The CZW / DELEWARE Situation
September 13, 2003 by Mark Rose

The first thing I would like to discuss today is an idiot promoter in the state of Delaware by the name of Steve Grossman who runs DCW- Delaware Championship Wrestling. When the ban of "extreme" wrestling was first proposed in Dover, Delaware Mr. Grossman had the following to say, and I quote from the Dover News Journal:

"While his organization caters to families more than CZW, he said he personally enjoys the hardcore wrestling shows. "As a paying adult, why can't I go over there in a closed environment and enjoy it?" he asked." This is from when Steve Grossman thought that his organization was targeted by the Dover politicians. After the ban was passed Mr. Grossman all of a sudden presented a different point of view. Again quoted from the Dover News Journal:

"This will eliminate someone from jumping through panes of glass and barbed wire," said Delaware Championship Wrestling co-promoter Steven Grossman of Dover. "[Combat Zone is] not wrestling." So basically once he found out that his company was safe Steve Grossman decided to kiss some political ass. That's really pathetic Steve. Trying to look like a good guy at the start and now in the end bending over Eugene Ruane. Well now this whole thing seems pretty clear. It's widely believed that Steve Grossman or one of his people with DCW actually gave the tape of CZW's Tournament of Death to the Dover city council in an attempt to eliminate competition. You're pathetic Steve and I hope your shitty company gets run into the ground.

Ring of Honor was recently contacted by NWA TNA for a proposed working agreement/talent exchange. Ring of Honor actually turned down the idea. I know some of you are surprised by this by I think ROH made the right decision. Ring of Honor right now is probably the most successful indy wrestling company in the US right now running shows in numerous states and drawing great crowds. They are doing just fine on their own and have arguably just as much buzz as NWA TNA does. And their business plan is much smarter. I won't knock TNA's product it's just as good if not better than most out there but this whole PPV concept is just not going to work. There is practically no way TNA is making money right now and they almost went out of business last November until they signed that deal with Panda Energy. I hope for the future of TNA as possibly the best bet for competition with the WWE doesn't fizzle out,but how long will it last before someone pulls the plug? TNA needs a TV deal like a crackhead needs a hit. X-Plosion doesn't really count people it's just dark matches they throw together and put out regionally I mean a REAL national TV contract. Running somewhere else besides the same building wouldn't hurt either. TNA fans get pissed off at me if you like. I'm not bashing TNA's product especially now that they have less Russo but fact is fact. TNA hasn't released any of those early buyrates yet and that's not a good sign. If the buyrates were good wouldn't they have put them out there already to brag about them? And if you think those buyrates aren't available you are mistaken. It takes approximately 1 year to get PPV payoffs and they had their anniversary show a while back. They know how they are doing. That's why the 1 cent was put out (which by the way was a FANTASTIC idea) to drive the buyrates up. I really hope it works. I really do.

It was announced recently that Sabu is not going to be on MLW's Sept 19 show as Sabu cancelled on them to take another booking. As a result MLW has announced they will not be using in the future. This is really sad. Sabu is a great peformer who gives it all in the ring everytime out even when working with numerous injuries and fans love him. Sabu unfortunately has gained the reputation of double and triple booking himself on the same day and cancelling or no showing various shows. I don't know why he does such stupid things to his career. It's almost like Sabu doesn't want to succeed. Why would you give up a spot in MLW? MLW was pushing him really good and they have the best exposure out there (with the exception of WWE of course) with their TV deal on the Sunshine Network and with that Fox channel in Ohio. I gotta be honest i've watched several episodes of MLW Underground TV and I find it boring as hell. It's like watching a ghetto version of ECW. The wrestling is decent but they really need to change their style. Apparently they will be doing so very shortly. Rumor has it a new format is coming in about 3 weeks. Good for them. MLW is doing great with their live show attendance and it does have potential. As long as they stop trying to be the next ECW and start trying to be the first MLW,they'll do fine.

by Mark Rose..



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