The High Spot: Is This Really About Chris Benoit?
February 24, 2004 by Joseph Bachman

"I think it's exposed our business in ways that it never should have. I'm all for our fans feeling that they're part of something. But, I think that what happens with the internet is that you have a certain group of fans that exclude everyone else and they try to become part of something that they're not. I think most don't appreciate what we do and think they can do it better."

-Glenn Jacobs AKA: Kane

"By learning MORE about the business and behind the scenes we know your workload and for most wrestlers have come to appreciate wrestlers MORE..Stupid."


In this edition of The High Spot I look at the WWE's responsibility to the internet and where Chris Benoit stands on Raw. Firstly, let me congratulate Victoria on her women's title win, for once a smart move by King Vince.

So from the insider's perspective it seems that Triple H and Shawn Michaels are playing the political pot yet again. Like 2 kids frantically racing others to be in line first for free candy the two last members of the Klique in the WWE has shown me at least that the main event at Wrestlemania 20 is better off WITHOUT Chris Benoit...

Why make this horrendus remark? ANTI-smark you could say statement? Simple. They told us. It's the sense I get when Triple H looks DOWN at Chris Benoit like he was an upstart OVW newcomer. Chris Benoit hasn't accomplished anything right? He's fought and won tournaments in Japan, has wrestled in different federations, been all over the world, he has been called the most technically sound wrestler today and one of the greatest of all time. 19 years of hard work, sweat, blood, tears, injuries and now he FINALLY can capture the world title for which he deserves!

What? ...Triple H says no? Whoops! Sorry! Here's what you have in store! You will come out and challenge for a title that will just HAVE to be carried by Shawn Michaels with you in your Wrestlemania match. He will interupt your promo with Triple H about how "the feud between HHH/HBK is not over by far" and then HBK will SUPERKICK you on the spot! Next week you will wrestle Shawn Michaels in a great match only to LOSE that as well as Triple H points and laughs at you AND the fans because Triple H no longer has to wrestle on Raw anymore. You might get a quick crossface on The Nose and hey! Batista agreed to job to you! Now as Triple H and Shawn Michaels build their feud with you in it sometimes, doesn't it make you feel apart of the match? Now Triple H might not even job to you as planned because it's Wrestlemania 20 and it's not about pleasing the millions of fans who have forked out 50 bucks to watch 5 hours of repressment, it's about TRIPLE H.

I sit and watch RVD and Booker T fall victim to "writers block" hehe, as they mindlessly take a tag team title that has lost its image ever since La Resistance lost it, whatever happened to La Resistance? Rico? Hurricane? Lance Storm? I KNOW! Could it be that Vince McMahon has to make time for HIMSELF!? Of course! We've only seen Vince 234,970 times, why not more? I LOVE watching Vince McMahon beat down Eric Bischoff because he has to remind us who "won" the Monday Night Wars, and we just HAVE to see Stacy and Jackie take on Torrie and Sable in a pointless match just so guys who watch Wrestlemania alone can happlity jack off and thank the WWE for more mindless television!

Wait. Chris Benoit. Yes. If only Chris Benoit was on Smackdown! he could probably win a world title. Let's sort through the egos on Smackdown!...uhh...hmm, Brock? No, no, anyone who can dress up in a sombrero and dance the mariachi and then lose to the guy he was mocking next week can't be that bad. Kurt Angle? Well he's been putting guys over since he got here. The Undertaker has been known to help people backstage, Eddie Guerrero is good to work with...hmm. Yeah, it seems the Ego's landed on Raw. Goldberg, (if he even makes an apperance on Smackdown) Triple H, HBK, Vince McMahon...WOW! Let me re-ask the columns title. Is ANYTHING about ANYONNE besides Shawn Michaels and Triple H? ----- No.

by Joseph Bachman (

So I guess we have to get used to it. Will I see my personal fav Chris Jericho ever win a world title again? Probably not. Booker T? Rob Van Dam? Hell, even Chris Benoit is in question...

