RAW's Five Defining Moments Of 2005
November 22, 2005 by Adam 'The Adaman' Heap

Hey there obsessees. Hope you've had a great time watching the WWE - I know it's hard at the moment, but try to cheer up. It will get better - eventually. Thanks for all the replies I got to my last column; it's great to see so many people have their opinions of Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy as good ones. Anyway, this column is about, obviously, the biggest 5 moments of 2005 so far on RAW (not including the untimely death of Eddie Guerrero, which has been covered in the FanJam, even though it's not a RAW event). Not in any particular order, here they are.

1. Sweet Chin Music, July 4, 2005. It was delivered straight to the face of HBK's partner, Hulk Hogan. It may have only been a one month heel turn, but it was a welcome break to HBK, as he hadn't been heel for a while and he needed to re-invent himself for a while. Hulk has gotten many big pops over the year, like at Wrestlemania, then against Muhammad Hassan, and then coming back to face Michaels. I'm not taking any stance on whether Hogan's good or bad, but he still gets a pop. Good for the ratings, I suppose.

2. The opening promo of the August 15, 2005 edition of RAW. Montreal, Quebec. We were 6 weeks after the original heel turn here, and Shawn Michaels, already being much hated in this particular area of the world, was cutting an excellent promo. The crowd, however, got restless, and chants of 'We want Bret' started up. Michaels, ever the opportunist, used the chants to ask Hart to come to the ring right now. He then said 'I screwed ya once, and I'll screw you again!' And then it happened. The roof came off the building in Montreal as Bret Hart's music hit the arena. His video, his music, his lights, but nothing. No Bret. Nada. Many fans were extremely angry at HBK when they realized it was a joke. Michaels played the same trick later with Hogan's music, but that pop is equal for biggest of the year with another moment coming up next.

3. Draft Lottery, June 6, 2005. Jericho's Highlight Reel was in the middle of the ring, and he waited patiently for the first draft lottery pick to walk down the stage to RAW. After a very long pause, very familiar music hit. The first of 8 beats in the song of a champion played, and everyone realized who it was, but they were silent. And then came the second beat. The crowd erupted. John Cena's music was, by now, recognizable throughout the arena, and there was a very large period where you couldn't hear JR or the King because the crowd was that noisy. I can honestly say that when I turned on my computer at school that day, I saw the headlines saying John Cena comes to RAW, I was overjoyed. Anyway, moving on.

4. RAW Homecoming, October 3, 2005. Hulk Hogan came out once again to a huge pop. He quickly ran down the list of the WWE legends he's faced at past Manias, and then mentioned that there was a man backstage he hadn't fought yet - Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is pretty obviously a set up for Wrestlemania 22, but I'd be interested to see who'd win.

5. WWE RAW, August 1, 2005. There'd been a lot of controversy over the year about the firing of a certain superstar. Many people signed a petition that got over 25,000 names to bring him back. The chants came through every arena for weeks. Before his 90-day no compete clause ended, he invaded RAW several times. When the limo pulled up, there was no doubt that Matt Freakin' Hardy was back on RAW. It was a quite memorable saga, and now Hardy's gone. But he still managed to beat Edge over the head for a few weeks before he became a superstar once more. To be honest, it did get old a few weeks into the matches, especially seeing Edge beat him down almost every match. Anyway. Well, there you have it. Five of the most memorable moments of RAW in 2005. Look for my next column before the end of the year, where I'll go over the SmackDown! results for 2005 and bring you their 5 best moments. This is The Adaman, signing out. (P.S. - Viva La Raza!)

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XTA wrote:
Your article should be the "Five Biggest Pops on RAW" instead of "Five Defining Moments." While the Michaels/Hogan feud was big and built up well, the fact is there isn't any long-term effects for either man. Michaels turned heel, lost to Hogan, turned face again and it was business as usual. Hogan gets a win, and may now be lobbying to get a match with Steve Austin.

The Eddie Guerrero tribute should not be left off any "top five RAW moments" list because it wasn't related to any WWE storylines, nor because it was spawned by his tragic death. If you list angles which are based on some real-life enmity (Michaels baiting the Montreal crowd and Edge vs Hardy), then how can you not include the one RAW episode which was, sadly, more compelling and cathartic?
Edrom41 wrote:
nice articles, all good moments, although I really didn't like the 3rd, but nonetheless it was a moment that a lot of ppl liked. I myself can't wait to see what you pick as sd!'s 5 greatest moments, cause I love sd!
Noman Shaikh wrote:
That makes a pretty good list, but you might have just missed one more great moment, though it was not of those recieving the greatest of pops, I am talking about Batista/HHH contract signing for their WM Match, and where Batista turns face, it was a great promo, with HHH doing good work on the mic to motivate Batista, and such great was the sight Batista turning face. I am pretty sure Batista coming to Smackdown to hunt for JBL and doing some great stuff, from damaging JBL's car to inring assault will be included in that. For me Cena coming to RAW was the best moment of year, I hated Cena on Smackdown, but when he was fresh on RAW he looked good, but with time he has started to suck there too, hopefully a heel turn will help him.







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