ECW One Night Stand Feedback
JUNE 2005

We don't do this with every pay per view but ECW One Night Stand was a special event with special circumstances which was the catalyst for many different emotions and reactions within the fan community. We're looking for your thoughts and opinions on this unique Event.
Tell us (in a nice compact paragraph) what your general thoughs are and you're comments will be posted here --- Please, I do ask, edit your comments before you hit the send button.

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Dave Meltzer wrote (on his website):
How do you follow last night? Hey, I knew going in it was going to be an historical milestone for the industry, and even then, it appears to be even bigger than that. There are going to be some very interesting backstage goings on at WWE the next two days as they discuss what to do next with ECW. It's now become a totally surreal experience.
earl raymond wrote:
Man this ECW PPV was really something special. I mean I loved it. All of those great ECW stars putting on more show. I mean did you see Mikey Whipwreck. When he did the Whipper Snapper, I was like Crap Dude. That's the ECW action I have been missing. The match that I really loved the most was the main event. That Tag Team match was what ECW was all about. Great action, and tons of passion Hardcore wrestling. Tommy Dreamer was busted all open, but that was something that he does. What else is the Innovator of violence supposed to do? He even used the cheese grater, and did you see the so called "Anti-ECW" team. ECW kicked their butts all over that ring. WWE stood no chance from the beginning. This is one event I hated watching end. ECW was always the best wrestling action to watch, and always will be.
Robby Cole wrote:
Great PPV. I thought Heyman took it a little bit to far though, but maybe that is just me. Hopefully ECW will get more pay per views. With any luck they may get their own weekly/ bi weekly show. I was glas to see Sabu, Rhino, Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Dreamer, Mike Awesome and all the people that made ECW great back. Great pay paer view.
Eric from New York wrote:
I thought ECW One Night Stand was one of the best pay per views of the year. In my opinion, this was better than any pay per view WWE Raw, Smackdown, or TNA has put out. The action was great and shoot style interviews really brought back memories of old school ECW. If I could I would also love to thank Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka. Rumors had it that backstage people were concerned about the Awesome and Tanaka match being a flop, but these two showed why they deserved to hold the ECW World Title. Lastly, I hope the WWE guys don't think anybody showed up to see them because they all suck. Some of them might have talent, but none of them had the heart of an ECW athlete and fan. Thank you ECW and I hope this wasn't the end of ECW.
Nyk wrote:
Loved it overall, however one thing that did catch my eye was the stiff punches in the final brawl with JBL and Blue Meanie, anyone who taped it take a look at it again to see that JBL is hunting Blue Meanie down and really putting the punches in hard. Anyone else pick up of this?

Posted from Several people live, as well as WWE sources, have confirmed that during the brawl at the end of tonight's ECW PPV, that JBL went after Blue Meanie and threw several real punches at his face, bloodying him up. A lot of the wrestlers who were in the ring and saw this looked really mad. Reports were Al Snow, who trained Meanie, visually looked the most upset. The two have heat dating back to Meanie's days in WWF, and JBL cut a promo on Meanie on Smackdown which was edited off the show a few weeks back.
Michael Snowpanth wrote:
All in all,i thought ECW One Night Stand had its ups and downs.I felt that most of the matches were too short,although i realize they needed to get everyone out there for there appearances.The Benoit-Guerrero match was a huge disappointment to me.The Mysterio-Psicosis was also a letdown.Sandman's entrance was a classic with everyone singing along.Best match to me was Masato Tanaka-Mike Awesome.I was surprised Mcmahon let the show be as "extreme" as it was although he still had to get his guys plenty of air time.Austin's appearance was surprising but ended up kinda dissapointing and we got to see Tazz choking out Angle for about a half a second.But it was the most exciting pay-per-view ive seen in a while.A good,but not great show.
Josh Holeczy wrote:
Our group, die hard, long time ECW fans, was excited, but worried about how this show would go. We were all very pleased with the outcome. All the matches blew us away, and the show exceeded expectations. The WWE presence didn't take away from the PPV as most thought, it actually added to it. Great, awesome, amazing show. Can't wait for the dvd.
Heather wrote:
It had some classic moments and people, but it was O.K considering they didn't have Terry Funk, Raven, or Dean Malinko there. But still very emotional for them and it was a great show. However, I'm pissed that WWE ruined the show pretty much because I think if anything the whole show should have been longer and at the very end have WWE come in at the last moment and get their ass kicked, or in the middle and have the show continue. But still great matches and good for the ECW.
b chang wrote:
One Night Stand was a great show, but it paled in comparason with the ROH show that was put on earlier that day. ONS's first few matches were awfully short (none of them seemed to be longer than 10 minutes). The promos of RVD and Paul E. were nothing unexpected, if you were reading stuff online and recaps of "Byte This" you've heard it before. Best match of the night was Awesome vs. Tanaka. ROH was able to put on 3 AMAZING matches. The other 4 matches weren't bad at all either (maybe except for the Carnage Crew squash match). And I'll also note that the ROH show only cost me $25 whereas ONS cost me $50 to just watch on TV.
K Penna wrote:
Give it to Vince to screw up something that could have been great. It was not my ECW. It was a complete tamed down version and I wish I never wasted the money. On the other hand it was good to hear the old ECW music and seeing some of the ECW crew back together. All I can say it could have been better. Its a shame.
Matt Taylor (United Kingdom) wrote:
Hey, I thought ECW One Night Stad was so f'n awsome! I mean the Main Event was mint! The table on fire and dreamer going through it! I tell you what that was the best hardcore PPV i seen since King Of The Ring 1998 with UnderTaker vs. Mick Foley! Bets match overall in my opinion was the 3 way dance. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri vs. Nunzio. That match was off the hook! Also seeing Eric Bischoff getting his but kicked! Anywayz them are my opinions!
Jason Simmons wrote:
Hey, I thought ECW One Night Stad was so f'n awsome! I mean the Main Event was mint! The table on fire and dreamer going through it! I tell you what that was the best hardcore PPV i seen since King Of The Ring 1998 with UnderTaker vs. Mick Foley! Bets match overall in my opinion was the 3 way dance. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri vs. Nunzio. That match was off the hook! Also seeing Eric Bischoff getting his but kicked! Anywayz them are my opinions!
Joshua Williams wrote:
When I first heard that WWE was doing a ECW PPV I was afraid of what they was going to do to my favorite brand of wrestling.But I went ahead and ordered it,,soon my fears where gone as brought out joey styles and Mick Foley to do the play by plays I knew I was in for a great night of true ECW wrestling!Every match was great and I loved the flash backs with AL SNOW and THE PITTBULL's remembering fallen ECW stars was moving to say the least.But the ending was every ECW fans dream's come true.To see Stone Cold call out the WWE's anti ECW crusaders to come down to the ECW ring ,,just to watch them get their ass kicked by all the boy's at ECW,,then if that wasn't every ECW fans dream they took it 1 step further by having the hardcore legend Mick Foley drag Eric Bishoff down to the ring so ECW could finally exact it revenge on WCW also.It was a awesome PPV and hop-fully Vince up at TITAN TOWERS will maybe bring back ECW to take on NWATNA.With shows like last night it could bury NWATNA within a month,,,and maybe even knock WWE off it's high horse of low ratings and washed out story lines of late.ECW 1 night stand was shot in the arm that wrestling and wrestling fans needed to bring back True wrestling,not just body builders wrestling in their underwear with lame ass angles and boring matches,,,ECW was and still is Wrestling for the true wrestling Fan's,,,and hop fully it will continue with more ECWppv's and maybe getting them back on the air,,,,I have A feeling as much as Vince and the powers at WWE love money they bring back ECW cause they know it's a cash COW,,,,,Signed C.C.MANSON ,,,The Profit Of The Darkside and GURU of wrestling ,,,next WWE not censor er ECW that was the only problem I had with them was bleeping out the F-word
VincePlowman wrote:
I'm still on high after that awesome PPV. The shoots made me mark out big time. Every match was an easy 4 or 5 stars. I am glad they didn't go over board w/ the crusade angle. I have my critisisms, but the positives greatly out weigh the negatives. Kudos to Heyman, RVD, Dreamer and the rest of the ECW guys. Thank you. Ya'll have kick started my interest back into wrestling. I hope they sign many of those guys: Super Crazy, Psycosis, Sandman; and/or continue with ECW themed PPV's, angles, etc.

