Why Is Cena Getting Booed"
December 2, 2005 by Adam Veltri

I think that everybody has to notice, including the WWE, that John Cena is getting booed more and more. It is happening at the recent ppvs as well as the weekly RAWs. I know I was one of the fans at home last night that was disappointed (or booed) that Cena retained the title. One big reason why I believe the fans are booing Cena is they are simply tired of him. When was the last time a face held the title for such a lengthy period of time" You have to go back to the days of Diesel, Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan for lengthy face title runs. In this day and age, with monthly ppvs and a weekly program, the champs are over exposed and become stale with the fans more quickly. It is bad enough when a heel does it like the recent reigns of JBL and Triple H, but the fans are supposed to boo those guys. The WWE probably thought they were simply getting booed a great deal because JBL and Triple H were such great heels. I do think these two are great heels, however, I think it was more that the fans grew tired of seeing the same guys being champs all the time. When you do this with a face, you are only setting him up to get booed. There is also the idea of it always being more interested in seeing the faces chase a heel a champion. Considering all this, you may ask, what about Batista"

Well, I'm one that would like to see him lose it as well because of what I stated above. However Batista has lost fewer fans than Cena since their title wins simply because of their characters. Cena's appeal is more to the kids and teenagers growing up on hip hop while Batista has more of a balanced appeal as a face. Fans of all ages can get into his quiet Goldberg-like character spiced with his sarcastic type of humor. With Cena though, the WWE is thinking they are back in the 80s, where most fans are the kids and teenagers. However, when you see the fans in the stands at the arenas, there are definitely more adults than kids out there. Cena's character has also kind of gone soft so to speak. It kind of happened to the Rock as well awhile back. When Rock was intermittently coming back as a face after being gone for awhile filming his first movie or two the fans were not into him as much. He still made fun of other wrestlers but his act became formulated and not as hard-edged - see feud with Lesnar and the RAW anniversary special. When he tried to be a heel in his feud with Goldberg, he started getting that support back again. He was singing funny songs, ripping on cities and most fans could not help but enjoy his antics. It is that "cool hard edge" that fans enjoy and that is why he actually got as much cheers as Goldberg if not more in their little feud. I believe if Cena got more nasty, even kind of turning tweener or heel he would regain some support or respect so to speak. He was a little more vicious last night when beating up on Masters and I thought I noticed he was looking to the crowd to see what kind of reaction he was getting. Cena's character has been kind of similar to the Rock in that his funny but mean promos giving him that "cool hard edge" is what turned him from heel to face to begin with. Now, he has become less mean and by doing so less funny and cool to the fans with a more toned-down a formulated character. I believe this formulated character has also led to a formulated unskilled wrestling style.

Since becoming a face, Cena's wrestling skills haven't had a chance to grow. He is doing a formulated unskilled wrestling style in the ring and most fans today appreciate good wrestlers more than bad ones - see Benoit, Angle, HBK, and even Triple H. Seeing Cena using more variety of moves (even like that STF last night) will help get him over with the fans as most simply don't have respect for him as a World Champion. Cena has the repertoire as he has shown in the OVW and his early WWE days, but was probably informed to wrestle a more formulated style because the WWE thinks the fans like faces that do the same repeated spots in the ring. I believe his recent wrestling style is a product of the WWE believing they know what they audience wants and this is the real problem.

The WWE think they know what the fans want by giving us these lengthy face title reigns, a hip hop gimmick appealing to mostly kids, and formulated unskilled wrestling styles. When you combine all of this, I believe you get the real reasons of why Cena is currently getting booed.

by Adam Veltri ..

