eddie only 9 times, I regarded him as a close friend. God bless you Eddie, Rest in Peace, 1967-2005. Adios Amigo.
Jay Greenfield wrote:
I have been a wrestling fan for a short time (a lil over a year and a half) and since then I have become more and more emerged in the sport and I have began to like it more and more. And since then there have been a few wrestlers that impacted me in many ways (i.e., Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and of course Eddie) People like them have affected me in such a way that I have changed the profession I plan to be in after high school into a wrestler. I have began training religiously to hopefully make it in the sport. One of the first superstars that I started emulating was Eddie Guerrero, not only for athletic presence but his undeniable ring presence and the ora that he portrayed to the fans. His ability to make someone buckle over with laughter because of his antics was amazing. However more than that was the back story of Eddie Guerrero and the demons that he faced in order to succeed that really interested and inspired me to do well. He made it to the top of one of the hardest professions to break into (not only in the sports world but in the world in general). He made me believe that one day I could make it as a superstar and succeed at it. The memory that I will most have of him (even though I didn't see it live) was the picture of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit hugging in the middle of the ring after Wrestlemania XX and the Raw Tribute, which really brought home the attitude of the WWE superstar and how the family of wrestlers really works. Seeing the superstars react to the real life experiences outside of the realism the people behind the scenes want you to see really brought his death crashing down to earth. That made really realize he was gone and for the first time ever, I cried over the death of someone that I truly had never met and only saw on TV. In the short time I have been fan, I felt like I got to know Eddie Guerrero and it was very sad to see someone that I really looked up to passing away. VAYA CON DIOS EDDIE Y YO NUNCA VOY A OLVIDARSE (GO WITH GOD EDDIE I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU)
Jimmy wrote:
While watching wrestling Eddie Guerrero always stood out in my mind as an overachiever. I am a huge Shawn Michaels fan, so when the brands split i saw Eddie as the Shawn Michaels type of wrestler for Smackdown! He was the short guy who always gave it his all, but he always found a way to make us laugh. I will sincerely miss Eddie Guerrero.
Oliver Newman wrote:
One of my all time favourite Wrestlers Eddie Guerrero has passed away. I had just arrived back after having a stellar weekend, I thought at first it was a sick joke, but then confirmed it. It made it worse for me, when it had been reported Eddie Guerrero was winning the WWE Title tonight at WWE Smackdown tapings, I then tried to watch the Best moments of Eddie's Career. I'm man enough to admit I broke down and Cried, He was soooooo close to Winning the Title for a second time.

Me and a Friend were talking about him hours earlier, I said "If/When Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero Win back WWE Titles, WWE will get back to what it does Best" That conversation feels so surreal now!

I just wanted to write a little tribute for him.

Every since I first saw Eddie in the early '90's in WCW I knew he was something special Wrestling wise. Later in the WWE he has produced some classic matches and some hilarious skits. He is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever laced up a pair of boots. He has had to deal with a lot of demons and he did to reach the pinnacle of the Sport. February 15, 2004 will now hold a special place in my heart as it was the day A man got redemption for all his problems in life. Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Title, that day I had a tear in my eye.

As a 15 Year Wrestling Fan, I put Eddie into the class of can't have a bad Match with anyone. He joins the elite of the likes of Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit,etc. Eddie Guerrero you are truly one of the greatest Wrestlers I have ever seen, and for me and millions others you will be truly missed! I feel blessed that I saw Eddie at his Best just last night while watching WWE Smackdown. I feel privileged to have seen his Last match v Mr.Kennedy.

I hope the Tribute shows that WWE are planning do the great man justice. I feel for Eddie's Family, whereas we have Lost A great Wrestler, they have lost a Husband, Father, Son, Brother. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Guerrero Family. I also feel privileged to Know I have just brought two Ring of Honor dvds with Eddie Guerrero on, Including Night of Appreciation. I might have trouble holding back the tears but I will watch with great pride knowing I'm watching a great Wrestler do what he loved to do.

Thanks for the memories, Rest In peace - Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005 You will never be forgotten! "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank You Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie" "Thank you Eddie"
These comments has taken me 5 weeks to compile, more courage and guts, than the material itself. I knew Eddie through my friend Mark who had moved to America 4 years ago. I made a few visits to Mark, and I met a man that would be a huge inspiration to me in the toughest of times, Eddie Guerrero. When I met Eddie, the cheeky ear-to-ear smile came across his face, always happy to make friends. Mark explained the tough problems I were going through, and in a long 2 hour conversation, I had found the answer to all my problems, facing them. That's what Eddie did, he faced his problems and over-came his demons, and from personal experience, that takes one hell of a man. My friend have often said do you have photographic proof that you were friends with Eddie? or an autograph, but when you're friends with a man like Eddie, they simply go out of the equation. The last time I had contact with Eddie was 3 weeks before his sad passing, just a quick call to see how things were. The storyline with Dave Batista was going very well, he was in great shape, and was hoping to maybe get the World Heavyweight Championship round his waist at some point before the end of 2005. But, he also he was tired, which is strange as he said he was in great shape. I thought it was road-tiredness due to the extremely heavy schedule that the WWE stars undertake.

