Just S Weighs in on Tag Teams
March 31, 2004 by Just S

To begin today I would like to clear up three things that have been weighing on my conscience. Number one: I really enjoyed WrestleMania XX, contrary to rumours that I fell asleep during the show. I wasn't asleep I was just watching real close. Two: I don't care what you say; I don't know a Brock Lesnar. Three: Listen Dave I think the cat was already dead before I backed over it. I mean come on; if you saw my van coming down the drive would you just lie there?

Today I would like to give my recommendation to Vince McMahon about how to fix the tag team divisions. Now I know what you're thinking and you're WRONG. Vince does indeed read the internet sites he just says he doesn't because, well its like when you have a crush on a girl but don't want to admit it...FUCK who cares I've started writing anyway I'm dam well going to finish.

Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a serious problem with the tag team divisions in the WWE. Tag teams have fallen by the wayside since WrestleMania XX. Think about it, eight teams fought for both the versions of the tag titles at the Granddaddy and only half of those teams still exist.

For the RAW titles it was Booker T / Rob Van Dam (they were thrown together a few weeks before the event), The Dudley Boys, Mark Jindrak / Garrison Cade and La Resistance. Now only two of those teams are teams are left and only one is still on RAW if you believe (as I do) that La Resistance will carry on with last weeks return of French Guy #2 (Sylvain Grenier) So this means that with the new RAW Tag Champs the RAW Tag Team picture consists of:

  • Ric Flair / Batista
  • The Superheros (The Hurrican / Rosey)
  • La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway)
  • Val Venis / Lance Storm

    As you can see not many of the RAW teams look like they could defeat Flair and Batista and to make matters worse Venin and Storm having teamed up for a while and could leave the tag ranks at three teams.

    Over on Smackdown! it was Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty, APA, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and The Basham Brothers fighting at WrestleMania, again only two teams remain. No more APA (but a stunning Bradshaw heel turn) and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team splitting to go on to bigger things in singles competition. So lets look at the established tag teams left on Smackdown:

  • Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
  • The Bashams Brothers
  • The Dudley Boys
  • FBI

    As you can see the Smackdown tag team ranks are in better shape but when was the last time you saw Nunzio and Johnny the Bull team up. Seriously it looks like Smackdown only has three teams and well.

    That's it, two sets of tag team titles and six teams (or eight in a pinch). But I do have a solution. It's time to make a very drastic change but I do believe it could work. Time to combine the tag team titles into one set of titles. We need to have a match to unify the tag team titles at a combined PPV like Summer Slam and then only each brand has the titles for a while. Two sets of tag titles and only six tag teams even the women's division is more diverse.

    So that's that I hope my ideas were not that far out, in fact the only other option would be to hire new tag teams and give them decent pushes. Still with this article all but finished I hope everyone who took the time to read it had some ideas of there own. Because why watch the WWE product if you can't have your own opinion. But unlike the rest of you I have one more thing to do today...YES DAVE I gotta go I promised Dave I'd by him a new cat.

    by Just S..


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