John Cardiel wrote:
Wow.INCREDIBLE article!. i couldn't have put it better myself. What you said is exactly what i was thinking. I also believe people are getting sick of "face" Cena. A heel turn wouldn't be bad.Cena needs to make his moves arsenal a bit more vast though. punch punch knock down,five knuckle shuffle""and guessed it FU.His in-ring performance has gotten predictable.The match he had with angle in..2003 i believe, Was great so he has what it takes.but WWe is holdin him back cause of his character. Well in conclusion i think theyre booing him Triple H is getting booed,Predictable speeches,Long title reigns, and their character hasnt been refreshed.GREAT ARTICLE!.
gus davis wrote:
The reason John Cena is getting booed is because he's a white rapper. Other white people WHO BOO him are jealous because they don't have the talent to be a white rapper like him. I'm a big fan of John Cena, and ever boo's him, are stupid.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I'm as much of a Cena-hater as the next guy, but I don't think your column says it all. Cena is still a huge face, but he is losing more an more fans. The reason simply being is that the fans are seeing him going up against guys like Angle, Jericho, and other stars who've pretty showed they deserved the title. The last long face fun as a champion was probably Chris Benoit. Benoit held the belt for five months before losing it, but since Trips enjoys hogging the spotlight, the show was centered around him and HBK while Benoit just popped in here and there. The last successful face champion run that I can think of is Stone Cold who held it for about the same length of time, minus 24 hours when he temporarily lost it to Kane. Notice, that was in the attitude era. Hogan's run was back when he was making it huge. Final point is, it's difficult to attract fans whom mostly range in the ages 13-35 with a stale rapper gimmick that doesn't rap. SnoopDog, Master P, and Eminem can do the rapping, let Cena do the wrestling. That or let him wrap and take off the fascination of gay jokes and actually make them edgy. Controversies brings fans, not stale white non-rapper rappers whom can barely do an STF.
KartoonKevVv wrote:
You raise some interesting points. It is definatly something WWE has to address and must be high on the agenda. They can't carry on with their top face and world champion being booed ... it doesnt look good. Putting him with Kurt Angle wasn't too smart because he exposes Cena's lack of in ring talent by looking 20 times better than him and Angle always has a good following wether he is face or heel ... he was even cheered against Eugene before he started the Cena programme so it was asking for trouble.

They have tried a few things to try and get the fans more against Angle and in turn behind Cena. First they have stepped up Eric Biscoffs hatred of him and played the "boss hates the champ and will do anything to get the title off him" up even more, That didn't work. They then tried the censoring of fans ... as if that would help. So they thought they would bring back one of the most hated guys ever ... Daivara, as Kurt's special screwjob ref ... and stack the odds even more. Even that hasn't worked. Fans are sick of Cena "overcoming the odds" ... simply because they know there are no real odds to overcome.

So what next" ... it seems to me like it would be stupid to get rid of Bischoff as he's one of the things that is building up any sort of support for Cena. So most likely Vince and Shane will join Biscoffs side and they will try and play up the "3 bosses hate the champ and will do anything to get it off him" angle (look out for this swerve on the upcoming RAW instead of the firing of Bischoff. Expect Cena to be the "trash" Vince is talking about taking out ). Vince is certainly good at getting fans to hate him and the fact that he is coming back to try and rescue the situation speaks volumes for the mess it is in. If anybody can do it Vince can, but personally I think it's even too big of a challenge for him to get more fans behind Cena. The fans have made up their mind so they have to accept it and either turn him heel or have him drop the title pretty soon. Although watching Vince battle with the fans live on TV could be fun, he see's the fans as puppets so lets see if he can control them by getting involved himself and getting fans to hate him so much they cheer for Cena. It should be interesting to watch.
Jack MacLaine wrote:
I'm not surprized Cena is getting booed. But I don't believe it is because Cena has held the belt for too long, I believe it is because the fans finnally realized that Cena's gimmick is a white rapper. A WHITE RAPPER. Cena is only the champion because the Hgher Power (McMahon) is using him to sell and promote his CD (which is God-awfull). Not only that, he has made a mockery of the WWE title by turning it to a spinning pizza pan. Combine that with terrible wrestling ability and you have the reason why Cena is getting booed.
Jake (NJ) wrote:
I would just like to say that this was a great article and its very true. I'm only 12 and I HATE John Cena (Probably because I hate rap and like rock) and I was hoping that Masters or Angle would win but of course no. Anyway great article, Bye.
Ally Allen wrote:
i think thats a great article and is exactly what im thinking, im sick of his boring title reign and really think he should turn heel. Still i think he gets to much credit for his low ability and shouldnt really be a main superstar in my opinion unless he totally changes.
Just a few things to add. Some fans are indeed getting tired of Cena and not cheering so much, but the ones booing are most likely the ones, like myself, who never liked Cena and his championship angle in the first place. Our boos are now just being heard overtop of the mindless girls and young boys who adore Cena. The reference to the Rock is interesting, but slightly off. The Rock had the charisma to bring in the fans as either a heel or face and worked his ass off to do so, while Cena does not have the versatility. Furthermore, The Rock began his career as a major heel and has visited both sides of the spectrum throughout his career, while Cena has never been a heel. If one wants to find a real "future" of the business, look to Mr. Kennedy, who has incredible mic skills, real athletic ability, great charisma, and is starting off as a heel.

