The Return of DX
May 9, 2006 by Adam "The Adaman" Heap

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September 20, 1997 ? A date that no-one will forget. Two men and one woman (who was just as big) formed together to make one of the most memorable and popular stables in history.

The first was the ever-popular Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. At this point, HBK was at the peak of his popularity. He had won the WWF Heavyweight Title just over a year ago and held it until February 1997, where he forfeited it due to a knee injury. His next few months were easy, with not much action to speak of, but September 20 changed all that.
He became a part of Degeneration X, and embarked upon a journey that would change the face of wrestling, that would spark the attitude era, and that would eventually help in the demise of WCW. Michaels’ next few months were not easy. He battled the Undertaker in the first and greatest Hell In A Cell match, and then followed it up in November with the ever infamous Montreal Screwjob. The rest of his time in DX was short, as he was injured in a Casket match with Undertaker and then made the injury worse at WrestleMania 14.

The second member was the now infamous Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Hunter’s first few months in DX were spent as a spokesperson and backup for Michaels, especially at Montreal. In October, Michaels began addressing Hunter as Triple H, which he is still known as. This also helped Triple H to drop his rich snob gimmick and move on to become one of the more rowdy and active figures of the WWE. When Michaels left the group, Triple H became its’ new leader, and recruited The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac to form the New Degeneration X. He continued as their leader until WrestleMania 15, where he and Chyna joined Vince McMahon’s Corporation. Chyna’s journey with DX was much the same as HHH’s, as Triple H had been working with Chyna before they had formed DX,

Back to today’s news. At WrestleMania 22, HBK showed the first signs of a DX reunion. In his match with Vince, before he jumped off the ladder, he gave the famous DX crotch chop. Triple H’s match later in the night against John Cena was much the same, with Hunter also flashing the crotch chop. Over the next few weeks, Michaels began using the ‘two words’ line in his promos. The crowds were more than happy to say the words ‘Suck It’ in response.

Backlash is now over, and Michaels has hopefully finished his program with the McMahons. HHH is still not in possession of the WWE Title, despite what many fans may have wanted. But this still leaves us with the question of where HBK and HHH can merge paths. Likely statistics say that HHH is going to become a face with DX, and Cena will go heel by ECW One Night Stand. However, that’s RVD’s shot at the title, which means that Hunter is likely to step away from the spotlight of the title and move towards DX. Michaels shouldn’t have any trouble joining, and since the ECW PPV is focused on ECW and RVD’s shot at the Title, it’s likely that the event will occur at Vengeance.

But even if the two superstars join and form DX once more, will it ever go back to its glory days of 1998? Will the networks let us see the gauze padding, the obscene language with censoring issues these days? It’s doubtful. But that doesn’t stop me waiting for a DX return any less, and I’d sure as hell like to see them back. Maybe they can bring back the attitude that the WWE so sorely needs right now. In any case, I’m waiting for it. I hope you are too.

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Chi Chi Cardiel wrote:
Adam Great POINTS you just made! I too like many many "oldschool"(i never thought i would call myself that but,with the NEW SCENE (WWE/CENA/MARKS ALL OVER)IS HARD TO)wrestling fans have been wanting that EDGE,SPICE,ATTITUDE! that WWE really needs..RAW AND SMACKDOWN! have grown stale....raw is always mcmahon with a diva and cena this cena that,smackdown...MANNN..i dont even want to get into Smackdown!...with JBL fans thinkin hes a legend,and REY mysterio bein champ(although he is incredible),Benoit bein a jobber, a worker. Anyway DX would give RAW! a much needed uplift, but like you said would the censors let DX be the old DX? or a watered down,blurred square DX?dammit its USA NOT TNN !. AND ALSO I WISH THE SAME FOR ECW..I WISH IT WOULD GO LIKE IT USED TO BUT WITH BETTER "BANK" KNOW WAT I MEAN? NOT A GREATT ARTICLE BUT GREAT POINT!
AJ "The Chief" Nye wrote:
OMG. I wish dx would come back...DX was amazing this was at the time i had much mroe respect for HHH and Michaels than i do now....seeing this..i too have though about HHH becoming a face, with cena going Heel by the time of One Night Stand...its inevitable if you ask me...HH should be face again....!
-urq- wrote:
Adam, great article. I am an on-again/off-again wrestling fan, but I have recently been in the midst of a very on-again phase. I was at the height of my fanatasicm when DX began their reign at the top. I could easily see this resurrection occuring soon, as Cena-HHH is getting played a little, and both men seem to be heading for turns. DX pt. 2 would certainly be a great and "easy" way to bring HHH back to face. I wonder too, if they could use the Michaels/Cena pairing of the last few weeks to maybe turn Cena against HBK to turn him heel and open the door for DX.

