Analyzing the WWE Roster
November 9, 2003 by Jasper

The WWE has much to work with and does little with it. Between fans of wrestilng, this point has been reemphasized over and over again. My god, the talent they have right now is incredible and damn near limitless since becoming the main wrestling industry. They can do so much, but they just don't try.

HHH, good solid wrestler, even has the capability to wrestle a more than decent match if injured. Here's the issue, I don't want to see him in just a more than decent match. I want the HHH that is incredible, big, and pulling off all his moves that makes him HHH. Also, while I do appreciate the fact that he held onto a title belt for more than two months in a row, I do not not appreciate that he wrestled through that time period as injured. No champion should be injured for that extent of period and still hold the title. HHH, please take the time off to build up to the massive status that you once were and then come back as the amazing heel who can speak on the mic and wrestle. WWE, bottomline is this, let him heal and comeback to Evolution to make a truly amazing force.

Goldberg, though I hear this guy is devoted to his fans, I just don't believe he holds the respect of wrestling that the other people in the lockeroom do. This is more or less his way of making a life through whatever he can do. To those that say he is not charismatic, you know that is not true. Not to incite any anger, but his talent for intensity is amazing and he has decent mic skills. As we have seen before and still do, it's a damn shame that talent on the mic is so much more important to the company than complete wrestling skills. Please WWE, take the title away from him, talent on the mic he may have, but I cannot respect a belt when given to a person who does four moves and calls it a day.

Chris Benoit, what can i say about this guy except I am an adamant fan of wanting to see that WWE title belt around his waist. He is praised by everyone and his work ethics are dedicated. He realizes that new blood is important to the company and is willing to job once in awhile. I will admit he is slightly lacking on mic skills, but his character is all about gettting into the ring, not onto the mic. WWE! GIVE THIS MAN A TITLE! Please.

Kane, now this is also one of those that deserve a belt. He is true to character, great wrestling skills (not to mention a phenomenal strength), and has great charisma. Sure, he's held a title for a day, but that's not even worth considering a title run. The WWE will never be able to forget his presence either, he is a legend written into the books. So, where's the piece of gold around his waist?

Chris Jericho, in the past two years this guy has not ceased to amaze me show after show. He is on a constant uprise in his wrestling career on the mic and in the ring. He needs a title and where's the Highlight Reel? WWE, do not mess up with him like you have other storylines.

Sean O'Haire, where did he go? What are they doing with him? He cut some amazing TV promos ending with "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know" that left me drooling in anticipation to when this man will come into the ring. When he did return, he was put with Roddy Piper in a horrible storyline. It completely destroyed his character for that time being and I had no interest in watching him.

Jeff Hardy, i know this is old news but I have to touch on his topic. This was tragedy, partially WWE fault, part his own. When he was happy in wrestling, his moves were amazing and his spots were great. However, when he started falling apart in the ring, he grew slower, his moves sloppy, and his appearance was that of a tired aging old man. The WWE could've given him an incredible push as soon as he and Matt went their separate ways. A few years ago, people were all comparing the Hardyz to the Rockers. Jeff was the next HBK and Matt was going to dissapear into the wind like Marty. However, that turned out to be totally untrue. Jeff quit just a shortwhile back and Matt Hardy took off as the sensei of Mattitude, and not without good reason.

The Rock, please come back from movies, wrestling needs you. You are a damn good wrestler and very charismatic. The wrestling world needs you, your a good actor, but your home is WWE.

John Cena, what can i say? For once, I think the writers are doing a good job with him, maybe actually have him pick up a title or win King of the Ring, but this guy is gonna be the future of the WWE.

Cruiserweight Division; this is one of the greatest divisions that I have seen in all my days of watching wrestling. Consider what they have: THe Hurricane, Spike Dudley, Spanky, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Jamie Knoble, Ultimo Dragon, Paul London, Funaki, Zack Gowen, Taijiri, Jimmy Yang, Ran Sakoda, Nunzio, Shannon Moore just to name a few. The WWE needs to emphasize more on this divison and pull slightly away from the big guys (that's another subject). They could put together some amazing feuds and matches. I drool at the concept of a Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon feud. The moves that would be seamlessly pulled off would be amazing.

