June 6, 2004 by Just S

#1: Well that just plain sucked. #2: I don't think I can take another minute of this. #3: Not more Bradshaw, god give me the strength to go on. I know that if your reading this you have muttered at least one of these three comments in the past few months when refereeing to the current WWE scene. I know I have and I muttered #2 twice this morning during breakfast. I HATE TOAST. Well I just do.

I have watched wrestling for more than � of my life. That's a long time. If I was eighty that would be SIXTY FRIGGIN YEARS. But...I'm not eighty, no I'm twenty and so its only fifteen years but that's still a lot...isn't it?. So as I'm sure your all now aware I've seen a fare bit of the WWF/E over the past decade and a half and I can tell you that the current state of the WWE is not the first time the WWF product has been a little bit hard on the eyes. It's happened before and it will happen again. But you know what I don't care, the last time it happened I started to watch Monday Nitro and you know what I started to enjoy wrestling once again.

But this time its different I know there is NWA:TNA and there different take on the squared circle (literally). But its impossible to get a hold of the NWA:TNA in my neck of the woods. So I turned to the local wrestling scene. Sure I'd watched wrestling live once or twice before seeing my local federation the IWA as well as catching the biggest show in the country, the Australian Super Show in November of last year. But since the WWE has taken a downturn I have begun to take active interest in all the goings on in my local scene and I'll tell you what, I love wrestling again.

I'll always tune in for the WWE, its just in my blood and I can't help myself but that doesn't mean there isn't other stuff out there. I don't live in the USA but I do live in a country with a very Americanised culture (think Japan except without Japanese people) and thus we have professional wrestling as well. And I'll be able to see wrestling at least once a month for the rest of the year and then into the future. I don't know about you readers but if I can see live wrestling action once a month, yet live outside the USA, then I find it hard to believe that you too cannot.

So next time you watch RAW or SmackDown be critical, get angry call Randy Orton and Bradshaw Wank-Monkey's but if you truly are a wrestling fan do something about it and find out more about local wrestling in your area because nothing comes close to the action and excitement of being their live. And to all the wrestling fans that live in my neck of the woods (AUSTRALIA) don't spend your money on Bad Blood or the Great American Bash (Eddie and Bradshaw in a Texas Bull Rope Match - AWK KILL ME NOW) save that money and wait until a local federation is in your area. Its cheaper ($16 for me AND my women) and it's a hell of a lot more fun.

There is more to the wrestling universe than the WWE, NWA:TNA and Japan. Go out and find it, support it, and re-discover why you started to watch wrestling in the first place. This is Just S slowly climbing down off my soap box.

by Just S..

J.J. Gerardi wrote:
I think what JBL reportedly did in Germany was way off-base characterwise and otherwise; I thought Layfield was supposed to portray who is an overbearing American capitalist and he reportedly goose-stepped and made a Hitler salute?!?! I know he is a mega-heel, but couldn't he find better ways of attaining heel heat? Just horrible error of judgement on his part if it was indeed Bradshaw's idea. Consequently, his reported actions have cost him his side job at CNBC and I wouldn't be surprised if Vince McMahon & Co. take action as well.
Samuli Suontamo (from Finland) wrote::
Sorry, I feel like most of you americans, Bradshaws nazi salutes were just for heel gimmick action ...

But ... If I was from Finland and I've done a gimmick in which I was an anti-US guy and I've mentioned 9-11 and said like "I made your tower's fall down and I'm gonna make fun of it becouse I'm a heel." What would you think?

Maybe couple of decades will smoothen our memories, but ... nobody will never ever forget 9-11 (my father was on his way to Canada on that very day, lucky his alive) but come on, no one should ever, never ever salute nazies, not even for entertainment reasons or any reason ...

And yes, I saw Wrestlemania (1) in 1984 (in Finland we had satellite access to british Sky-channel, that was before ppv:s. And oh man ! those Saturday Night Main Events, with fried pig parts and those 1980's "superstars" !!!

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