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May 16, 2005 by Jasper

I admit it everyone, my primary source of wrestling comes from WWE and it is difficult to attain other wrestling media when your monetary funds are limited. So, this makes it rather difficult to get my grubby little paws on any older tapes. I should also make mention that this problem is compounded by the fact that there is a huge plethora of wrestling media out there and to divide the quality from the junk isn't so easy. There is also the cheap (and illegal) method of downloading clips. However, if you try and search the chances that one will end up with a good amount of gibberish clips and random promos is large. We're talking United States "Super Size It" large. How does one solve this problem? If one isn't willing to sacrifice eating, shelter, and general well being for wrestling material then I suggest a few tips.

Tip number 1: Borrow, Borrow, and Borrow. For those of you with rich compadres, get your wrestling-loving mitts on those DVDs, videos, tapes, or whatever. That's the easy part. The hard part is cultivating. Watch the matches in depth, sit through each of them. If you feel that you've had too much for one day, call it quits and start plugging away at the matches again. Watch all of them, from crappy to fantastic because this refines your sense of wrestling and also sharpens your senses as to what type of wrestling you prefer. This I believe sets the basics for the appreciation of wrestling itself and makes it so that if storylines are horrible and characters no longer captivate you, at least the wrestling is what keeps you hooked forever.

The prior tip helps you with your monetary funds by making it so that you know what to look for in wrestling media. I don't mean to say that you should forever cut down all other forms of wrestling styles that you don't appreciate, but it certainly does save a bit of time.

Next tip? I'd say it's the internet. If there is any upside to the internet wrestling world, it is the fact that you can find out what the fan favorite matches are, various points of view on the same subject, and what people will recommend to you. If I were to be more specific, I say try your hand at forums. I know that it is rather difficult to wade through all those threads and various topics that have no point, but the ones that are gems are the ones that help you attain that next level of enjoyment very quickly. I learned this very quickly.

So, what is the third tip? To be honest, it would be Online World of Wrestling itself. I don't normally sing praises of this site because most people do it. However, allow me to preach to the choir here. This site is the most amazing site for solid wrestling information. It is NOT a rumor mill and more specifically it is the only site that really dedicates itself to wrestling and wrestling itself. It has the most amazing non-professionally (I feel that I may provoke the wrath of Dykens with that comment) made site which surpasses the more eye pleasing junk out there. This site will cover virtually 80% of material needed to get started on honing a beginning wrestling fan and discover the finer tones of this sport. In fact, I really have an urge to just write a paragraph that goes "OMG OMG OMG I LOVE OWW" over and over again. However, that would just be stupid and unappreciated.

Onto tip 4. Now that we have established some basic enjoyment ideas and read through some opinions and ideas about famous and infamous matches, we now broach the delicate subject of purchasing media. Let's face it, DVDs are expensive and that is the primary material through you can see professionally done quality matches. For the wrestling fan that prefers the finer material in life, DVD is the way to go. For all others...DVD is still the way to go. Let me explain. With DVD's, you get a huge story with many well chosen matches as extras for the most part (IE, Hard Knocks- the Chris Benoit story{which I think is the worst title for a wrestling DVD.}). You also get extra commentary from people who are generally regarded as the upper echelon of the wrestling industry, sometimes even multiple commentaries on the same matches. This also helps you to discover other wrestlers and other cultures of wrestling; not to mention you get valuable information about wrestling maneuvers and the such. To sum up, DVD's are a good price to pay considering the material you are receiving. It just goes to show how in depth one show or one wrestler can be.

Tip 5, miscellaneous and beyond. If you're still not sold on the idea of purchasing your material for wrestling, then go to your local wrestling shows. Most often these shows are dirt cheap and gives you the nitty gritty of how a wrestler begins a career. Maybe this doesn't apply to the current day and age of wrestling, but you certainly do discover what it's all about at the heart. Go support your local wrestling schools or simply learn, learn, learn. Also, this WWE 24/7 Channel has some potential though I haven't heard any feedback about it. Any opinions on it? I would love to see an article written on it and its relevance or need. Don't forget to check out shows like Heat or Velocity because they have better wrestling with little storyline. It's a good place to figure out what new up and comers are being trained and how to familiarize yourself with just wrestling without the story.

If you can't watch it, then read it. Read multiple authors who write a show write-up on the same thing. Read about a wrestler's histories, read about wrestling maneuvers, and read about the history. Again, for this I refer to OWW. This site has advanced my knowledge far more than any other form of media. I have spent countless hours just poring through the wrestler profiles and those I have heard of in the past and those I have never heard of. Amazingly, this site has expanded again and even connected itself to reviews on DVDs and all material related to wrestling. If you have your doubts about buying material, look through the sections on media and read the opinions. If you're curious, find someone to borrow it from and then make your own opinions. You'll be helping to create a new generation of potential fans. You will not regret the time and effort you put into it. In fact you will thank me, you will get on your knees and thank me, and you will (goes into a JBL diatribe about being a Wrestling Media God).

That is pretty much all the tips you really need. It's a lot of time there, but it's worth it. I've discovered Ring of Honor, TNA, All-Japan, ECW, through this method and the matches blow your mind. From the breath taking action of Ring of Honor which leaves you tired at the end, to the methodical and yet mind-blowing wrestling of Japanese Wrestling, it's all worth it. I suppose if there is anything else I can emphasize; it is learn your old school. Old school is what gives you the appreciation of the most basic wrestling and how it grew. If you can appreciate that, you can appreciate most things. Except back yard wrestling, that is akin to the red-headed step child that no one really talks to and isn't sure who sired it.

By the way, has anyone felt happy about the fact that the WWE is bringing in unknown wrestlers just to job to any wrestlers? I'm really not kidding here. It reminds me a bit of the late 80's of WWF and the random jobbers to come in and build up a feud or a character. They're doing this quite nicely with Matt Morgan, potentially Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle Invitational, etc. I feel that this allows the WWE to cultivate fresh talent while also giving the wrestlers a chance to build up their characters in this hectic paced storyline time.

I think that's it for now. Until another three weeks are up, adios.

by Jasper..





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