Kurt Angle: The Best
April 28, 2005 by Bruce C.

He is one of the greatest wrestlers in recent history. An Olympic gold medallist, a five-time World Champion, Intercontinental, European, Tag Team, United States, Hardcore Champion, and the 2000 King of the Ring, these facts alone class Kurt Angle with the best.

It's a bold statement to say that Kurt Angle is THE best in the entire promotion (in the last ten years, let's say). If Angle was TRULY the best in EVERYBODY'S mind, it would be saying that he draws more heat than Triple H, he is a better technical wrestler than Chris Benoit, revolutionized the business more than Shawn Michaels, made better draws than Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a greater legacy than the Undertaker. He probably isn't all those things, and for me to say that would be really stretching it. But MY opinion is that he is the best in the business

Another thing that hinders my argument is that Kurt had a really bad neck injury that pretty much killed his status as main-eventer. He hasn't won a single title since 2003, and many people thought he still couldn't do what he did before. Before. We're 19 days removed from WrestleMania 21, and by the gods, if there is one person who thought that HBK vs. Kurt Angle was NOT the best match on the card, who actually watched it, can kiss my ass. That match was a huge classic. People had their eyes glued to the action, live or on TV, to see how the match would go. If you watched it, you will agree with me. You held your breath while the Ankle Lock was being slapped on HBK to see how the match would pan out. This was the match that stole the whole freakin' show, oh it's true, it's true. If that feud had started earlier and allowed more build-up and lasted a couple of months, that feud would have been one of the greatest of all time. The few doubters say, that's one match Kurt worked, he couldn't put on another great match like that, well, look back a little bit. SummerSlam 2004, Eddie Guerrero versus Kurt Angle was again, easily the best match on the card. Kurt also put on great matches on FREE TV, against JBL, the week after Armageddon, the Eddie Guerrero matches, and especially versus Marty Janetty.

Aside from matches, his entire wrestling personality is the perfect epitome of greatness. An egotistical gold medallist who bragged about every achievement he had, made him the quintessential heel. His mike skills are up with the best, which is why I would rather watch Kurt Angle any day over Triple H or JBL as a heel. The truth about Triple H is that his last five or so title reigns have been entirely due to his political power backstage, and no one has had the power or courage to tell him to shut the hell up. Not to mention he can't wrestle for crap. You want to tell me a guy like that who is being billed as the top guy in the WWE is better than Kurt Angle, or even JBL, and every other major player in the WWE, please. I'm not making this article into something like, Kurt Angle vs. Everyone else, or even Kurt Angle vs. Triple H, because believe me, if I were here to write a HHH-hating article, I could make it a helluva lot longer than this.

If Kurt Angle is to ever become what he was earlier in his career and resume his path of greatness, that would be justice. He is truly one of the greatest to step in the squared circle. However, if he were to never hold the World Title again, he would still have his place in wrestling history. Physically, he has a guaranteed three years left in him. Don't let that go to waste, Vince.

by Bruce C. ..

Laurie B. wrote:
I agree with you that Kurt Angle is perhaps the best wrestler in the company right now. What I strongly disagree with is your rubbishing of Triple H's in-ring skills. He may brawl a lot, but this guy can turn on the technical mind-set too. I remember vividly his match which happened to be against Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble in 2001. He worked on Angle's legs with some nice maneuvers such as Dragon screws and a Reverse Indian Deathlock before slapping on both an Inverted Figure 4 leg lock and a Figure 4 leg lock, too. And I know he does these rather often in championship matches. I also remember him locking in a kneeling Dragon Sleeper hold to X-Pac at Backlash 2000. The point is that Triple-H isn't a suplex orientated fighter, but that doesn't mean he can't wrestle because I assure you he can.
Erkka J´┐Żrvinen wrote:
First is that i agree with you on Kurt Angle cause he is one of my favourite wrestlers. He can get me excited with his great heel performance and i worship the guy anyway. I mean look at this guy, after every match he looks like he is half dead and after all he has done, you can't say he is one of the greatest ever.

Second, i liked this column till you started bashing HHH. I don't mind going on a rant again how wrong you are because i have done it so many times so could you please...SHUT THE HELL UP!
chris peacock wrote:
I don't want to even say in my opinion on this one, Kurt Angle is the best wrestler around. His skills could only be matched by a few other people in the company. But the people that match his skill in the ring don't even come close to matching him on the mic. The guy cuts some of the most entertaining promos I have seen in quite a while. He really has everything going for him except size which doesn't matter as much in the company anymore.

