More Than Eye Candy
April 18, 2005 by Ben Myatt

We all know that Christy Hemme's match at WrestleMania was bad. It was to be expected. We also know that she's not the future of the Women's division.

However, although it's very easy to have a go at her, I honestly think that we, as fans, should stop. I'm not a mark for her by any stretch of the imagination, but I do feel it's a little unfair to attack her for having a bad match.

How long has Christy Hemme been training to be a wrestler" Even if she started straight after she won the Diva search that's what, 6 months" And I doubt she started then. So we're looking at an incredibly inexperienced wrestler being thrown into a match on biggest event of the year.

This isn't her fault. This is a booking decision by the morons in the creative department.

Her lack of skill isn't entirely her fault. She's not been wrestling long enough to have a high level of skill. What were these people expecting, a technical feast" As if WWE allows that much time for women's matches anyway.

So hers my own idea: Let's not have a go at her. Let's appreciate the fact that, despite the fact that she wasn't expected to, this girl has started training to be a wrestler, and unlike most of the waste-of-space diva rejects, at least WANTS to wrestle. Yes, she put on a bad match. I'm willing to forgive her that, and thank her for being willing to be in a match in the first place. I hope she continues her training and gets to the level of a decent wrestler before WWE kills her connection with the fans.

On the other hand, what Christy does show is the obviously dire situation that the Women's division is in. I'm not going to chew over old meat, because it's already a matter of public fact - and to the WWE creative team, yes, firing half of the women on your shows who can wrestle WAS a bad idea.

But what's the solution" Whilst Ms. Hemme can only improve her wrestling (she's got heart, if nothing else) there is a need to improve the division. It consists of now four Diva's, one of whom is out injured. With the departure of Molly Holly, the situation has worsened.

However, there are bright spots on the horizon: in OVW, Alexis Laree is probably more than ready to enter the flagship women's division. In Japan, the sad closure of Gaea women's wrestling could benefit the division enormously. Sure, they aren't vapid and blonde (and I don't refer to Trish with that jibe) but here's the thing: they can WRESTLE. Bring some of them in, and build up a credible women's division. But mess with Meiko Satomura, and I'm coming after you. For her, I am most definitely a mark.

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Eric S. wrote:
Maybe there is a lot of criticism of Christy out there, but I know among my circle it's closer to what you describe. Sure, she had a lackluster match but we don't blame her so much as we blame the bookers for putting her into a Wrestlemania feud to begin with. I'm glad Christy has expressed an interest in wrestling, and wish her luck in her training on-the-job, which is surely a tough road to hoe. I have to wonder if learning how to wrestle will really boost her career though -- it didn't save any of the other women who've recently been cut. WWE honestly doesn't seem to care if the women can wrestle as long as they can sell a magazine.

I also think Christy just represents the larger problem, the fact that about nine other Divas followed behind her while three or four legitimate wrestlers were cut to make space for them. We're all left wondering why" I mean, in the scant few months Christy has been with the company, she's graced the cover of two magazines. How many magazines did Molly Holly appear on" None. Victoria" None. Why" WWE seems more interested in finding the next talent than using the current talent they have. If Christy truly works hard and learns to wrestle, I have no doubt that a year from now she'll be buried on Heat or sitting on the shelf entirely like Molly and Jacqueline spent their last year doing, while WWE holds yet another Diva casting call for the next pretty face. Seems a shame to me.
Jane Kopp wrote:
Dude, I agree with you 100%. It's not Christy's fault she was put in that match, and besides, she puts all the other divas to SHAME because she's so hot. If Christy sees this tell her to MARRY ME!!!!!!!



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