XPW's Rob Black and Lizzie Borden Indicted
August 8, 2003

PITTSBURGH, PA. - Rob Zicari and Janet Romano, better known within adult as Rob Black and Lizzie Borden of Extreme Associates, have been indicted on 10 charges by a federal grand jury for allegedly distributing obscene materials via the United States Postal Service and the Internet.

Zicari, Romano, and Extreme Associates, Inc. were indicted for allegedly distributing three obscene videos to the Pittsburgh area through the mail and six video clips in various digital formats over the Internet to the Pittsburgh area. The tenth charge was one of conspiracy to commit the alleged crimes.

They have not been incarcerated but were required to turn in their passports and must appear at an arraignment hearing in Pittsburgh on August 27. According to U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, prosecutor for the case, Zicari and Romano, if convicted, both face a maximum penalty of 50 years in prison and a $2.5 million fine and probation. Extreme Associates, Inc. faces $5 million fine and could have to turn over their domain name.

Forced Entry - Director's Cut and Cocktails #2 - Director's Cut, both directed by Borden, were two of the tapes that led to the indictments. Forced Entry, of course, was the feature showcased in last year's PBS: Frontline episode, where various Frontline personnel claimed to have been sickened by the tape's depictions of forcible rape.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service's "Search Warrant/Arrest Operation Plan" which Black provided to, is seems that reaction of Frontline personnel to Forced Entry, which Black claims was rigged for the cameras, were in part what launched the investigation.

"For over a year Extreme Associates, Inc. has been investigated by the LAPD Obscenities Squad," the warrant reads, in the section entitled 'Summary of Case.'

"On February 7, 2002, PBS-Frontline interviewed Extreme Associates, Inc. during a movie shoot of American Porn. The PBS-Frontline cameraman and interviewer stopped shooting during the movie shoot. We believe they left because of the shock and disgust of the rape scene, which was subsequently released as Forced Entry.

"During the PBS-Frontline interview, [Rob Black] (principal) and Extreme Associates issued a challenge to U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft [USAG]. They touted the USAG in regards to the content of their movies and that USAG could not do anything about it."

The third video that led to an indictment, Extreme Teen #24, is credited to "Stanley Ferrara," but reportedly had multiple directors. Extreme Teen 24, has at least one scene featuring an adult performer (Black Cat) playing what appears to be a pre-teen who lives in a crude tent in her parents' living room, wears pajamas with feet and constantly sucks on a lollipop. Valentino enters, claiming to be selling Pokemon merchandise, and tells her that Pokemon would want her to suck his cock, which she proceeds to do, then moves on to a full sex scene.

The Website hosted six clips in various video formats that the jury found obscene. It is not yet known if these clips were from videos or were original Web content. The file names of the clips are: Valeriejospit.wmv, jewel.mpeg, PZ Summer Breeze.mpeg, dp_gangbang_7_gen_X.mpeg, miacum.mpeg, analasspirations1.mpeg.

Federal agents, postal inspectors and three Los Angeles police officers raided the North Hollywood offices of Extreme Associates on April 9th of this year with a ten-page warrant. They seized three copies each of Extreme Teen 24, Cocktails 2, Ass Clowns 3 and Forced Entry. It is not known whether they seized the fifth title named in the warrant, 1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz, part of the Armageddon line.

The warrant stated that the bust was due to a complaint in Pittsburgh. Authorities based there had ordered the videos in question and had them delivered to a P.O. box. They had also subscribed to a Website.

U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan serves as chairwoman of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys. When she was appointed to that position in April, Attorney General John Ashcroft described Buchanan's work with the advisory committee's working group on child exploitation and obscenity as "invaluable."




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