The Return of Eugene
August 1, 2005 by Adam Heap

Hey guys - I’m back for my second column, thanks for all the replies I got to “The Turn of HBK”, it’s great for a fifteen year old first time writer to see he’s made an impact on so many people. Thanks a bunch!

On the January 9, 2005 New Year's Revolution PPV, we saw a defense of the World Tag Team Titles ? it was Christian and Tyson Tomko challenging William Regal and his ‘pupil’ Eugene Dinsmore for the Tag Titles. It was almost the end of the match, Eugene was getting wound up for his finishing moves, and he attempted a dropkick. The move led him to hyperextend his leg muscle, rupturing a patella tendon. He was to be out of action, and, consequently, out of RAW, for several months.

A few weeks before WrestleMania 21, we started to see promos acted out for the Hollywood stage. Eugene’s promo was a parody of Forest Gump, in which Eugene ended up knocking out a poor defenseless woman at the bus stop after re-enacting one of his favourite WrestleMania moments. At WrestleMania 21, the Biggest Stage of Them All, we saw Eugene return ? not to action, but simply to say hi to everyone, and remind them how cool midgets are. Of course, you can never just cut a promo without being interrupted. A wrestler wanting to make his own ‘WrestleMania moment’ going by the name of Muhammad Hassan, who has now been dropped from the WWE roster, came out and attacked Eugene, putting the Camel Clutch submission hold onto him. The Immortal Hulk Hogan came out and made the save, cut his poses, and Eugene was already out of there.

On the July 25, 2005 edition of WWE RAW, The opening match was to be the Kurt Angle invitational match, which had yet to be won by anyone. Matt Striker, the runaway teacher, had tried and failed twice in the two preceding weeks. Kurt Angle looked eager to fight anyone, and looked extremely eager to fight RAW Diva Christy Hemme when she came out. Angle thought that she would be his opponent, but no such luck. She was just out to announce the return of none other than Eugene Dinsmore to the RAW community.

Kurt Angle was seemingly toying with Eugene, but when he applied the Ankle Lock with 15 seconds left, all was lost once again. Eugene’s match had been a failure. Those were the thoughts in my mind until Eugene countered the submission and threw Angle out of the ring. With only ten seconds to go, and not even enough time for Angle to get in the ring and pin Eugene, the match was over. The bell rang, and Christy hopped into the ring to congratulate Eugene, who was ecstatic. She placed the gold medal around Eugene’s neck, and they celebrated and walked off. All the while, Angle wasn’t too happy at losing his prize possession.

On the August 1, 2005 edition of RAW, which is yet to come, we see the Eugene Invitational ? which is Eugene’s own version of the Angle Invitational match. As HHH is still busted up from his match with Batista at Vengeance, Kurt Angle has been left on his own. And so it looks as if we’re going to see a Eugene v Angle match at SummerSlam. Eugene, unfortunately, is probably going to have to job to Angle so that the top heel on RAW can get his gold medal back. I’m presuming that Angle is going to take the road to a feud with Triple H afterwards, so we now need somewhere for Eugene to go.

The tag titles make anyone who hold them look worthless, and he’s already held them, so I doubt he’s going in that direction. He can no longer feud with the now-heel William Regal, because Regal has gone to SmackDown! via the blockbuster midnight trade. He’s not a high carder, so a WWE title is out of the option (and probably will be forever). And so I see him going for an Intercontinental Title shot. A Eugene-Carlito feud would be nice, and after having a look at the RAW roster, it’s pretty much the only way I see him going.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, then thanks again, and it’d be great if you guys could comment and give me your opinions on what Eugene’s gonna do next. So long!

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Jake Raynor wrote:
good article on Eugene, about what you said on eugene's future. The Intercontinental Title is a good option but i disagree that the wwe title will ALWAYS be out of bounds for him, i dont see him winning it any time soon but maybe one day eh? remember to look for my latest column on OWW soon!
Shawn Austin wrote:
Good column. A Eugene-Carlito feud following Summerslam would make for some interesting match-ups. Carlito needs to be put in a series with someone other than Cena or Benjamin, as I haven't found very many of their matches exciting as of late. Let's hope WWE lets Eugene and Carlito showcase their wrestling strengths without simply relying on the humourous aspects of their gimmicks.
Matthew Jones wrote:
As much as I have enjoyed Eugene despite my original worries of the character I feel that an I-C title run would be pointless and harm the credibility of the belt which Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin have helped create since its return! Eugene is a limited comedy character suited to opening matches, I fear for Nick Dinsome that he wont be able to show his great wrestling skills with a proper gimmick on the mainstage. Hopefully he'll turn heel and say Eugene was actually an act to get him over . It would be awesome!
Aaron Stone wrote:
First off, I think this is one of the worst wrestling gimmicks that the writers have ever thought up of. I know that the WWE isn't usually politically correct (Billy and Chuck, Hassan, The Nation of Domination) , but I think this has just gone too far. I was at this past Summerslam and heard the fans boo Eugene during his match with Angle. I think the fans are trying to send a message to the writers that they are tired of this Eugene gimmick. You can't just turn Eugene into a heal (I'm sure that would go over real well!!!). The only option I see his getting rid of this angle all together.




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