Top five mark out moments: Heyman shooting on Edge and JBL | The entire Awesome vs. Tanaka match | Joey Styles and Mick Foley at the start of the show | Dreamer powerbombed through a flaming table | RVD "shoot"
greg luna wrote:
I was so exited to see this ppv, I haven't seen a ppv since a long time ago. This ppv One Night Stand was the best ppv of the all ppv's I ever seen. Truthly I was so excited of how the ppv was running like in the old times. Each match was great, there was blood everywhere and even better with the comments of Paul Heyman that I think everything that he said was personal. What I didn't realy like that at the end was a taste of wwf or wwe. It's sad that a company like ECW doesn't exist anymore and I was a big fan of wwf but what I saw yersterday ECW doesn't compare with wwf,wcw,or any wrestling company, because I think ECW is the best company and what y saw yesterday they should continue but the company ran out of business. I hope this is not the last ECW ppv. What is really sad that most ECW wrestlers are in wwe and they put them in chessy storylines and that sucks because really I think they are better wretlers than the wwe wretlers. Thanks ECW for making this f^*&%!# show great.
Jonathan Baham wrote:
I thought the show over all was good but kind of sucked. They could have had more matches and if Taz was in shape maybe he could have had a match (or is he injured?). What I really want to know is where was Sid? They should have brought in Sid that would have been sweet. And one more thing NEW JACK!!!!!!
Gumby wrote:
I thought this event was fantastic. Psicosis vs. Rey was probably the worst match of the night (or at least it got the most boos) and it was still an amazing contest compared to any WWE PPV attraction. The "shoot" interviews and promos were excellent regardless of whether they were written or not. If so, I commend Van Dam, Heyman, and Styles on their acting ability. I think the matches were worthy of being the last in the careers of Storm and Dreamer and the final scene of Sandman and Stone Cold together was like the night Goldberg and Austin first drank together.
Al Porotesano wrote:
This is $35 well spent and hoping for more ECW ppvs to come. You can't help but appreciate how ECW changed face of wrestling that was almost left unappreciated by the WWE creative team in recent years. The ECW One Night Stand PPV was far and away the best PPV I've seen in years. Best Match has to go to Awesome v. Tanaka. The Worst match of the night was Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis (I guess Psicosis doesn't have much lucha libre in him).

I'm not going to recap the PPV, but this ECW is one of the biggest reasons why I still love professional wrestling. In the past when some folks like myself couldn't afford cable in the college dorm rooms to watch the Monday night wrestling wars, ECW was available in syndication and free for me to watch on the local UHF channel in Los Angeles. ECW had the diverse pure-wrestling format that WCW and WWF back then wouldn't risk to introduce in it's prime the way ECW did in its glory.

RVD's take on the WWE and WCW scripts to handcuff RVD to say "my vocabulary is more than 'dude' and 'whatever'"was great and refreshing to hear. I hope the WWE creative team can take note of this because RVD I fear may take a slower approach to how Mike Awesome's character on WCW as that 70's guy if the WWE had it their way and this PPV never came to place.