One piece of evidence you left out ( I think) was the HBK/HHH referee exchange a few weeks ago on RAW. There was not really tension as much as acknowledgement of each other when HHH left the Cena green guy match (i always forget which is which of those guys) and HBK came to replace him. They weren't really enemies so much, and maybe that can be the start of a recreation.

On a side note, does anyone know how easy it might be for TNA stars to leave for WWE? I would love to see the James gang move over to be back in DX; it seems they are in a never-ending fued with Konnan that is getting a little old. It seems they aren't even in the mix for the tag titles (which are seldom wrestled for by AMW), which is a shame since they are arguably the best true tag team of the past ten-fifteen years. Imagine, HHH world champ, HBK IC champ (he is getting up there and that might fit him, since he's the best IC champ ever), and Outlaws (with whatever name) as tag champs. Whether they hold all the titles at once, they could always be in the mix.

Disagree anyone...i've got two words for you...
Ken wrote:
I’m not looking forward to a DX return. DX had it’s time and they will not be able to revive the old magic. They are too old to be playing those juvenile pranks now. Also Shawn is supposed to be a Christian and has been reported to not want to get into the risqué material and that is what made DX so special at the time. Chyna was more important to that group than people give her credit for. She was at times the glue that held it together. She was so over back then. They wouldn’t be anything more than a glorified tag team today in my opinion (Even with the Triple H influence). It’s a nice nostalgia moment to pair them up on occasion but to really push it I think it would lose steam very quickly. But I think DX could be a good platform to help some younger talent like they helped Road Dogg and Billy Gunn years ago. If they were to take a team like MNM for example and take them under their wings they could really establish their careers. But this is just my opinion. Thanks for the well written article I truly enjoyed it.
Jay wrote:
Great Column! I too would love to see the reformation of DX and have been wondering if it was indeed on the cards, with the return of the crotch chop!

I share your fear that some of the stuff that made DX so popular may be lost, but to be honest if anything tv networks get away with a lot more nowardays so it should be fine.

I have wanted Trip to turn face for a while because as great a heel as he undoubtably is, it has become a little stale of late, and the recent crowd reaction to him suggests that many other fans would like him to turn face also.

Long live DegenerationX
ELLIOT M wrote:
Enjoyed this but wanted to hear more, I love the fact that DX are making a return, I grew up with the attitude era, and I think that all the speculation is a Awesome, I have heard all sorts of things about the new DX, heard that they are changing the original logo and colours. I don't know why Green and Black is DX to the core, also heard that they are bringing back a former WCW star to become a member in DX, first thought was Kevin Nash, as he his a member of the Kliq and hasn't been involved in any major promos recently, doubt The James Gang will return as the Outlaws, and doubt that X-Punk will return, personally I would like to see Edge as a DX Member his Rated R Superstar gimmick suites the DX style and could possible one day take over leadership of the Degenerates. Maybe.

