The Good The Bad The Ugly
September 10, 2003 by Joseph Huber

Hi. In the short amount of time I have been following the WWE I wanted a forum to post my opinions. This column is the perfect place to do so. After all, I am becoming Obsessed With Wrestling so what better site to write a column for that obsession then this site? This column is my weekly review/recap and opinions on RAW, Smackdown, Velocity, Heat, Confidential and other WWE progams (PPV's depending on if I see them or not).

RAW 9/8/2003.

Match # 1 Kane/RVD Cage match

The Good: RVD won! Wait no he didn't. Eric Bischoff came out and declared that he did not win because technically he didn't climb over the top of the cage or go through the door.

The Bad: RVD got bloody & got carried out on a stretcher.

The UGLY: Was that throw through the cage part of the storyline or did the cage really give? Was RVD really hurt there at the end after being thrown through the cage? Hard to tell if it was part of the story or not. Actually did a good job of seeming real if it was all set up. If it's not realy are they going to actually sell the injury this time or are they going to do like they did with Linda McMahon & Kane and not even bother selling the injury?

Winner = Kane

Match Grade = B. The reality of it made it seem like a better match. Would have gotten an A if it showcased RVD's skills more.

Match # 2 - Lance Storm vs Rico

The Good - Goldust is actually helping to add character to an otherwise boring Lance Storm. Lance got a pop from the crowd when he kissed Jackie after she tried to interfere when Lance was going to the top rope. That kiss looked fun. Lance actually smiled afterwards and you can't blame him. Getting paid to kiss a beautiful woman can't be bad.

The Bad - Rico came off rather weak after some impressive wins. J.R & Jerry talk a little too much about other things rather then what is going on in the ring.

The UGLY - Lance's celebration dance proves white men can't dance. It was rather funny though. That celebration dance afterwards couldn't be described any better. It was still funny but U-G-L-Y.

Winner = Lance Storm

Match Grade = A. Surprisingly this one was entertaining.

Match # 3 - Gail Kim & Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus & Jacqueline.

The Good - Trish held her own during her part of the match and helped make Kim & Molly more credible as heels.

The Bad - Jacqueline didn't do much in this match and came off rather weak.

The UGLY - Poor lovely Trish getting double DDT'd after the match. Gail & Molly got the better of Trish again.

Winners = Gail Kim & Molly Holly.

Match Grade = B. Gail & Molly seem to be getting the better of Trish lately.

Match # 4 - La Resistance, Rob Conway, Mark Henry & Rodney Mack Vs all three Dudley Boyz, the Hurricane & Rosey.

The Good - Hurricane added some flair to this match and the Dudleys seemed to be doing pretty well til the end.

The Bad - Dudley's lose again.

The UGLY - Spike hitting his head on the table. Ouch. Hope he is ok. He is one tough little guy.

Winners - La Resistance, Rob Conway, Mark Henry & Rodney Mack

Match Grade = B. Surprisingly the interest level rose with the additions of Hurricane/Spike & others.

Match # 5 - Scott Steiner vs Steven Richards

The Good - Stacy baby!

The Bad - The match if you can call it that. It was truly boring.

The UGLY - Test saying that Steiner will be his bitch after he loses at Unforgiven.

Match # 6 - Goldberg & Randy Orton vs HHH & Ric Flair

The Good - Goldberg took on all 3 members of Evolution.

The Bad - Goldberg got beat and bloody.

The UGLY - Can you even call this a match? I would have preferred a real match instead of another beatdown like Summerslam. I felt ripped off by this.

Match Grade - F. If this was a real match, with Goldberg having a real partner, instead of a "setup" it would at least have gotten a B or A.

RAW Grade for the night - A-. Despite some boring moments it was made up for by some things being either funny or surprising. A couple feuds/storylines seemed to take a step up a notch or two. The show overall was interesting enough to stay tuned despite Monday Night Football. Biggest disappointment was that Goldberg/HHH was not a "real" match but a "setup" by Evolution.

Best wrestlers/personalities of the night - Stone Cold, Goldberg, Lance Storm, Y2J, JR, Jerry Lawler, Goldust, Hurricane.

Worst wrestlers/personalities of the night - Kane, Eric Bischoff, Jacqueline, Christian, Shane, Steve Richards, Coach, Al Snow.

That's the Good, The Bad & The UGLY, for now.........

by Joseph Huber -------


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