Smackdown Is My Favorite Brand
August 4, 2004 by Joseph Huber

I know many of you out there choose RAW as your favorite brand. You are entitled to like whatever you want to, but so am I. Here are reasons why I choose Smackdown over RAW:

10 - Fresh new talent. Smackdown is not bogged down with older stars hanging on years after they should be gone, or help pass the torch onto the newer generation. We see new talent all the time on Smackdown. On Raw, newer talent is wasted. Look at Shelton Benjamin. He had a promising push and it looked like they were really going to get behind this young star, but now where is he?

9 - Characters. Smackdown is loaded with them. Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Suzuki and many others. On RAW you have more of the real-type wrestlers, but it gets old fast.

8 - No HHH. Sure there was that brief scare with HHH getting drafted by Smackdown, but thank God that was reversed.

7 - No women wrestling and no Diva contests. I have come to respect the women who can actually wrestle on Raw (Trish, Molly etc) but for every one of them there are a dozen Nidia's, Sable's, Torrie Wilson's etc. Sure there is the occasional annoying match with the women on Smackdown, but for the most part we are saved from this on Smackdown (poor PPV suckers got to deal with this every month).

6 - Interesting GM's. There have been some good and some bad. Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, Kurt Angle, Teddy Long etc. Unlike RAW there is enough GM's revolving to make this interesting.

5 - Kurt Angle. I see Angle is returning to his funny self and that is where he is at his best. His monster GM role was tired from day one, but now his return as an active wrestler is on the horizon and his return as funny man (oh, it's true, it's true) is bound to add some elements of comedy and drama to Smackdown.

4 - Undertaker. I like this blend of old-new school Undertaker. They are using him just right again by keeping him special. He does not wrestle every week and that makes it cooler when he does come out.

3 - Rey Mysterio. It seems as though the WWE is running out of things for Rey to do, but Rey still brings a show everytime he steps into the ring. Besides Rey, the cruiserweight division is finally looking to be highlighted on Smackdown. Maybe someone finally got to Vince that not all his big men are going to be interesting or good enough (see Mordecai as an example of both).

2 - John Cena. A year ago or so Cena was wet behind the ears, but he has now made his mark. He gets the crowd going with every appearance and adds in new wrestling moves from time to time, to keep his character fresh. Cena is a rising star and his future is unlimited. I am still amazed he could put the F-U on Big Show. He did so more then once at Wrestlemania XX, stealing the show right off the bat. This kid is awesome and can only get better with time.

1 - Eddie Guerrero. Eddie has it all. Charisma? Check. Wrestling ability? Check. Humor? Check. Cool cars? Check. Great character? Check. Eddie has soared in the past year or so. Even as a heel he was getting the crowd going so much so that he had to turn face.

Overall - Eddie got it all, except good feuds with heels. He needs that to help turn Smackdown around in the ratings. This brand desperately needs heel help. I guess with The Big Show coming back there might be some hope, but Kurt Angle can't do it alone. Smackdown really misses Brock Lesnar right about now. The lower card and mid card heels are looking fine, but Smackdown is hurting with lack of upper card heels. I guess that's where RAW succeeds (with Evolution) and Smackdown fails. Still I have hope for Smackdown and it will continue to be the brand that I love the most.

by Joseph Huber

XtremeFalls wrote:
Are u kidding me, Ok Smackdown is by far the worst in the company. 10:Fresh New Talent yeah Cena, and thats it the new talent is either under used or not used right 9: Characters are no where compared to War, Undertaker isn't the same, Rey is just a Cruiserweight amazing in the ring but just a cruiserweight, Kenzo what the hell is that he hasn't done anything. 8: HHH probley Help Smackdown more than hurt it its breaths some life into the WWE Title picture like Beniot. 7: Ok u need Woman in Wrestling i mean all guy love to see it and there fun to watch 6: there GM's are Jokes Stephiane was ok, but Heyman was just too much into Brock and it was annoying, and Angle was just stupid heel Gm and was doin a bad joke he was too heel. Long i haven't seen long enough. 5;Angle seems to be just old now i mean yes he can wrestle but his Character is so tired. 4: Undertaker is hurting WWE more than helping ur biggest star wrestles once every two weeks doesn't help ya. 3:Rey mysterio as i said before is just a Cruiserweight he isn't goin to do anything. 2 : Cena is only person on the Smackdown Roster who really has been hot, he has lost a little sense he free Styles have been getting childish with him talking about Poop all the time. 1: Guerrero He keeps getting stuck with no good opponents i mean dang put Booker T there or RVD or Cena, Give him someone new. So pretty much Smackdown is no where close to War
Marvin Ridner wrote:
I know that Smackdown is a good show. No one can deny that. But saying that it is better than RAW is a little ridiculous don't you think. I mean mot only does RAW have fighters you love. It has fighters you love to hate. One word: Evolution, well of course Kane, but mainly Evolution. So I'm am going to give you 10 Reasons to watch RAW instead of Smackdown!

