Interview with The Naturals
November 26, 2004 -- by Alan Wojcik --

Ariel has only been in the wrestling business for three years. But in that time she has traveled all over the northeast and recently to Japan and Mexico. This interview was conducted via email as to allow for Ariel's busy daily schedule.

Alan Wojcik: Where did you grow up, was wrestling part of your childhood and if it was who were some of your favorites?

Ariel: I grew up in Azores, Portugal in Europe. Wrestling wasn't really part of my childhood at all. At the time, there was barely any wrestling on T.V. therefore we only caught occasional Pay Per Views on Sky Sports Channel. The ones I do remember watching I totally fell in love with Bret Hart and "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.

AW: What led your family to leave Portugal and come to the United States?

Ariel: My family decided to move to the United States due to the fact that my parents thought that in the U.S. we would have better opportunities in life and we could have a better education.

AW: What made you decide wrestling was something you wanted to become part of?

Ariel: Honestly, once I moved the U.S. I started watching religiously. This was during the end of Bret Hart's WWE run and D-Generation X era and what not. I totally fell in love with it. I started watching some local independent shows with my brothers and then once I saw Chyna and Molly Holly, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.

AW: Please describe your training under Brickhouse Baker and Scott Ashworth.

Ariel: Training with Brickhouse Baker and Scott Asworth was really good in my opinion. They treated me like one of the guys and they explained things to me when I didn't understand. Normally, training consisted of warming up and/or running drills; followed by whatever was being taught that day. It would vary; So it changed constantly.

AW: Which promotion did you make you debut as a manager of Johnny Angel and what do you remember from your first night?

Ariel: I debuted in SCCW as a manager for Johnny Angel. And what do I remember from my first night? I would have to say the huge spear I took from Adam Booker that day; picture Rhyno's spear. Let's just say their spears are identical. Ouch! I also remember the fact that it was at my high school (which at the time I was attending) and a lot of the teachers actually turned out and everything to see the wrestling.

AW: Do you like to be called a valet or manager and why?

Ariel: I am a wrestler. I am occasionally asked to be out there with someone else, but I am a wrestler nonetheless. I just say I am out there for moral support. If I had to pick one I think I would pick manager due to the fact that a valet only escorts the person out there. When I am out there I don't just go out there with the person. I offer my thoughts, my moral support, anything possible and therefore I can't just be a valet.

AW: Please talk about what you remember from your first match against Amanda Storm.

Ariel: Honestly, I remember a good beating that I took. Amanda showed me that I was a rookie, and amazingly I beat her. After much punishment, she made a mistake and I countered quickly with a roll up. Another thing I remember really well is the rush I got to hear an "Ariel" Chant. I couldn't believe it. I knew this was it. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

AW: Talk about two interesting moves in your arsenal, the Ariel Go Round and the Dariel.

Ariel: The Ariel Go Round is simply a Molly Go Round (not as well as Molly of course) but I pretty much stopped using that move because I respect Molly so much that using her finisher wasn't something that I wanted to do anymore. The "Dariel" is a variation of the Diamond Cutter. I have never seen anyone else do it. It's just a different set up into a diamond cutter. I just pretty much say it's a "girly" diamond cutter.

AW: You have worked for many promotions that I won't list here (see her site link below) but is there a favorite promotion or one you will never work for again.

Ariel: I don't have a favorite. Everywhere you go is different; everything is an experience, so I don't think you can pick favorites; I just like to go out there and do my thing. As long as I am doing that and people are enjoying it that is all I need.

AW: Is there a particular locker room that you work in that you call home and why?

Ariel: I think DPW (even though they are new) is considered home to me. DPW is run by the 2 guys who gave me an opportunity when no one else knew me. So I consider DPW home now due to the fact that I am very, very thankful for the opportunities that I have received.

AW: You have probably been asked about wrestling Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie. Was there one thing you learned in that match that you remember to this day?

Ariel: They both taught me so much. It is crazy. They taught me in the short time of just 2 shows. Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie taught me that no matter what your doing or who you are out there with, you have to be yourself. If you don't distinguish yourself from others, how will fans do it? You have to be yourself and then everything else will work out. Pretty much regular life advice, BE YOURSELF! And everything else works out. I thought that was pretty cool that it works in wrestling though obviously.

