Creating The Ideal Wrestler
March 1, 2005 by Angel Martinez

Sometimes we try to look for certain characteristics in wrestlers in order to relate to them or simply become a fan. But is hard to find the one who fills all our expectations. So I will break down all the features I'm looking for in a wrestler using actual wrestlers to develop the Ideal One!

INTELLIGENCE: For me if you don't have the brain, you don't have the game, so I will borrow Bret "The Hitman" Hart's I.Q. Few people can compare with the master of execution when it comes to scientific skills.

SIZE: Probably the bigger the better, but being as huge as Andre the Giant is not an advantage all the time, so for me the ideal size is from man with the biggest pythons - Hollywood Hogan. At 6'9" he is pretty much big enough to dominate the industry.

UPPER BODY: There are a lot of guys to choose from but I stick with the old school flavour. I bring Sadistic Steve Strong to the table. The demonic Steve had two mountains for a chest and lifting 600 pounds in free weight was a breeze.

ARMS: When it comes to arms, I trust the former World and Intercontinental champion Ultimate Warrior. Come on, I know you remember his pose showdown with Ravishing Rick Rude!

HANDS: Forget about it, if any of you saw Gorilla Monsoon hands back in the day you know what I'm talking about. Not only huge, but freaking long fingers.

LEGS: I know this is not a popular choice, but back in 1987 Cowboy Bradshaw a.k.a. JBL was a vicious heel with the mammoth legs that resemble those giant oaks in California.

SPEED: Most cruiser weights are fast, but Davey Boy Smith was quick, so quick in fact it was hard to appreciate some of his moves. He is perhaps the most underrated wrestler of all time.

CHARISMA: Woooooooooo, I wonder if there is someone else who was more charismatic and stayed on top of his game as long as the Nature Boy Ric Flair. However I would also include Jeff Jaret and Chicky Starr in that department.

RING SKILLS: Anybody from the Dungeon is a good pick but since I have to choose just one my pick is the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit. Sorry for Bret hart fans, but he is my second choice.

MIC SKILLS: This is a two man choice between The Rock and Steve Austin, and I will pick the more clever of the two, the third generation superstar and action star The Rock!

GIMMICK: No one can deny that the most successful gimmick of the last 15 years, perhaps of all time is from the dead man The Undertaker. Every time you hear the Gong or see the old school images of vintage Taker your heart jumps out of your chest.

Another thing I have to point out is that my Ideal Wrestler should be a HEEL, not a face or a flip flopper, but a vicious in-your-face heel who offends your feelings as if he spit on your mother's face. Man, where is Bruiser Brody or Abdullah when we need them...

Go ahead and make your own conclusions or better yet watch your old tapes!!!

by Angel Martinez..

Roger O'Connell wrote:
I can think of a wrestler who fits most of the categories: Test. Test lacks in two categories, which is Gimmick, a bit in Charisma, and probably Mic Skills. Test is a pretty damn good wrestler for his size, and I have always been a fan of him. He has the best big boot finisher. Vader would also do well in those categories, expecially size and agility (Vadersault). Abyss would also do, but he lacks in Mic Skills (his gimmick is that he doesnt talk) and probably upper body (did you see his belly at that match with monty brown"). If Rhodes gave Abyss the chance today, Abyss should be a World Champ!
Kyle92187 wrote:
Yo, Roger. From what I heard Abyss has a title shot somewhere down the line. He hasn't gotten it this week, nor will he get it next week. This leads me to believe that he will headline the next TNA PPV. There are 2 ways we can interpret this. An Abyss face turn or a new face champ. So I wouldn't be surprised if Abyss was pushed to the main event soon. I can't say for sure if he would make a great champ, but he has quite a few things going for him... Ring work, size, a gimmick, and an image that reflects the gimmick and grabs attention. Of course I could be wrong, Remember BG James and the rest of the 3LK will be ring side for the match at Destination X. And if ya remember, him and Billy Gunn had that little discussion 1 or 2 weeks ago. So that may have some effect on the outcome.
Brad Dykens wrote:
If I'm not mistaken, didn't TNA to an angle where on the first Impact after the last PPV, Abyss shoved his Title shot contract down Tracys pants" I'm not sure why this happened but I gathered that he threw away his title shot. I might be wrong.
The Sean wrote:
I can only think of a few people who actually fit the whole description of a "perfect wrestler". I think they should be able to go heel AND face,not just one way. A "perfect wrestler" should be well rounded.

Benoit-He has all around ability,his mic skills arent that great but he is still good on it. Also able as heel and face. Jericho-Same as above,except he has more mic skills. Storm-Yep,Lance. People call him "boring",that was just WWE's way of killing the guy. In ECW and WCW he had mic skills. The guy is VERY well rounded and one of the best technicians. American Dragon-Amazing talent,one of those you just love based on his ability. If you havent seen him you must. CM Punk-Same as the guys above. Well rounded,able to go heel and face. Angle-(See Jericho&Benoit)

I do think if you can only go heel(or face) and be successful,you arent the "perfect wrestler". You may be great like Ricky Steamboat,but you havent been boths ides to see which you can do better. Look at Benoit and Jericho. Now people love them. Why" Talented and WWE pushes them as faces. Jericho grows a beard or goatee,he's heel and even more amazing. He can cut GREAT promos either way. Benoit as a heel is just great. He gives an even bigger,"i'm better than you and i'll prove it" attitude. Angle is the same. Now the first guy who said "bigger the better" and etc.,I HAVE to disagree. Some of the best ever,were not huge. Ric Flair,The Hitman,Owen, and etc. But they are called "perfect wrestlers" by most because that's what they are. Wrestlers. The bigger guys are mostly brawlers who dont have much wrestling ability,tehy can clobber ya',but thats not really a wrestler. Most of them dont really have mic skills,thats why they have guys like Heyman and Jimmy Hart. Bret Hart was amazing. He cut great promos,coudl go heel and face,plus is well rounded. Half of the guys I listed are Dungeon students. Which explains why they're all here. They were all taught to be VERY well rounded. Nowadays the "dungeon" is gone,the house with it was sold. Have you seen most gusy the Hart Brothers(Bruce,Keith,not Bret) send out" Not well rounded anymore.

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