In Support of the Brand Extension
April 14, 2004 by Jasper

I noticed a perturbing amount of people speaking against the brand extension and it confuses me to no extent. Why is this a bad thing? There are numerous reasons pertaining to the fact that the brand extension is a healthy thing for the company.

1. It lets the wrestlers have one night off. Consider this, we saw the wrestlers twice a week on top of the house shows, well in this case they can have a night off and actually have a chance to heal and recooperate. So what if we don't see our favorite wrestlers twice a week? Even they need down time.

2. It gives the wrestlers more air time. Believe it or not, but with the brand extension, we won't see the same people twice a week, but actually have a chance to give other wrestlers a chance since it limits the amount of time they can apply to any feud. Thus we can see the new and rising talent actually given a chance. Intead of seeing evolution versus whoever twice a week, you can see them once a week and then see eddie guerrero another. Look at the rosters of each show, there are too many now for them to have two shows that have the same storyline.

3. The brand extension allows (At least hopefully) for the WWE writers to shelve any ideas they have so they don't use them all up. This allows them to have potential storylines and hopefully keep things going.

4. With a smaller roster, this gives the wrestlers to hopefully form a better bond with each other, thus making matches better. For instance, being able to know a lesser amount of people and their working style gives them a better chance to do better in ring work with each other.

5. separate championship titles on each show. Yes, this is a good thing! two heavyweight titles makes it so that those people who would normally be squashed by politics or whatever to actually have a chance to show that they are some of the best and some of the finest wrestlers. Face it, without the brand extension, I dont think anytime soon we would've seen Guerrero or Benoit as champ, it would be put off for another x years or something.

6. The brand extension actually gives each show a feeling of their own. We can now differentiate between Raw and Smackdown because they have their own appearance and own flavor. We all know that its the same company, but this generates some fuel between the shows to push each other.

SO what are the cons to the brand extension? We don't see the wrestlers twice a week instead of once a week and I for one can give up that tiny sacrifice. In the long run, the longer the wrestler lasts, the more chances he gets, all for just one appearance on TV once a week makes me feel better knowing that the wrestler will still be around a bit longer. What other cons are there? I can't think of any.

by Jasper ..

Joe Joe writes:
This column was good, but unecessary. If you payed attention to the people complaining about the brand extension then you would notice most are the same people who wanted Albert, Test, etc to be pushed and then when that happened they complained, and/or they are just big complainers.


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