Smark Power!
August 29, 2005 by Ben Myatt

You know, I've read a lot of columns and comments on here recently talking about how annoyed they are that Smarks are ruining wrestling. I've read comments about people who are smart about wrestling spoil the enjoyment of those around us. I've read how, because we aren't wrestlers, we aren't allowed to criticize wrestling. I've read that be reading spoilers, apparently people like me who analyze wrestling shows are apparently single-handedly destroying the enjoyment of every wrestling fan. Ever.

Yes, these people write their columns to show their dislike of Smarks. And quite frankly, and in my never ending search to get reactions to my columns, these people are talking a load of sanctimonious bollocks.

Firstly, I'll deal with one of my major gripes with these anti-smark commentators. The criticism of "These people aren't wrestlers, so they aren't allowed to criticize wrestling." What a load of tripe. Tell me, have you ever gone out and watched a movie, then come out of the cinema and gone "Oh, that movie was rubbish.""

Well, according to you anti-smark logic, you're not allowed to. See, since you aren't a Hollywood actor or a high paid director or screenwriter, you aren't allowed to criticize the movie. No, don't try and argue the point. You aren't me writing this column so you aren't allowed to criticize me either.

Let's get one thing straight here: Wrestling is a media product. A media product thrives off of its audience. We are its audience. WE are the ones that wrestling needs to impress. Am I going too fast for you" Let me make it clear. THE FANS ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE WRESTLING POPULAR. Yes, you read it right. The fans are the ones with the power in wrestling. And who are the ringleaders of nearly every fan movement in wrestling" Yup, got it in one. The Smarks. Let's face it - Who would have honestly given two craps about Matt Hardy's behind-the-scenes feud with Edge and Lita if the Smarks hadn't come out and started telling people about it" To be honest, left in the hands of most fans no-one would have even known. Really, the Smarks are the ones who can influence other fans. Hardy knew this, and when he posted on his site, he knew precisely what he was getting into. We, the Smark population.

How does a fed like ROH, which is as different from WWE as they come, get popular based on video sales and small audiences in school gyms and armories" Oh wait; it's the Smark factor again, spreading the word via the internet and to their friends across the world. Who makes up than majority of the fans at a TNA taping" Are they marks, believing that they're watching a real fight" Not a chance, they're Smarks. And you know what" WWE takes the line that Smarks are bad. They take the line that because we take it upon ourselves to say that we dislike WWE and their ways of doing things, that WE'RE somehow the ones responsible for the mistakes they make. Let me tell you, I try to be even handed when it comes to criticism of WWE, but when their creative hits us with stuff like the Eddie-Rey custody feud, I start getting annoyed.

I'm a writer, and it offends my writer's instincts when that crap hits my screen. That the WWE, or any other fed tells me I should blindly accept this stuff, I can understand. They need the ratings. When my fellow wrestling fans start taking the company line, and acting like Smarks are the root of all evil in wrestling, then I get annoyed. Another, frankly stupid, example of the Anti-Smark tirade that we're not allowed to say that WWE should push certain people who are coming in - unlike some arguments, this isn't one about WWE. This is entirely about the fans. To be honest, why the hell shouldn't I say I want a wrestler to be pushed" To me, saying things like that has always been the online equivalent of cheering a guy on at matches. I cheer for Paul London because I want him to win. I cheer for Chris Benoit because I want him to win. When I go online, I use what knowledge I have of the wrestling business to say why I cheer for them and why I think they should be given a push in the company. Why should I blindly accept the wrestlers that are pushed, rather than one I prefer" Let's face it, such thinking gives us Mordecai.

If we all took the company line, then web forums and sites like Online World of Wrestling would be dull places. We're not all the same; we have different views and opinions. Why the hell should I not voice my opinion because some of you would rather maintain the illusion for yourselves" The Kayfabe era is long over, and we all know that wrestlers don't actually fight when they get in the ring. We don't HAVE to like everything we see at a wrestling show, and we're perfectly within our rights to express that dislike.

If you clicked on this column, then you knew what you were getting yourself into. I didn't force you to read it; same as I'm not gonna force you to comment on it. In the same way, you should know what you're getting into whenever you go on a wrestling forum or chatroom. We're not Marks. We're not gonna pretend we like everything a wrestling promotion does purely for your benefit. And we sure as hell will go on criticizing and analyzing whatever promotions we like for as long as we're fans. In some people's cases, they just like to bitch, and that's cool. It's their choice.