Cena has also gladly taken the "5 moves of doom" upon himself (Flying shoulder block, sit out hip toss, Freestyle side slam, Five Knuckle Shuffle, and F-U; just watch any match and you know when it will be over), because he can't do anything else worth while, which makes every match of his predictable, boring, and mediocre at the very best. And picking up the STF is just a sad move, you know the WWE is desperate when they begin handing out submissions, like the worthless American Badass Undertaker's "Taker Care of Business" rip-off of the Dragon Sleeper. But at least they didn't give him the sharpshooter, I probably would have never watched WWE again.

Also, Mr. Veltri attacked the WWE for pinning Cena in his current character and title run. That's not completely true. Practically all of the WWE, wrestlers and chairmen alike, do not like Cena, nor do they want him to keep the title. However, Vince McMahon is making everyone deal with Cena remaining as Champion, afterall when you are selling $50 spinner belts (although I could go off about this defication of the belt, I will refrain) to stupid kids, why not keep Cena as champ" And the reasons given at the end of the article for Cena getting booed are slightly true of some fans. But for those like the ones in Cleveland (my hometown!!!) last week, whom I am so proud of, who chanted "Cena Sucks" during his match with Angle and Masters, they have realized that Cena is a complete and utter fraud. Besides his lack of wrestling skills, his so called thuganomics fall short when one finds out (thanks to oww) that he is from West Newbury, MA: 98% White Non-hispanic, median inco me as of 2000: $92,828; and just take a look at parents' million dollar colonial home in his pathetic music video.
camron909 wrote:
Your article is totally on point. I don't hate John Cena as some do, but his title run is just getting ridiculous. This seems to be another case of the WWE trying to dictate to fans what they want. We see a guy like Christian getting the pops he was getting as a hell, and they bury him to the point where he jumps ship. But they have to push someone like Cena as champ to the point where he's getting very noticeably booed on tv. And his character totally has lost his edge. Aside from his little catch phrases he isnt even the least bit cocky, he's like 1000% humble all the time. That, plus his 4 moves per match, plus a lengthy period of time and people are TIRED of John Cena. Now that he's being booed on tv they're going to have to turn him heel on a show with no faces to get his credibility back. The WWE really needs some competition. Then there's no way they ride a 1 dimensional champ till he's getting booed.
Richard wrote:
Trust me, you are not the only who is noticing that Cena is being booed lately. It has not escaped the notice of quite a few us, including myself, who have been saying for months that the time has come for Cena to drop the title. Your indepth analysis of why is quite on target. Cena has no true wrestling skill to speak of, he appeals to tinnie-bopper teenage girls and punks with spiked hair, and his matches are so stale they get painful to watch. I think a Tajiri WWE title reign is beginning to look better and better all the time............... (LOL)

Batista being hurt does not help SMACKDOWN! any as the World Heavyweight Title has lost its luster. Triple H is need on SMACKDOWN! big time.
Kevin Luu wrote:
This is an excellent column by Adam Veltri. It's hard to disagree with any points he makes in the article.

Firstly I don't think there's anything wrong with giving a long title reign to a face or anyone but it must be given to the right guy with the right storylines. I would like to see Angle as champ and Cena chasing the title but I would much rather see a Cena heel turn at the moment because his character (not gimmick) is definitely getting stale.

I strongly support the point that WWE thinks they know what we want and I believe that is the major point in this argument. I really wouldn't mind a lengthy title reign but not for Cena. Not right now anyway, maybe later down the road. He's winning matches but I'd love to see him use a few new moves (not the STF though) and spots to do it.

What I want is to see Kane, HBK or Angle as WWE champ and Taker, Benoit or Orton as World Heavyweight champ. I would've added Y2J and Eddie to that list too. Push Shelton, Conway and Dupree (who is a good heel) for the I.C, title. Give Hardcore Holly a decent storyline or look at the U.S. title and as much as I like him don't shove Rey down everyone's throat. Don't push Lashley too much too quick, he can be 'the next big thing'. Resurrect the Women's division or get rid of it and don't have the title just for the sake of it (but keep Stacy, Trish, Melina, Lita, Ashley and Torrie). I do appreciate the tag team division though... on Smackdown. This is what I want, maybe I'm just different.
Kevin Luu wrote:
Please forgive me for posting a second reply but i would just like to say that opinions cannot be wrong but facts can.

