I Gotta Say This #3 - You Been Punk'd!
September 11, 2003 - by Brad Dykens

I gotta say this: I got this from WrestleView.Com
According to a report sent in by fan on, Goldberg reportedly had a confrontation after RAW outside of the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama with many NWA TNA fans. As previously reported on, NWA TNA sent down a group of people to RAW to pass out flyers to promote the one cent TNA Pay Per View tonight. That group reportedly waited outside when many WWE wrestlers were leaving.

When Bill Goldberg came outside, he began signing autographs and did his best to ignore the TNA fans until he worked his way towards them. Many of the TNA fans began shouting and yelling at Goldberg. Goldberg responded by yelling back at them, saying that TNA wasn't s*** and that they were full of nobodies and WWE rejects. Many of the fans yelled back at Goldberg saying how TNA is where the real talent is and that he wouldn't last a day there with his ability. Goldberg then asked who was better than him. The fans responded with names like AJ Styles, Raven, Sting and Jeff Jarrett. Goldberg said he had already beaten them all and they were all nobodies. One of the fans reportedly told Goldberg to come to TNA and tell Sting to his face that he was a nobody. At this point Goldberg became very mad. Goldberg said he could take out their whole roster, with one fan yelling back that maybe he could have in WCW land but in real life he sucked. Those that were in person said Goldberg looked like he was about to blow up at that point. One fan actually had the guts to tell Goldberg that he didn't have half the talent Raven had and that he couldn't carry Jerry Lynn's jock. Security eventually told the TNA fans to leave the area.

And now for my thoughts on this news:

As I push aside my overwealming sense of pride and girlish happiness, and then difuse my uncontrollable laughter, I just have to say "YESS!!!" I'll never know if these fans were actually payroll representatives of TNA or just handcore fans, it really doesn't matter becaue they really did speak for a large number of frustrated wrestling fans. If I was around Huntsville Alabama, I would have been right there beside them helping the cause.

Now imagine this, do the WWE's fans care enough about their product enough to show up at an NWA TNA show and promote the upcoming Unforgiven PPV? Would they stick around after the show to deliver a messege to Jeff Jarrett after the show? Uhh no.. Actually I heard that Vince McMahon sent a few guys down to TNA to do just that, but they ended up moving to Nashville and Vince never heard from them again. Apparently they became die-hard-fans of TNA after seeing an AJ Styles match..

I don't care what anybody says, Vince McMahon is shitting his pants, Pat Patterson's pants, and even Fred Blassie's pants (which were auctioned off on Ebay last month). The WWE would prefer the fans didn't know they were trying to buy off TNA's top talent; AJ Styles, James Storm, Chris Harris, Trinity & Alexis Laree (who took the bait). My question is, what did the WWE do for Chris Harris & James Storm BEFORE NWA TNA? Chris who? James who? A few years back, the WWE offered AJ Styles a $500 per week developmental contract but AJ, god bless him, told them to shove it up their asses! That is probably one of the main reasons he is representing TNA as their World Champion -- well, that and his undeniable talent!

Here's the facts folks: WWE is dried up! WWE is drowning in politics! WWE can't give us what we want any more! TNA is hot! TNA is fresh! TNA is new! TNA gives us entertainment AND good old fasioned wrestling. The only thing saving the McMahon's right now is that not enough people can SEE their product. TNA needs Television!

Okay, I forgot why I started this column in the first place -- Goldberg got punk'd! What a moron. This isn't the first time this has happened either, remember he got into a verbal battle with a fan in the front row who was trying to inform Goldberg that he sucked. How does Goldberg sleep at night? Probably with a pillow case full of money.

And now a messege to the fan who had the grapefruits to yell that stuff at Goldberg: THANK YOU! You are my savior, if you read this, email me at [email protected] so I can shower you with compliments. You spoke for me, and you also spoke for hundreds and potentially thousands of frustrated fans.

What makes this even more surreal is that we tune into RAW and hear Triple H (the other guy I hate) cutting promos saying that Goldberg is talentless, and just a well marketed product with no pay off --- hold the presses --- I thought wrestling wasn't real!?

I want to finish this column off with a plea to my fellow wrestling fans. Please if you haven't seen NWA TNA, I beg you to just give it one chance. You pay $40 for three hours of WWE's ad-saturated crap - for $40, you can get EIGHT hours of NWA Total Nonstop Action, which has no annoying advertisements. Get your hands on some tapes, go out of your way to watch the Jeff Jarrett vs Raven show, the Anniversary show, the first ever cage match, the X-Division matches -- TNA has it all, and they do it better than WWE! You won't be disappointed..

Friends don't let friends chant for Goldberg..

by Brad Dykens

Dave Scherer @

The general concensus from WWE staff, apparently, is that Goldberg was being a nice guy in signing autographs - something that he's not obligated to do. He continued to sign autographs as he was heckled by the TNA'ers. Basically, he was provoked and there is no internal heat on Goldberg for acting in the manner he did.

Brian Piercy Wrote

now i uasually dont complaine to u guys but u r out of your mind!!!!!!!! Now tna does have awesome talent but look at wwe kurt angle rey mysterio spanky brock is over rated but he is pretty good but EVEN AND I MEAN EVEN if tna makes another year wwe will buy it out and that i can guarantee and dont try to deffend your puny tna crap the jerrats will sell to vince. now if are still pride u should post this up and see wat th fans think and not some redneck punks from alabama now im begging u to post this up and you will get some reall wrestling fans reaction.


