The Crippler's Dream
December 5, 2003 by Jasper

It's about damn time. Finally, Chris Benoit, a living legend had a title shot on a smackdown, perhaps one of the finest I have seen in a very long time. This guy is probably my favorite wrestler; sure he's not a funny character, but it's the way he is. His wrestling actions speak louder than his words, and they're three times as painful. They better put him on track for a title run, and I mean a Pay per view shot. He made Lesnar tap out, he popped out of the pincount after the F5, what more does the WWE and the audience need as proof that Chris Benoit is the man? Come on, even Kurt Angle vouches for this guy and says that he is a challenge in real life. Kurt Angle, you know, the olympic gold medalist for wrestling? Kurt Angle, vouching for Benoit? Do I really need to explain that further?

And further more, it seems my dream is pushed a bit further; is that Kane I see on Raw going for the title belt also? Finally, they're giving this big man the push he deserves. His name is already notorious, the title belt is merely frosting on top, but he is the most dominant and the one to beat Goldberg's character.

Where are the McMahons? Am I finally smiliing about them vanishing? Why yes, yes I am. Thankfully they bought back Paul Heyman, annoying though his voice is, I can't think of a better General Manager for Smackdown. This guy will bring back all that they need for Smackdown where they were lacking.

HHH, again you know my view on him. However, I saw him on Monday in the match. Of course he does a decent match even when injured, but when he sat on the ring post to jump, I saw an awful sight. He got flabby. He's soft, he's weak, in other words, he's not even training at the moment. That could be because he's has straight back to back injuries, but it would be just crazy to take him out of the millions of title shots that he has and let him rest up eh? I mean, that's totally far fetched. I don't even know why I'm suggesting that. An excellent wrestler like HHH doesn't really need to be in top form to impress the audience, right?

Is it just me or does it seem like Taker will come back oldschool? Potential is big. I know that it was the Undertaker's personal choice to want the bad ass character, but I can't really feel the force that was originally the Phenom. If he comes back as the original undertaker, it will be a new era in the WWE to rejoice and the writers finally have done another thing right again.

Between the Cena and Benoit feud, I can't believe that people are cheering Cena on. Well, yes I can actually. However, it's just cause of his charisma, Benoit's a man of few words, but much more of a veteran. However, Cena's time is coming and it's nearly here. I predict a Cena/Big Show feud for the US title soon, just you wait.

Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones? The WWE using big men as they were meant to be used? Not quite, the abuse on Shannon Moore is not something I'm particularly enjoying and I can't quite figure out what they're gonna do to end this bit. However, I will thoroughly enjoy it if Morgan and Jones ever fought. That would be a match to truly watch and the WWE seems to be getting a clue as to what to do now.

A proud champion and proud Canadian

Have you noticed they are really pushing the cruiserweight divison? They are getting a lot more attention than they have in the past.

Again, this article sounds like me just breaking down the Roster again, but I'm not. It's just storyline analysis up to this point. It seems that I may have to give the WWE writers some credit soon, but it's too early to tell. My fingers are crossed, especially for Benoit.

My repeated two cents, Jasper..

William McCracken wrote:
I was reading back through some old columns, and I stumbled across this one. I don't know anything about the author, but he seems to have a gift for predicting the WWE writing team! Of all the things he predicted, all have come true except for HHH being pulled out of action for a while and Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones getting a push against each other.

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