Thoughts on Wrestlemania XX
March 16, 2004 by Jasper

There is no event that I have seen forthwith from the WWE that has topped this Wrestlemania. This truly was the one to remember. The real big deal of the event, and that's not to take away any light from the return of Taker, the match of Guerrero and Angle, or any match that night, in my opinion they were all good matches. But no match for me tops the final match, especially the result.

At the end of the night, the Triple Threat turned out in a way that I would have never assumed; Benoit beat HHH via submission. It wasn't that he just won, but he beat the reigning champ, the head honcho of Evolution. Most of all, to see someone who deserves it to get the recognition he deserves. It was a match hard won, especially with a double vertical suplex through a table from HBK and HHH. Oh man what a beautiful night it was. How great was it that Eddie ran out from the locker room at the end of the night and I assume he did it out of his own voalition. Eddie and Chris, finally hit what they have been seeking so long. Those weren't fake tears they were crying. A huge round of applause to both of those wrestlers. I was jumping up and down when that happened.

It was wonderful to be able to see two of the finest wrestlers, and not just the biggest wrestlers, finally cap it all at the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 20, also one of the biggest events in Wrestlemanias itself. Oh man, what a great night, it actually restores your faith in the writing a bit, hopefully they get it right. Two deserving champions on the respective shows, two tag teams that deserve some form or recognition, the Taker and Kane did a pretty good match for two big guys, Jericho unfortunately got screwed, Victoria retained which is a great thing.

Eddie and Angle, a good solid match. The wrestling was superb and the slow pace didnt bother me. It was a slower match or more dangers to Angle's neck which wouldn't have been worth it; the finish? Nothing but lying, cheating, and stealing.

The Cruiserweight Open, that was a decent match but could've gone a lot better if they were given more time. It was a high paced, high flying match, with an unfortunate slip by Ultimo Dragon.

Brock and Goldberg, this was a sad one and I don't mean in terms of wrestling. I'm talking about a good wrestler, Brock Lesnar getting burned out at so young of an age and going to the NFL to do something which he has never done. Although I don't condone his switch, him leaving to a chant of "you sold out" must have stung a real wrestler like him and know that people gladly gave into the high fanfare of a non wrestler like Goldberg. Oh well, to each his own, good luck to you Brock.

A person they're building up properly is Cena, slow and steady his career is going and I don't forsee a burnout for him anytime soon. With the recent aquistion of the US belt, one has to see that his road to the WWE championship is not far behind.

The Evolution vs Rock and Sock, I think they did it properly. To play up evolution (especially since HHH lost the title) and still maintain dignity and respect for Foley. In this battle, its not the victory that counts, its the effort and the response from the people. Foley still is a legend.

I could hardly care less about the Night gown match. Very interesting though.

So let's go over the lesson of tonight....Benoit won Benoit won Benoit won, nuff said.

By the way, the promo for Edge was interesting, but how are they bringing him back? It seems to be either a darker Edge or something.

by Jasper..



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