AW: You have managed the unique duo known as the Christopher Street Connection. For those that have never seen them wrestle, describe your men to them and what led you to be their manager?

Ariel: Describing the Christopher St. Connection is well - interesting. Picture a very happy to be together gay couple in the ring with other guys; A lot of the time they resort to kissing their opponents in order to weird them out and normally it works. They are very sound wrestlers too. I admire both of their abilities. Buff E can hang in there with anyone with a microphone and Mace has the ability to make anything look good. What led to me managing them? I would have to say that they are just so happy together, and I am a happy person, as you all should know, I just added more happiness and innocence to their group. They are both very sexual guys (yes you can tell by watching them in the ring) and I was just the little touch of innocence to the trio. They are gay together so therefore I was out there to make male fans happy so that way they didn't have to watch them make out.. they could just look at me!

AW: In ROH you are affiliated with the Ring Crew Express, Dunn and Marcos, please talk about these two men.

Ariel: Actually in ROH I managed the team in the above mentioned question (The CSC). I did however manage the Ring Crew Express in a different promotion. The Ring Crew Express amazes the heck out of me. Both guys are so talented its no wonder they are so popular. Marcos can pull out the craziest moves and Dunn is the power of the team. You can tell, they are having a blast in the ring EVERY single time. They are 2 best friends doing what they love. I had the pleasure to manage them because they saved me from a tag team who thought it would be cool to come trash talk the new girl. In order to return the favor, I managed them later in the night. I dressed up in full on 80's gear to match them; It was pretty cool.

AW: On March 28th 2003 you defeated Alicia and Tara Charisma to become the first SSCW Women's champion, please talk about that match and are you a fan of the multiple opponent match or do you prefer singles bouts?

Ariel: I remember that match like it was yesterday. I was super nervous. This was my first New Jersey match and my debut for SSCW. Needless to say, I made an impression on my debut. I ended up pinning Alicia for the win after we had gotten Tara out of the match. I really like singles bouts but sometimes multiple opponent matches calls for more opportunities. Depends really. As long as I am wrestling, I am going to do my best, whether I am wrestling 1 person or 20:

AW: While working for UWA you and your partner Tara Charisma held the tag team titles, the ones in the men's division by beating the Elm Street Kids on March 26th. How did that come about and what was your reaction to being part of the angle?

Ariel: How did it come about?? Let's see. Elm Street Kids come out and talked about how they didn't have any competition and they would pretty much kill anyone that came across them. Tara's tag team at the time, Ken Scampi and someone else (I forgot his name) came out pretty much as bait. They came out and were just posing/staring them down. Tara and I then came out and rolled the ESK when they had no clue what was up. We got the 1-2-3. We were champs! My reaction to it: I was happy of course. I won the UWA tag belts with Tara. I was very proud.

AW: What was the experience of being managed by the legendary Lou Albano?

Ariel: It was honors, a pleasure, amazing, pick one of those. He was such a nice guy too. He even had a hand in my win that win. How awesome is that?? It's not everyday you get to be managed by a legend like Captain Lou Albano.

AW: Let's talk about some of the ladies you have wrestled. First off your sometimes partner/opponent Tara Charisma.

Ariel: Tara Charisma is a sweetheart inside and out. She always tries her hardest and has improved a whole lot. I have seriously wrestled against her more than I did with her as a partner.

AW: Next Mercedes Martinez.

Ariel: She is one tough chica. Get in the ring with her and you are asking for punishment. She has this presence about her that makes others fear her in the ring. I have wrestled her many times, and every time we take each other to a higher level.

AW: Next Luscious Lilly.

Ariel: She is one of my good friends in wrestling. I would do anything for her. Sometimes we are squared off against each other and it pretty much becomes a battle for respect. We both know that even though we are friends, as soon as that bell rings nothing personal. That's just how it is.

AW: Next is TNA wrestler Traci Brooks.

Ariel: I wrestled Tracy twice, I think. The first time was in a singles and the other was in a 4 way where her and Trinity double-teamed me. I think Tracy is an accomplished female wrestler-now why does she resort to cheating, I don't understand. But anyway, she is very good. I would like to get in the ring with her again in the future.