There seems to be a new type of wrestling breed entering the company. These gigantic men who have speed and talent! As the recent showing on Smackdown, Team Lesnar could prove to be very very amazing and the individuals can be huge in the eyes of the crowd. However, we need to pull away from the airtime on them totally. This is wrestling entertainment; powermoves are great and all, but we need our high flying folk.

The tag teams, there needs to be a better divison. That's not to say those that are tagteams right now are bad, I mean the opposite. However, we could use a bigger tag team divison. The Dudleyz, The Greatest Tag Team in the World (who are currently out of the public eye), La Resistance, Bashams, Los Guerreros, Jindrak and Cade, APA, FBI, and maybe including Hurricane and SHIT, Evolution and the Playahs. Sounds like a mouthful? It is, but the problem is how much of it is actually used. There aren't many tagteam feuds going on and even then they could be doing much with these groups and factions.

The McMahons, get out of the wrestling eye please. In hopes, it seems that the McMahons plan on writing themselves out of the storyline as we speak. Stephanie was "fired" from the position of GM on Smackdown, Shane will probably (hopefully) be decimated by Kane at Survivor series, and Vince McMahon is most likely going to be "6 feet under" at the Buried Alive match with Undertaker. However, if they are written out, too little too late. You know that as soon as Vince McMahon gets involved in the storylines, some popular face wrestler will get screwed over and over again. Same storyline: dirty, morally corrupt, vince mcmahon destroys his family and then destroys some wrestler. I'm sick of it. I saw it with the corporation, I saw it when he attacked Stone Cold, I saw it when he got mad at Undertaker, Kane, and the Rock, and we are seeing it again now as he attempts to screw over any headliner.

Those are just my two cents.

by Jasper ..

Eric "Wrestle-a-maniac" Borgeson Wrote:
Monday Evening, 8:57 turn on my tv, turn to channel 31, Spike Tv, watch the last few mins of Star Trek the next Generation, see the little what is next speil. Then it begins, Raw is War. THe music, sounds everything I need to make my day complete and better feeling no matter how crappy the day was.

To start off I would like to congratulate Mr Sha on his opinions. I agree with a great deal of what Jasper had to say in respects to the cruiser weight divisions and of Sean O Haire. Sean O Haire was a wrestler I hadn't remembered much about until he did promo's last year. This man is incredible with his stlye, looks, abilities and mic skills easily persuading the audience to his opinion and side. I say bring this man to RAW where he can do something positive and beneficial for wrestling instead of just be a ho drum person on Velocity a show that most can't even find on their local cable channels.

The cruiserweights have some of the sickest and greatest moves. Mysterio is the current great at doing them, but there is so much more talent out there that WWE could get to make Smackdown more exciting and edge of your seat excitement. As well some of the craziest stunts being pulled off in the history of wrestling were done by cruiserweights. So when they bring back the cruiserweights to the heights of where they use to be and have them in some crazy matches, like a ladder match, or perhaps one we haven't even had in existence yet.

Yes Chris Benoit deserves the title. I am sure everyone remembers the match where he was bleeding from the eye but that did not deter him from doing his flying head butt from the top rope and then winning the match with the cross face. Perhaps its time to for him to do a few more other moves and get him a title.

I like Cena and his antics. He is a thuganomics conselour everyone needs. Rapping and acting how we think heels should at the time. To me the most exciting part of Smackdown every Thursday is to see him come down the ramp and listen to his raps before his matches, about one of the few things Smackdown has going for it in my opinion.

I agree the McMahons have to get out of the wrestling spot light, except for the son, Shane O Mac. He is unlike the others for he wrestles with style, has good story lines, keeps things interesting, and is willing to be like other wrestlers, instead of like Vince or Steph who just slap and do very little in the way of interesting moves. Where Shane does things that make a "Holy Shit" chant to start, instead of an oh, big surprise thing sarcasm cause its easily predictable. I mean if Vince jumps off the titan tron onto undertaker in the buried alive match well I could have more respect for the man as in high flying and wrestling things, not having everyone else do his dirty work and be a crappy wrestler.

