The Draft Lottery: 2006
April 14, 2006 by Adam "The Adaman" Heap

So, Wrestlemania is gone, and now we’re nearing Backlash, where the Draft Lottery is usually announced. We all saw the lottery had huge implications last year, with Angle, Orton, Benoit, Batista and Cena switching brands. But has anyone thought that this year might be even more intriguing? Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

To SmackDown:

1) Shawn Michaels. HBK, now that he’s planning on slowing down, would be an obvious choice to go. On SmackDown, HBK would be able to work like the Undertaker and wrestle less while fighting when he needs to. On SmackDown, he’d also have a lot of new opponents to fight, and he in particular can help the new guys get over, like Finlay, or even if he has to make a heel turn to fight people such as Lashley. P.S. ? Is anyone else intrigued by HBK and God in a tag match?

2) Ric Flair. It’s almost the same situation for Flair. As he’s getting older, he’ll need less time in the ring. I’m not saying he’s too old ? anyone who saw his and Edge’s TLC match should know he’s still got it. But Flair would, like Michaels, benefit from helping new guys on the SmackDown roster.

3) Shelton Benjamin. With guys on the SmackDown roster like Hardy, London, Kendrick and more, Benjamin could really put on some great matches now that he’s a heel. Of course, I’d suggest that before you take him there you’d take the title off him, but that would be obvious anyway. A Shelton/Benoit match would intrigue me. Shelton on SmackDown could potentially become a threat to the World Heavyweight Championship.

4) Chris Jericho. Now, he may or may not come back, no-one really knows at this point in time. But if he does, he’d be good on SmackDown, because while he’s not young, he’s not particularly old either. Instant main event picture with Rey Mysterio. I could see some great verbal conflict there.


1) Lashley. Think of what a great addition this guy would be to RAW. You saw what he could do at Survivor Series 2005 against the RAW warriors, and a feud against Masters, muscle vs. muscle would be perfect. This could help him on his way to the top, as it’s obvious that this guy’s got some big stuff going for him.

2) Orlando Jordan. Now, you hear little of him these days ? he’s got no major (or minor) feuds going at the moment, and anyone who reads a news site knows that the WWE is planning a bisexual love triangle angle for him. Now, I may break a commandment here, but we all know that a bi-angle might be going a bit too far, so put him on RAW, where he can form a stable with Benjamin. Man, that would be good, because Orlando has some skills in the ring.

3) Paul Burchill. Yes, the pirate. I love this guy to death at the moment, and after Kennedy, he could be a huge hit. For some reason, I have a feeling that Burchill on RAW could do something interesting. No doubt a pirate would. Just keep him away from stealing someone’s jacket so the WWE doesn’t make the same mistake twice would be good.

Now, you’ve probably seen a trend here. RAW needs newer people and SmackDown needs some more established wrestlers. This could help to mix up the talent a little bit and provide some good ideas and feuds for both rosters. But that’s just one fan’s humble opinion, and I’m sure you’d all like to suggest someone below. So feel free, and in three weeks time, I’ll be discussing the merits of the champions, Cena and Mysterio, in my next Respect column. This is the Adamaniac, signing out. Ciao!

by Adam "The Adaman" Heap ..

Josh Lloyd wrote:
Great column! I totally agree, other than I'd like to see HBK stay on RAW and do a D-X thing with HHH. I mean HHH always gets mixed reactions when he comes why not make him a face with HBK? Anyway...

I'd Like to see Kenny and Johnny From the Spirit squad drafted to Smackdown, so they can get away from this stupid Spirit squad gimmick (which I really like...I just don’t like people as good as Kenny and Johnny being put in it).They would be great to feud with each other as well as others like Hardy, London, Etc.

Chavo to Smackdown. To do an angle with Rey? I know WWE are planning something with them to (probably a feud) but wouldn’t they make great Tag-Partners as well?

HHH (if he doesn’t team with HBK that is) going to Smackdown. He could revive old feuds like Batista, Orton, Benoit, Angle Etc. As well as have new feuds with Rey, JBL and Mark Henry.