Joey Styles is the Joe Buck of Pro Wrestling Annoucers. His clean, tell-it-like-it-is approach, was felt on the Awesome v. Tanaka match when Awesome left ECW with the championship belt to WCW. I felt his anger against Mike Awesome who took the WCW contract for more money only to be forgotten fast. I was quite surprised to see Awesome on ECW, but regardless of his past he is ECW family.

I had a smile ear to ear for two and a half hours on this PPV. I hope the DVD is not edited but this will send shock waves to the WWE heads who could plan turning ECW into a Triple-A Developmental league for both Raw and Smackdown. Nonetheless, Paul Heyman is a genius.

I think it took balls for VinnieMac to approve the PPV, but he like all the wrestling fans out there realize something had to be done to shake up the industry and this is a great start from a product that was growing stagnant in recent years.
Steve Swain wrote:
Im glad i got to watcht this amazing show, it was the best PPV i have seen in quite some time. What annoyed me was the censorship of the F-word and ceratin wrestlers not being there(Raven, Terry Funk, Shane Douglas) but i wasnt disappointed. It was a great moment when the Pitbull Gary Wolf paid tribute to the ECW stars that have sadly died in the last few years. I must say this was a show you wouldnt have missed for the world.
Justin Keller wrote:
I for one .. was dissapointed. I seem to be the only one who was. Maybe I'm being nit-picky. I told myself for two months we weren't gonna see an ECW feel PPV but that's my main complaint tonight. I begged for Awesome/Tanaka and that match along with Dreamer and Sandman match were the only "great" matches on the card. The promos and videos were great but I didn't chip in 18 out of 35 bucks with a friend to watch promos and videos. It was a good PPV by WWE's recent standards .. a mediocre PPV by ECW's standards. I mean .. come on .. the 619? The Super Crazy match wasn't as good as it should have been. Same to Storm - Jericho. No Lynn? RVD's promo was great but .. no Spike Dudley? In the deceased video .. no Brian Pillman? Steve Austin's not ECW unless he's bagging on Bischoff and acting like Hulk Hogan. I don't know .. I give it a solid 6/10. Nothing great though by any means.
Anthony L from New York wrote:
For me it was a very emotional Pay-per-view because I was a true fan of ECW. I was shocked to see stone cold there and I thought Sabu was injured so I didn't think he would be there. I was happy to see Phycosis and super crazy wrestle because I forgot what they were like and I know that they will be in the WWE soon. The flaming table was something I liked but I saw it coming after the preview with the Dudleys. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a solid 9. I am happy I got to see the BWO. They were great. Everyone was there the pay-per-view was EXTREME!!!!
Brimerman666 wrote:
ECW ECW ECW, this was the noise which is still ringing in my ear as I type this email, What a Pay Per Viw, The best This year, The Fans just Hyped up all the ECW Stars Emotionally, It was so Impressive to see, the stars go to the extreme, I was happy to see The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley again, and Stone Cold, but Mainly BwO. I was so pleased to see that Sandman, still had his atitude. To finish the night off was a great end, with the EcW stars dominating the WWE Cruesaders, How ever I dunno, If I missed something, but after the WWE stars left, I am pretty sure that I saw the Blue Manie bleeding. I would like to wish the best future to Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer, and ECW will live on in the memory of ever wrestling FAN! ECW will never ever be Forgotten.
RCameron wrote:
I thought this was a very entertaining show. A few of the matches weren't quite as good as I had hoped (Tajiri/Super Crazy/Guido, Benoit/Eddie) but that doesn't mean they were BAD. Better than 95% of anything WWE puts out. I was entertained by everything I saw, and I can't remember the last time I could say that about ANY show. Were there flaws? Of course, anyone who expected a flawless show is an idiot. But it was top-to-bottom entertaining, and I feel a lot better shelling out my money for this show than any other shows WWE has run in the past few years. Here's to hoping that any future ECW shows can equal this one!!
Thomas (Philadelphia) wrote:
The one night stand PPV was old school ECW! i want to thank vince mcmahon for letting paul heyman and the boys do whatever they want. i was hoping the whole time waiting for this PPV that joey styles would be there, and that started the whole show off for me. i am from philly, and i watched ecw ever since it first came to my middle school for one show. i saw many shows, and, seeing lionheart in his old gear, old school ecw lucha libre psicosis vs mysterio, and hardcore match with dreamer, sandman vs dudleys. it was great. the bwo, buelah, and the most famous female from my high shcool, francine, all there. it was awesome. i hope there will be more ecw in the future.
Maynard Rulez wrote:
What a PPV. It was the best PPV of the year thus far, and probably one of the best PPVs i can remember. The only downfall IMO, was Eric, Kurt, and JBL's little promos, and the whole ending with the crusade and what not entering the ring was kind of bad too. Actually everything about those stars being there, as predicted, sucked a big one. The only good thing out of them being there was Heyman and RVD's shoots which where directed at them somewhat...meaning they weren't even responsible for what little good came out of them being there.

