Satisfying the Insatiable
July 21, 2004 - by Brad Dykens

It's time, once again, for Online World of Wrestling's One Man Round Table, where nobody's opinion counts but mine! I have to make a few quick comments about NWA: Total Nonstop Action and how pleased I am with their product recently. Even though I don't agree with some of their policies regarding their contracted talent (and they ARE taking measures to remedy that situation), I still think TNA is taking a lot of big steps towards competing with the WWE. The whole Impact taping atmosphere is incredible, and the few shows that I have had the opportunity to see on tape have been dynamite Television. The production and entertainment value of Impact far surpasses that of RAW and Smackdown! right now. TNA is just fresh enough to resemble pro-wrestling, yet still appear different in an industry that has been around for over 100 years. As far as promotional wars go, I think things are just starting to heat up. If TNA can keep up the pace, they will be knocking on Vince's door soon enough.

I am really annoyed by this idiotic "RAW Diva Search" contest the WWE is currently running, or as I like to call it "WWE Loose Enough" har har; I guess it's just another excuse to make another DVD in three months. Every time they use valuable RAW programming time to plug the darn thing, it kills the crowd and you almost hear the entire country go CLICK to another channel. Yet they still move on with it. It wouldn't bother me so much if they hadn't already done it before, and completely botched it when it was over. Does anybody remember Jaime Koeppe? She won the first Diva Search contest, participated in a "Diva Shoot" and was never heard from again! Koeppe seemed pretty cool to me (hell she is Canadian) and I was looking forward to watching her progress in training. But a few months after the contest, someone discovered that she had done a nude photo shoot on some low-class Internet porn site and those pictures began popping up everywhere. I don't know if that had anything to do with Koeppe's disappearance but far be it from Vince to be upset that people saw one of his Diva's naked. Maybe it was that Vince didn't benefit financially from it. Regardless, I hope they pick someone decent from this crop of women who isn't just a cheap piece of meat like Torrie or Stacy. Why do I feel like a nieve mouse reaching for the cheese?

Ring of Honor hit another home run this past week with their "Reborn: Completion" show. Doug Williams put on a clinic as usual and captured the vacant Pure Wrestling title. CM Punk and Ricky Steamboat hashed out their issues and Steamboat "made a man" out of Punk in the end. The six-man tag main event was punctuated by the return of Low Ki to ROH. If you still haven't checked out Ring of Honor, I have to encourage you to get your hands on at least one show, because it's the best thing going today.

Ready or not, here it comes. RAW is gearing up to bring us a monumental Iron Man Match between Chris Benoit and Triple H for the World Heavyweight title this week. Although, I don't think it will be on the same level athletically as the Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar Iron Man match from Smackdown! last year, it will probably still get over a lot more. The one thing that surprises me is that they're only giving it one week of promotion. I guess the outcome to this match will determine t he main event for SummerSlam. I'll go on record as saying that if Triple H is involved in the main event, I'll be pissed! It is the right time, and most importantly the right PLACE to have a Canadian vs Canadian main event. Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, or even Chris Benoit vs a heel-turned Edge. If you tease a Jericho heel turn, and then let them loose at SummerSlam and have Benoit win, and then shake hands with Jericho, it will make Benoit strong, and bring Jericho back as an established main-eventer. Similar to the whole Hitman vs Bulldog match at SummerSlam 92. Anyway that's my Canadian-influenced opinion.

Everyone is getting so fed up and frustrated with Smackdown! right now. I feel horrible about it. Smackdown! is still a great brand in my opinion. Eddy Guerrero is my favorite wrestler, and JBL (in my opinion) is one of the more superior heels in recent WWE history. John Cena's character is on the verge of being enormous. As much as I hate the Undertaker, his storylines are ALWAYS extremely well planned and produced. One of the mindless sheep in the Chat Room was ranting about how the WWE should just drop Smackdown! all together. I think my readers are intelligent enough to figure out why that is a horrible idea without me explaining it.

Okay it's time to play a little game that I like to call "Free Agent", where I transplant various Superstars from Rosters or Promotions and put them where I think they could live up to their potential the best. First of all I would take Kid Kash away from TNA (even though I think he is gone already) and put him on the Smackdown! roster to add a heel flavour to the Cruiserweight division. Kid Kash doesn't have any history with most of the Cruiserweights and would mesh well with pretty well with just about all of them. The emphasis on his character would play well with WWE storyline writers. I would also take Abyss away from TNA and put him on RAW. TNA does not know how to promote a "big man" yet. He can work a great match, and WWE can develop his character better than TNA is right now. I'd like to transplant Nunzio, Akio and Shannon Moore to the TNA X-Division just because they are being horribly misused on Smackdown!. In addition to that, I would love to see Rhyno hit the TNA scene and Gore his way to main event status again. Mordecai (who has been recently scrapped) should be traded to RAW and team with Tyson Tomko, whom he has spent the last two years teaming with in OVW. When Randy Orton's character has run its course on RAW, I want to see him switched to Smackdown! to add star-power.