Brad Dykens Wrote:

People, I have no problem posting your opinions but I BEG YOU to re-read and edit your comments before you hit the send button. An intelligently written statement is more likely to be taken seriously. Thank you.

The Jarrett's have put their heart and soul into TNA and I'm pretty sure they would tell Vince McMahon to "stuff it" if he tried to buy up the company. I wonder if you have ever seen an episode of TNA, because if you did, you'd see their product is so much better than WWE right now. You listed a lot of great talanted wrestlers, but the fact of the matter is that they are members of a weak OVERALL product, and in some cases are being held back. But they do get a good paycheck, so I guess that makes them "the best" --- or does it?

Chris Peacock Wrote:

I would just like to say that those fans were exactly right, Yes alot of those guys couldn't make it in the WWE (Ex. Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, and Raven). And just on one personal note Raven has been my favorite wrestler since the first time he was in ECW. I have been watching the guy forever and I don't see why the only place him and those other mentioned people couldn't make it. Two reasons. First they like people that can talk in the WWE they don't really care if they can wrestle or not. Raven is excluded from that because he is probably one of the best people on the mic I have heard. But the second reason is the piledriver/head drop finisher ban that the WWE has. Because of this ban people like Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible couldn't use there finisher moves and people like Raven had to tweek theres so they basically sucked.

As far as the rest of the TNA roster I will pull a couple names maybe ummm AJ Styles and Low Ki, Most of the wwe roster and almost all of the Raw roster couldn't hold those guys jocks. All the wrestlers that have be mentioned could tear Goldberg apart. But I tell you that Sting could also wipe the floor with Goldberg and the only reason he lost to Goldberg is because he had to to build Goldberg's charicter.

Anyway, Guys like Lynn and Credible can't use moves like the corkscrew tombstone and the Craddle Piledriver so they couldn't make it. So in closing it is the WWE's own fault that they lost this good tallent and if anyone should be blamed it are the people that write it up to make the big guys the stars and not worry about pure wrestling tallent. And on one more note, guys like Chris Beniot and Kurt Angle need to get the hell out of the WWE and go somewhere that they could use there tallent better. Thank you for your time.

now i uasually dont complaine to u guys but u r out of your mind!!!!!!!! Now tna does have awesome talent but look at wwe kurt angle rey mysterio spanky brock is over rated but he is pretty good but EVEN AND I MEAN EVEN if tna makes another year wwe will buy it out and that i can guarantee and dont try to deffend your puny tna crap the jerrats will sell to vince. now if are still pride u should post this up and see wat th fans think and not some redneck punks from alabama now im begging u to post this up and you will get some reall wrestling fans reaction.



I wasn't gonna post this, but a little voice in my head told me to -- bobby j @ [email protected] wrote:

You people are losers , leave goldberg alone and tna sucks ass thats why its only 10 buckss and not on mainstream tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Dykens added:

I'd just like to note that all pro-TNA emails have been intelligently written and detailed, with statements backing up their ideas. Whereas the pro-WWE emails have been short non-descriptive profanity-laced grammatically-impaired garbage -- a reflection?

Superman36977 wrote:

I'm not going to rag on WWE's talent, because they have some talent that could hold their own against TNA's mega-athletes. RVD, Rey Misterio, Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle come to mind. But it seems that the real problem for WWE is Vince's dumb ass. He needs to learn a couple of things.

1) No one wants to see non-stop McMahon's on every major show that the WWE has! It's boring and it turns many fans off. Ex. RAW, Smackdown, PPV's

2) Just because someone isn't between 6'5" and 7'4" doesn't mean they are not world title material. Many great athletes have been screwed out of the title because Vince doesn't think they have the "superstar look". Ex. RVD, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Lance Storm

3) Most fans watch wrestling to see the actual wrestling.......but where is it? RAW rarely has good matches. The only good real wrestlers RAW has are Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, and in my opinion Shawn Michaels. Smackdown has much better talent, yet almost 30 min. a show are wasted on giving Vince, Stephanie McMahon, or Sable air time. Hell, we could fit two great matches in there if that time was taken off all together.

If Vince doesn't realize these things soon, then the WWE will fold within the next few years. And then we will all have TNA on our TV's every Monday night.

Also, Goldberg's comments were both stupid and ignorant (wait, is he supposed to act in character when they aren't on the air?). He doesn't have HALF the talent of Styles, Raven, or Sting. Sting would tear Goldberg a new asshole. Have Goldberg be the main player of a company for almost 10 years, still be one of the most popular wrestlers ever, and win about 6 more World titles......then he can compare himself to the Stinger.

Joseph Manon wrote:

I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHTS OF WRESTLING HEAVEN. tna knows how to give us matches that we want that are interesting. they got the talent and they use them the right way. but the down side is Vince Russo. they're a Vince and Shane McMahon angle here with Russo and Jeff Jarret. (former friends now bitter enemies) but to read that Goldberg got punk'd thats not great that not good heck thats not awesome its JUST INCREDIBLE you see Goldberg only had 1 probably 2 but his only good match i ever saw was his first match and with Saturn. those fans had every right to say those comments. because the wwe now has gone down. its no longer wrestling its garbage. even smackdown losing it glory with Brock Lesnar.( him pushing Gowen down the steps to prove he's a monster joke) so bless those fans i would give my life to been there punking bill Goldberg out


Someone sent in this link:

From what we've been told, one of the fans involved in the Goldberg incident was a member of the famous TNA Heel Section, and he left a first-hand account story about the moment in question on the Heel Section forums..

Click Here to Read it.


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