Index of Avi Krebs Columns

1. 08/04/04: A Column About Marty Jannetty.
2. 11/06/04: The WWE's Cutting Spree.
3. 11/26/04: The Top Ten Superstars for 2004.
4. 05/03/05: Christy Hemme: The Anti-Trish .
5. 07/11/05: The Man They Call "Big Vis" .
6. 11/15/05: Who is the Ultimate Warrior" .
7. 05/05/06: Kiss My A**, Vince .
8. 06/20/06: It's Report Card Time for the WWE Divas.
9. 08/30/06: Score One for the Little Guy.
10. 10/06/06: Hulkamania Brainwashes Children.
11. 12/28/06: Sure To Be A Classic.

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I am your typical wrestling fan from north of the border, and am one of those fans who was around before even the first Wrestlemania took place. You can say I have grown up with wrestling since then. I became a fan of it thanks to my brother who has since shred all his loyalties to wrestling saying it has become too juvenile and demure for his liking. In reality, he was just pissed off once Bret Hart got screwed. As for myself, well I will be the first to admit I am not a huge fan of the current product, nor have I been a dedicated fan during the Attitude era. Wrestling was at its peak for me during the late 80s well into the early and mid-nineties with Wrestlemania X being thus far my favourite Wrestlemania. We are talking of a time here where WWF was kind friendly, 90% of the shows were jobber matches, there were gimmicks galore, Vince Macmahon BEHIND the announcer's table and who can forget the old school WWF shop zone, or those really nifty promos with the wrestlers encouraging us not to do drugs, or to buy their action figures. This was a time where I felt the wrestling took a front seat and yes wrestlers have become more innovative since then but at what cost"

I came across OWW sometime in 2003 and was captivated to read the assortment of different articles and viewpoints that other wrestling enthusiasts like myself had to share. Plus it was nice to meet some people who've been around as long as I have to appreciate some of the older material. I did my first article simply because well there were no other articles on Marty Jannety to read so I thought it would be a good way to introduce myself. I never gave much thought to doing more articles until I came across Kirsty Quested's work (which we all know is nothing short of fabulous) and since then can be considered my inspiration to keep writing on OWW, even if our styles are remarkably different I think they both leave you feeling the same way, which is always coming back for more. My message for all those OWW writers who are looking to become Official columnists, my advice is to just keep writing, especially if you enjoy it.

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