Overall though, it was just a blast, and such a fun time. I usually enjoy wrestling, but i didn't just enjoy this PPV, I had A TON of fun watching it. IT was just so great, every match, table,chair, promo(or shoot), everything about the ECW PPV not only reminded me about what ECW was about, but what wrestling use to be like, and what kind of entertainment values it use to produce. The fans where electric, and there energy they were giving off came through the TV screen and washed away all that grit and dirt WWE has been burying me in. I really cant tell where the line is drawn from what Heyman and crew created and what Vince and crew created out of that PPV. Every enjoyable aspect of the PPV almost dripped the essences of ECW and Heyman, and so it leads me to believe he was mostly responsible for it. Every downer, and boring part of the night, the few that there where, just dripped that watered down WWE attitude, and it makes believe Vince and crew where mostly responsible for it. I really dont like Vince, but there's apart that kind of hopes that he had more to do with that PPV then it seemed. Mainly because if he did, MAYBE just MAYBE that means there's a part of vince that still remembers how to put together a wrestling show.
Gregory Harris wrote:
The first 2 matches were nothing to write home about, but the last 1.5 hours kicked butt. This was the best PPV since Foley fought Undertaker on top of the cage in WWE. Just an incredible couple of matches with Tanaka and Awesome being the best. I enjoyed watching the tag match and all the bumps the Dudley's took. The crowd emotion was unreal. The ECW reunion brought back so many memories when WWE was at the top of its game. I heard several fans state please can the lame Smackdown and bring back ECW.
Andrew H wrote:
Im just worried what Vince will do something about the comments about Matt Hardy. I mean when Matt talked about it he got released andwith Paul bringing it up could be bad, but he has also said his contract is up so maybe it wont matter. I hope WWE will finally listen to Mr.PPV and make give him a greatly needed push to hopefully a Heavyweight title. All in all an ok ppv I would have been happy without WWE involved but it was great to see all my heros in wrestling and not idiots like HHH, and other guys that are muscle bound retards in the most water downed organization ever.
nate speckman wrote:
This PPV from top to bottom was fan-fucking-tatstic. I watched it again after it aired and then I watched it all Monday. Every match was superb with some even being considered as match of the year candidates right up there with Angle vs HBK and Shelton and HBK's match from the Gold Rush Tournament. Jericho and Storm put on a great match that showed why Storm is so amazing to someone who only knew the WWE version. The end of that match was a mark out moment for me. I was so glad that Vince didn't have input in this PPV because so many people that were watered down versions of themselves in WWE got a chance to shine like never before and prove why they are where they are. I want to thank Vince and co. for putting this thing together for the fans. It was much appreciated. I also want to thank every ECW star that worked their asses off to not only entertain us but make us feel that this was authentic ECW. The run ins, the shoots, the action, the brawls, the main event, all of it. Many times throughout the night I forgot the WWE had anything to with this PPV and I am not lying. I also want to give big ups to RVD, Paul E., and Joey Styles for speaking their minds and not caring what happens (although Styles has no worries). Heyman talking about Edge and Hardy was awesome. I LOVE Heyman and RVD and Styles. This is the single most greatest PPV ever produced by any company ever. I have more to say but I just watched Tommy Dreamer get put through a flamming table so needless to say I can't think of anything right now except "Oh My God!"

p.s. The RVD-Rhino-Sabu segment rocked my world
Benjamin Trotter wrote:
Been hearing a rumor that WWE is going to make a cross promotional show with a ECW basis & talent. Possibly replacing Experience or the smaller shows, Heat or Velocity. A possible Saturday spot. But there might be also a small possibility that it will modify Smackdown in order to revitalize it. From what I was told, that this is only because that Smackdown has moved its 2 biggest talents over to Raw. Probably showing that Smackdown will be changing.
SRT wrote:
I never watched ECW before, so I bought the PPV to find out what it's all about. I was NOT disappointed at all with "One Night Stand". Watching it changed my life somehow. Mabey because there are no long and boring promos of HHH saying the same thing week after week after week or mabey because there was very little that was actually scripted. Paul Heyman was fantastic out there and seeing him so emotional me made feel emotional. I hope ECW will somehow resurrect because they certainly have found a new fan in me.
Rob Vargas wrote:
Great PPV, probably the best since the late 90's. It will be interesting to see if the WWE just acts like this PPV never happened and do nothing in the story line with it. The highlights of the night were the Sand Man entrance and the Mike Awesome match. If WWE had any sense they would give Mike Awesome a contract. I was never really an ECW fan but after this PPV I wished I watched a lot more it. I am not sure if WWE will take the risk and make an ECW brand but it would be nice to see. I also loved to hear the comments that even in an industry that we thought we heard and seen everything still had me shocked like the JBL champion comment, the reference to the Edge Lita and Matt saga, and Joey Styles making a fool of Eric Bischoff saying he was a horrible commentator as well other possibly uncalled for comments. Just great to know that even after seeing Hulk Hogan and NWO in WWE, the end of WCW, Eric Bischoff on RAW, as well as all the other shocking moments in Wrestling we can still have shock value and great entertainment. I think the true entertainment and surprises are still yet to come!
Patrick J. wrote:
"Oh My God" is what Joey Styles said to start off the show and it gave me absolute Goosebumps. Being a long time ECW fan I was extremely let down with the Pay Per View. Why? Well, first off Raven was not on the card and the WWE really messed up. Shane Douglas was also not on the card and that was not to my liking. Jerry Lynn was also not there and Kid Kash only did a one spot. Plus, Rob Van Dam could not wrestle and that should of told me not to order the Pay Per View, but I did anyways because I just wanted to try and relive the old days. Now, I should of known that I couldn't do that because of the simple fact that the WWE would be there, but if they weren't then the best segment of the night would of never taken place. That is what ECW is about and I loved what Paul E. had to say. On the other hand I did not like them being their because that ruined the end of the show. Now, the start of the show was awesome with Jericho and Storm facing off. It was a great match and when Storm went for the Cradle Piledriver I said "Oh My God" myself. Tajiri versus Guido versus Super Crazy was ok with the one big spot by Crazy. Psicosis versus Rey sucked and was the second worst match of the night. I have a feeling why and it being that Vince didn't want them to get hurt. RVDs promo brought a tear to my eye and I really wished he could of wrestled. Rhyno versus Sabu was great because we got to see Sabu. Chris Beniot versus Eddie Guerrero was the worst match of the night and really pissed me off. I thought for sure that it would of been the match of the night, but once again Vince probably had them hold back so they wouldn't get hurt. Mike Awesome versus Tanaka was the match of the night in my eyes. They put on a great match and that is what Mike Awesome is about. Dudleys versus Dreamer and Sandman was the second best match with a lot of blood and gore. I really enjoyed it. The end sucked ass with Austin coming out and the face started. Taz coming out was awesome, but it sucked that he was only in the picture for like a minute. If the WWE would of been there then it would of been a better Pay Per View with more ECW guys wrestling. We could of saw the BWO fight and many others. I just hope that the WWE gives Paul E. full control of ECW so he can re-open it and run it his way. Thanks Paul E. for the memories.
Nate Dawg wrote:
The ECW pay per view was AMAZING! From top to bottom, never a dull moment. I did however think it was bullshit for the WWE crusaders to even be mentioned. I think it watered the whole event down. I was BLOWN off my feet when The Sandman made his intro. I've been to a concert where they preformed "Enter Sandman" and I've NEVER heard anything like that. Not even at the concerts can the ENTIRE crowd sing EVERY word. Maybe the main chorus, but every single word I was amazed! I thought that the ending of the Dreamer-Sandman vs. Dudleyz was kinda under done. I think they should have let the table stay lit for a while longer before powerbombing Tommy. But all and all the pay per view was amazing! And in the words of Paul Heyman it definatly was "E....C....FUCKING....W!"
Markbailey75 wrote:
ive just watched o.n.s.and it was sick i only watched it on sky sports but it was still good ive never been a fan of ecw but that night changed my view on them thank you ecw for bringing back passion for wrestling from the fans.
Wes Martinez wrote:
All in all, I thought it was a pretty good pay-per-view. It wasn't ECW, but it was definitely very damn close. One of my only complaints is that the camera-work was very WWE quality--instead of just a couple camera men (as is ECW tradition), there were like, five. Another big complaint is that a lot of the matches seemed very short--namely the Three Way Dance, although Super Crazy's moonsault was awesome... just happened a bit too early in the match, in my opinion.

