Exclusive Q&A Interview with Dave Sullivan
April , 2004 by Brad Dykens

1) How did you get your start in the wrestling business?

I met Harley Race in Kansas City when I was the Offensive Coordinator at Washburn University.

2) How long did it take before you were signed by WCW?

4 years.

3) What was the story behind the Equalizer gimmick?

The Grappler came up with that Idea when I was in Portland, so we could have a program against Nord the Barbarian.

4) Exactly how was the Dave Sullivan character introduced?

It was an idea Kevin (Sullivan) came up with to bring him back into the WCW.

5) What was it like working such a close storyline with Hulk Hogan, and as your theme song implied, did you REALLY want to be a Hulkamaniac?

It was fine. It put me in the limelight for a while.

6) Following your departure from World Championship Wrestling, what direction did your career take?

Well I moved back to Bentonville, Arkansas were my parents retired. Worked for Wal*mart as Fitness Director, and coached at the High school. Now I'm the Head Coach at Dana College here in Blair.

7) Do you still follow wrestling these days? How do you feel about being involved in the industry?

Not as much were so busy here with coaching I have little time. I enjoyed my time why I was there, and the friendships I had.

8) What have you been doing since your retirement from the wrestling scene?

I have been coaching college football here at Dana. Football is my first love.

9) Having played a "mentally challenged" character in WCW, what is your personal opinion of the "Eugene" character currently being used in the WWE??

It will be interesting to how they develope his character with Steve Regal.

10) Word Association
~~~~~a) Bill Watts - Don't know much about him.
~~~~~b) Eric Bischoff - Different
~~~~~c) The Equalizer - Off the wall
~~~~~d) Kevin Sullivan - Friend
~~~~~e) Hulk Hogan - Glory hog
~~~~~f) Kimberly Page - Gorgeous and misunderstood
~~~~~g) Your Job - Love coaching
~~~~~h) Vince McMahon - Great at Marketing wrestling


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