So when Glenn Jacobs makes the point that the internet exposed parts of the business it never should have, I say you're brainwashed by King Vince. We embraced our passion and I don't see the WWE giving anything back. Damn, how hard is it to keep a secret? The information we get only helps us understand. The wrestler interviews, pictures, fan reports, you want to keep it a secret? Keep it to yourself. It's hard when you hear the internet tell you one thing, and then it DOES happen on Raw, and when you start putting two and two together it makes even more sense.

For all I know, Triple H, PAUL, could be the kindest, easiest to work with, smallest ego, and hardest worker in the business; but when I see the ridiculously long title reign tried to be passed off as a "dynasty", wrestlers who are in line for title wins who suddenly "fall short" at the last moment, a wrestler who rarely even wrestles anymore. I'm supposed to believe he is the absolute best for the company right now? Somebody write me a re-buttle, tell me I'm wrong...Next week though, nothing will change, it will still be the Paul Levesque (HHH) & Michael Higgenbottom (HBK) show and Chris Benoit will still be the third wheel, in the endless empire we call the WWE. Until then, I'm out.

Wes Cianchette writes:
Dear Mr. Bachman I can't help but agree with you. I am extremly glad someone has finally voiced my concerns, in regards to one of the greatest in history, Chris Benoit. The so called dynasty of Triple H is something of a misleading name. It is torture, pure and simple. I believe that King Vince's idea of a good heel champion, is to simply talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. He talks about how he has beaten the best, and how he's always come out on top. How he has beaten the odds. Well, he may have in the past, but as we all know, wrestling fans have notourisly short memories, he does not do it now, and he has not done it in sometime. As a huge wrestling fan, I want to see a champion prove the fact that he is the best. You don't do that by sending your wanna be Four Horse man to save you, or pull out a sledge hammer. You prove it by wrestling, and beating, you prove it by doing what the marquee says "Wrestling". I guess its a fringe benefit to be champ and not wrestle when your banging the princess of the McMahan empire. Benoit is a man who has constantly gone out everynight and proven that is his a force to be reckoned with. He constantly shows innner anger and a fierce intensity whenever he is in the ring. Which is often. He constantly reminds us of what he is capable of. With Triple H, we have to take a guess. And he usually fails to deliever, if it were not for his awesome entrance music, and the fact that Flair follows him everywhere like an old dog, I would not even bother standing up when he came out. I have to feel and say that the choice to move Benoit to RAW was both good and bad. Good because it finally helped to inject an extremely good athelete and a solid piece of talent onto a program that simply fails to deliever much of the time. Bad move because, you are burying a great star, in a mess of mis-matched talent and extensive storylines. Part of Benoit's attraction, is that fact that he can tell a story simply through his ring work. And his stories will always leave you breathless. On the mic, he is not the greatest interview, yet he has improved much in his time in the WWE. On the mic, Benoit is the type of interview that he believes a wrestler should be. In other words, he is very stale in his talk toward an opponent, he rarley goes to the audience and illicites them into a chant or anything like that. This type of interview does not fit him, yet I can tell you the office pushes him to use this much of the time. The times when he is the best on the mic, is when he talks about his sacrifics he's made to get where he is, when he talks about essientailly himself. For instance, the interview after the Royal Rumble match with Kurt Angle in 03, I never had more respect for the man. That was one of the greatest interviews ever by him. On smackdown, when he was made to do such an interview, Heyman helped him by proding him into that. Heyman may play a scoundrel, but dammit he is the best, and in my opinoin a huge reason why Smackdown is the best reason to stay at home Thursday nights. On RAW, Benoit is literally shoved out on the mic in front of the crowd. I feel for him, because I see a great wrestler, a man I respect, a man who should be champion. Scratching his brain and racking it, to see what will get over with the crowd. That should not be, Triple H is a practiced hand at this game, because he's done it over and over again. I am not doubting his past ring work, which at times can be quite exciting to watch. Yet there are other times when it is just horriable (Steiner and Goldberg to name a few). I also believe it is a slap in the face of the Royal Rumble match itself with Benoit being put into a triple threat match. He won the match, he is the most deserving, he should be in the main event one on one with Triple H. I would love to see HHH get taken to school by Benoit. Yet this is not going to happen, because we must endure a long,deep dramatic storyline that dates back to the days of the WWF and the klique. Needless to say I am angered by this, but what can I do? But watch Wrestlemania

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