Heads Will Roll
November 6, 2004 - by Brad Dykens

Well it's been roughly four months since the last edition of the "I Gotta Say This" column so I thought I'd dust off the old keyboard and discuss some of my issues concerning the state of the wrestling world. First thing I want to say is that if you haven't seen the notice on the main page, my regular email account ([email protected]) was hacked by some punk, so I had to create a new email account; You can now reach me at [email protected].

The website also looks a lot different since the last time I wrote a column. I hope you all enjoy it and I welcome your feedback. Now enough of the appetizers, onto the main course.

WWE issued some shocking releases this past week. As of this writing, Billy Gunn, A-Train, Test, Chuck Palumbo, Gail Kim, Tough Enough winner Nidia, Johnny Stambolli, Rodney Mack, Jazz & Rico were all released from their WWE contracts. Now I can safely say that most of those names have been paid way more than they have actually contributed during their time with the company. I've personally campaigned for the release of Mack, Stambolli & A-Train for a LONG time! Note to WWE, Mark Henry is next! All joking aside, I have to question WWE's timing on this matter; Right before Christmas isn't the best time do this to a hard working employee with a family. I do feel specifically bad for Andrew "Test" Martin, having just undergone the risky surgical procedure on his neck. As performers, most have all but depleted their potential, and were only dead weight in the company (In my opinion). Nidia & Gail Kim being cut shocked me, but Rico shocked me the most! Nidia was showing unlimited potential as a developing character and was even demonstrated an increased level of ring skills recently. Enough to make me believe she was still contributing positively to the product. Gail Kim was a young talent with a feisty attitude and a large amount of room to grow and develop into something great. What I personally enjoyed about Gail Kim is that she was different from all of the other "divas". Why don't they release a blonde? The one positive that will likely come out of this is that Gail Kim now has the option to show up in TNA after her 90-day no-compete clause is up. I feel as though Gail Kim will fit nicely in the TNA environment. She can rekindle her feud with fellow Canadian Tracy Brooks. Time will only tell. As for the other victims, if Billy Gunn can get healthy and 'clean himself up', he can join TNA as well and reform the New Age Outlaws with BG "Roaddog" James. Their matches may stink but it would turn a lot of heads towards the promotion, and right now that is what's most important; But more on that later.

Well staying in line with the WWE product. Survivor Series is quickly sneaking up on us, with little or no anticipation. Vince McMahon has completely forgotten how to build up a feud properly. As a viewer, and pay per view subscriber, I should be drenched with anticipation. This year, however, I am not. And I know why, it's obvious! With all the extra PPVs this year there's just no time to build a nice suspenseful program between two adequately evolved wrestlers. That's all I got to say about that. I could complain for hours. Lord knows I have in the past!

TNA's Victory Road is right around the corner, and I'm personally excited to see what happens. I wish I could just travel door to door, spreading the word about TNA and its first big three-hour PPV. Wrestling fans need to know about TNA and give it a chance. And TNA fans need to give Jeff Hardy a break. There have been some minor backstage incidents reported on the internet concerning Jeff Hardy's involvement with the company which may, or may not, be true, but the fact of the matter is he is a decent worker, and a huge name in the wrestling industry. Jeff Hardy will be battling for Jeff Jarrett's NWA World Heavyweight title this Sunday and I wish him the best of luck. I don't think it's likely that he wins the championship, but seeing as it will be a Ladder match, I think it will turn out extremely entertaining. Since I'm Canadian, I'm partial to Team Canada, and I will be routing them on against 3-Live Krew. X-Division champion Petey Williams is due for a victory over AJ Styles, who really doesn't need another useless reign as X-champ. The 'match of the night' is sure to be the 20-Man X-Division Gauntlet match. They're pulling out all the stops, bringing in Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Roddy Piper, and possibly Diamond Dallas Page to sweeten the deal for anybody thinking about watching the PPV. TNA botched an opportunity to bring in the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger for the Gauntlet, but failed to seal the deal. Perhaps they are working us and Liger will show up after all. If he does, you're in for a treat! TNA continues to prove their critics wrong, tackling each obstacle one step at a time and coming out on top. Their gradual progress has been very successful and is the key to eventually becoming a serious competitor to the McMahons.

In the hopes that the TNA booking committee is reading, and I know they are (Hi Dutch!), I'd like to pitch my new idea for Tracy Brooks. First of all, let her use her last name! Secondly, start booking Team Canada in tag matches with Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane. Gradually turn Kazarian & Shane babyface, and then at the climax of the feud, have Tracy Brooks turn on them! Tracy brooks is Canadian and looks GREAT in Red & White attire. Team Canada needs a valet, they are starting to look far too, how you say, homosexual. Then the feud will really heat up! Okay Dutch, that's a freebie, you can use it. I waive all legal rights to the idea.

With this large group of now-former WWE employees floating around out there, the healthy prospect of what could happen in 90-days is what has me most intrigued. There is a potential for a portion of this group to show up in TNA and pursue an Invasion storyline. The nWo angle put WCW on the map and skyrocketed them to incredible financial success. The WWE group is pretty substantial, but lacks a member with credible leadership skills, so my solution is that they go out and make Tom Prichard an offer he cannot refuse. Bring him in as an Agent, and he can also be an on-screen performer, acting as the mouthpiece and figurehead of this WWE Invasion group, which would call themselves, ummmm -- The Northern Intruders! Ha ha, sorry that's all I could come up with in four seconds, but they could think of something much cooler. They could also add Kevin Nash & Scott Hall to the angle to supply star power. Defections from TNA could include BG James (to reform the New Age Outlaws with Billy Gunn), Ron Killings, or if hell froze over, Vince Russo! Moan and groan if you want, but that would be truly shocking, and would make sense after he was voted out by fans as Director of Authority at Victory Road. There are limitless posibilities here, and I will boldly predict that this could very well put TNA on the wrestling map for good. That is, if they do it.

I was informed by Online World of Wrestling's newest columnist Kristy Quested (New Zealand) of an honor received by the OWW Website which I wanted to share with you. It seems the New Zealand Writers Guild has voted as #10 on their Top Website List! It is a great honor to be included on a list with and and I thank the NZ Writers Guild for recognizing OWW with their comments:

10. "In the course of my research I discovered this website. It's true to it's name, but it's also the most comprehensive, up-to-date, objective, detailed and accurate website I've ever seen, regardless of the content. Someone out there is REALLY dedicated!"

As a final thought, I'd like to encourage any aspiring columnists to get the lead out and submit something. Since the re-launch, there have been very few columns submitted. Of course, this isn't an invitation to submit poorly written articles. You still have to follow the 10 Commandments for Columnists -- Read them, and start writing!

by Brad Dykens

Dwayne Malone wrote:
Hey what's up? I just wanted to say that I think your idea for a WWE invasion of NWA-TNA, featuring the 10 fired wrestlers from WWE is a great idea! Just hearing about it gives me goosebumps! If that ever happens, that might be enough for me to start watching regularly! I hope it's something that NWA-TNA is smart enough to do!

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