There are many good tag teams, they just need to get organized and start fueding and things of that nature that make you want to come back week after week. Get better story lines and get them in some intense matches. Nothing I wouldn't give to see a TLC match between Dudley'z, La Resistance, and Jindrak and Cade for the tag team titles at the next ppv. Yes you will all say there was a tables match between La Resistance and Dudley's but I am sure alot will agree it jsut didn't feel like a good match. THe mistake of Spike missing the table because of the error in judgement when tossing him outside by la Resistance. But they have worked longer now and have some more matches under their belts with the dudley's so they could make it an effective interesting match. From this any one of the 3 could win and most everyone would be happy with the outcome.

As well with Jasper, I want my Rock back. Heel or face or neutral, whatever, he is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. He has fan support, even when he's a heel and to be booed, he is cheered, his Rock concerts and promo's he did with hurricane for the most part won't be forgotten, the biggest match as voted by fans involved the rock being sprayed down by a Coors beer truck by one Stone Cold Steve Austin, meaning he was involved in one of the greatest feuds of all time. Even on my Raw II the video game I am currently the reigning undisputed champion, 1/2 tag team champion, king of the ring, and the winner of the royal rumble as the Rock, my hero of wrestling. His amount of moves he does in the ring, his ability to be charismatic and his love for his fans makes him a great.

In closing I would like to make it known that the girls of wrestling I am impressed with. The current Raw superstars of female wrestling I would like to congratulate. However there is an issue with so few females as the Raw roster has on it for lack of new things and story lines only so many combinations you can do with 6 females. I think the addition of Gail Kim was nice, however, she needs to go off on her own, as well as bringing a few other females in and putting them into the wrestling scene. Sometimes I can't believe the beauty that is wrestling like that of Trish Stratus, or the latest jeans and low cut shirt of Molly Holly appearance had me seeing her in a whole new light.

Thank you for your time and listening to my opinions and thoughts. I will be greatly enjoying Raw here in Boston on Monday the 10th. Got just 4 words for ya, Ill drink to that!
Brian Bertand Wrote:
Jasper, I agreed with just about everything you have said on your column. I have a couple of certain dissagreements about a couple of wrestlers.

Goldberg is very charismatic but he's misusing it. The locker room morale is slowly dropping thanks to him coming into WWE. Chris Jericho already laid it out for everyone and the public thought it was just another storyline. He demanded a hell of a lot of money just for a year along with giving McMahon the ultmatum of giving him the World Title or he walks. I say Vince should have not kissed Goldberg's ass the way he did and move on to the next big superstar. His fanbase has also fallen because everyone knows how demanding he can be. Even the kids are starting to boo him.

The Rock doesn't need to come back to wrestling. The movies don't need to call him "The Rock". Just call him Dwayne Johnson like every other normal actor. The Rock sold out, plain and simple. Sure acting give him more money but he's a third generation wrestler that only had talent before he talked about himself in the third person perspective. Let Rocky go! His spotlight has faded. I doubt anyone cares about him anymore. It's sad to see someone who had a decent bit of talent decide that he's above wrestling. It's stupid and pathetic because wrestling is in his blood whether he likes it or not.

I loved the way you begged (somewhat) the McMahon's to fade away. I highly agree with it all. Why not go old school and have Vince as a commentator again? I thought he was a great commentator with so much enthusiasm in a match. He gets along great with Jerry Lawler and he had a great time commentating matches with Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, and Mr. Perfect. Shane could go off the air but he can be a great asset to SmackDown! as their answer to Rob Van Dam. I mean he does a cool Van Terminator with trash cans. Linda has no place on the shows. She has taken way too many bumps and it sickens me the way the writers had her take a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel stage of the Raw set. She's CEO for god's sakes and yet they use her like a heavyweight. Stephanie should also stay off air because SmackDown! sucked with her as GM even though she looked a lot better. I feel the same about the writers when it comes to her as well. She may have been in a few matches but still, she has no place in the ring. She can be a valet like she was with HHH but not as GM. The McMahons are starting to drop off-camera like flies but it's for the best.
Lexy Regal Wrote:
I have to agree with you, Jasper, for the most part on the said column (as mentioned in the subject line of this e-mail). However, I think you're missing a certain division: the Women's Division. What have you got to say about them and I rather if you analyzed all the WWE Divas, not just for their looks but for their wrestling ability and liability to the company?
Jasper Wrote:
Alright Lexy Regal, you ask and I shall deliver.

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