The Rock began his career as a major babyface. Cena was heel from October 24, 2002 to November 6, 2003 (thanks to OWW), more than a year. So either you missed a year or you only started watching wrestling from Suvivor Series 2003. Not all gimmicks are 100% real. Angle may be an Olympic gold medalist but he wasn't really a sexual predator, Val Venis never worked in the adult industry, Taker doesn't have special powers, Kane and Rey where contacts and Nick 'Eugene' Dinsmore isn't mentally disabled. Wrestlers and rappers can also perform as characters so there's nothing wrong with a rapper from West Newbury or Texas or Alaska or Hawaii. Try bashing Cena with fact not fiction. I don't really like his videos so I don't watch them, you should do the same.
Steven Pozaryck wrote:
You were right on the nose with this one. John Cena has very little in ring talent and as double the charisma than anybody in the Raw or SmackDown locker room. When reading this article, I immediately remembered Cena's WrestleMania 20 match with The Big Show. Of course, The Big Show is a lot bigger, but Cena barely did anything. Cena delivered a whopping two different moves to the giant. A sleeper and a FU or two won't get him very far in the eyes of WRESTLING FANS. We need an arsenal out of Cena. He doesn't have to be Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle, but he must be able to live up to the hype of being a true WWE Champion, and for that he needs a lot more signature moves. Otherwise the boos will get louder and louder and he'll wind up being just like Test. It'll be impossible to save him. Good article.
Dominic, Phila. PA wrote:
I always booed him, because he sucks!!! He has no respect for Eric Bischoff, and Eric is the best talent to ever appear on TV!! We need a new RAW champ, Cena is stale!!! I would love to see Eric Bischoff as champ!!---
Cena has run his course, simple as, he has run his course as champion. If WWE has sense, an edge face turn and cena heel turn will set up Mania perfectly, for Edge to take the title.
Tyrone Hunter wrote:
This is to the guy or whoever wrote John Cena is getting booed 'cuz he's white...what! I'm black and I boo Cena 'cuz and only cuz of lackluster moves, but when he gets on the mic, I kinda of, somewhat, get into it. Other than that, I can honestly say that I enjoyed him as IC champ, even when got called his first shot for a WWE title, but was quickly turned off when seeing the match. Now back to him being white and white people booing him, dude, how old are you" Thats stupid to say, and shows how immature you are, thus everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but this a website where the fans share their take on past, present, and the future of wrestling. Not to get on here and say something stupid like you did, and Cena is a good rapper, he was even in the Source magazine, one of hip-hop's biggest selling magazines today, not that is was big article, but the magazine (Source magazine) actually did one, caught me by surpise, and he was also on BET 106 & Park, promoting his CD. Dude, we the fans are booing Cena cause we want something more from him, whether he turns heel or does new moves, the booing can interperted as a wake-up call to this "here comes the champ." I dred for the day when Angle, though he won't make it happen, or Trips to take that title, thats if, we keep getting the same product from Cena. And I bet you, if anyone was booing him cuz he's white, it would probably be you. Thats if you're white:)
Chris Hanks wrote:
Timothy Stevens - "Cena has never been a heel". What!"!"!" For the majority of the year 2003, Cena was a heel and it was during this time that his character got so over. He was edgy and funny. It seems that Vince Mcmahon is attempting to turn him into the new Stone Cold which seems to be a terrible idea. Turn Cena heel again.
Adam Sykes wrote:
Cena gets booed because his in ring ability sucks, he is predictable, and some of the moves he does look way too unrealistic for the idea of 'proffesional wrestling', why do you think he's had about 2 matches in the past month and a half, because the wwe know thathis in ring ability is letting him down, and besides that more and more peopel are getting sick of him, he shouldnt be a profesional wrestler, he should be on a tacky american sitcom somewhere, thats more his style. he comes out to the ring, does a pre-written (not by himself) ''freestyle' on somebody, he brings out his big guns, the 5 boring catch phrases he has, some crap along the lines of 'you want some!!! come get some!!!' then we get into a john cena match, his opponent gets the better of him with a kick to the lower abdomen or something, beats him down a little bit, we'll eventualy get into an irish whip situation, cena reverses, he does that stupid monkey toss move, where he jumps aswell, which looks like crap, then they get up, he does a couple of body slams, the person starts to fight back with some punches, cena blocks, does those crap lunge punches he does, which again look like crap, irish whip, opponent reverses, cena reverses again, cena rips off the rocks clothesline, yep, you guessed it, five knuckle shuffell, one of the stupidest moves of all time, yes, even worse than the worm, then the F-U, another career tarnished. cena is without a doubt one of the worst things to ever hit professional wrestlingh, from a fan point of view, or a wrestler point of view really, the only reason he's wear he is, is because he makes money on marks that either like rap, or like who they are told to like by vince mcmahon and the wwe publisists.
Forsythmarc wrote:
I think thats a great article, but I think that Cena is also getting booed because he just doesn't have that much talent, in or out the ring. To spice thing up, I think they should have Cena v's Angle in a 2 out a 3 falls match, and normal referee. But instead of the usual Kurt wins the first fall, Cena the second and then either Cena just gets the third or the time runs out so Cena retains, I think they should do something more unexpected and exciting. They can have Kurt win the first fall and then....... Kurt wins the second fall and becomes new WWE Champion to face............ actual wrestlers! Ithink that would be cool. But honestly, could you imagine the fans reactions when the second fall happens. Funny.
gus davis wrote:
The reason John Cena is getting booed is because he's a white rapper. Other white people WHO BOO him are jealous because they don't have the talent to be a white rapper like him. I'm a big fan of John Cena, and ever boo's him, are stupid."