My take for match of the night was definitely Sandman and Dreamer vs. The Dudleys. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw that table lit on fire. That match was truly ECW.

Also, I loved RVD and Paul E.'s shoot interviews. Me and my friend just jumped up when Paul said "MATT FREAKING HARDY!" to Edge... I just hope Paul doesn't get in trouble, since the WWE seems to have been trying in vain to cover up that issue. But hey, maybe it was scripted, who knows. All I know is that this was one of the best damn PPV's I've seen in quite a while.
Clay (New Zealand) wrote:
All I can say is DAMM watched it on ppv and man was it great - seeing ecw was great and the hall they had it in was great !!

My highlights were mainly the crowd to "F" bishoff and the reaction heyman got from shooting his promo it was great to see someone speak the truth hehe and joey styles play by play man that guy speaks from the heart !!

I would have liked the ending to be different with heyman coming to the ring and celebrating with the ecw boys instead of stone cold and heyman taking out uncle eric hehe
Mario Carter wrote:
I believe that it is extremely illogical for the WWE to be promoting this vile brand of wrestling known as ECW while they're other wrestlers who could be using much-needed pushes. It was a disgusting form of wrestling that consisted of overly violent matches, lewd storylines and tasteless gimmicks. While other promotions have had hardcore divisions, few had the sheer violence of wrestlers gashing their opponents with barbwire surrounding the ring, explosives being set off, setting tables on fire, using cheese graters, applying staplers and cutting someone with an exacto knife.

This is certainly not the type of wrestling that such great legends like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Bruno Sammartino and Ric Flair would ever be participants. These wrestlers were true competitors and not mere entertainers that were willing to decimate their bodies just to hear rabbid fans shout the letters of their promotion. They didn't need to engage in matches and storylines where they could provide brief moments of fun. They relied on their pure wrestling talent.

Although wrestling has changed and devolved somewhat, it has never lowered itself to the level of ECW. The " Hot Lesbian Action" gimmick and " Kane murdering Katie Vick" storyline were not nearly as grotesque as the ECW "crucifixation" angle. I believe it is certainly time for a return to traditional wrestling.
Grant Cook wrote:
As a Loyal ECW fan from the UK and living on ECW from trading tapes and buying them off the internet, this PPV was real chance 2 see it live on TV. It turned out to be a UnFNBelievble event certainly better than most WWE Events recently! Great to see Awesome V Tanaka again and Paul E doing what he does best create controversey It was well worth stayin up to 1am for! ECW 4 Life!!
Joe L. wrote:
I literally eat my words. I thought that the WWE would do the intolerable and systematically ruin the experience and execution of the ECW pay-per-view. But after watching it, I stood at awe at what I just witnessed. There was absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that was unauthentic or valueless about the PPV. It ended up exactly what I wanted and what the ECW fans wanted. And after doing nothing but bitching', moaning and nagging, so have most of the fans on wrestling websites.

This was one of the most perfectly booked and intensely heated shows I had ever seen since the Canadian Stampede 1997. If the match quality didn't deliver, so what? This was one of the shows where the atmosphere, the experience and the nostalgia become the true factors of a great pay-per-view and not the wrestling in the ring. This show was like WrestleMania III, where it featured an enormous amount of worthless filler but still consisted of a tremendous atmosphere and a sense of wonder that engulfs us in a way no other wrestling fan has ever felt throughout their entire lives.

ECW was about diversity, attitude and the complete opposite of what the other big promotions dished out. One Night Stand was the visualization of those three subjects. Nostalgia at its finest, One Night Stand may not be the greatest pay-per-view of all time but I'll be damned if it's not considered a contender. Order the replay now!