Anyways I cart wait for Vengeance, I cant wait to hear those three words and see the Green and Black on the titontron - ARE YOU READY!!!!
Jose Aguirre wrote:
I am pretty sure people are going to disagree with me for stating that DX was never really that great. Sure they had memorable moments, but it was a knockoff of NWO(before the shitty story lines). Besides even if you love DX Triple H and Shawn Michael's are way too old to be playing the defiant rebels, because now they should be grown up.
Charlie Eccles wrote:
Awsome points man, a little more detail in the article would have been nice. Also, voice your opinion on the group. Last, Chi Chi, don't be so damn critical, give some suggestions if your such a great writer. CHI CHI FOR PRESIDENT '08. WHY DOES CHI CHI WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE TIME, REALITY CHECK: NOBODY CARES!!!
felipe monarch wrote:
When D-X was created in 97 i was(and still) a HBK fan even if he was face or heel. I respect Hunter for his previous matches with Mandkind and because he was one of the "kliq". But like a dude say it before, i'm feeling like i'm old school and maybe that what wwe and raw needs, more "old school". The real attitude era made us turn to wwe from nWo/WCW. A men like Austin beating asses, taking no names, telling us that he don't give a sh.t about nothing. Not a cool guy who records an album, dress cool, and say that he is doing that for the people.

D-X was real anarchy. Bad words, respect for nobody, taking everything as a joke, like they were in real life. Not a cowboy who tring to sell us that he is the biggest heel in the history of wwe. I hope that D-X works and from that we can falling in love with the attitude. Edge maybe is the only guy who still represent the "old attitude" and i hope that a heel John Cena can make us believe that a new D-X, a new Stone Cold and a new attitude maybe is possible.

so......."let's get's ready to S#ck It"
Randall Flagg wrote:
You know what would be fantastic? If the WWE writing team could come up with something original.

DX was great back in the day, but it's been done. It doesn't look like they'll be getting the NAO back. They could probably get Sean Waltman/Chyna back, but there's a reason for that. Looking at the extended Kliq, Nash seems tied-up with TNA, and I doubt Scott Hall will ever be on a WWE card again (which is a shame, but it's his fault).

So it's very likely they aren't bringing back DX, they're just recycling the name. And having them work as faces? Please.

And so help me, if they EVER bring back the 4 Horsemen, I'll drive to WWE headquarters and leave them a big steaming pile of what they're giving us.
Chris Nicola wrote:
Honestly, I believe that DX wouldn’t work anymore. Especially HHH with his character as “The Game”. I would rather see a new Evolution, because that faction suits his character better these days. WWE needs a faction that is more about ruthless aggression, and hell bent on winning the titles, and being a dominant force on Raw. Batista and Orton can come back to Raw as heels. Flair can turn heel again, and maybe Michaels can turn heel to join Evolution and have a fifth man. I can even see Edge & Lita being in the faction, and making it even bigger, and more ruthless than the original Evolution.
GGlor369 wrote:
Good infrences adam and i also think that Dx is coming back because HBK and HHH has been doing the Dx signs more frequently and also when HBk was in the rivary with Vince he said that he wanted the old MichaelsTo come back which is DX Michaels . Who whould have wonder that the story lines whould bring them toghether again to see one of the most famous stable reunite and bring back attitude to wwe. I couldnt also belive it at first because TripleH has had frequent rivaries with Shawn Michaels in the past which made it impossible for them to reunite. Well i think that the story makers has come with an idea so great that they might bring some of the old wrestling attitude WWE had in the late 90s.
Judy wrote:
I'm with Chris Nicola, except that I'd personally love to see an Evolution/D-X hybrid of both superstars and what their respective factions stood for. For example, I'd like it to be HHH and HBK (obviously), definately Edge (not Lita, they don't even date anymore!), Randy Orton (if he doesn't get fired), and a possible Charlie/Shelton reunion as the resident tag team(disagree if you want, it's merely a suggestion)! This means there'd be the older, experienced joint-leadership of Trips and Shawn with thier drive for power and success, combined with the boundless energy of the younger superstars to do thier bidding. This in my view would require monumental opposition in the form of an ECW alliance or a New Ministry of Darkness (again, merely a suggestion!), and could lead to something even more chaotic and wild than the attitude era as it could spread to SmackDown and cause general anarchy all over the WWE! That is, of course, if the WWE don't screw it up!
Jacob wrote:
-urq- made a good point, they did have that ref exchange, BUT!!!!!!!!!!! Shawn Micheals went to help John Cena, and just to refreash your memorys, John Cena and HHH arent the best of friends. So, not to be on the down side, but DX might not happen.

