Have We Seen This Before"
June 9, 2005 by Ben Myatt

Right, first things first. I've noticed a couple of columns on here attacking the internet (I'm looking at you 'The information superhighway has potholes.' by Serafin Santiago Jr.) for spoiling and overanalysing wrestling. Now, I may be courting controversy here but to those columnists, I say this:

It is not the internets fault that your wrestling experience is spoiled. It's yours, and yours alone. Neither I, nor any other 'smarks' are standing behind you, reading over your shoulder and forcing you to read columns and spoilers. Stop trying to blame us for the fact that you're weak-willed.

Right, now that's out of the way, I'll move onto the main topic, and ironically, this also sprung from someone else's column. In "I Think I've seen this before" by Jason Simmons, he talked about Triple H's dominance on RAW, and his belief that the Batista title reign will undoubtedly be yet another flop before Trips reclaims his crown.

Now, I believe that Triple H is not a good influence on RAW. People can argue with me all they want about that one, but from a media and writing standpoint, constantly pushing one character is never going to have a great effect. I also question his ability to be objective when he and his wife are both on the booking committee.

However, I believe Kid Kash said it best in an interview with Power Slam Magazine when he commented that if you're in a position of power, you're hardly likely to give it up. I don't blame Triple H, but I don't like it either.

But the coming to the question of Batista's title reign, who is to say that Jason was wrong, and that it wont be yet another move to get the belt back onto Hunter" After all, he is facing Batista three different times in title matches for the belt. The fact that there is a third match I can understand - neither the WrestleMania or Backlash matches felt like caps to the feud. But a Hell In A Cell match for the title at Vengeance would definitely give that atmosphere.

Now, whilst they are jamming it down our throats on RAW, it should once again be noted that Triple H has never lost in a singles HIAC match. The only one he hasn't won was the 6 man match at Armageddon 2000, and he wasn't the wrestler pinned in that. Now, the fact that they have been making a point of this indicates one thing.

That this time, Triple H will not be the one winning the match. They have been building and building Hunter's record up, and that generally indicates that the fall is coming.

So why" Why would Triple H finally be willing to turn over both of his crowns - both his title and his Hell In A Cell record" Well, it is my belief that he finally realises that it is time. The older generation of British wrestling fans will remember a character by the name of "Big Daddy" - aka Shirley Crabtree - who was the dominant force on the British Wrestling scene long after he was past his prime. Parallels have been drawn between the Triple H and Big Daddy situations by writers far better than me, but let's just sum up: Daddy was related to the promoter, he held onto the top spot for way too long, and he constantly squashed the younger guys who should have been getting over.

But unlike Daddy, I believe that Triple H has either realigned or regained his objectivity. Maybe it's because with Batista, he is handing the crown over to one of his protégés. Unlike Chris Benoit, Batista has a background of being one of Hunter's guys. Another strong argument is that this time Batista's record won't be marred by a quick face turn unlike the now infamous one of Randy Orton.

Triple H and Chris Benoit gave the World Heavyweight Title the credibility it needed, one by making it a hugely coveted prize, and the other by carrying it with the pride that made it seem worthwhile. Even though the belt is now in the hands of Batista, it feels like it has enough of a heritage over its three year history to give it value as a title.

With the aid of Chris Benoit's four month reign, Triple H has been propping up RAW for two years now, consistently giving good main events and allowing other wrestlers into the spotlight. Give the man his credit where it is due. Now, hopefully, he has realised that there are enough established stars to hold Raw in its place, even if he isn't the one in the limelight. The time has come to hand over to the next generation and the veterans who have been patiently waiting for their turn.

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Edjenox1 wrote:
I couldn't agree with you anymore. The fact is that as the world changes for the worse we as humans learn to adapt to these changes instead of looking for a real solution. We enjoy the violence even if it's at the expense of others. For instance Austin beat his wife and never addressed the issue to the young fans. Instead he comes back and waves everyone the finger and we cheer. About the drug problem I put alot of the blame on Vince M. due to the fact that he encourages (or used to) steroid use. This ill act may have been the cause which might have lead to certain stars getting addicted to stronger drugs. And I do have to say that Vince(and Fam) are the biggest ASSHOLES for continuing the event after the death of Owen Heart. That's when all respect for his superstars went out the door. Vince has lost the respect and love for wrestling with stories of (Angle) being some kind of sexual predator, Ethnic stories of Hassan which are not Iron Sheik classic material, Viscera, who's just a fat disgusting pervert and the direct insult to Matt with the Edge and Lita storyline. Seriously Matt is who is being addressed in this story and it really sucks to know that Vince has sunk to this level. I hope one day somebody screws his daughter in the most horrible way...see how that feels. Seriously Vince step back and see who your audience consists of because what you are doing is planting the seed of ill will to your younger audience who only want to admire your WRESTLING superstars...please bring back wrestling!!





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