Kane going to Smackdown. Bring Kane Back to main events! If he came to Smackdown he could go for the world title and hold it for longer than 24 hours!
Steven Kurasz wrote:
I have to disagree with sending Flair over to Smackdown. I feel he has some alright things coming for him on RAW at the moment. Also, Orlando Jordan should stay on Smackdown simply because it seems they have some of the inexperienced wrestlers. Jordan could still use a lot of work in my opinion. Lashley sounds like a good trade to RAW though. If WWE were to have a muscle feud between the two than I would have a true reason to watch RAW.
Jerry Voiles wrote:
Ok heres how I see the draft going down. I think HBK will go to Smackdown and in exchange for Orton or Mysterio. I also think Shelton Benjamin will go to Smackdown. Ric Flair will stay on RAW. If Chris Jericho returns he will stay on RAW I think. Booker T to RAW. Lashley to RAW. Chris Masters to Smackdown. Kane to Smackdown. Finlay to RAW. A few divas will be moved around probably and a few other guys.
Navin Panesar wrote:
Wow there are some good points here, especially your ones about Shelton, and Birchill as he is a great worker and would stand up well in a main event once his star power increases. i disagree with your Michaels and Flair over to Smackdown, Raw is where they deserve to be through years of hard work and on Smackdown they would just drift in and out of Storylines. Smackdown sadly will always be the minor leagues even though they have great potential it will never knock Raw off the top spot. Personally i thik Masters should be moved onto Smackdown and also put Finlay onto Raw because him and Flair had some good moments which could lead to a fued between the two, especialy since Finlay cost Flair his shot at becoming a 17 Time World Champion.
Rita Nichols wrote:
What do you think about Kane to Smackdown. It could cause a lot of comotion and maybe they could balence it out by sending Undertaker to Raw and he could fewed with Big Show or basically any good superstar on raw.
Matthew Jones wrote:
I really enjoyed the article. As much as I love Angle/London/Benoit, Smackdown! is always seen as the second show, so it would be perfect to see HBK or Flair go there to "slow down", they've fought everyone there is to fight on Raw already and Smackdown! is full of new stars and fueds.

I'd love to see HHH go to Smackdown! and have a long program with Angle....or even the 'taker, but I dont see him leaving the flagship show.
Robbie Hall wrote:
in general i agree with your article. smackdown does need more established wrestlers and raw needs some new faces to freshen things up. but i hope it goes a bit differently. for edge to continue to be a top heel and a main eventer he needs to be switched to smackdown. where he could fued with batista, kurt angle, rey mysterio and the undertaker. i'd also like to see shelton benjamin and ric flair switched to smackdown. i hope trevor murdoch is switched to smackdown as well, where he could either start a fued or align himself with jbl. i don't see shawn michaels switched to smackdown as he is commonly know as the franchise of raw to some fans eyes as well as the undertaker is considered the franchise of smackdown. on the raw side of things. along with bobby lashley i see ken kennedy getting drafted there as well. and i wouldn't be surprised to see mnm drafted as a whole to raw either, being nitro and mercury is the wwe's best tag team at the moment and melina being wwe's fastest rising diva. i'm sure there will be a few more higher profile changes here and there, but these are the ones i'm most looking forward and can easily see happening.
Wayne Poppleton wrote:
The whole talk of Shawn Michaels and Triple H going to Smackdown is interesting, but think of the recently highlighted possibilities if they stayed on Raw.

Since Wrestlemania they have both been seen re-enacting the old DX "Suck it" sign. And does anyone remember when Shawn Michaels made his surprise return to WWE a few years back? There was a segment backstage where HBK was pretending (although HHH though he was genuine) to get DX back together. The response from the live crowd was fantastic, and both Triple H and HBK were flashing what appeared to be genuine smiles.

Another thing to consider here is the fact that Sean Waltman (X-Pac) has not been seen around on TNA for quite some time. Perhaps he could return on Raw? In addition, there a few stragglers on the Raw roster that could benefit of being in a powerful stable. Chris Masters, for example, is far from being the most charasmatic guy around and his technical prowess in the ring has yet to be truly seen. By sticking him in a newly formed Degeneration-X you have the ability to promote him whilst also masking his shortfalls.

Speaking of stables, since the breakdown of Evoloution and JBL's cabinet, we have not seen one. Teddy Long muttered to JBL on Smackdown a few months ago that "it seems you're getting your cabinet back together" but this did not emerge. So let's get JBL over to Raw with Orlando Jordan and Gillian Hall. They can have OJ's bi-sexual love triangle to cause some mutiny in the ranks if they want, but I think the WWE should go back to pushing JBL with the whole presidential leader angle. Think about it; what does every powerful world leader love? An arsenal. On Raw, JBL could finally get his "big gun" with the likes of Snitsky or Big Show.