{continued) I thought about this one long and hard, but I have decided to put Chris Jericho on Smackdown!, he has no chance in hell of getting anywhere on RAW right now but on Smackdown! he could work with Rob Van Dam, Eddy Guerrero, JBL, John Cena, Booker T, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, Charlie Haas the list goes on and on. There hasn't even been a decent Y2J vs Kurt Angle feud, or Y2J vs Undertaker. Maven should go to Combat Zone Wrestling just so I can see him job to some of the Ultra-violent stars. Whenever I see Trent Acid, I think of how great he would be if he could get signed by WWE and make a good first impression. If the writing and booking team got behind him he could be a great asset to either roster. As for the women, I think it's about time Cheerleader Melissa gave up the California Indy Circuit and sign with RAW to light the Woman's division on fire. Last but not least, pull Paul London off Smackdown! and put him back in Ring of Honor where he belongs!

And FINALLY, this weeks IDIOT OF THE WEEK award goes to Nina Alvarado for sending me an email saying "the site bio in question is all wrong.. Stephanie McMahon is very much single and not married to HHH.. the only reason for a "marriage" is that it was staged and created to hide HHH's homosexuality that's rumored in this business" -- thanks Nina for the countless hours of laughter you gave me!

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Gary Schubert wrote:
I want to address some of the things you said in your Satisfying The Insatible article. As you know I'm a huge fan of TNA and I hope they get a primetime slot on a major network someday. TNA has many talented wrestlers that can put on a great show. I am very excited about the 60 minute Iron Man match between HHH and Benoit. I have been a fan of both men for years(moreso Benoit) and this match has the potential to be a classic. However, I do agree that SummerSlam should have Benoit vs. Jericho be the main event. Those two have had great matches in the past and in front of a Canadian it would be spectacular. I believe that SmackDown will pick up now that Kurt Angle is wrestling again and new talent is being showcased. I have been a wrestling fan my whole life. I love all types of wrestling whether it is from WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, Japan or Mexico. My favorite wrestlers in WWE right now are Undertaker, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. I love old school wrestlers like Ricky Steamboat as well as new school like Randy Orton.
XtremeFalls43 wrote :
Ok I agree with someone what of what u said but there is a lot i didn't agree with. TNA is horrible if u ask me the 3 sided ring looks stupid, and i have watched all of the IMpact tapings and it seem the X Division matches have been really sloppy. Is it the rings fought or the Wrestlers i think its probley the ring, I think the X Division is goin to kill the TNA cause the Heavyweight Division is 2nd. there Heavyweight Division is horrible to, Jarrett is NOT Hulk Hogan he can't carry the company. Further more Smackdown was set up to fail sense the early 2003. Brock Lesnar crushed the brand cause he was always on tv and getting pushed way too much. Also They are extremely repetitive, I mean how many time do we need to see Chavo vs. Mysterio, back in 2003 it was the Worlds greatest Tag Team vs. Los Guerrero every week. Smackdown needs to shake things up, and make new stars out of people they have not all theses rookies, Holly and Gunn could pick up some more time, i mean the best thing Smackdown has done sense 2003 was giving The Tag belts to Rico and Haas, Too Cool, and London and Kidman new teams not the Dudleys who are stale as hell. Anywa i do agree with some not just all.
Brad Dykens reply to XtremeFalls:
When a match is worked "perfectly" it appears extremely coreographed and to me that gives it a feel of being fake. Now I know wretling is fake (or pre-determined), but I don't need to be reminded during the whole match. Have you ever seen a real fight? Like on the street, or in a bar, or at your school? It's real, and it's sloppy! Real fights are sloppy, and if the X-Division wrestlers mess up a move here and there, then it gives me a sense of realism in the match and I respect the workers more for trying things that are different and innovative. Sometimes in movies they film a stunt over and over and pick the best one, in wrestling you get only ONE chance, in front of thousands of viewers; so why would you downgrade an athelete for missing a spot or two once in a while?
XtremeFalls43 wrote back:
Yes i know that about the Matches being sloppy is ok but Its just really hate the new ring its too small its just to much of a change You know what i mean. X-divison is in troubel if u ask me cause its pushed way way way too much and too much of a good think is a bad thing. I'm not talking about missing a spot onces or twice they Miss them a lot, I really do not like the new ring i mean its just too much of a change. I mean They bug most for the promotion they do for everything how they talk about how the X-diviosn is so new, no its not it WCW Cruiserweight Division in the old days
Brad Dykens reply to XtremeFalls:
So you want to see the same thing week after week, no changes, no variations, nothing new, just the same stuff repeated over and over --- okay, watch WWE! This is what my column was supposed to be about. Wrestling fans (especially the WWE ones) are too frickin insatiable (for those who don't know that means "Cannot be Satisfied"). If TNA was just pushing Jarrett and the Heavyweight division, and there was no X-Division, and the ring remained square, you'd be complaining about THAT! And for the record, a six-sided ring has WAY more space to move around than a square one. The six-sided ring was exactly what TNA needed because it gives them a unique quality. It's like looking at GREY all your life and finally discovering ORANGE..
XtremeFalls43 wrote back:
I'm not saying the x Division is bad i'm just saying the new ring is bad for it, also I did say Jarrett is no way a Wrestling main eventer, I mean X-division is good but I think there pushing this thing way too hard.

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