Wrestlemania XX Predictions
March 11, 2004 - by Brad Dykens

Wrestlemania XX is just a few days away! I can't believe it's finally here!!! The 20th Anniversary of the largest sports entertainment spectacle of all time! This could have potentially been an event of a lifetime, but due to various unnamed egos, it will just be a damn good event, but I'm happy with damn good!

I'll run down the matches in the order which I "predict" they will appear:

Booker & RVD vs The Dudley Boyz vs Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs La Resistance -Tag Team titles- :
Booker T & Rob Van Dam are BIG NAMES compared to everybody else in this match, they should really come out on top and walk out with their titles still around their waists. Especially since there are no immediate plans to put them in a single program in April. Boooker/RVD retain, and begin a feud with Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak.

Chavo Guerrero Jr defends in the Cruiserweight Open:
Chavo Guerrero will face nine other wrestlers, and just because the deck is stacked so high against a heel, then he will survive with his championship. I'm not sure of the rules of this match, but I hope they watch some early TNA X-division matches and incorporate that style. Paul London has to be let loose in this match, he has to be the star and hit a bunch of crowd-pleasing moves. Chavo Guerrero will win, and solidify himself as a heel, and go on to feud with Paul London. I also see Mike Bucci (aka Nova) making some kind of appearance during this match and take someone out, possibly Rey Mysterio.

Edited by Brad Dykens on March 13, 2004:
I just realized that Paul London isn't even in this match. So he doesn't even have a chance to shine in this match. Doh!

Victoria vs Molly Holly -Hair vs Title Match-:
Molly winning the title back? --- BORING! That's why I predict that Victoria will win and retain her title and force Molly to have her head shaved! I took a moment to look closely at Molly the other day, and she wouldn't look all that bad as a bald woman. The funny thing would be watching her naturally BLONDE hair grow back! But if Molly does lose her hair, then kootos to her for being such a team player! Victoria will keep her title and start a new feud with a freshly heel-turned diva who will be a factor in the next match!

Christian vs Chris Jericho -Grudge Match-:
This could potentially be the sleeper hit of the night, a nice clean one-on-one contest between two hard working RAW superstars. The Trish factor has to be considered, and I'm going to go out on a HUGE limb and predict that Christian wins when Trish Stratus TURNS on Chris Jericho and becomes a heel (let's face it, it's time for Trish to change her good girl ways). This will allow Chris Jericho & Christain to continue on with their feud into the next PPV, which is held in CANADA! With Trish turning heel, it will free her up to feud with Victoria, as the freshly turned heel-diva in the aforementioned paragraph.

The Undertaker vs Kane -Brother vs Brother-:
On our current poll of the most anticipated matches of Wrestlemania XX, this match was well ahead as of this writing. Kane SHOULD win this one; he has been tormented all this time, and needs retribution! The Undertaker SHOULD be on his way out, and putting people over at big events, but people have been saying that for years and he still beats everyone. Undertaker will come out on top, and his Wrestlemania winning streak will remain in tact! I'm a bit worried where this deadman gimmick will lead. I would like to see the real Mark Calloway come out on RAW and say, "yeah, I was just using all the DEADMAN games to mess with Kane's head". After the one night nostalgia pop of seeing the "Phenom", it will get boring again. The killer of this dynamite storyline is where they each go when it's finished. Kane will likely take a beating and have to take a vacation to sell his beating. The Undertaker has to choose which roster he goes to, and then has to find someone willing to work with the no-selling bastard. All I can say is, DO NOT reunite the Brothers of Destruction into a regular Tag Team again! Yikes!!

The Big Show vs John Cena -United States Title Match-:
The Big Show walks around with that belt over his shoulder calling himself the most dominant United States champion of all time, but the truth of the matter is, he's the WORST! I don't know why they didn't let John Cena win the US title in Iraq but, whatever, it's time to give Cena a championship -- John Cena wins to capture his first title! Unfortunately, due to John Cena's knee, he probably won't hold the title for very long. He could engage in a feud with Rhyno, A-Train (yay), or finally bring back Sean O'Haire.

Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg -Steve Austin as referee-:
This is a tough one to call -- Vince McMahon probably thinks about Lesnar & Goldberg every time he stands up from his toilet and flushes his freshly squeezed turd down into the sewers. Goldberg has always been a stubborn bitch, and everybody expected this from him. But Lesnar on the other hand had fooled everybody into thinking he was a team player. I wouldn't be totally surprised if Vince pulls a double screwjob finish here to send the big goons out the door. Vince has to do something to regain control of his roster again, and let them all know who is boss. Steve Austin should stun the crap out of both of them, and declare that the match is a 3-WAY, and then pin both of them! Steve Austin wins!

Rikishi & Scotty vs The APA vs Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs The Basham Brothers -Tag Team Titles-:
I've never liked Rikishi & Scotty as the champs, what did they ever do to deserve championships?! I think the Basham Brothers made for excellent champions, but Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas would make for much BETTER champions right now, and they have paid a lot of dues in the 1+ year they've competed in the WWE. Benjamin & Haas showed a lot of spunk during their APA skit last week and it almost felt DXish, which could make for great future plans. Benjamin & Haas will win the titles!

Mick Foley & The Rock vs Evolution (Orton & Batista & Flair):
This match is a tough one to book. Mick Foley & The Rock have to win, but the only thing bad about that is that you squash Orton & Batista -- look for Flair to take the pinfall here. Flair isn't in the best shape, and this will probably he his last match of his career so enjoy it folks. RockNSock prevail! This is wishful thinking, but I would LOVE to see a feud develop between The Rock & Randy Orton (the battle of the third generation superstars!) maybe if Rock's schedule is open, they could do it at Backlash in April! Or if push comes to shove, build it up for Wrestlemania 21!

Torrie Wilson & Sable vs Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie -Playboy Evening Gown Match-:
Last year's Miller Light Catfight was an embarrassing display of unnecessary crap. But the Playboy Evening Gown Match will easily top that fiasco! Why does WWE feel the need to insult the fans with this sort of crap on a Wrestlemania card? While Lance Storm isn't even booked! It's like a spit in the face of every wrestler who ever worked a Wrestlemania PPV. They have it on the other eleven pay per views of the year so just leave it off your BIG event. You have new eyes tuning in, and why sour a good event with something so lame. I predict something stupid like they'll all end up stripped, Jerry Lawler will shout puppies twenty zillion times, the fans will be declared the winner, and the Coach will get pansed and spanked -- like last year PFT!

Eddy Guerrero vs Kurt Angle -WWE Title Match-:
I think everybody expects Kurt Angle to come out on top of this match. I'm going to go out on a limb AGAIN and predict that Eddy Guerrero retains his championship! With a loss, Eddy will be buried in one night, because like it or not, he is now representing a very sensitive group of people, those with additions and demons, and by losing now, you make Eddy a loser, and that is not a good image at this point in the storyline. He can't lose yet, Latino Heat retains! And the feud continues!!!!

Triple H vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels -World Title-:
This match will have moments of greatness, when Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels lock it up, and create a "Wrestlemania moment" only to have Triple H step in and steal the spotlight. Triple H wins; Chris Benoit is pinned after a pedigree. Setting up a main event for Backlash in April between Benoit & HHH, where Benoit will capture the title in his hometown of Edmonton!

That's all folks, as I look over my own predictions, I find it funny how much of a mark I've become over the years; I've predicted mostly all the good guys to win! And that is not the WWE's style of booking. If my predictions are correct, then Chavo Guerrero, Christian, Benjamin/Haas & Triple H are the only heels who will come away with victories this year! Hell, that's the way it SHOULD BE anyway, the good guys always come out on top in the end, that's what it was like in the good old days!

So everybody enjoy Wrestlemania XX, stop looking for things to complain about and just enjoy it. Even with the little dumb things planned, it is still going to be the best pay per view of the year, guaranteed! So for the next few days, send in your predicts (short form, don't send me a novel) and I'll post them on this page. Wrestlemania, where it all begins... AGAIN!

by Brad Dykens



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