Are you high""" john cena is the worst rapper ever, its nothing to do with him being white, do you even listen to hip hop"" John Cena is being booed plain and simply because he has no talent, not within music or wrestling, apart from the odd funny comment on his shoot promo's, he has nothing going for him, his matches are dull and uninteresting to the point that good wrestlers like christian, jericho and even kurt angle cant make him look good. He needs to drop the strap at new years revolution. Even batista has had a moderately uninteresting title run, but he is at least a believable champion.
alexander stubbington wrote:
I am one of the biggest Cena fans out there (definitely not a mark) and it hurts me seeing how the WWE are pushing him ring-wise, they should at least do what they are doing with Batista and actually hide Cena's terrible ring-abilty. IN MY OPINION this is what I think WWE should do with him:

I think WWE should make Cena retrain by not OVW or the guy who trained him in the first place but by someone like Dean Malenko, HBK or Harley Race. So at least this way Cena can put on a watchable match.
BarriageG wrote:
John Cena is getting booede because of a huge charachter change. Cena on Smackdown! was the guy that would be up for the title but get screwed over example: carlito feud! I am a Cena fan and I think it is great that he finally gets a title run! Watch what wil happen. Cena will lose the title whenever and when the next guy gets a title run he will get booed! This wont happen any time soon mind you so just deal with it!
Tommy Davis. wrote:
Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Finnaly someone had to nerve to say it. WWE has given Cena a shovel and every time he beats one of the WWE greats he is digging himself even deeper. If John Cena dosn't drop the belt inside the Elimination Chamber then he will be burying himself alive. The only people who can save the WWE Championship now is Triple H (The real wrestling God. Yes I did just say that!), Edge or Shawn Michaels.

