Analyzing the WWE Divas
November 24, 2003 by Jasper

To begin, I notice that since there is only one cruiserweight and one women's title belt, each one went separately to smackdown and raw respectively. What that means is that the true women of wrestling go to raw and the "valets" tend to go over to smackdown. This may give you a hint as to where I'll be going with the article. I will say this, WWE has improved a great deal on the Women's wrestling than it has in the past. We finally have respectable matches with a very talented roster. I will admit it is very difficult for me to analyze all the women, but I'll try.

They need to make the women's title belt respectable, they can't hand off the belt with the frequency they do.

On RAW we have Lita, Trish, Stacy, Ivory, Jackie, Molly, Gail, Victoria, Miss Jackie, and Jazz. With the exception of Jazz, Gail Kim, MIss Jackie, and Stacy, all are actively wrestling. As we see time progress, we see women's wrestling going towards what seem to be more of a luchadore style of wrestling which I believe to be good, while the women may not be able to hold their own strength wise against the men, they certainly know how to entertain using speed, wrestling skill, and flexibility. To those women who have the strength, their even more an asset to wrestling for their skills expand into those of power moves.

Lita, recently returned, had a title shot, and i'm very glad that she did not get the title. As my friend said, he doesn't appreciate it when the WWE title is transferred to someone who came back after an injury or is new within the first three months. Give them time to work up to a title shot. Lita as we remember was teamed up with the Hardyz and had a fantastic hurricana, or I should say Litarana. She's fast, flexible, and skilled. Definitely marked as a potential for a women's title belt. I just hope the WWE knows what it is doing with the Matt Hardy/Lita Storyline.

Trish Stratus, I would say she's a very good wrestler with decent mic skills. Nothing overly fantastic, but she can still talk. She's nothing special when compared for each of her abilities, but when its all rolled into one, the WWE definitely wants to keep this wrestling Diva. She's one of those people who you can appreciate once you realize what else you can do and how hard it is.

Stacy Kiebler, she doesn't seem to be a real wrestler so there isn't much for me to say except that she serves the purpose of storyline and valet. No doubt she is charismatic, but she's not a wrestler.

Ivory, a veteran in the locker room, she's one of those I consider to be a real wrestler. She is good, talented, in fact she reminds me of Lance Storm. Maybe less techincal, but still good. I haven't seen her much and she seems to ahve some mic skills, but I'm not sure so my judgement on her is fuzzy.

Miss Jackie, one of th tough enough winners needs to go through more training before she can step into the ring and away from valet of Rico. Other than that, that's all I know of her and there isn't much to judge.

Victoria, intense is all I need to say. She definitely deserves a title with the effort she puts out and she has the most solid character of the women's group. Everything about her actions and wrestling style say Victoria. The promos she cuts are perfect and the Steven Richards and Victoria relationship works out well. She definitely has strength, speed, and accuracy.

Jackie, the shortest of all the women, but very good wrestling skills. She has potential to definitely be the women's champion. She doesn't seem to have many mic skills, but then again I hardly see her. Again, there isn't much I can say due to the fact that she doesn't seem to be around that much.

Jazz, i'd say she's the strongest female wrestler on the Raw roster and has the strength style of wrestling. She is not acrobatic or flexible, but she makes up for it in strength is peed. This is deinfitely one of the veterans of the locker room and I can see why she held the title. When she comes back, expect her to go on another rampage, but it would also be interesting to see her thrown together with the Playaz.

Molly Holly, definitely deserving to be women's champion. To me she seems to be the one with one of the most solid characters and her wrestling skill works to her strength of her gymnastics background. Her mic skills are good, but the lines need to be better. It seems that the writers of the WWE aren't putting a lot of thought into the women's storylines. Awhile back, everyone had something against Trish Stratus, at least now their mixing it up a bit. It would be better if they could do two women's feuds at once to give the title more credibility.

Gail Kim, the new comer. You can tell she definitely has a defined character already and her charisma can only grow. As a rookie, she still has room to improve in ring, but you can tell she has the skill to become a rey mysterio of the woman's wrestling group. I wouldn't have given her a title yet, but give her another year or so and she could definitely become a solid wrestler and character.

The Smackdown! roster is filled mostly with Valets. The only ones that I have seen are Torrie WIlson, Nidia, Dawn Marie, Sable, and Shaniqua. I would say that the storylines for the women's wrestling roster here are more and better due to the fact that they are valets.

