Top 10 Reasons To Buy:
Undertaker: He Buries Them Alive DVD

April 12, 2004 by Joseph Huber

I am as old school as they come. I enjoy wrestling from years ago, because it focused more on what I tune in for, namely WRESTLING.

I just got my DVD Undertaker He Buries Them Alive DVD in the mail today and figured I would write 10 reasons other old school fans should buy this DVD. This list is in no particular order. Just 10 reasons to buy it.

# 1 - Paul Bearer's Undertaker vs. Ted Dibiase's Undertaker. A great opening with Paul Bearer coming to the ring along with a coffin and then the old school Undertaker coming out to the ring. The match itself was just gravy to the great entrance of the Undertaker.

# 2 - Seeing Paul Bearer back in the days when he actually added something to Undertaker's matches. Paul Bearer wasn't just a manager for Undertaker. He was a character that added something to Undertaker's matches. He drew your interest when the work in the ring got boring.

# 3 - Ted Dibiase hosts this DVD. It is nice to see him again on the DVD. It fits being that the DVD has old school matches and Dibiase is definitely old school WWE.

# 4 - Undertaker vs. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. This match is included for a bunch of reasons. One, it is nice to see Jim Neidhart again. Another, it is nice to see Owen Hart at ringside. This match will remind many that Jim Neidhart was one of the best in-ring wrestlers of the 1980's. The Undertaker came along and blew right past him, and many others, so it really highlights how good The Undertaker is, and would become in later times.

# 5 - Undertaker vs. Yokozuna. While I was not a big Yokozuna fan it is touching to see matches with wrestlers who are no longer with us. The casket added dimensions to this match. This match will remind you of how huge Yokozuna was. He actually makes the Undertaker look small in comparison. It was also nice seeing Mr. Fuji one more time. Chuck Norris being an outside-the-ring enforcer during this match is pretty cool too. King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow came down during the match to challenge him. IRS actually came in while Chuck Norris was distracted and attacked Undertaker.

# 6 - Undertaker vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler. While I was never a big fan of Lawler's matches he was always good at helping to make his opponent look better. Much like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Lawler was always comical and good for the crowd to root against.

# 7 - Hearing Gorilla Monsoon again. Monsoon's commentating was highly underrated and much of why I enjoyed wrestling so much through-out the 80's and early 90's.

# 8 - Hearing Vince McMahon's commentating with Jerry Lawler. Yes, I said Vince McMahon. I loved hearing his comments during matches. He should go back to the mic, because he is much more interesting there then in wrestling tights. It was also great hearing Vince and Monsoon during the Yokozuna match.

# 9 - Undertaker vs. Kwang. While I would nominate this as the worst match of the DVD, it was nice to hear Vince McMahon and "Macho Man" Randy Savage doing the commentary. Hard to believe this was a RAW match all those years ago. I must confess to not even knowing who Kwang is.

# 10 - Undertaker He Buries Them Alive DVD is only $9.98 at It's currently the # 2 best-selling DVD at ShopZone.

Those are my top 10 reasons for buying Undertaker He Buries Them Alive DVD.

by Joseph Huber


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