In my case, it's my way of expressing my love for wrestling. And that's my choice. I'm a media analyst. It's what I do. I'm a Smark, I'm a wrestling critic, and I'm in love with professional wrestling. And I'm proud of it. Thus ends my first column as a columnist for OWW. Thanks for that, by the way.

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Stephen Mitchell wrote:
Like most people who don't put allot of thought into what they are writing you seem to make massive generalisations and then take a very one sided view. Not everything is as open and shut as you have made out.

1. You say that every fan thinks that Smarks are not allowed to comment on wrestling because they are not wrestlers. That is utter drivel; of course you are entitled to talk about wrestling. What some fans feel is that Smarks seem to comment for the sake of commenting sometimes and either feels strongly for something or strongly against. There never seems to be any middle ground. Your examples about movies are just plain stupid. Are you trying to tell me that every movie you have ever seen has either sucked or been great" Have you ever been to a movie that was just ok" The difference is though that regardless of the quality of e.g.: Raw you will have Smarks on the net minutes after it has finished criticizing the product unfairly. Opinion's are like assholes everyone has got one. What makes you Smarks believe that your opinions are right"

Like most people who don't put allot of thought into what you are righting you have simply made a list of stereotypical generalisations and then given your one sided

2. Vince McMahon owns wrestling not Smarks. If every smark was to finally get sick of wrestling and take an interest in something else wrestling would still go on as there are enough normal fans for it to survive. It might even be the best thing that could happen as it would probably become more Kay fibre again. Now my next comment might be a little bit controversial but perhaps you smarks don't enjoy wrestling so much now as you know everything that goes on Backstage. You are ultimately trying to make something that is staged real and that can't ever work out. Your example of Matt Hardy. Smarks got him back and isn't he doing well.

3. I would like you to prove that Smarks only pack out TNA and ROH arenas. I think that out of all your silly comments that ranks at number 1. It is pure speculation.

I can't be bothered to dissect the rest of your article but all I am saying to you is if you want to be a smark that is great but don't try and impose your will on others because all your direct criticisms do is make fans that are perfectly happy with the way things are start moaning about nothing. To use the matrix as a comparison I like being plugged into it. I don't want to be saved and neither do allot of others so don't try and impose your will on us. If we want to find your kind we will.
michael nader wrote:
Good job man, about fricken time someone said it. Im really sick of fans who are sick of those who are being honest about how they feel about a product. I mean every wrestling fan can't be satisfied! So why should every fan talk as if they are" It's called freedom of speech people!
Jonathan McCormick wrote:
If your desire is to read every spoiler and piece of gossip or news before it happens then so be it. You can have fun with that and alone it doesn't effect anyone. However, the problem with "Smarks" is exactly what was said at the beginning of your article. They DO ruin the enjoyment for everyone around them. For example, I attended both Summerslam and Raw this year. Summerslam was an amazing show to me because I hadn't paid any attention to (for example) the reports that Hogan was refusing to "do the job". However I heard people complaining about that very thing on the way out of the arena. The next night at Raw in Hampton, VA when Bischoff announced that the Cena vs. Jericho match was going to be a "You're Fired Match" the guy behind me goes "oohhhh, so THAT'S how they are gonna explain Jericho going on tour." Then later in the night he "predicted" Kurt Angle coming out and attacking John Cena and being named the #1 contender. If knowing what's gonna happen before it does floats your boat, then so be it. Keep it to yourself. No one around you is impressed.
Phx13snash wrote:
Well I do agree that smarks are ruining wrestling for example tell me how people the likes of Christian and Hassan are suddenly getting pops oohhhh lemme see erm oh yeah Smarks.Only smarks are fans of Christian or Hassan people like my self think that Christian and Hassan are just piles of overrated Garbage.Imagine a world with out smarks wrestling would be more entertaining without the smarks complaining left and right. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh UPN Sucks *sob* No more Hassan *sob* *sob* Push Christian *sob* WWE is watered down garbage *sob* Just shut the **** up sit down put down the pen and paper shut off the computer and just enjoy


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