With Raw going back to its old broadcasting network, Vince McMahon commmented that Raw could be fun again. Stables are great for providing storylines and feuds, and when you get two stables coming head to head it makes fantastic viewing. I for one think a new DX could be just the thing for WWE at the moment.
Shane Simpson wrote:
RAW: Kurt Angle: I think it was unfair how Kurt Angle went to SmackDown! in January after almost been on the show for 3 years and abit. He was only on Raw for about 8 months and it was ashame he didn't become the WWE Champion in that short period of time. Kurt Angle was really good on Raw. So I believe he should go back to Raw and become the WWE Champion. | Randy Orton: Randy Orton was really never given the oppertunity on SmackDown to become the World's Heavyweight Champion. So I believe after his suspension he could come back to Raw and make a huge impact by either becoming WWE Champion or the Intercontinental Champion. What else would be good is if Randy Orton started a rivalry with John Cena. | Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio might be the current World's Heavyweight champion, but he's been on SmackDown! since 2002. Rey Mysterio would look good on Raw for a change and perhaps team up with someone on Raw with the likes of Big Show or whoever and go for the World Tag Team Championships. | J.B.L: How good would J.B.L look on Monday Night's? He really could bring a new taste to Raw.

SmackDown!: Kane: Kane's been on Raw since 2002, So I'm sure he would make a huge impact on SmackDown! Maybe if the Undertaker ever becomes the World's Heavyweight Champion, Kane and Taker would make a good rivalry. | Eugene: How good would Eugene look on SmackDown! with his funny antics and annoying the SmackDown! superstars backstage? Plus with another chance to tag with William Regal to perhaps beat M'N'M if they are the WWE Tag Team Champions by then. | Spirit Squad: Bring the whole lot of the Spirit Squad onto Friday Nights. | Shawn Michaels: SmackDown! would look good with an old face like Shawn Michaels changing these around on Friday Night's. He is in my apinion a number 1 contender for the W.H.C.
PtrCTe wrote:
I agree I think Orlando Jordan should be traded to Monday Night Raw he has been on Friday Night Smackdown for a long time. But the bisexual stuff I can do without even though It would only last a few weeks. Also I would like to see him feud with the recently returned Charlie Haas and also Carlito in a Hair vs Hair Match.[which carlito would problbly win do to his hair being his trademark in gimmick] In closing, I agree with all of the possibilities in your article,thanks!
Ryan DeVincentis wrote:
I agree with you on all of your choices. One I would add to your column would be this: Lance Cade to SmackDown! Since Trevor Murdoch is going to be receiving a big push on RAW, it seems only fitting to put Lance Cade on Friday Night SmackDown!
destrothers wrote:
On Smackdown it would be great to see Shelton Benjamin go over to. I t would wash away the ugly taste in our mouths of seeing his momma on Raw and give him a chance to have rivalries with Benoit, Angle, Lashley, and Misterio. I also like Flair and Michaels on Raw, but they could both benefit from going on to Smackdown because they have so many more 'fresh' matches on Smackdown since they've pretty much fought everyone on Raw a hundred times (seeing Michaels against Undertaker would be great again as it was in 1997).

On Raw, they should bring in JBL so he could beat that joker of a champion Cena, so that way we can have a wrestling GOD as WWE champion again( he probably would make a better champion his second go round since he is a bit more proven and has experience now as being the champ before). also, bring MNM to raw so we could have a REAL tag team for once on Raw, plus so we could see Melina's fine body and attitude on cable tv(she is so much more dominating than any of the divas on Raw at the current time). Finally, on whatever show he is put on, BRING BACK MUHAMMAD HASSAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric wrote:
About the draft I think Undertaker should come to Raw, so we can see him team up or battle with Kane again. Watching Undertaker battle Shawn on Raw would get Raws ratings higher. Kane, Undertaker and Shawn on live TV, where we can see some of the most historic battles between the two continue. Hell in a Cell triple threat fantasy match for the Championship. Now I would like to see Jericho back in the WWE, but I ask why does that count as a draft pick? If there is trades I think it should be for divas. Since Raw has the women's belt the women's division is not that good. I would like more tougher girls on Raw and I think Melina should go over to Raw for a diva. Smackdown superstars who would be good on raw to me is Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Lashley who would make an impact like Masters. Also Pirchall, and it would be good to see how Mercury or Nitro do in singles if one of them get drafted. Those are mostly younger superstar talented stars. Now Flair to be drafted? I think he should just retire. He should be like Foley and come back once a year and wrestle. Some stars who I think should go to smackdown Chris Master, two members of the spirit squad, Snitsky, Charlie Haas, Eugene. Also maybe either Lance Cade or Trevor Murdoch could be better on smackdown since all there matches is on Heat. To finish up all of this would be good ratings with good story lines and good matches.



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