Vince I beg you, turn Cena heel and let someone who isn't booed every time he wins a match hold the belt. Here's a Wrestlemania 22 main event for you, Triple H (Champion) vs. Edge (Mr. Money in the bank) vs. Shawn Michaels (Royal Rumble Winner)and bring some respect back to the WWE Championship.
Matt Kondilas wrote:
The current situation with John Cena is very similiar to what happen in an angle between Jake Roberts and Hulk Hogan. Jake Roberts was a heel and fans began to cheer him. Perhaps fans are cheering for Angle because they respect his in-ring skills just like people respected Jake Roberts charisma in the 80s.
Alex Noneofyourbusiness wrote:
for some reason they were all cheering him at a house show I went to about a week ago.but it was a bunch of rednecks. And LORRAINE KENNEDY, sorry to tell you but Edge will never or not in a LONG, LONG time be a face.the people hate Adam's unlikely they'll take to his character Edge being a face.
David Drohomirecki wrote:
I think that Matt Kondilas is exactly right about Angle, tyhe fans know that when in the ring with cena, & almost every WWE superstar he is the far superior wrestler & performer. Angle is probably 1 of the few reasons that Cena is still on top, if not for Cena's matches against Kurt, he would not look half as good in the ring. Do we all remember WM21, Cena vs JBL, that match sucked plain & simple, & it is because JBL couldnt make cena look good like Angle can. Botto,m line is that alot of things said in these posts are very true & some not so, but Cena has had his run & needs to finnaly pass the Championship on, (as he should of to Angle) & either get back to his harder or heel side, or drastically change his in ring performance, that would get the Boos of boredome & disrespect off his back.
Alan Cliff wrote:
Cena is getting booed because he has had a lengthy title reign when guys like Jericho and Angle earned a shot (even though Y2J has gone...for now). I don't hate John Cena that is for sure and i have no problem with his style of wrestling which has a slight old skool vibe to it with even tiny little moves like the running shoulder block, spin-out powerbomb and the fist drop (five knuckle shuffle)but back to my point he is a good or good enough wrestler but he is still at US and Intercontinental title standards. He looked great as the US champion and mixing his...ok rapping gimmick with Ric Flair's cool, sly and underlining humour, that would to me make a great intercontinental rivalry. I am only 14 but i dam sure know what im talkin about, i started watching in late 1995 just before survivor series and to me yes they are making it like the 80's slightly where it is mainly kids but i love it when they get to cities who are for the old days, the early years and the old skool legends and It is noticable in places like Montreal and Toronto but back in those days through the federation era ( Mid 80's to mid 90's), if you hadn't earned it in the ring then you had to be popular outside of it like Hogan (even though he did earn it in the ring). Guys like Cena and BATISTA mainly feud with guys like JBL and HHH over something which has nout to do with the titles that they were both holding before WM 21, like with batista it was about triple h steeling the spotlight and making Dave stand in his shadow and with cena from what i saw on Smackdown JBL insulted his family and OJ stole the US title off him. Those storylines had nout to do with the titles it was just that Hunter and JBL were holding them at the time, cena thought it was "his time" and Dave thought it took all muscles and no brains, that you could just throw a guy across a ring 'n' win the fans (surprised he did win em). First of all JBL looked good as the champ but it sets a crap example when JBL goes through guys like Guerrero, Taker, Booker, Big Show and Angle and then Cena comes and takes it in a singles match at Mania when JBL beat better guys in matches like the steel cage with eddie, last ride with taker, fatal 4 way with those two and booker, triple threat with show and kurt and BARBED WIRE steel cage with big show and the same with Batista. There must be other guys in the raw audience who think what i think or e wouldn't be getting booed, there ain't any other reason but surprisingly HE IS LOOSING FANS FASTER THAN BATISTA. He should loose it to HHH because he looks great with gold or loose it to HBK only to have Bret Hart make him tap out at WM 22.
Francine Ajah wrote:
If you ask my i think it was the music video "Right Now". It was soft and to much about himself. He needs to get tougher like when he was the United states champion. Back then he had a tough additude ,could actucual rap about anything, was funny like when he made "Bad Bad Man". People enjoyed when see him being accepted by black poeple like Mr. T, snoop Dogg and more.
Michelle wrote:
Well I'm a big John Cena fan but I have to admit some of you have great points. Yes the fans are getting tired of Cena. Well it looked like the fans were entertained when Cena was freestylin to the ring. But now that he hasn't done that the fans are gettin bored of him. How many times has Cena gone on the mic and freestyled or talked lately. Back in the early years of his career he was on the mic almost every night he was on. Now WWE has taken away his freedom to be controversial. And now that Cena has toned down his character both in and out of the ring fans are gettin bored. You watch footage of Cena wrestling in the early parts of his career you can see that he can wrestle good. But WWE is not allowing him to wrestle like that. WWE is not letting Cena run on all cylinders and the fans notice that
Derek Morley Wpg, Manitoba wrote:
