The Importance of Respecting Loyal Fans
December 29, 2004 by Angel Martinez

We often bash WWE for his continuous lack of respect for the loyal wrestling fans, and we try to fix the product as if Vince McMahon listen to us. Since the merge of the WCW and ECW to the former federation we have seen a decay on the RAW show, full of the same 10 guys getting all the air time and a whole lot of airhead chicks that nobody cares, hey don't get me wrong, but if I want to see boobs and long legs I watch porno. Smackdown have some talented guys, but the writers vision of what we want is far away from the actual fact.

I grew up watching a wrestling promotion called Capitol Sport Promotion, a promotion run by Gorilla Monsoon and Carlos Colón in Puerto Rico. The Funks, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher are some of the hundreds of names that comes to mind. The product was so simple, no lights or pyrotechnic, no wide screen Jumbo Trons or annoying hookers, just pure wrestling with a lot of blood. Back in the mid 70's all the way until today the promotion have the same concept: Hardcore. Up to this day the promotion has change a little bit but remains with the old formula that makes them famous. The problem is that nobody wants to see a 55 years old Carlos Colón or an even older Victor Jovica feuding with guys half their ages.

My point is that WWE needs to start thinking for the next leap for the company. All of us watch WWE because is the only choice in the mainstream Cable TV and TNA and ROH is not available for everybody. So I have a few suggestions just for kicks. Probably lord McMahon read it and extend me a job offer.

Got Push" There are a few talented guys waiting for an opportunity to become major players in the game. René Dupree in my opinion is the total package of size, looks, mic skills and charisma and a run with the US Championship as a face would be very good. Charlie Haas is as talented as anybody in the locker room, but perhaps he is better with a tag team partner so pair him with a more charismatic person such a Chavo Guerrero. Mark Jindrak is another cat in the need of some sort of guidance, this guy is one of the most athletic dudes on the roster and resembles a young Lex Lugger. Randy Orton receives a lot of praise and probably he deserves it, but for me Batista is the real deal and he should be have a championship belt any time soon, but please leave him as a heel for that first run. Captain Charisma a.k.a Christian is so entertaining in and outside the ring. I think his time is up for a Intercontinental Championship run.

Tone down! HHH was one of my favorites and I still think he deserves a lot of credit for keep the company going forward after the old creeps jumps out of the boat, but please is about time the we see another "Game". Perhaps a face turn would revitalize his career or a change of scenario (SD!) is another alternative. HBK is getting on my nerves, he is a legend and no disrespect, but he is so wash up and a heel turn is need. JBL serves his purpose as a fill in replacement for Brock Lesnar but with Cena there, he is no longer needed as Champ.

Show them the door! Is there any one in WWE that I hate since his beginnings, that's Hardcore Holly. To start he is no hardcore, for me hardcore is Sabu or Funk. Second he has no charisma or mic skills, his wrestling skills are average at best and when your first gimmick is "Spark Plug",well you get the idea. Kenso Suzuki makes no sense to me other than have another foreigner in the roster so Japanese audience have someone to cheer. William Regal and Eugene is one of the reasons that sometimes I change the channel to Monday Night Football, William is no longer a good wrestler and Eugene is everything that non wrestling fans hates about wrestling. I hope Nick Dinsmore get whack in the head and became sane or otherwise kick his behind. And last but not least fired all those bimbos and bring real females wrestlers and bring some respect to the ladies division.

Probably there's a chance Vince reads this and makes some sense on his company, or at least give me job...

by Angel Martinez..

Niels J wrote:
Angel I know we have the same opinion on most things about wrestling, but I have to disagree on some of these things. First you make a great point saying that HHH was the only one who stayed after Stone Cold and Rock left, but I think you set him to high, but to make a long story short remove him and don't let him get a title run in a couple of years again.

Then i will just say: HBK IS NOT WASHED UP, if they could just give him another title run that would be great, and he is one of my favourit wrestlers. And then I don't see what the problem with Eugene and William Regal is, First Eugene he is great, he has ring skills and is talented outside to. And I don't see why people don't like Regal, I did not like him when he was commisioner and a Heel, but now when he is a face I actually think that he has a greater chance for a push than ever, and thats my opinion
EJO10488 wrote:
1) Proof read what you wrote and tell me you don't have a hard time reading it, because I did.

2) Eugene should be kept, just change him to a bad guy and make him be all "I lied about being mentally handicapped blah blah blah". Tons of heat right there.

3) Regal should be kept as a manager.

4) Hardcore is only kept around because he is like the guy who you get punished to. You do something that McMahon doesnt like, you will get you ass royally handed to you by Holly. Sure, he isn't the greatest wrestler out there, but neither is Heidenreich, Snitsky, or even Billy Kidman. I am not a Holly fan, but I think he should be kept around.

5) Triple H + Face Turn = BAD! He is not that great of a face. He is a born heel. The only good time he was a face was in DX, and that should not be brought back.

6) HBK should just stop wrestling and become a backstage worker instead of wrestling.

7) Christian has had IC title runs. He doesn't need another at the moment. Maybe push him to the World Heavyweight title.

8) Rene Dupree as a face" Do you even think when you write this crap" He is an anti-American. Turning him face would be stupid and bad for his character. Would you really cheer a guy that one week ago is going "America sucks and it should die" and then the next week slapping JBL" I sure as hell wouldn't.

9) Bottom line, McMahon isn't going to give someone who can't even type a job in the WWE just because they write what they think is wrong with it. If that were the case, every WWE fan could get a job.
Axel Hawk wrote:
i have to agree with you, i'm a die hard fan of the buissness especially the old days of the late 80's and mid 90's, today i only watch it to keep my self to date with it plus there is nothing else to watch on monday nights. but buisness it self sucks, i rather stick in a tape and watch the classics. i try very hard to understand it but mcmahon doesn't seem to care what the audience wants and that is to see triple out of the picture, i guess it pays to sleep with the bosses daughter to get to the top. the point is that the buisness isn't drawing any money, and if you ask me, edge should be the next top dog just like HBK was back in 96. Randy orton is getting the same push just like the big mouth poser of the rock, all becuse there father's and grand fathers were once there. its not fare for others who have been there longer like edge, RVD, and while were talking about changes, they need to stop focusing on that crapy raw heavyweight title, if you ask me that belt was and will always be a joke, just five years ago they were passing the belt around all over the place, from david arquette to vince russo, to jeff jarret and booker t. who held it 5 times in less than 8 months. and to just hand that belt to triple h with out even earning it, wcw made that belt a joke, now all off sudden everybody wants to win to that belt, chris benoit was thrilled to finally get that belt, and just 5 years ago he did'nt even want that same belt but went on to fight at souled out and won only to leave to the wwe. they need to focus on the original wwe belt which is currently held by jbl. that was original title that ric flair held twice. if they want to keep the heavyweight tilte than change it the same way the have been changing the wwf title in the past 17 years.

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