The Good The Bad The Ugly
September 18, 2003 by Joseph Huber

Smackdown starts off with Vince McMahon talking about the Iron Man match. Undertaker comes out and complains about Vince sabotaging the title match last week.

Match # 1 - Rey Mysterio & Chris Beniot Vs Tajiri & Rhyno. The Good - The pairing of Rey Mysterio & Chris Beloit is awesome. Great match with great athletes. Match was filled with athletic moves all-around. Both Benoit and Mysterio did a great job of carrying this match. Both Benoit & Mysterio got great props from the crowd. The Bad - What can I say? Not much bad here. Rhyno is OK but I feel that there could be a better pairing for Tajiri. John Cena, anyone? The UGLY - Rhyno getting the mist in the eyes. Better him then Mysterio or Benoit though. Winners - Benoit & Mysterio Match Grade - A+ Overall - Only way this match could have been better is if it was longer. All the wrestlers involved did a GREAT job. A GREAT way to start off Smackdown!

Match # 2 - Shaniqua (with Basham Brothers) Vs Torrie Wilson & Nidia (with Dawn Marie) The Good - Well Torrie looked GOOD. Does that count? The Bad - Torrie & Nidia lost. Dawn Marie got a beatdown too after the match. The UGLY - Anybody have a better description to suit Shaniqua? I'm not trying to put her down but I'd rather meet Hannibal Lecter in a dark alleyway. This woman is downright SCARY! I think Vince needs to move her to the men's division. Hell she powerbombed Pokerface on Velocity! Winner - Shaniqua Match Grade - C Overall - Weak match and low point of Smackdown. Thankfully a short match due to Iron Man match. Los Guerreros segment building up the match. John Cena segment with a rap about Guerreros & himself.

Match # 3 - Los Guerreros Vs The World's Greatest Tag Team. The Good - Los Guerreros won but it feels a little too soon with very little buildup. It's nice to see a title change hands on Smackdown though. If only RAW can learn this lesson and make things a little less predictable. The Bad - I think Eddie Gurrero comes off better as a singles competitor now. He is a nice U.S Champ. Too much gold though. He needs to lose one of the belts. The UGLY - It's a shame World's Greatest Tag Team lost the belts. I didn't like them for a while but this team brings it every match. A move to RAW would help both this team and the RAW brand which desperately needs a shakeup in the tag team division. Winners - Los Guerreros. Match Grade - A Overall - Good match. Another great athletic match.

Match # 4 - Brock Lesnar Vs Kurt Angle Iron Man Match. The Good - Anytime Lesnar & Angle get in the ring together they put on a hell of a show. The Bad - It will be hard to top this. Definitely PPV quality match. It's ashame when Smackdown comes off better on a weekly basis then RAW's PPV's. The UGLY - It's sad that Angle lost the belt. I wouldn't say this feud is over. It's probably just getting started. It;s a little tiring having Lesnar with the belt but now that he is a heel again it sure will make things interesting. Winner - Brock Lesnar is the new champ. Match Grade - A+ Overall - Angle won first fall due to DQ when he got hit with a chair. Lesnar then won with a pin after an F-5. Lesnar won another due to submission from an ankle lock. Lesnar won another from a count out due to an F-5 outside the ring. Angle won with a pin after an Angle slam. Lesnar won with a pin after a top rope superplex. Angle won with a pin after a belly-to-belly superplex. Angle won via submission to an ankle lock. Lesnar won despite being in another ankle lock right up to the last second. Crowd was popping for this match.

Smackdown Grade - A

Overall - It doesn't get much better then this. Only real weak point was the women's match and that was thankfully short. This was a definite PPV quality Smackdown. Sad thing is these matches were probably more exciting then Unforgiven will be this Sunday. Smackdown brings the wrestling every week and they did a hell of a job this week.

Hope everyone is safe after the Hurricane. I'm doing OK. Storm shutters came loose on the front of the house, but surprisingly, I didn't lose power and got to watch Smackdown. Hope you all enjoy Unforgiven this Sunday! That's The Good, The Bad & The Shaniqua..........I mean UGLY..........for now........

by Joseph Huber -------

Howard Rollins wrote:
My name is Howard rollins I have been watching wrestling longer than most of today fans are old. Late 50s early 60s. This junk today makes me sick. Today wrestling needs to get back to westling, get the half naked girls out, make them wear clothes, I'm all most afraid to set down and watch with my kids.I'm ashamed of what the wrestling has come to. You need the guys like the four horseman the freebirds, the Armstrongs and the Roadwarrior, and many more of that same style to be in wrestling today. They needs to be Wrestling show not this junk that Vince brings on, you might if your lucky see 45 minutes. of wrestling in a 2 hour show. And Vince and the rest of the wrestling word needs to get rid of the old guys and gals. Rick is a joke in the ring now days, he was good in his day and fun to watch.But not now. And I far has I'm corcerned Hulk Hogan should have never been in wrestling, he never had any moves, just the leg drop.I could talk for ever about wrestling because I love it but if has just got to easy to know who it going to win. We all know that if has always been scripted but 30 years ago it really did lock real, unlike today.

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