International stars of Wrestling not spoiled by WWE.
June 23, 2004 by Angel Martinez

Most of the WWE marks live in a different world where The McMahons are the God of Olympia, but the smart marks know that real wrestling is held outside of the tentacles of Vince. These guys sometimes are little known by the common fan but they ser the bar in squares circle around the world.

Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki- I have to put them together because this superstars belongs in the same page. They establish wrestling in Japan were wrestlers are athletes and wrestling is a sport. Baba was an enforcer with some technical skill and a size not common in Asian. Inoki was the Japanese version of Rick Flair, and in fact they fought twice for the undisputed world title, with a pin a piece. They are true legends in the Land of the Sun.

Bruiser Brody- To understand The Bruiser you must understand one thing, he wasn't human. This mountain of a man standing at 6 feet 8 inches and 300 pounds of pure destruction. His animalistic looks combine with a devastating ring skill and a brutality that just a few can stand up to. He was fearsome, crazy, strong and intimidating before step into the ring and his departure form this world is greatly missed.

Abdullah The Butcher- This monster has just one move: mauling his opponents into submission. Abdullah is the poster boy for the Red Cross and his insane thirst for blood is not for the weak of heart. Don't be fool by his tremendous size, The Butcher can keep up with anybody regardless of physique and has the stamina to endure an hour of grunge and tears, of course the opponents tears.

Sadistic Steve Strong- Strong as an Ox, so intimidating that he can make pee your pants just looking at you. This satanic monster had a short career between Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. but he leave a path of destruction that most of his opponents still remembers. He was a bully and an enforcer with average ring skill, but who cares when you can lift 500 pounds without hesitate. Steve Strong by himself destroys the competition in WWC and Carlos Colon have a few scar to prove it.

Sabu- the Suicidal, Homicidal and incredible over the top Sabu has a reputation of fearless and destruction even putting his body and life on the line. He has more broken bones than a Chicken Slaughter House and he defies Evil Kanivel as the person with more injuries self inflicted. His bouts with Tazz in ECW are memorable.

Chicky Starr- The self proclaimed "King of Wrestling of Puerto Rico" is not a great technical wrestler but his hardcore style and smart mouth makes him a legend so revered that has his own posse and a fan club so loyal they follow him no matter what. To understand "The Chickystarianos" you may go back in time in the mid 80's and compare them with a smaller version of "The Hulkamaniacs".

In a sad note Puerto Rico mourns Victor "The Bodyguard" Rodriguez, Chicky Starr sidekick and current IWA Hardcore Champion. He pass away just after a fight with former WWE Miguelito Perez. God bless you Victor, El hombre que manda y va

by Angel Martinez..


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