I an 11 years old and i love cena and I kind of like his rapping but still IM sick of it, I mean yeah Cena was Awsome in Smackdown Having that I-QUit match adn all but know thst he faced my hometown hero (Jericho, I live in Winnipeg) I of course hated jericho ever since he teamed with bichoff. I want cena to go back to smackdown or become not heal but just meaner and yes Alan CLiff him loosing it to HBK and Bret making HBK tap at WM 22 would be awsome! Still I still like Cena but My likness of him is lowering!
Shawnee Baker wrote:
I dont think Cena is getting booed at all! well a little but not because they are sick of him being champion or him as a white rapper, frick what the hell makes you think that!" I love Cena and I am a HUGE HUGE fan! I guess i am like the only one sticking up for him along with some others, but not too much! you are lieing and I hope Cena reads this!!!!!I want Cena to be the longest reigning wwe champion in wwe history~!Cena is an amazing athlete and you ppl being honest is weird~I didnt ever think Cena would be hated so much~!It almost seems as if you ppl are jeolous or just mad cause hes a rapper and your not~
Daria Renae Laborde wrote:
I am one of John Cena's fans and who ever says that he is getting booed because he is a white rapper is so wrong. John Cena is a great rapper and a very talented wrestler. STUPID POEPLE THAT SAY HE SUCKS ARE JUST MAD BECAUSE YALL WANT TO HAVE WHAT HE HAS AND BE JUST LIKE HIM. do the world a favor and quit hating on him. "opinions cannot be wrong but facts can" THAT'S THE STUPIDEST SHIT i've ever heard and im blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Courtney H. wrote:
Hello! I don't agree with that at all! I mean people are just booing John Cena because he isn't a whiney crybaby like some wrestliers I know! I do agree John Cena needs to turn heel but be cool about it! Not have a major attitude trip! I am a huge John Cena fan and I always will be! He is the best! Anybody disagrees doesn't know nothing!
ELYGER AGWU (Nigeria) wrote:
S-s-sh John Cena is a mortal combatant. I think those booing the 'want-some come-get-some' hero are all missers. I often wonder why they are jealous of a hero. John Cena is my guy anytime and all others can go to hell for all that I care. Nobody, not even the intrigue of Eric Bis-failure combined with spitty Kurt Angle, weakling Chris Jericho, nor the raunchy Chris Masters and Carlito can remove him. People should learn to admire him to have held on to the title for this long. He has fought for it and everyday I pray for his retaining the title. He is a one man war machine.
Ihuntms wrote:
You all are mad because John Cena is famous and you're not. Leave John Cena alone he is fine the way he is so just back off of him for awhile. Anyway, how could you get tired of John he is the champ I don't see people booing Batista. Leave John Cena ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! John Cena is more of a man than most of these men who write on here about Kurt and JBL, I am just trying to prove my point! There is no sense in booing John Cena!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH, you people need to get over youselves!!!
ClŠudio Batata wrote:
Hi, i'm portuguese and here in Portugal we have a tv channel that shows WWE 2 or 3 weeks after they happen in the USA. When I first saw WWE, JBL was the WWE Champ and I didn't like him and I wanted him to lose the title. The contender was Cena and I started to like Cena. I could not wait to see wrestlemania results at TV and I went to check on wwe website and a loved to see Cena the new champ (should never loved it).Time passes and I got obsessed with wrestling and I start to look to the history of wrestling, seeing old matches and a realize that Cena isn't wrestling, he's just making show with the Mic. Now I always see the results on wwe website before they are showed on tv and get really sick of seeing Cena with that Microphone talking trash and winning every match with 3 clotheslines the 5Knuckle Shuffle and the FU, he doesn't make anything else.Christian, Chirs Jericho, Kurt Angle, JBL are just doing a Clown figure in the storylines that they get into with John Cena. When the show is getting over and is time for the main event with John Cena I just turn off the TV, the show loses all the fun and the violence (it doensn't really have much fun or violence but cena is way beyond that mark). "If you want some, come get some" I hope WWE get some, get some Ideas about taking the title from him and giving it to another wrestler. I hope my English is Understandable, anyway, the article is great!
meetdave wrote:
Please don't pay much attention to my English. John cena can be a perfect wwe superstar but not a great wrestler he has reigned as the wwe world champion for above 8 months just because the wwe wants to make him a house hold name just like stone cold who was neither a good wrestler in my veiw.He defeated Angle Jericho Michaels during his title reign. as per past angle has made him tap out on 4 ocassions on the smackdown.Cena is a overrated superstar
Cowboys28790 wrote:
I am a John Cena fan, but I, as well as many others, are sick of his long title reign, and making great athletes like Angle and Jericho almost look like they can't win because the WWE isn't allowing them to. Jericho and Angle are, or were in Jericho's case, better and more exciting than Cena, and would be better champs. They also deserve it more. The stupid 5-knuckle-shuffle crap is dumb, and is stupid. Cena does need more moves, like mentioned, and I am glad he lost the title, just because he was getting boring being champ. I hope that the WWE tries to make Cena better, and I hope that he can in the future be World Heavyweight Champion again, but as of now, he should work more on ability and moves.