As far as Triple H's in ring skill goes is simple, he is not even close to what he use to be. He is turning into Ric Flair pulling the same moves everytime he steps in the ring. Punch punch kick kick finisher. Triple H could have been something great if he wanted to be, but he didn't wanna try he wanted to go the easy way. Now what you get is one of the dullest wrestlers in the bussiness because he doesn't have to try anymore. So he has fallen off as a good wrestler. And alot of people will say that Triple H is the best around because of what he has accomplished but remember he wouldn't have had a quarter of that if it wasn't for his pull in the back.
Marilyn Aucoin wrote:
Kurt Angle is my favorite wrestler and has been for a long time now. When he first came on the scene in 1999. I knew he had all the tools to be one of the greatest. What I feel really cemented his place in history was Wrestlemania 19 against Brock Lesnar. He really showed how much he loved the fans by going through with the match, delivering a five-star performance. He is truly one of the greats and let's hope he has more than three years. A true athlete and one of the all-time greats.
Dev Hasan wrote: said is the best in "10 years"" let me remind you that there was a superstar who was bigger than Kurt Angle. Was a huge huge huge huge baby face and was over with the crowd and is now a legend. That being the "Excellence Of Execution" - "The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be" Bret 'Hitman' Hart. Bret learned how to wrestle all technical while Kurt was probley still drinking milk from his mothers breast.

Don't say anything about damn olympic medals. Bret won olympic awards but he didnt go for the gold medal cause he wanted to work for his dad. There are more wrestlers who were great. You can't say just Kurt was the greatest. Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid. Kid being probley one of the greatest creative minds in the busniess history.

Saying Triple H can't wrestle is being stupid now. Triple H can wrestle. Just cause he holds guys back. I dont think you should say he cant "wrestle" seriously man, how long have you been watching wrestling for" since 2003" cause if anyone knows wrestling, they know Triple H can wrestle.

When you look at Triple H. He has the whole package of a wrestler what a wrestler should EXACTLY be. He has nothing missing. He could get a crowd going. He is pure orignal. He can wrestle and he has alot of charisma.

As for The Undertaker. I think theres like certain people in the company that have the real respect in the company and one being Taker. The man is a legend. Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle can claim they are "Mr. WrestleMania" fact is Taker is WrestleMania 13-0 prooves it. Taker can wrestle too. I recently went to a WWE Smackdown House Show and he beat Kurt and they kept switching holds and placing each other in holds etc etc. Taker can wrestle some technical and he can brawl, fly and slam people around. How many 6'11 - 312lb guys do you see walk along ropes" and dive over the top ropes onto a crowd of people.

Saying Kurt drawed more than Austin was a joke....Stone Cold Steve Austin was the biggist name in WWF history after Hulk Hogan. Well if you maybe add The Rock in there. Those two were the big draws. If you would make a poll and have a vote saying "who would you rather see on televsion" Im betting most of them wouild go to Austin. Don't tell me Austin cant wrestle. He used to wrestle good till he got his neck broken by Owen Hart with the Spiked Tombstone Piledriver. Kurt wrestled with a broken neck for 1 night. Austin wrestled with a broken neck for 2 years.

I aint here to bash Kurt Angle. He can wrestle. I aint said once here he cant wrestle. He CAN wrestle. But saying he is just the only greatest in 10 years or saying the greatest ever is just crap and putting down other guys who busted their asses more than Kurt.
Darron wrote:
Kurt Angle is in the Top 5 in the company but he's nowhere near the absolute best in the WWE or the world for that matter. He's not as good as he was before the neck problems and his match structure still lacks depth, Take WM21 for example where he gave Shawn Michaels the Olympic Slam into the post messing up Shawn's back yet he doesn't really work on Shaw's back and decides to finish him off with the Ankle Lock which really took away from the Olympic Slam segment. Guys like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero have better match structures and really make their matches great in all aspects while making their opponents look great like Benoit did with Edge and Christian in their matches.

As for Pure Wrestling Angle drops below Benoit, Benjamin, London, Guerrero and Bryan Danielson who just maybe the best in the United States right now so I would in no way say that Kurt Angle is the best. And you can use the gold medal argument all you want but the fact is that this isn't the same kinda wrestling. I'd like to see how long Angle can last against some stars from Japan like Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama and Mitsuharu Misawa who even in his 40's can blow Angle away.

Bottom Line: If it's Olympic style wrestling Angle is as good as they come but in professional wrestling he's not in the same league as most wrestlers out there.


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