im with John Cena all the way... unless he turns heel ------------ disagree... then i've got two words for you
Brandon Albright wrote:
I am all for Michaels and Trip's reforming DX but I just don't think it will be the same DX we loved in 97/98. With Michaels now being a christian I just don't see him strutting around the ring in tight spandex short shorts and yelling out "Suck It". As for Trip's there is only one thing on his mind and that is getting back the WWE Title and we all know the "King of Kings" will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it's taking out Michaels. If DX returns I see them possibly having a small Tag Title run and doing away with the McMahons and then it will be a sledgehammer to the head or sweet chin music to the jaw that will end DX. So unless WWE brings in X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws, which I don't see happening I think DX will be just a one month thing.
Chad Austin wrote:
I think it is a waste of time to reunite DX. It would be like back when Vince brought the NWO to the WWE. I have actually quit watching the WWE because of stupid storylines and John Cena, who sucks. It doesn't matter if they do reunite DX because my Wrestling Viewing Days are over. One thing that I would love to see that would bring me back is to see The Ultimate Warrior come back and kick John Cena's A** but, of course that will never happen because of that idiot Vince McMoron. For those who don't like what I had to say about Cena, I've got two words for ya.......
Grant M Crater wrote:
We think that DX Reunion is going to be one of the best things to happen to the WWE.We think That John Cena would be a perfect fit to follow HHH and HBK out to the ring with that music.It would help Cena to become yet a fan favorite again.We have been waiting for this for a long time. Other Superstars that should be there would be Edge with Lita and now you need someone to take the tag team titles. The Question is who should it be? Edge should team up with Carlito and they can take the Tag Team Titles. Another thing that should happen with the WWE is that they should get rid of this whole Smackdown Superstars and Raw Superstars. It made us stop watching wrestling cause there was no point we only have to watch Raw cause the superstars that we follow are on Raw not Smackdown. If they are going to keep it Raw Superstars on Raw and Smackdown superstars on smackdown then we say they should create another faction to go against DX. We think that Vince McMahon should form the Corporation again. We think that Test would be a perfect fit to go back to that way. MIck Foley could be one of the contenders for the WWE Title and so could Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold has always been against the mcmahons but we think it would be an interesting twist if stone cold was with the mcmahons. They can keep the Spirit Squad like they had the mean street posse. We think that they should bring back Bossman too. We have been waiting for this for a long time. Grant was at the PPV WWE Vengeance when they came to Detroit MI. and Grant was Very upset with Triple H when he pedigreed Shawn Michaels. To summarize who we think DX should consist of is. HHH, HBK, John Cena, Edge, Lita, Carlito.
Michael Hejl wrote:
I personally think the return of D-Generation X could not have come at a better time for WWE now with ECW back in the mix. I am huge Shawn Michaels fan, though when it comes to Triple H... they shoot back and forth. I was a huge fan of DX back in the late 90s and will be estastic to see what they have planned for Mr. McMahon and the Spirit Squad come this months PPV. I would hope WWE keeps D-X going for quite some time. Even a Tag Title run (long over due for Michaels and HHH, IMO) would be great or a small feud with ECW. And I agree with what Brandon said, DX isn't gonna be the same. Back then in WWE/WWF, they had the Monday Night Wars to compete with WCW and the nWo. Now-a-days, it is a common goal... to fuck with Mr. McMahon. As far as the members go, HBK and HHH are most likely gonna be the only ones this time. A few new D-generates would be great, however. But we know how WWE's writers' brains can work when it comes to characters at times.
Stephen WILKINSON wrote:
I think that edge and lita would be great if they joined dx, just admit it edge is the best ever, I can also see kenny turning his back on the spirit squad and joining as well, chris masters seems like a good candidate 2 join as well.



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