Carlito Caribbean Cool: Original or Rip Off!
November 8, 2004 by Angel Martinez

When I first saw the first promo of Carlito Caribbean Cool I have mix emotions running wild on my mind. I'm proud every time a Latino joins the major league of wrestling, and more proud that Carly as we known him in Borinquen put the tiny island of Puerto Rico on the map. But on the other side he looks more Cubano than Puerto Rican, perhaps more Razor Ramon than Carlos Colon, his legendary father.

Let's start with his clothes, an open tropical shirt ala Rocky Maivia. I had live 25 years in Puerto Rico before moving to the US and I have never seen nobody wear gear like him. His suave and sometimes annoying accent reminds me of a bad latin soap opera translated to English. And then we get to his spit-in-your-face apple, did you know that Puerto Rico is a tropical island" That means no apples or pears are cultivated. Is his persona is "Caribbean Cool" why not a banana" My point is that his gimmick probably is cool, but not authentic.

I talked to a few friends of mine and every one think he's original, well I agree when it comes to wrestling. After his first match were he look like the rookie he is, is not fair to say he did a below average match since that was a John Cena good bye match in his home town. But then he have good matches against Rob Van Dam, Rico and Shannon Moore. His style is unpolished to be a champion but probably that's not a problem when you have Goldberg, JBL and Kevin Nash as current or former champs. But he brings a new air in the lame Smackdown roster with that retro grappling wrestling he learned from his father. Carlos Col´┐Żn Sr defeated every major champion between 1975-1988 and still put on matches and spilling blood and Carlito Caribbean Cool grow up in that atmosphere. Imagine yourself hanging out with your father and Macho Man Savage, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair and every one who step foot in that small US Territory.

When Carlito won the US Title in his debut match on SD!, I feel happy from my countrymen, for the Latino community and for every fan who likes a sense of old school in such a young wrestler. I don't know is he gonna be as good as Pedro Morales or even his father, but one thing is for sure, he makes his mark already in the wrestling world. By the way, his younger brother Eddie is even better than Carlito, so watch out for a future "Caribbean Connection Cool"...

by Angel Martinez..

Jason Weeks wrote:
To me Carlito is just a mix of Savio Vega and Razor Ramon and lacks something that they both had..machismo. Carlito spits apples at people who are not cool, well he should be saving up a large ammount of that apple for himself in my opinion. The WWE needs to drop him like a bad habit.




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