The Intercontinental Title, I Want it Back!
April 10, 2004 by Just S

Today I have a bone to pick with Randy Orton. This guy been busy trying to gain a reputation for being a legend killer. *NEWS FLASH* Beating up old people is NOT a successful gimmick. I Just S, beat up old people all the time! I beat em up in department stores, I beat em up in my living room (I live with my grandma), and I beat em up at the bus stop for their bus fares and I'm telling you Orton, people don't seam the slightest bit interested in me either. EXCEPT for the cops who got me with a surprise pepper spraying. But while I was in the holding cell I met this really interesting guy named Gus. Gus was very friendly and was really er um affectionate with me..

Why don't I like Randy Orton? Is it because my pet rock Norm has more charisma? Well yeah that's really all there is to it. No wait, I have more to say and I even did a little bit of fact checking, goat sacrificing and what was that game Gus and I played?

At Armageddon Randy "Hardcore" Orton pinned Rob Van Dam to win the Intercontinental championship. This major moment in 'Hardcore' Orton's life occurred on December 14th 2003. The next time he defended the title was later that month against five time WCW champion (and zero time WWE champion) Booker T. This title defense took place at RAW on December 29 2003.

To be fair to 'Hardcore' Randy, the show 'the best of RAW' did air the week earlier so he couldn't do much then anyway. Two weeks later on RAW Randy the Hardcore defended his title against the former champion (The man he beat at Armageddon almost a month before) Rob Van Dam. WWE fans would only have to wait another month before The Hardcore Randy Orton defended against both Rob Van Dam and Booker T on the 9th of February at RAW.

There you have it in the two paragraphs that preceded the one I'm now writing I detailed the three title defenses that Mr Hardcore Night Randy Orton has had since he won the Intercontinental championship in mid December. These three were the ONLY title defenses he has had. And his only opponents aren't even on his brand anymore, the shame of it all.

The 9th of February 2004. Mark that date down on your calendars if you haven't already, that was the last time Randy defended the Intercontinental Championship on WWE television. Since that date their have been TWO pay per views and many, many episodes of RAW but wait Orton is busy trying to 'kill' another legend but as Foley put it weeks ago he's no legend just a guy who writes children's books.

As of Backlash which is April 18 and the next time he is scheduled to defend it will be 10 weeks since his last defense. Now I should point of that in between defending a title as prestigious as the IC title Mr 3RD generation Hardcore superstar did in fact compete in the Royal Rumble eliminating five guys and WAS involved in a handicap match at WrestleMaina, has had a smattering of non title matches against super duper stars like Val Venis and of course teamed with various members of evolution on episodes of RAW. The point is Mr Orton won the title almost 19 weeks ago and defended it against the man he pinned for it (Rob Van Dam) and then Booker T and then Booker and Rob Van Dam at the same time.

Now I don't know about house shows but being an average fan and not having or gaining anything from house shows I think its fair to say that besides being terrible on the microphone and having lack luster matches Orton is wearing the Intercontinental championship simply to hold up his pants. Did you hear me Vince, that little prick wears a once prestigious title just to hold up his britches. Mick come Sunday at Backlash in your Hardcore match with Orton from one wrestling fan to another please kick his ass all over that arena, pin the snivelling snot, and promptly drop the belt to someone who will defend it more than once every 6 weeks. (I have an idea, his name rhymes with Melton Tenjamin) Because until Randy 'Hardcore Assclown' Orton is no longer holding the IC title I have no interest in ANY match he participates in.

by Just S..

Manfo44 wrote:
Randy Orton is one of the biggest superstars on Raw right now. It is a great angle when he beats up old people. Its entertaining. Randy can wrestle, he's great on the mic, and he has the star power with Flair and Triple H. One of the only reasons I still watch Raw is because of Randy orton, and I considered myself a smart wrestling fan. The reason they don't have Orton defend the belt because they want him to keep the belt and make him a star someday, but not force him to be a star early and have him squash oponents. So get off Orton's back because this man is already a star and deserves to be the IC champion.
GhettoHick00 wrote:
I read this column when it first appeared and wanted to respond but I didn't. Then last night at Backlash, Randy Orton did the responding instead. Maybe he read your article and put on an awesome match just to shut you up! But anyway you slice it, the match last night that Randy Orton wrestled against Mick Foley was a big F*** YOU to all the doubters. Like him or not, Randy put on an awesome match. He was putting on great matches before Backlash, but this one SOLIDIFIED his spot as an awesome wrestler.

Just S is JUST JUMPING on the Anti-Randy Orton bandwagon which was already full of people before. Anyone who wrote an article saying he doesn't defend enough, or blatantly bashing anything Randy Orton did can save their sorry comments for "the next big superstar" who is given a tremendous push WAY TOO EARLY in their career.

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