The Animal Still Rules
September 24, 2005 by Adam Heap

Once again, the Adaman is back to write another article. But this time, it’s going to be quick, precise, and it’s going to let people know that Batista does have what it takes to be World Heavyweight Champion.

First, a brief history. Batista won the title off Triple H at WrestleMania 21. Triple H carried Batista to a good main event match. After that, Batista mostly defended his title against people like Randy Orton and Edge. At Backlash, he defeated HHH again. And, for the third and final time, Batista, World Heavyweight Champion, defeated Triple H in a Hell In A Cell match. Note that Triple H had never been defeated in a HIAC match before this. Triple H in both of these matches carried Batista, whose arsenal mainly consisted of slams and clotheslines, to a good match.

Batista was then drafted to SmackDown, where he faced JBL and retained his WHC twice (making it 6 consecutive PPV wins (including the Rumble)). He’s now scheduled to go up against Eddie Guererro at No Mercy.

Now, I agree with people who say Batista’s held the title for too long. Another JBL-type reign is just too much. Batista, however, has held his own as the powerhouse who destroys everything in his path. Now, here are some common arguments I hear about Batista.

Statement: "He’s got no in-ring ability." That’s a half truth. Batista is able to pull off powerbombs, spinebusters, and clotheslines with the best of them. Sure, we don’t see many submission moves or vertical suplexes, but if everyone in the WWE did the same technical wrestling doing the same moves, it’d still be boring. Plus, that’s half of Batista’s character ? he gets in the ring, demolishes people with power moves, and leaves after performing his Batista Bomb. So there’s argument No. 1.

Statement: "He has extended promos and little mic ability." Once again, that’s a half truth. He usually has very little to say except a) this title’s gonna stay mine and b)you’re an asshole, and now I’m gonna get in that ring and kick your butt. This, again, is half his character. He kicks you butt after saying, like, ten words.

Statement: "He’s held the title for too long." True. I agree and say that Batista should lose the title, but not to Eddie. Personally, and you can say that his opponent should be a heel, but I’d love to see a face-face title fight between Batista and Rey Mysterio. Failing that, at least have it so that you’ve got a triple threat feud between Batista, Guererro and Mysterio. Now, I’ve heard people bash Mysterio too, but this column’s about Batista, so keep your Mysterio bashing to another column.

Look at me ? I’ve written on and said I’ll be quick ? but meh. What are you going to do? I know that one column’s not going to convince anyone to change their mind about Batista, but at least give the champ a little credit.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time ? but in the words of another champion, “You Can’t See Me”.

P.S. ? feel free to bash Batista in your replies all you want now.

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Noman Shaikh wrote:
We all know that WWE makes superstars over that carry a good fan support. The two big examples are John Cena and Batista. Sadly Batista in my eyes had lost all his charm since he had won the title. If he was to be a big face, then he shouldn't have won the title too soon, but could have tried to fight his way to the top for sometime and then get it probably around Summerslam. Sadly, his inring skills are very poor. Take JBL vs. Batista from Summerslam for example. His mic skills are not good either. But he certainly had the ability to get over. If he had to look good as a face then he should not be carrying the title for too long. It's time that he looses his title to someone like Undertaker and then return as a heel by carrying a revenge on Taker. Undertaker winning the title can bring in many Taker fans to watch Smackdown will full marks. I have a feeling that Batista in the future can turn out be like midcarder Scott Steiner. It's time that WWE introduce some varierty to hsi character instead of being the same Animal again and again. For e.g Lesnar came in as a destructible wrestler, then after sometime he turned into a proud champ, after he won that title in that iron man match, the first time he won that he was more of a respectable player. It's time that Batista is given some fresh storylines, fresh characters etc etc.
Dimitri Apostolou wrote:
I agree with you one points one and two, but point three i have to disagree 100%. The WWE needs to bring back the prestige of the WWE and WHC Championships. (although the WHC has never had any) i remember when title reigns were actually worth calling a reign. when only 4 of the thirty men had held the title. people tuned in to make sure there favorite face champs where still champs, or if there most hated heels had finally lost the title. with a few curve balls example Undertaker Hulk Hogen 1991 i think JBL was not the right person to start the long title reigns with but that's in the past. i think the soonest Batista should lose the title is Survivor series. the way they have things now its like Kindergarten, everyone gets a turn let me take you back to 1999 there were twelve different champions in 1999 TWELVE!!! you had mankind holding the title three times, you had the rock with two, stone cold had two as well as Triple HHH, also Undertaker, and the boss Vince had title reigns. sure it was the attitude era. sure why not. well if someone like Mankind gets three title reigns in one year then something is wrong ( no offence to Mick folly.) i think the longer title reigns are a breath of fresh air. then again i am just a fan.
Bunnie Sullivan wrote:
I've read with some interest the comments regarding Batista and have to say I do agree with some of them. I'm hearing a lot of technical talk (who he should be up against, the roles he should be playing, etc.). Let me give you the female perspective which, considering who we're talking about, should not be taken lightly. In case you haven't noticed, there are a LOT of female wrestling fans and I'd be willing to bet that Batista brings in a lot of money for the WWE from those women. Now I'm a reasonably intelligent woman, so believe me when I say...I know what I'm watching. And I'm not watching it to compare techniques, or grade his mic skills, or speculate on how long he should retain the title. I watch WWE because it's an escape. It's a fantasy. And Batista is the best part of that. Mic skills? Someone else said it before me...he was best when he was not talking. Cool, confident, no need to stroke his own ego. Leave him off the mic-I like the strong silent type. He likes entertaining, and we like watching. It's pretty simple. That being said, I think it was a huge mistake to move him to Smack Down. He had some momentum going, and the matches were much better. Nunzio? Give me a break. I'd like to see him back on RAW, or put him up against a worthy opponent, like Taker. Anyway, that's my two cents.
Keith wrote:
People can say what they want about Big Dave but he has been able to use the limited amount of time he has had on SmackDown to actually bring a bit of interest back to that brand. It is obvious that, aside from non-wrestling activities, he has become a much more credible champion than John Cena. Whereas Cena is trying his best to imitate the Rock's humourous (Yes I'm Canadian, and that's how i spell it) interviews while in a lackluster "Stone Cold" type feud with Eric Bischoff, Batista is on SmackDown actually wrestling and beating opponenets. Sure the JBL feud was lackluster but the feud with Guerrero is very fresh and entertaining. And Batista is showing as much charisma in it as Guerrero who is perhaps their most entertaining. I say Cena is the champion who should be put into a title chase program while Dave should continue dominating Friday Nights.
Camilla Henry wrote:
I'm with Bonnie on this one. I've been watching wrestling for several years and I know my wrestling. It's a form of entertainment and Batista certainly entertains us ladies. Like I said, I know my wrestling and I don't watch for the eye candy, but Batista's strong, sexy, silent character keeps me tuned in on Smackdown. True, he was better on Raw, and they do need to beef up Smackdown's roster, but with time I think he can become a solid leader - much better than JBL. I'm not impressed with Cena, probably because I'm not the demographic that he is supposed to be reaching, but I like Batista's no-nonsense, get-the-job-done attitude. Props to champs like Cena and the Rock, but neither of them, in my opinion, were strong wrestlers. Cena and Rock spend the majority of their matches getting beat up, only to "pull though" in the end. Can't say that about Batista. Hopefully he will recover quickly from his injury and keep gracing us with his skills. I have to add that seeing his human side after Eddie's death was quite touching.



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