AW: Lastly I wish to ask you about April Hunter.

Ariel: I have wrestled her sooooo many times. She has an amazing arsenal of moves and just keep surprising the heck out of everyone. She is amazing. Some of my best matches were against her.

AW: Some of the matches have been in the ring of the WXW promotion. Please talk about that organization.

Ariel: WXW is the most organized, family show in wrestling I have seen. They are very professional and I think one of the few to have TV. There are not many independent promotions that have Live TV like WXW. (I actually can't think of any one besides WWE). And they are branching out more so that is really good for WXW. Their shows are for all ages and you won't find a WXW wrestler or offend a child. That is how good their environment is.

AW: You recently became the GLORY champion. Please talk about winning that title.

Ariel: Glory has been and is very important to me. I love the website so when the opportunity came to do a convention, I obviously took the invitation. This last convention, I was crowned the new Glory Champion! I almost couldn't believe that I had won. I was in the ring with so many talented girls and I am so proud to say that I won.

AW: Over the last year you have traveled out of the US. Let's talk about working in Japan. Where there any big adjustments you had to make in your ring style and how are women's wrestling matches different in Japan?

Ariel: Women's matches are different in the sense that women's wrestling is truly respected there. People watch the women for the sport not for their bodies. I am not saying we don't have fans like that in the US but the majority of Japanese fans truly respect wrestling. There wasn't a lot of adjusting for me. I just tried to hang in there with their fast paced style.

AW: You recently returned from Mexico where you wrestled under a mask as Arianna. Please talk about some of the matches you had down there with Nikki Roxx and wrestling under a mask.

Ariel: I have to say wrestling in Mexico is amazing. I don't know how to describe it, but it's amazing. I had a blast everywhere I went, the fans were super sweet, the country is beautiful, and the wrestling is great too. It is unreal. While being in Mexico, I wrestled Nikki Roxx in a series of matches that included a 1st Blood match, a chain match, regular one on ones and even tag matches. These were all firsts to me but I think I held my own. I got a couple of victories. Wrestling under a mask was well, different. After wrestling for almost 3 years without out it takes a little getting used to. I adapted pretty quick to it so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Funniest thing was when I was leaving the buildings, I would have to grab onto someone because I couldn't see in the dark.

AW: Watching WWE recently it sometimes seems the women's division is more about sexuality then in-ring competition. Could you ever see yourself working along side "the WWE Divas?"

Ariel: Honestly, I don't know where I will be or if I could work alongside the Divas. I think only time will tell. I mean, I would like to be somewhere where its more about in-ring competition, so I would kind of lean towards no but who knows. I can't tell the future. One of the girls went from Diva to GREAT wrestler; Trish Stratus; so let's just hope most of the new girls will become like that someday.

AW: Who has been your toughest opponent and why?

Ariel: Toughest opponent would have to be Phoenix. She is really strong and powerful. She is such an amazing wrestler/persona. I would love to get in the ring with her again in the future.

AW: Who would be your dream opponent and why?

Ariel: My dream opponent would be Molly Holly. I look up to her immensely and being in the ring with her would be not only an honor but a larger than life experience. She is my role model and idol. I always tell people that if someday I am HALF as good as Molly Holly I will be amazing!

AW: Has there ever been a fan that asked you something so ridiculous you wanted to beat them down?

Ariel: Yes. Actually it happened just recently. But I would rather not mention what it was because -I'd rather not put that picture into anyone's head. . I just can't believe the nerve of some people.

AW: Who designed your site ( and tell the fans what they can find when they log on?

Ariel: Penny Dreadful designed my site and its currently being maintained by Rafaela. When you log onto you can get any type of information on Ariel and who Ariel really is. There are also pictures, interviews, journal and many other things for fans to enjoy.

AW: What do you hope the future holds for you as a wrestler and as a person in life?

Ariel: I hope to make a living out of this. I want to keep wrestling for as long as I can. What does the future hold? I hope lots of wrestling and lots of happiness. Wrestling is what makes me happy, so I want to keep wrestling. And in life, I would just hope that I am happy no matter what I do - and no matter what happens I want to stay true to myself in a relatively insane business. (I say that in a good way) It's insane sometimes but no wonder why we all love it!

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