The Good The Bad The Ugly
September 17, 2003 by Joseph Huber

Smackdown 9/11 - Nice tribute to the victims of 9-11 to start off the show.

Match # 1 - Tajiri & Nunzio Vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio
The Good - Rey Mysterio had the crowd popping as usual.
The Bad - Mysterio got pinned.
The UGLY - Mysterio got a kick to the head from Tajiri.
Winners - Tajiri & Nunzio def. Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio
Match Grade - A

Match # 2 - Shaniqua vs Dawn Marie
The Good - Dawn Marie was hot. Torrie Wilson was hot. Liked the chair hit from Torrie to Shaniqua.
The Bad - Shaniqua beats Dawn.
The UGLY - Any other way to describe Shaniqua would be.......Uncivilized. Is she Shaq's sister?
Winner - Shaniqua def. Dawn Marie via DQ
Match Grade - B

Match # 3 - Chris Benoit vs Rhyno
The Good - Chris Benoit carried this match very well. Had some good moves and ended exciting with the crossface.
The Bad - A-Train interfered.
The UGLY - A-Train = UGLY. Maybe he would be a good match for Shaniqua.
Winner - Chris Benoit def. Rhyno via submission
Match Grade - A

Match # 4 - Eddie Guerrero vs John Cena in a Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl
The Good - This feud is pretty nice.
The Bad - I would have preferred this match in the ring.
The UGLY - I think these two are good enough to not need any gimmicks. They really get the crowd going and I would prefer to see this match in front of a LIVE crowd.
Winner - Eddie Guerrero frog splash onto a car for the pin.
Match Grade - B

Match # 5 - APA vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
The Good - Surprisingly this match was watchable despite not liking any of the wrestlers involved.
The Bad - Pretty boring wrestlers overall.
The UGLY - Come on a black butler? And WWE wonders why it always gets accused of racism?
Winners - A.P.A
Match Gradee - B

Match # 6 - Brock Lesnar vs Stephanie McMahon
The Good - Stephanie looked good. Does that count?
The Bad - With all the good talent on Smackdown the "creative team" continues to come up with "matches" like this.
The UGLY - Whoever thought this match up (along with A-Train/Stephanie, Brock/Zach, and other stupid matches of the sort, should be fired.
Winner - Brock Lesnar & Stephanie McMahon competed to a no contest
Match Grade - F

Smackdown Grade Overall - B (would have been an A if not for the Mullets and the bad ending).
The Good - Rey Mysterio as usual got props from the crowd.
The Bad - Show cut short due to Mullets.
The UGLY - The endings have been UGLY lately.

Velocity Review:

World's Greatest Tag Team vs Funaki & Ultimo Dragon.
The Good - Ultimo Dragon was cool and Funaki was impressive. Ultimo showed some promise but will he live up to the hype?
The Bad - Ultimo has a nice costume but his colors seem to suck. He should look at Mysterio and try copying the color scheme.
The UGLY - No other matches on Velocity were worth reviewing. This was Smackdown quality match. The only one on Velocity worthy of that title this week.
Winners - Worlds Greatest Tag Team.
Match Grade - A

Velocity Review Overall Grade - C.
Computer problems wiped out my original reviews and the other matches were not worth rewatching and re-grading. Only the last match helped make this show watchable.

Confidential Review:

Superstar Billy Graham interview part 2.
The Good - Billy Graham comes across as a nice guy these days. He admits to taking steroids long before coming to the WWF.
The Bad - You have to wonder why Billy lied about the steroids 10 years ago and why he is "coming clean" now? I think Vince has something to do with this and it is all a coverup of some form.
The UGLY - Seeing the condition steroids put Billy Graham in was pretty ugly. A surefire warning to not do steroids. I can't help but think Vince is trying to do everything in his power to rid himself of the blame of steroid use. I wouldn't doubt if he really were responsible and Billy Graham is taking the blame (maybe Vince is slipping him some cash to help out).

Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia
The Good - Nice seeing two superstars outside the ring hanging out and doing something together.
The Bad - Segment cut short. Could have been longer because Tazz's segment sucked.
The UGLY - Looking down from the top of the bridge was enough to make me queezy. I can't imagine actually being there.

Stacy Keibler Photoshoot.
The Good - HOT HOT HOT.
The Bad - Bad Stacy! Spanking time!
The UGLY - How dare you say that word around Stacy!