Now all of you, with me now: E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!
Joe Green wrote:
So far this year, I would have said that ECW One Night Stand was the best Pay-Per-View that I have seen. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome was so cool, it even looked as if it was actually a Tables Match. These 2 guys went at each other until one had enough and coludn't continue. Which in the end was Tanaka giving Mike Awesome an incredible victory. I thought that the end was the funniest bit. Eric Bishoff didn't know what had hit him. One thing I was most excited to see was the impromptu encounter between Sabu and Rhyno. Just an awesome match. My favourite of them all though was the main event. Dreamer will need a lot of stiches after that match. This is who glad I was and how enjoyed I was too. ECW One Night Stand - 10 out of 10
paul casey wrote:
i thought ECW one night stand was teh best ppv since ECW went out of buisiness. To be totally honest with you WWE doesnt cut it nowadays, and with the whole draft thing i hope they shift all the wwe stars to raw and make smackdown ECW. WWE payper views seem to have sucked recently and it was true what RVD said, ECW doesnt even need a storyline. the show was amazing, and would only have been better if the wrestlers had been more active recently, i feel that was the only factor that let the show down. other than that , it was top drawer. And if it was only one night stand i'm gonna be gutted. I was in a house watching it woith people who dont regularly watch wrestling and to qoute all of them "if wrestling was like this i would watch it all the time" but as ECW has had its one night stand its back to boring old raw and whack ass smackdown. since that is teh only wrestling televised over here.
Jasper Sha wrote:
There isn't much to say that everyone else hasn't already said in a more enthusiastic tone. But I honestly believe that it doesn't get much better than that. There was an emotion there that I haven't seen in awhile. An honesty that wasn't storyline compelled, wrestling that wasn't forced but flowed, and fan reaction that was more touching and interested than I have seen. It felt good to watch something that drew you in solely because of the people and not because of story. I bet you this is one of the rare times in watching wrestling that you were absolutely thrilled to see "heels" rush in and interfere. You were overjoyed at a promo which was scathing and honest yet rang true with how you felt. If ECW were never to ressurect again, you could at least fall asleep feeling okay about it. I'll say it one more time...It doesn't get better than this. Even though Vince put a minor hand into the dealings of this PPV and gave it a slight WWE feeling, thank you for at least giving us a chance to have this experience and not making it a shoddy knockoff.
Héctor A. Vásquez wrote:
Good day - I watched the PPV and although I loved most of the action that went on that night, I feel it was too WWE-ish. The fact that the WWE wrestlers showed up, really bugged me. I would have loved for it to be a 100% ECW like the good ol' times. I was able to sense the more orchestrated outcomes and events in a typical WWE fashion. I wished Vince and his writers would keep ECW away from its pollution of excessive story lines. I missed good ol' plain tough men wrestling each other, without a script. Like ECW used to be.
Bryan Draper wrote:
I was very unhappy that the wrestlers used so much curse words when it was only rated tv-14-dlv. it should have been rated R.not very good roll models on the kids.
gladys geyer wrote:
I think the one night stand was pretty awesome especially when the WWE crusaders got their buts kicked by the ECW Roster. The one thing that could be better is the first match between Lance Storm and "Lion heart" Chris Jericho where the match ended with the impact players interfering and hit Jericho with a kendo stick. It would have been better if Lance Storm got the kendo stick and beat the crap out of Jericho instead of just one little cheap shot. Now I know why the WWE fans called Lance Storm boring, because he truly is BORING.
"The Bullet" Jake Raynor wrote:
OH MY GOD!!! One Night Stand was the best WWE brand PPV I've ever seen. It's my joint fave PPV with TNA Final Resolution, TNA Lockdown & CZW Tournament Of Death in 2003. When Joey Styles came out to tremendous cheers and was close to tears and screamed out OH MY GOD!!!! (Joey Styles = best announcer ever). The Lance Storm v Chris Jericho match was great and was particularly good as it was the opener and the stand off got great cheers. Lance Storm is stil great in the ring and the finish was well done with Justin Credible and the kendo stick. The memorial was a great reminder of the great ECW wrestlers who have passed on over the years. The three way dance was in my opinion the best of the night. The moonsault by Super Crazy was CRAZY!!! Little Guido was eliminated well after the Whippersnapper and Super Crazy got and deserved the win over Tajiri. The luchadore match between Rey Mysterio and Psicosis would've been more enjoyable if the fans hadn't had booed the atmousphere and made everything look wrong which includes booing the 619 (why the hell?) but the match had a few good spots like the Psycho Guillotine Leg Drop but probably the worst of the night. SD! and Raw arrived and funny things happened. The RVD promo was great and the Sabu v Rhyno match was a HUGE shock, I didn't even think Sabu would be on the show after what happened 2 days ago. The finish of the match was great with RVD coming in and kicking the chair in Rhynos face even with his knee injury. The Benoit v Guerrero match was OK it definately wasn't the best though, but it was a good technical bout between the two greatest technical wrestlers that WWE has to offer today. The Awesome v Tanaka match was one of the best on the card, it was brutal and had an absolutely great finsh with the Awesome Bomb through a table outside the ring from inside the ring. The Paul Heyman promo was the best promo of the year 2005 so far, ha ha "Hide your wives... IT'S EDGE!" was funny and so was "Matt frickin' Hardy" because Edge thought Heyman was talking about Kane. The main event was gruesome and close to being too gruesome for me! The finish was BRILLIANT and SHOCKING (I loved Sandmans entrance). The brawl was quite funny as Austin started it up. Sandma said when Dreamer had been powerbombed through the flamming table he went to check on Dreamer and said "Could somebody please get me a beer" instead of asking for help. The show was great, I like many others wish it wasn't just a One Night Stand but the chances of an ECW reunion are slim although there have been rumours of making One Night Stand a yearly event.
Marcus Riley wrote:
I started watching ECW in 1997 and I loved it. It was so sad to see it go out of business was terrible. I loved the ECW "One Night Stand" it was phenomenal! Seeing Dreamer go crashing through a flaming table was a classic. My favorite match had to be the main event. All the blood and gore was awesome. Plus I loved the Rhino VS Sabu match. Absolute classic! To see Sabu jump of a chair again since TNA is awesome. I can't wait to see Super Crazy in WWE and I hope WWE signs some more ECW superstars!
docboombox wrote:
ECDUB! ECDUB! ECDUB! ECDUB! Weve been hearing it for yearz and it finally became a reality on sunday June 12th.And i do hope we havent seen the last of it.Unfortunately we did see the last of Tommy Dreamer az it waz announced that it waz going to be hiz last match ever.But I see it like thi if the Rolling Stonez and KISS can tell their fanz its over n keep comun back Im sure Tommy will too.The whole PPV had its ups n downz.Like the whole bleeping for the F word that got really annoying.And there were rumorz that Terry Funk n New Jack were gonna be there but they werent n that waz another downer.But all n all a great PPV n hopefully not the last.ECDUB........ not just 4ever but 4life!Keep the revolution alive!
will oconnor wrote:
that ppv rocked so freaki'n hard. the pest part in my opinion was when tazz choked out kurt angle. its to bad angle got traded to raw. i know if he had stayed with smackdown, tazz would had fought him. the only part that sucked was when danny doring got cut off by the "ECW killers". there just chumps and they know they cant beat some1 from EC F'n W
InglewoodMadAss wrote:
There were a few times during ECW's One Night Stand that I had to fight back the emotion that ran through my body. What a night!!ECW is what wrestling needs.It is quite clear in one night what kind of permanent stamp the "boys from the bingo hall" made.One night is not enough.Fans and workers need "The Whole F'N Show" and only Extreme Championship Wrestling cabn give the fans that at this time. Are you listening, Vince?
Dennis from Germany wrote:
Along with WM XXI this was the only PPV I ordered on German Pay TV and man, it really payed off! This event was amazing! I was a little bit sick and tired of this WWE stuff - always the same song and dance, nothing new, nothing surprising. I always been an E-C-Dub fan and really enjoyed One Night Stand - it had the perfect mix of real Hardcore Wrestling (Tanaka vs. Awesome and the Main Event ruled!), the right athmosphere (the fans blew off the roof, the Sandman entrance was phenomenal!, the E-C-Dub and Holy Sh.. chants send shivers down my spine!), perfect shoots (RVD and Heyman) and personal memories. Every involved Wrestler gave his best (event though Benoit vs. Guerrero wasn´t as good as it looked on paper, both wrestled a little bit too much WWE style) and especially Joey "Oh my God!" Styles did an excellent job! After all, this was the best PPV of the last years and I hope WWE realized what Wrestling fans all over the world really want: bring back E-C-Dub!! Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, WWE and every involved Wrestler/Commentator/other - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ONE OF THE BIGGEST WRESTLING PPVs EVER!
Brad Dykens wrote:
  • Results from a Poll on which of these shows you expect to do a better buy rate for the month.. ~~~~~ECW One Night Stand 92.6%
    ~~~~~WWE Vengeance 7.4%

