State of OWW Address
November 7, 2003 - by Brad Dykens

Just wanted to share this awesome picture of my hero.
"Professor" Mike Tenay, from about 32 years ago!
It looks as though he was destined to be the professor.

I gotta say this: If you rearrange the letters "OWW" you can easily form the word "WOW", which was my spirited reaction to the overwhelming fan response to the closing of this website. Literally hundreds of emails came pouring in within two days expressing their sadness that this website no longer existed, at least in an online sense.. I quickly realized I had to find a way to give it back to the people..

What surprised me most or all, was the dozen or so generous offers from people willing to donate webspace (some unlimited) and bandwidth (some unlimited) just so that the site could continue operating. I did accept the first offer I recieved, and I'm confident that it will turn out to be the best offer of the bunch. Ironically enough, a recently aquired friend of mine from stepped forward with an offer too sweet to refuse. He offered free hosting and unlimited bandwidth with the Black Pants Network, and thus began the process of getting to where we are TODAY...... WE'RE BACK BABY!

I want to thank everyone who wrote in and I encourage EVERYBODY to continue writing in with their feedback (good or bad) and especially with contributions such as show results, profile information, and anything else you see missing from the website. I try to answer just about all serious inquiries..

One thing I'd like to say is that I am looking to increase the volume of "oldschool" content on the website. I am currently lining up several columnists to write about the "kayfabe era" -- something that I 1) Love, 2) Know a little about, 3) Want to know more about.. So if you're like me, stay tuned to to get educated..

I'm also setting up a paypal account, so that I can take donations in order to make sure this site never gets shut down again. I'm hoping the readers will donate a few dollars each to keep this puppy breathing forever! But I'm still working the bugs out of that but keep an eye out..

One last thing, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS REMEMBER, friends don't let friends chant for Goldberg!

by Brad Dykens


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