Confidential Review Overall Grade - A. If the Tazz segment had been cut and something more interesting put it then this show would have gotten an A+ but I felt that Q & A session was weak.

RAW Review -

Match # 1 - Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam
The Good - Great match between two super athletes. Both have been misused as of late and it is nice to see them being used good here.
The Bad - Christian interefered as you knew he would.
The UGLY - I thought RVD would have a good chance at winning the belt but the match at Unforgiven is changed to a triple threat match between RVD/Christian/Y2J. I think his chances just dropped bigtime.
Winner - No Contest.
Match Grade - A.

Match # 2 - Rob Conway vs Spike Dudley.
The Good - Spike seems OK. Thankfully it was a short match.
The Bad - Spike went through the table this time. Well that can still be considered good.
The UGLY - It was really tasteless even for the WWE to keep reshowing that nasty bump.
Winner - Rob Conway def. Spike Dudley
Match Grade - C

Match # 3 - Fabulous Moolah vs Victoria
The Good - Thankfully this was short.
The Bad - Moolah gets beat up after match.
The UGLY - What else can you call it when they allow an 80 year old woman to wrestler and a hot diva like Victoria has to job to her. Maybe there is hope for Hogan and other old-timers out there after all. Oh yeah and Randy Orton came out and proved again he was a "Legend-killer"
Winner - Fabulous Moolah
Match Grade - F-. Not even Lovely Victoria could save this match.

Match # 4 - Mark Henry & Rodney Mack vs Lance Storm & Goldust
The Good - Not much good here. I guess Lance Storm recap of kissing Jackie last week. Storm carried the match in the beginning. Ended quick when Goldust came in.
The Bad - Lance Storm's act seemed a bit fake this time around. Seemed more real last week.
The UGLY - Another way to describe Mark Henry. Is he related to Shaniqua?
Winners - Mark Henry & Rodney Mack
Match Grade - B

Match # 5 - Molly & Gail Kim def. Trish
The Good - Trish is as lovely as ever. Lita came out to help. Now Trish has some real help in this feud.
The Bad - Trish lost yet again.
The UGLY - Trish got beat down after the match again. It was going to get real nasty before Lita stepped in and saved the day.
Winners - Gail Kim & Molly Holly.
Match Grade - B

Match # 6 - Val Venis vs Test.
The Good - Stacy baby!. Steiner came out and helped make this interesting somewhat. Seeing Stacy's panties was nice. Stacy kept the match watchable but otherwise it was boring.
The Bad - This feud is utterly predictable and repetative.
The UGLY - Seeing a woman like Stacy treated like that is UGLY. Also this match was boring. Stacy pretty much kept it alive on her own. Also having Coach & Al Snow announcing helped bring down this match even further. If they really would consider making them the announcing team on RAW I might have to tune out. Maybe this is why nobody watches Heat?
Winner - Val Venis
Match Grade - B- (only thanks to Stacy it would have been a D or F without her)

Match # 7 - Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Al Snow
The Good - Jerry won.
The Bad - Why do they have to do these announcers matches when you have a bunch of talent wasting away behind the scenes?
The UGLY - Ugh. Seeing Jerry Lawler in tights is pretty spooky. Nobody told me it was Halloween already. No wonder WWE will be "Unforgiven" this Sunday. This is one of the reasons why.

Highlights of the night: Goldberg promos with wins over Hulk Hogan, Giant & Rock featured. Goldberg speared HHH to end the show.

Lowlights of the night: The Fabulous Moolah. An 80 year old woman wrestling. Well if she can do it Hogan & company can. RAW's ratings couldn't be any worse with Hogan then Moolah. Someone teach HHH how to talk on a mic. People think Goldberg has mic problems. He needs only look at the current chump, err, champ to see that he isn't so bad.

RAW Overall Ratings Grade - A.

Higher quality RAW this week. The bad matches were thankfully short. The good matches were longer. Some nice side attractions in the Randy Orton/HBK feud. Kane/Shane was nice for a change. RVD & Y2J are being used good for once. Stone Cold as usual was awesome. The women are doing very well and actually some of their matches are better then some of the men's these days. Til Smackdown Thursday this is Joe with The Good, The Bad & The UGLY of the WWE........

by Joseph Huber -------

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