Karthigasen Gopalan wrote:
I am not a hip hop fan but I have always been a huge fan of John Cena from the time he was a heel. During his early career he proved that he can wrestle and brilliantly. On Smack down he has had some classic matches with wrestlers such as Eddie Guerro, the undertaker, the A-train and JBL in which he proved that he is as tough and as great of a competitor as anyone. Those matches were viscous and had a phenomenal pace that had me engrossed. Cena does have wrestling talent and he proved it. Now Cenas wrestling style has become more simple and childish. It seems when Cena wrestles, he holds back for a while to make his opponent look good then he will start to dominate using the same predictable moves that have become a formula. I think Cena should be made to cut lose again and deliver the outstanding performance that he use to and if his competitors are unable to keep up than they should be replaced by those who can. WWE should put more emphasis on Cenas amazing ability in the ring and less on the the champ is here genre with the spinning championship belt and merchandise. I cant understand it why some people say that he has no wrestling talent. They either never watched those awesome matches or they are just bias. Cena has the potential to be champion for a really long time.
Kerstin wrote:
I personally think that all who say Cena is getting booed are stupid because if you didn't hear on Monday when he came out during Edge's little chat in the beginning of the show, you would have heard all the people screaming and rooting for him. He's the one who helped Ric Flair off the stage when he took that brutal beating last week. He's the one who ran out and attacked Edge everytime Edge tried or did beat on Ric Flair. He's the one who if his name is announced or his music starts playing, the crowd goes wild for. He himself said this, I quote, "For every 1 million of people who are riding with me, there are twice as many who hate my guts, the ones who don't like me can get over it cuz I ain't goin anywhere." He knows there are a lot of people out there who don't like him, but he also knows there's a lot of people who are ridin with him and I am definetly one of them. If you didn't hear what Triple H did already then here's a recap, at a contract siging Triple H stabbed Big Show in the eye with a pen then broke his right hand with a sledge hammer. You don't see Cena running to the stage with a sledge hammer or chair or anything like that to go beat up people. Cena is an amazing wrestler and one hell of a rapper! He wins his fights fairly unlike Shawn Michaels who has to cheat to win. He works hard and gives it all he's got and if he's booed then you know what, the people who do that go screw themselves. He unlike some people whom I won't name, (Lita), knows how to make a real comeback instead of some gay wimpy one. So those who don't like Cena don't like me and I am a future WWE Diva and rapper. So for those who have a problem with this too bad because You Can't See Me!
The reason Cena is getting booed is because he is to predictable. All he does is fight then does the five knuckle shuffle, you cant see me hand, pumps up his shoes, then does the fu. Although he is winning to many matches and has kept the title to long more than JBL and he also has to lose some matches.
Stefanie Baker wrote:
I Don't like the whole column about Cena getting booed because he is getting boring. I think that everything Cena says, when he talks and insults the other wrestlers is really funny stuff. My views on why Cena is getting booed are because the fans are just jealous that Cena is getting more air time than their favorite wrestler. I do agree that he has kept the title longer than a normal face has, but its mainly because Cena is a good entertainer and knows how to make someone laugh. Not to mention, he may not do many moves in the ring, but at least he doesnt pull off 3 moves per match like Hulk Hogan normally disrespect to Hogan or anything, but I think that Cena does better moves than Hogan.
Brittany Rios wrote:
Well, for my commet, I think Cena is getting booed because he is loosing too may fans because his opponents are making him seem like a bad person. Which, he really isn't cause I have talked to him through My Space, and he's a really nice guy. Many people also don't like him cause they claim he's a poser, a WHITE RAPPER, Or a wanna be. But, Even though he's white doesn't mean he can't rap. Its a free country. Well, I'm A John Cena Fan, and will always Be a John Cena Fan. Even if he does lose his title to anyone on wwe.
william lankan wrote:
hi this to the people who say that cena is predictable.You want to talk predictable, i don't want blame the immortal one but all those people who know hulk hogan and saw his matches he is predictable.shawn micheals is predictable and the list goes on but there are others who are not predictable but saying that cena is getting booed at because he is predictable is just plain stupid.And him being a white rapper is wrong, do the people who wrote that EMINEM does that mean anything to you.And cena having less moves i am sure that you people didn't see his debut matches, he does like 10 or more moves.And he had to do lesser moves because he is forced to he didn't forget those moves or scared to do them moves like(vertical suplex,the throwback) etc. So concluding it with this, cena is the next big thing and he should be trained by experinced wrestlers then we'll see who can see him.

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