    jay bradbury wrote:
    First let me start off by saying WOW, that PPV was amazing. As a true ECW fan I'm glad to see Joey Styles call the action, only problem I had was Mick Foley joining him, I think they should have had Joel Gertner as the second announcer. The matches were awesome, another problem the WWE Music, they should of used there ECW themes...but I am not mad...and that commerical for the WWE PPV (I won't name it, this is an ECW fourm) was uncalled for, this was an ECW event. Glad the Dudley Boyz got hardcore, glad Mike Awesome got the tables, glad the BWO was there, glad that ECW was back for one night. Paul Heyman thank you from the bottom of ECW fans hearts his promo was great, RVD you are the "Whole Fucking Show" and to the rest of the ECW Wrestlers thank you....ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW
    phenominal deadman (uk) wrote:
    Well worth staying up for ! from the battle of the thrillseekers, to the shoots from both RVD and Paul Heyman, to the Main event and ending with the stone cold stunner to Eric Bishoff. I couldn't help but to stay up and watch it again and then I was able to catch the encore presentation and enjoyed watching the era of extreme again !

    This show was not about rivals,storyline's or titles, but about the legacy of Extreme Championship Wrestling ------ Long Live ECW !
    Will Snyder wrote:
    I absolutely loved One Night Stand. I'm only 18, but I've been watching wrestling every since I was a baby and this was by far the greatest wrestling spectacle I have ever seen. Every match on the card was absolutely perfect and I hope that WWE will see this opportunity to do another ECW PPV next year, or possibly earlier.

    Paul Heyman is officially my hero, because only he would have the guts to break kayfabe as much as he did, by attacking both Edge and JBL. His shoot promo I think will go down as one of the greatest in our time.

    I saw ECW: One Night Stand at Hooters, where its free, and as soon as Stone Cold's music hit every single person, even the ones not there to see the PPV stood on there feet and starting yelling at the top of thier lungs. I will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out and I only pray the WWE will be smart and run with this for a little while.
    Jack Malone wrote:
    I had very mixed opinions of the show. On one hand, the majority of the action was great. Sabu vs Rhyno, Awesome vs Tanaka, Storm vs Jericho, Crazy vs Tajiri vs Guido and especially the tag team main event. I admittedly marked out for the flaming table. However, the rest of the matches were somewhat of a disappointment. Gurrearo vs Benoit was a solid match but not really ECW style and Mysterio vs Psicosis was far too short and slow to be considered a success. I also had mixed feelings towards the various promos. RVD's promo was top notch, it really reminded me of what he used to be back in ECW and as for Heyman's shoots, well, I words cannot describe my excitement at hearing those words. True genius. Then again, the WWE's involvement in the show was completely unnecessary. This was a re-union show at heart and the WWE invasion really added nothing to the show except for eating up precious minutes with long promos, which evidently bored the fans. The final battle was also a let down, you'd think after so much build up a little more effort would have gone into it. It really felt like an anticlimax. Even the last beatdown on Bischoff lacked intensity. Plus, Steve Austin really wasn't needed on the show. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember him ever being a MAJOR part of ECW, yet he took on the lead role among the ECW resistance. Overall, a solid show, marred in several areas. I'll give it 8/10.
    L.J. A. C. wrote:
    The night started good and ended good.Eric Bischoff being abandoned by his crusade.I did not know the Blue Meanie was overweight again.That surprised me.Blue World Order is the best faction ever in my opinion.It was great to watch ECW again after 5 years.If ECW did return it would bring in money.Because I'm sure almost all WWE fans loved ECW.I did.I wish they would make another video game just ECW.It would sell big time.The only crappy thing about the PPV is some good wrestlers who didn't show up.Like New Jack, hey what you know New Jack's the only guy that is great that didn't show up.A few people hardly anyone knows like Judge Jeff Jones,Lou E. Dangerously,Vic Grimes(was a fan of him in XPW),and i think that's it.Now I missed some of it(like 30 minutes) but i think they didn't show up.Well that's it for me.I'm sorry if it's not good but i spoke my mind
    Ali B wrote:
    Goddamn, awesome PPV. I can only hope to see WWE pull off more stuff like this with their own divisions - perhaps even more ECW matches?