10. Shelton Benjamin. He is one of the best young superstars in the WWE. If it wasn't for an injury during an edition of Sunday Night Heat, he could be wearing a belt right about now.

9. Eric Bischoff. I know that Smackdown! has a new cool GM, but Eric Bischoff stacks the odds up for the face side of the card. Such as 5 weeks ago when Chris Benoit took on the Monster Kane. Did you see the stipulations for that match? Benoit had to make Kane tap out, when Kane could when anyway possible. But the Rabid Wolverine pulled through. A true Champion!

8. The Rock. Although limited in appearances, he lights up the crowd every time his music hits the arena. He is always the Face side of every situation (Randy Orton). Also he can light you up with extreme blows to the head.

7. Stacy Kiebler. If you can find a better looking woman on this earth then have her call me. That's all you can say about her.

6. J.R. and Jerry "King" Lawler. These two always have opposing sides to the situation. J.R. usually on the good side and King on the heel side of RAW (Evolution).

5. Edge. The new Intercontinental Champ has proved so much. Like beating Randy Orton when Mick Foley couldn't beat him after putting a thousand tacks in his back at Backlash. The only weapon Edge use was that deadly spear, to regain his title at Vengeance.

4. Kane. Even though I hate his guts with the passion, it would be hard to imagine RAW without him. He is defiantly one of those guys you love to hate.

3. Evolution. Made up of Nature Boy, The Game, The Animal, and the Legend Killer, it is by far the most hated faction in the history of the WWE/F. It has a little bit of everything. 24 World Championships, a number 1 contender, and the next Brock Lesnar. A great heel faction, something Smackdown! dosen't have.

2. Eugene. Now how in the world did this guy get to the WWE? Well I don't know, but I'm glad he did. He is one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time, and today's people's champ. But the best thing is, he can fight.

1. Chris Benoit. The World Heavyweight Champion, the Rocky Balboa of the new century. He was the underdog. But he is the true reason that I watch RAW. And I want to thank him for that.

These are the 10 reasons you should watch RAW instead Of Smackdown!
Mike Petralia wrote:
All the power to you if you like SD, nothing wrong with that. Though I do find some reasoning of yours hypocritical.

About younger talent on SD. Yes SD has more younger and fresher talent. But out of all of them who are exactly getting pushed except for Cena. The company is clearly carried by the vets who are still getting pushed exp, Eddie, Angle, Taker, JBL, Booker, RVD.

Younger and newer talent getting pushed on Raw I waould say is practically identical if not better. Randy Orton title shot at the second biggest PPV of the year. Batista getting an IC shot at teh same PPV. As for Benjamen well he was clearly getting pushed with victories over HHH and an IC shot. Where is he now he has a broken hand hell be back trust me. Not to mention lets not jump the gun HHH, Jericho, Christian, Edge, Benoit are all guys in there prime lets not feed them to the nursing home yet here.

Better characters well its a preference thing. HHH, HBK,Kane, Jerricho, Orton, Ric Flair ill take any day over SD's. (what exactly is Rey Mystereos character?)

Ya not having the best wrestler in the business today makes a show bad interesting.

Women I agree. But the diva contest is only on RAw becuase its teh comapanies bigger show, if SD was it would be on SD.

As for GMs well SD keeps changing because they have to becuas etehre story lines are just plain awfull compared to Raws.

Angle Undertaker are both vets wich i find funny you would say is a reason SD is your favorite when a few paragraphs above you were ripping vets stealing teh show and not moving on.

As for Cena...i think you have it backwards....a year ago this guy was the hottest thing going now hes just become stale and hasnt been in an exciting story line since last winter.

As for heels you are right but they do have JBL who as done a hell of a job.

Me I take RAw anyday over SD
Joseph Huber (original author) wrote:
I like the response I am getting, even if nobody agrees with me. None of what I stated is meant to be fact. It's all my personal opinion. Everyone likes what they choose to. I happen to like some things on Raw too (Eugene won me over and I am liking Orton's face turn), but I find it very stale at times. I think because HHH rules the show and Flair is so over the hill that he still has dirt on him from getting out of his coffin each monday night. The same characters are constantly pushed and the rest of the cast is left to do nothing most of the time. HBK is coming back. Whoop-D-Doo. I no longer care to see the Heartbreak Old Man. The one aspect I really like about Raw besides the announcing is the LIVE aspect. Smackdown hurts by not having that. Even with the live aspect Raw is often very predictable. I must say they have improved upon that though with some unpredictable things (like The Rock coming out this past week). I've stopped reading spoilers months ago cause it really ruins the product. I watch both Raw & Smackdown, but as I stated before Smackdown is and will be the brand I love the most. If you love Raw more, props to you, but we all have our own tastes.

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