Torrie Wilson, the Diva of Smackdown! has potential to be the next women's trademark girl, however she has no skill in wrestling. A few slaps, a few kicks, a few moves, that's it. The WWE definitely wants to keep her due to her looks, appearance, and character but wrestling wise, not worth it.

Nidia, currently out getting a breast job, this itself will cut down on her wrestling technique as is and she's already quite green from the fact that she was from Tough Enough and hasn't really been in the ring in a serious match. However, her character and her charisma is amazing and worth keeping on that alone.

Dawn Marie, haven't seen her in a little while. She had very good mic skills and knew how to play to the audience. But, other than being a focal point for storyline, she isnt' much for anything else. What's worse is that they never use her anymore.

Sable, the former wrestling diva no longer wrestles and all she does is be a slutty valet to Vince McMahon. To be honest, I don't think she's not really worth bringing back to the WWE. Her wrestling skills aren't what they used to be and she's no longer considered a wrestler.

Shaniqua, the biggest thing that Smackdown has to a wrestler. She has size, speed, and the power that is needed. She has a good character and she knows how to draw reactions from the crowds however, i think she would be more suitable for Raw where she could dominate. Just give her a year more ring time to fix up her moves.

Over all, the Smackdown roster is hard to even compare to Raw wrestling wise. The charisma of all of them are decent. The biggest issue the WWE has is the need to expand the time given to the divas and make the title a serious thing. Its honestly difficult for me to analyze the female roster due to the fact that they haven't been given enough air time for me to judge their style and their different feuds. They need a separate show for themselves to fully expand properly.

On another note, there were some wrestlers I had forgotten to mention last time. RVD, no mic skills except sounding like a stoner, but he is incredibly good in ring and has huge potential to becoming a world champion. He reminds me of a more high flying Chris Benoit.

Booker T, this man deserves a title period. He can wrestle, he can entertain, he has total skill and should get one title in the WWE.

Those are just my two cents, though this time aren't as in depth as last time.

by Jasper..

Andrea Kaufmann writes::
Many people think that the WWE Womens Divison has improved greatly from the days of Sabel and Sunny. It has. But what about the days of Mea Young and Moolah? I decided to analyze the WWE Divas one-by-one and compare them to the old day female wrestlers:

Lita: An excellent competitor. She deserves nothing but respet, which brings up the question, why does she find it necassary to dress the way she does?

Trish Stratus-Not quite as respectable as Lita, but most definatly close. Trish has come along way from her Vince McMahon's puppy days. She dresses respectable, acts respectably, and wrestles rather then standing outside of the ring stripping

Jazz-A true sign that Vince McMahon is getting some smarts. A tough woman who isn't a slutty loser. She doesnt have the buety of Trish Stratus,but thats one of the best things about her: She doesnt need to be a slut to get respect

Victoria: Excellent wrestler. She charismatic and incredible in the ring. Not to bad, Viccy.

Molly: She's getting old, but she's still good. She needs to leave soon, but she's good til at least WM

Gail Kim: Respectable. Shes ok. Dont hate her,dont love her,but respect her,a little.

So far raws looking prett damn good,right?Well how about now:

Miss Jackie:Maybe its because they dont give her the chance to wrestle but she seemed much better on Tough Enough.I dont mind her,but she could use some work

Stacy Kiebler:a.k.a-Slutty Kiebler.She is by far the worst WWE diva of all time!Stacy needs to either get some charisma and step into the ring at least once or get the F out!Stacy needs to get a clue,womens wrestling is evolving,shes bringing down the quality of Raw!Stacy,get a clue!

Raw divas:Not quite as good as they could be,but much better then they could be too!Mostly,my respect goes out to the Raw divas.

Torrie Wilson:I used to despise her,but at least shes trying.There is no respect there other then the fact that I respect that she admits shes not great,and shes trying to evolve to be better along with the company

Dawn Marie:Not sure if shes still here but just incase.Heres a case almost as bad as Stacy.The only thng worse is that shes older and looks like a drowned rat and has a fat ass,not ghetto fat either,jiggly fat.

Shaniqua:Shes the only woman on SD! I respect at all.I hated her on TE but she really improved and got some charisma down in OVW(other OVW,not this one,lol)

Sable:Where do I start?She was bad in her day,now shes worse.Shes a neandrotholic whore.Sable needs to get the F out with Stacy!

Just to let you know,Im being impartial here.For example,I despise Jazz but shes highly respectable.

Now,they may not seem horrible,but go watch a Trish match,compare it to a Moolah match.

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