He also said that he was looking forward to Survivor Series, and was praying that he would be written in for the SD! Team. He also said that a buried alive match was a possibility, it obviously featuring The Undertaker, Randy Orton, and maybe even Cowboy Bob Orton Jr.

The anniversary of him being clean was coming, he said that would be a monumental moment in his life, and it was all for Vickie (his wife) and his three beautiful children.

Eddie lived for his family, his friends, and the fans who had been so loyal to him through-out his personal problems. He was a born again man of faith, and he often read pieces from the bible to support people. He and Shawn Michaels shared the commond bond of friendship and faith. Eddie was making new friends every day. Dave Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Beniot, Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, these are some his best friends, but to be honest, everyone was Eddie's friend.

To conclude, Eddie, we are all thinking of you holmes, we love you and, as selfish as it may seem, we miss you and wish you were still here with us. God bless you Eddie, Rest In Peace, Viva La Raza! By Michael Griffin-O'Mara, from gravesnd in england,

.In memory of Eddie Guerrero, 1967-2005, God bless your soul.
Christian L. wrote:
It was a typical sunday on November 13, 2005 for me and I went back to my home and check out some WWE news on and it show a picture of Eddie guerrero and the caption said "Eddie Guerrero, 1967-2005" and i was in shock and I told my brother that Eddie died and I said 'Why did this happen to a guy who gives the people what they want in match. Why?" And since I met Eddie back in No Way Out 2004 when he signed my No Way Out shirt I told him "Your going to win Lesnar tonight cause we all believe in you." So when I saw the news that Eddie died I was kinda like crying like three tear drops and I got my Replica WWE Title with the nameplate that says "Eddie Guerrero" and I also put "Will Never be forgotten 1967-2005" on bottom of the nameplate and I just called my friends up and I told them to go to and they did and they were shocked so my prayers go to Eddie's family and EDDIE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN AND I'LL BE IN THE HALL OF FAME CEREMONY CHANTING EDDIE'S NAME OUT LOUD AND QUE VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Foreman wrote:
Well, right now it is May of 06, but I still remember the exact day Eddie died. When he died, I was on and it said, tragic death. It had Eddies picture. it said, we are deeply saddend of the Death of Eddie Guerrero, I screamed "Oh My GOD!, Eddie Guerrero died!!!" my brothers sadi "No way, Robert dont lie" They found out I wasnt lying. For the rest of that day I didnt cry, I was more stunned. next day, tribute show. I was sad and depressed. Eddie was a huge inspiration to me. and its sad he died. We will all miss Eddie alot. Viva la Raza 1967-2005
Andrew Fischer writes:
November 14, 2005. One of the longest days of my life. It began as a usual Monday morning, me going to school. Like usual, I got on the computer before classes started. Going to WWE.COM, I expected to see the results of Smackdown or RAW, or any other bits of news. Instead, I saw Eddie's picture, followed by two dates. 1967-2005. At first I was confused. Once I realized what had happened, I didn't really have a reaction, I was just kinda dazed. I went the rest of the day, in the same dazed state. That night, I tuned into RAW. That is when it finally set in. That is when I finally realized the truth. Eddie was gone. I cried a few tears throughout the broadcast, mostly at Batista's, Rey's, and Chavo's interviews. But the one thing that finally set it to truth. RAW came back from commercial and I saw Eddie's best friend and my favorite competitor, Chris Benoit. Throughout Benoit's entire career people have labeled him as the toughest, tearingest, and most ruthless superstar to ever step foot inside a squared circle. But here he was, completely exposed to the world, proving that behind the show and wrestling that he was a human. A human who lost a friend. He started talking and it set in. I began tearing up again. Then when Benoit began to sob, that did it for me. And even though I have only known Eddie for about a year, I felt that I have lost a best friend. And now I hope to become what he was. I want to become a pro wrestler, just because I would like to inspire people half as much as he did. Eddie Guerrero was a man for loved his family, loved his job, and loved his life. I pray to God that he will rest in peace and that when my time comes, I will finally meet the man responsible for the legend. RIP Eddie. See you soon.

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