WWE vs. TNA: The way I see it!
September 25, 2004 by Angel Martinez

For 20 years I have been watching WWE (WWF) and if you talk wrestling around the world you might say that McMahon has set the bar for what the industry should be. NO, I'm not talking about matches or feuds, but the product itself. I could mention 10 promotions with better wrestling right now and a few more who had fold, but most of the marks and common fans prefer smoke, lights and steroid-meat-heads than the real stuff. WCW almost take over the industry when they give Vince a piece of their own medicine, over the top gimmicks, wash up superstars and a lot well known names that everybody relates. ECW have the edge in the entertainment side but the product look cheap and not everybody have the privilege to watch it live. Now TNA comes alive with a new product, a revolutionary six corners rings and a bunch of guys hungry for some recognition. I has to confess that I'm impress with TNA, their show (Impact) can compete with Raw and is by far better than SmackDown! And you know what, there's actual wrestling!!! So that's why I put some points on the table for you the smart marks.

SHOW: Since I establish that SmackDown is an underachiever, I will compare Raw with Impact. Raw is a legend show, with 80% of their recognize talent and a broad audience that is hard to ignore. Even with their flaws, Raw put a small pay-per-view each Monday and been on Raw in a weekly basis is like been in a New York Yankees roster, they stink for time to time but they always come on top. TNA Impact is a new show, with less recognition and a lesser audience since Fox Network don't put the show on primetime as it should be. Common fans don't know Amazing Red or AJ Stiles yet, so it's hard to believe that there's someone better than HHH or HBK! The only advantage that I see is the experience factor . WINNER -WWE.

ROSTER- HHH, HBK, Flair and cameos from The Rock and Stone Cold is a hard act to follow. When you add Orton, Benoit, RVD, Cena and the Undertaker is almost unfair to compare well establish guys with a bunch of kids with a lot of talent. TNA have a few recognizable names but is the Division X that set apart for the competition. Cruiser weights in WWE out side of Rey Misterio are average at best and some of their best guys are put on the closet. AJ Stiles and Jerry Lynn are main event in any arena. But then again it's hard to put talented kids over legends. WINNER-WWE.

INNOVATION- For me this is a not contest, not even close. Watching Raw today and watching Raw 5 years ago, it's the same candy with different wrap. TNA has a six corner ring, a division X that's better than most Indy companies, their product is good and doesn't seems to be predictable as anything WWE put on. In one Impact show you can see more original moves than you would see in an electro boogie competition, WWE, you have been served! WINNER-TNA

NETWORK- WWE is on Spike TV and UPN meanwhile TNA is on Fox sports. Spike TV is a "Man Only" network with a good audience and back up by MTV and UPN is a boring channel with a African American line up. I wonder what could it be if SmackDown goes on Spike TV as well. TNA it only can be seen in the Eastern shores of US and parts of Canada at 3:00 pm on Fridays. That doesn't help much. Until someone at Fox understand what kind of product they have, WWE will have the edge. WINNER-WWE.

RECOGNITION- Well this is an easy choice, TNA is the new kid in town, WWE and their previous incarnations are tattooed in the marks for a few decades and people tends to react negatively to changes so it's gonna take time to people to realize that there's a group of guys putting their heart in the business and don't look lame. WINNER-WWE.

There you have it folks, in my humble opinion TNA has the chance to become the McMahon slayer if they keep improving and doing what the fans like, and that's the way I see it!.

by Angel Martinez..






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