A Farewell to "Sick" Nick Mondo
November 20, 2003 by Mark Rose

On Nov 10,2003 "Sick" Nick Mondo announced his retirement from the wrestling business. A huge fan favorite in CZW as well as a personal favorite of my own. Mondo was a guy who always gave his all in the ring. Much like his wrestling hero Sabu, Nick was a tremendous high flying risk taker who brought a unique and exciting brand of hardcore wrestling night in and night out. He was a rare breed of wrestler who fit in just as good in a junior heavyweight tournament as he did in deathmatch tournaments. A former CZW tag team champion, a multiple Iron Man champion and a winner of CZW's Tournament of Death he never had the opportunity to hold the CZW World Heavyweight title. It never mattered. Nick Mondo was a true champion of the people in CZW.

The first time I saw Nick wrestle was on a CZW tape I bought called "They Said it Couldn't be Done" in which he was on the receiving end of a top rope dragon suplex through a table. I knew from that moment that I was truly seeing something different. I've now had the good fortune to have seen almost every match Nick Mondo wrestled for CZW and I don't think anyone can match some of the amazing risks and bumps that this man has taken. As soon as you heard Papa Roach's "Last Resort" blaring from the speakers at the CZW Arena you knew you were going to get your money's worth. In a business full of ego's and prima donna performers he never cared what spot he had on the card. He never worried about having a title around his waist. Nick only wanted to see a smile on the face of all of his fans. He wrestled because he loved it, not because he wanted fame and fortune.

Some of my personal favorite Mondo matches and moments : the tag team matches with Mondo and Ric Blade against the Backseat Boyz at "No Rules, No Limits" and "Blood, Sweat and Violence" in the summer of 2000, the barbed wire ladder match vs. Ric Blade at "Break on Thru" and Mondo vs Blade vs Super Crazy at "Crushing the Competition" in Feb 2001, the truly unbelievable fans bring the weapons tag team match featuring Mondo and Jun Kasai vs Justice Pain and Johnny Kashmere at "Unf'nbelievable" in April 2001, Mondo's first Iron Man title win against Wifebeater and Mad Man Pondo at "Breakaway Brawl" in June 2001, the extremely violent 6 man tag team match with Zandig, Wifebeater, and Nick Mondo vs The Backseat Boyz and Justice Pain at "H8 Club Dead?" in July 2001, an unforgettable no rope barbed wire match in the pouring rain with Nick Mondo vs Nick Gage at "Who's the Boss?" in August 2001, taking a huge bump off the entrance way during a falls count anywhere three way vs Adam Flash and Nick Berk at CZW's biggest show ever Cage of Death 3 in December 2001, the classic first battle with Messiah at "This Time it's Personal" in Feb 2002, taking Justice Pain to his limit and coming within an eyelash of winning the World title at "A Higher Level of Pain" in April 2002, a 64 minute four way classic with Mondo, Messiah, Flash, and Justice Pain at "High Stakes" May 2002, another confrontation with Messiah and coming up short in a valiant effort against the Wifebeater at CZW's first Tournament of Death in Aug 2002, a leg drop through a pain of glass i'll never forget in a tag team match with Mondo and Wifebeater vs. Necro Butcher and Mr Insanity Toby Klein at "Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression" in Sept 2002, a tag team TLC classic with Mondo and Ric Blade vs The Backseat Boyz at "Cage of Death 4" in Dec 2002, a tremendous three way with Zandig and Nate Hatred at "Live Again" Jan 2003, another Messiah vs Mondo classic at "Uncivilized" Feb 2003, finally Mondo's swan song a bump that will never be forgotten vs Zandig and victory over hardcore legend Ian Rotten to win CZW's 2nd annual Tournament of Death in July 2003. That would prove to be Mondo's last ever match.

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Following Tournament of Death 2 with many injuries and a strong desire to pursue his schooling and a career in the arts "Sick" Nick Mondo chose to leave his wrestling life behind him and begin pursuing his other interests. "Sick" Nick Mondo died at Tournament of Death 2 and is now content just living as Matt Burns, a super nice and funny guy. He's fortunate with all the risks he's taken that he will be able to live a comfortable and happy life. His injuries are injuries that will mostly fade. That's luckier and smarter than most. He wrestled because it was fun for him. Not because he wanted fame and fortune. Now he can use the money he made wrestling and continue working at Blockbuster Video to help pay for his schooling and move onto another dream. I wish him luck in the future and i'll always be a fan of "Sick" Nick Mondo as well as Matt Burns. Thanks for the memories and great matches Nick, you will be missed.

Visit Nick Mondo's personal website at if you want to ask Nick any questions or give him any feedback at all he always reads and responds to posts in his forum. He has a DVD documentary of his life and career called "Unscarred" coming out soon which should be fantastic. His site has some downloadable trailers of it as well as clips and video packages of some of the matches I listed above.

If you wish to purchase any of the above shows to see Nick Mondo at his finest go to their prices are very reasonable and their service is unbeatable. Smart Mark Video is the best source for any CZW event other than seeing it live.

Thanks for reading and please take the time to check out "Sick" Nick Mondo, you won't regret it.

Mark Rose

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