Resurrecting Kayfabe?
August 8, 2005 by Jasper

I'm reading more and more things on and the many of millions of rumors swirling about them getting more active against internet releases and the such...and I like it. Imagine it, an era where once again we're not totally sure what is real and what is false. All we can hope to do is just hope and guess.

With the recent insanity about the Hardy/Edge storyline-real life issue, some people believe that the whole entire thing was a falsehood. However, some believe it to be the real thing and a few go to the other extreme end. This is good, this is intrigue, this is uncertainty. The inability to produce or predict results of any outcome is a step towards ratings for wrestling.

The past few years have been a slump for wrestling and we've had a lot of crap slung our way with the nice assortment of gems. Now, this is a chance for the wrestling industry to capitalize. If someone is getting results and beginning to understand the trends, give them false information and throw them all completely for a swerve. Brew uncertainty back into the question: "Is wrestling real or fake?" Wasn't that part of the charm of it all? Back in the late 80's into early 90's it was fact that I for some reason believed it to be real which made it enchanting. Mysticism, temporary suspension of reality, and the fact that the unbelievable is believable is part of why wrestling seems so real. Think about it; our heroes were immortal, our bad guys were the scum of the earth, and the heroines were usually beautiful. We could see epic battles between two titans and believe it could all truly end with one swift specialized move. When the bad guy won, we were saddened, but the fact of the matter is that we knew our hero would resurrect in a fashion that was truly unbelievable. Yet, we believed in it because we wanted to know the world was truly a place for us after all.

Then reality hit us and the fake wall was torn down. We were told wrestling was fake, and of course we understood that. But, how many of us that day were a bit saddened to learn that our heroes were no longer immortal the way we dreamed them to be? That our bad and good guys were all in the same boat was discomforting.

Look how Matt Hardy has become a face. Look at him; wrongly hurt by lover and best friend he has sought to seek vengeance and we love it. Does it matter if it is real or false? To some people it does, but for most of us, we're just eager to see a showdown between a truly malicious fiend and the man with nothing to lose. I think through here we're starting to feel that we can buy into this as reality again; just for that moment to know good can beat evil.

The wrestling world is beginning to see this. They are beginning to understand that they can once again lure us to believe that "yes, miracles do happen" and that no one ends up truly hurt in the end. This is smart, this is clever, and I think that this is certainly an interesting road to walk down. Imagine it, rumors are no longer solid because it could be the industry spreading them. Contract signings no longer believed and then all of a sudden a wrestler appears on the horizon which we truly had no idea of. I love it.

Ultimate Fighting Championship is real, we all know this. So then why does wrestling churn out more than the UFC or any other real fighting sport? The boxing world has been sagging and fights between legends no longer seem as large. I'm not asking to be a naive fool, but I'm asking for that mysticsm back. I want to be certain that I can no longer be certain at all about storylines, people, and results.

Wrestling world, fool me once, shame on me. Fool me again...thank you, for I know then you have truly tried to recapture the white lie.

by Jasper..





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