    I'll agree, the Psicosis - Rey match wasn't too good, surprised at the boos coming after the sleeper (but I guess it was to be expected for slowing it down), but still should have been more crazy-ass moves and spots. To the guy who said Psi doesn't 'have a lot of lucha libre in him', totally wrong. Check out some of his WCW matches, great stuff.

    The rest of the matches were great, although a little short. But overall, it was like ECW never left. The same old memories and gimmicks - missed having Lynn, Raven etc not there, but hey - the other talent more than made up for it. Loved the shoot promos, what was that about RVD not having mic skills? --- Overall, excellent PPV. 4.5/5
    phil of NZ wrote:
    well it was as i imagined it, very violent,bloody,and the best hardcore action that money could buy. --- I'm from new zealand and we love our wrestling over here, we get ours off Sky Box Office PPV and its all worth it, i hope it goes back into business and we see more of it on RAW and Smackdown or Just on its own ECDUB ECDUB ECDUB!!!!!!!!!
    Simon wrote:
    EC F'N W, the classic hellacious hardcore mayhem lives on & that's obvious from the reaction following the One Night Stand pay-per-view. Loved the Rob Van Dam promo, really hit home to the crowd when he talked about WWE limiting his vocabulary to "whatever" & "cool". Yeah, the attack by Rhyno seemed irrational, but it was for the better when Sabu arrived. The Arabian Nightmare showed some classic & innovative moves. Loved it when he took to the air & even when he hit the simple leg drop off the chair, it still kept the crowd roaring. But defiantly the Arabian Skullcrusher through the table was the most classic moment of that match. Joey Style's shouts of "OH MY GOD" said it all. RVD really did seem to want to peform for the crowd & put his contribution in with the dropkick with the chair to Rhyno's face. The main event was epic though. Dreamer through a burning table. Hell, the old ECW days came flooding back. Sandman's entrance was another thing, also epic. The 'WWE Crusaders' to be seemed a pointless angle. I mean, look, they had the most limited cruisaders because half the WWE roster are in some way connected to ECW. The One Night Stand, for me was a huge success. Only thing that annoyed me about it was how much better it could have been if it had included past ECW stars like Raven, Terry Funk, Jerry Lynn. It would also have been nice to see more of Tazz and Stone Cold. But the thing the would have made it for me would be if RVD was well enough to perform at his best.
    Brodie Pullar wrote:
    That PPV was awsome, not only did ECW make a kick ass return but a lot of my old favourite wrestlers returned for the action filled night. my favourite matches where Mike Awesome v.s. Masato Tanaka (even if i was cheering for Masato it was still a badd ass match) and Tajiri v.s. Super crazy v.s. Little guido (with heeps of high flying action and spectacular moves even if i cheered for Tajiri and Super crazy won). i hope the ECW makes a fully televised return to the wrestling industry.
    Mike"Bodybender"Hoffman wrote:
    I thought the show was great and the fans were on fire,seeing once again the Legends of Ecw do what they do best:Organized Mayhem. This was a great show,and its only sad that this great promotion,where so many became Stars is no longer with us today.If everyone buys the Dvd of the show,and Vince continues to lose money on the Wwe,lets hope we will one day see Ecw again. To see The Dudleys and Rvd's speech was great,the only thing which ruined it,was Jbl's attack on the Meanie,which was a sad point for the fraternity of Wrestling.
    adam wrote:
    I have always been an ECW fan. One Night Stand was by far a great pay-per-view. The best match would be, in my opinion, was the Awesome/Tanaka match. I like the intensity and and willingness of both athletes. Hugh fan of RVD! The Whole F**king Show. God Bless.....ECW,ECW,ECW!!!!!!
    Nick Zell (Madison, Mississippi) wrote:
    I don't ever really buy WWE ppv's, not even Wrestlemania, because they are too expensive, and in my opinion, not even worth it. I knew "One Night Stand" was going to be different though, so I ordered it, and let me tell you, I watched it all day long while it was ordered, and I am going to buy the DVD I loved it so much. When the Sandman came out with Tommy Dreamer and all the fans were singing Metallica's "Enter Sandman" that was just the coolest thing I had ever seen and shows their continuing bond with their fans. The PPV would have been so much better if the RAW and Smackdown!'s Anti-ECW superstars had absolutely nothing to do with the show, and let ECW have their final moment in the sun.

    God Bless You Paul Heyman, you are the only man in the business who knows, and goes by what the fans want.
    sandra allan wrote:
    WWE's presence ruined the show. It just shows you Vince will advertise and plug where he can. After seeing 12 WWE plugs on SD! it was supposed to be a break from them but alas it just had to be ruined. Stone Colds stunner ruined the show and truly showed that ECW now belongs to WWE. '

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