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January 7, 2003 - by PhantomlordLarz @

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1. Well for the benefit of fans who don't follow the indy scene, can you give them a good idea of who Slyk Wagner Brown is?

I'm Mr. Independents, "Slyk" Wagner Brown! Trained by the legendary Killer Kowalski, I'm now the Head Trainer at Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School. I've also wrestled all over the US and Europe.

2. What made you decide to get into the wrestling business and how did you go about getting into it?

I was a fan growing up and always dreamed of becoming a "somebody" in the wrestling business. So, I decided to join Kowalski's school in Boston.

3. You've wrestled for quite a few independent promotions, which has been your favorite place to wrestle and why?

I've enjoyed all of them, but of course some stand out to me more than others. Jim Kettner's ECWA, Jersey All Pro & UWF, are some of my favorites. And if you ever get the chance to see any of these shows in the future, you'll then know why.

4. How did your pairing with April Hunter come about?

April managed me on her debut show. We got such a good reaction, we thought 'hey...why don't we do this more often?' So, we did!

5. How did it feel to become the head trainer at Walter "Killer" Kowalski's wrestling school?

This is truly one of the best things to happen for me in this business. I feel it's a great compliment for the man who taught me everything I know to ask me to be his Head Trainer.

6. Any advice for the inspiring wrestlers out there?

Backyard wrestling is for idiots! If you're serious about learning how to wrestle and making it someday, then find a reputable wrestling school...Kowalski's is a great start!

7. Have you ever met a wrestler whose personality surprised you?

Not really. But there is one thing that aggravates me about some wrestlers that we all meet from time to time... there's always one critical wrestler who loves to tell people how much they suck. And most of the time they themselves are even worse than the person they are critiquing.

8. Who are your favorite wrestlers to work with and why?

I enjoy working with quite a few people, and if I were to list all of them now, we would have to take a sick day from work to read the entire list. However, some of the wrestlers that immediately come to mind are Homicide, Dylan Kage, John Walters and Chris Hamrick. I mention these four guys for pretty much the same reason; they are all like me. They just want to go out there, have a good match and give the people their monies worth. That's what I'm all about.

9. Any funny or amusing stories from the indy circuit that you'd like to share?

There are two that come to mind...I was wrestling this guy and the ring we were in must have been made for Andre the Giant. The top rope was so high, it was stupid. And the guy I wrestling had this bright idea to attempt a springboard crossbody, which I told him he would never make, and of course, he falls flat on his face. I busted out laughing so hard, I couldn't even say "I told you so!"

Another story that comes to mind is when April and I wrestled our first show together in Philadelphia, which is April's hometown and her first time back as a wrestler. Our ring entrance consisted of me flipping into the ring over the top rope and then April following suit. But I think her boots had other plans. Once she flipped into the ring, fell right on her butt and then slipped AGAIN trying to get up. The crowd started laughing and chanting "you f--ked up!", and all I could think was...Philadelphia Welcomes You!

10. You've had a few dark matches with the WWE and were even featured once on Smackdown as a cop who took the Undertaker's boot on the ramp. How did it feel for you to be a apart of the WWE's shows?

It felt great! I'm also the guy that arrested Kane in the middle of the ring. That was my very first time being invited backstage, and to be given the opportunity to do those things on Smackdown was a very cool experience.

11. You were also at an NWA: TNA PPV, is there a difference between how both companies run their promotion and is there a difference in the general mood of the locker room?

Both companies are very professional and treat everyone with respect. The locker rooms are pretty much the same, everyone was friendly. We're actually returning to NWA TNA, on January 15th!

12. What in your opinion is your best match, and why?

Hopefully, my best match is yet to come, because I'm always looking to have a better match each time I hear "What's My Name?" (My entrance music.)

13. What is your favorite wrestling match in general, and why?

My favorite wrestling match is the Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. These guys went over 60 minutes and captivated the audience's attention for the entire time.

14. Do you like to wrestle in certain types of gimmick matches (Falls Count Anywhere, Cage, Ladder etc.) or do you prefer just a straight up single or tag match?

I haven't had any gimmick matches to date, but I'm hoping to do a Ladder match with the right person sometime in the future. Any suggestions for opponents? (Larz's Answer: Low-Ki, AJ Styles, Kid Kash, Chris Kruger)

15. Do you prefer single matches or tag matches or do you not have a preference one way or the other?

I prefer singles matches. Singles matches are just more fun for me, probably because I started out as a singles wrestler.

16. You've wrestled guys like The Sandman, Steve Corino, Little Guido and Crowbar. How does it feel to be able to have wrestled such big names on the indy scene?

I use to watch these guys on TV and hope that one day I would be doing exactly what they're doing. To grow up and wrestle them means a lot to me.

17. You have some "Best of" type videos on your site, which do you think is the best one?

I personally like "Bigger, Blacker & Blonder" because I feel it offers some of my better matches. I work with lesser known guys, and we're all trying to impress and make a name. And I definetly like my newest video, "What's My Name?" In addition to working with a lot of the more well-known wrestlers in the business, this video has some phat bloopers at the end, that will make any wrestling fan piss themselves!

18. Besides yourself, who do you think is the best talent on the indy scene right now and why?

Thanks. I think Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, & Ron Killings are some of the best Indy guys on the scene right now. They each have something different to offer and what they do, they do well. There's no denying that.

19. Have you ever faced any form of discrimination due to your heritage?

I don't know, at least I don't think so. Do you think so? (Larz's Answer: No)

20. What's the worst injury you've ever had?

Nothing too serious. I've separated both shoulders, sprained my ankles more than once, broke my wrist, bruised my ribs, and hyperextended my knee.

21. Do you think NWA: TNA can become the "next big thing" in the wrestling scene?

I certainly hope so. With their talent roster and current X Division, they shouldn't have a problem. And I think our business needs competition in order to survive.

22. What are your goals in the business?

Currently, my goal is to make it to the major league. And hopefully make a name for myself and leave people talking for years after my retirement.

23. In general has the indy scene become better quality wise or worse?

I started working Indy shows in '97, and I think the scene has gotten worse. Too many untrained "wrestlers" and greedy promoters who will use anyone on their shows as long as they work free. It hurts the quality of the show that the fans pay to see, and in the long run, ends up hurting the fed. Which hurts the business.

24. How can a promoter contact you if they wish to book you?

Through my website.

Thanks to "Slyk" Wagner Brown for doing this interview. If anyone wishes to reprint this interview then please give proper credit to Larz Richards.


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