Eddie Guerrero: The Greatest Mexican!
November 14, 2005 by Calv R.

You all know it is true. This is my second column and im dedicating it to Eddie Guerrero (God bless his soul). Now my friends have asked me why i am doing this and i have just replied, "It has to be done". So i hope you read carefully and think about probaly the greatest Mexican wrestler in WWE history and in Wrestling history.

Eddie Guerrero grew up in El Paso Texas with his mother and father. His father was a wrestler also so Eddie decided to follow in his footsteps, as Gory Guerrero came out of the wrestling buisness he decided to teach his sons how to wrestle. His father would sometimes not be happy with his sons wrestling ability and would normaly never be pleased with him. Although Eddie did manage to make it into the wrestling world. His father died in El Paso in 1990 and Eddie was left with his brothers to carry on the Guerrero saga.

In 1995 Eddie joined ECW to make a name for himself in the Wrestling World. Straight away Eddie won himself a title the ECW Television title by defeating Too Cold Scorpio on April 8th 1995. Eddie would carry on defending his title but eventually lost it. Eddie began to team with other superstars to bond with the roster. One of Eddies first tag matchs in ECW was with the Tazmaniac against Dean Malenko & Too Cold Scorpio which Eddie lost. Eddie finished his run in ECW off with a 6 man tag match at WrestlePalooza against Too Cold Scorpio, Dean Malenko & Cactus Jack, but Eddie went out of ECW with a loss.

Eddie Guerrero needed a change after his run with ECW. So Eddie joined the company that im sure everyone will remember WCW. During the start with WCW in mid September 1995 Eddie warmed himself up with some Dark matchs and some matchs on Nitro. Eddie began to beat the likes of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Jerry Lynn. Eddie began to make his way to the championships by taking on Ric Flair, DDP & Randy Savage. Finally at Starrcade Eddie won his first title in WCW the United States Championship. Eddie defended the title to the likes of Ultimo Dragon & Chris Jericho. After losing the United States title Eddie battled Chris Jericho over the Cruiserweight championship. The battle went from Clash where Chris Jericho retained his Cruiserweight title until Fall Brawl where Eddie won his second title. Eddie battled different cruiserweights over and over again losing the title and winning it back again. Until Eddie could'nt with stand Ultimo Dragon and finally lost the title for good. Eddie went through many stages without winning a title until 1998 where he joined the Filthy Animals.

In the Filthy Animals team Eddie teamed up with his fellow team mates such as Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman to face enemy teams. Eddie went through many types of matchs with the Filthy Animals such as Key on the pole match * A house of pain match. But unfortunately the Filthy Animals only lasted 5 months and eventually went there separate ways.

The year 2000 came and Eddie made some changes he joined up with a team named The Radicalz which his team mates were some of the greatest names in Wrestling History Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn. The changes for Eddie in the year 2000 was also moving on from WCW to the biggest company in wrestling history the WWE but back then it was known as WWF. The Radicalz immediately made a name for themselves by sitting on the front row to watch Raw. 3 days later they were challenging the Tag Team Champions to a match for the Tag Titles but unfortunately they lost to The New Age Outlaws. From time to time the Radicalz did not have a good run until the end when the Radicalz split up Eddie captured his first Championship in the WWF by defeating Chris Jericho to win the European title.

Eddie went through the WWF with ease winning titles making love with Chyna teaming back up with the Radicalz, but not everything went to plan through the WWF. Eddie began to have personal problems he was released by the WWF onto an independant circuit to sort out his problems. Eddie went through many companys and had different types of matchs against names u hear today such as Super Crazy, CM Punk. Eddie won different titles on his way through such as the IWA I.C title, WWA Cruiserweight title, IWA World title etc. The company ROH which Eddie made his finally stop at before returning to the WWF gave Eddie appreciation before he left to go back to the WWF.

In 2002 Eddie returned to the WWF to make an impact straight away, Eddie won the WWF I.C championship off Rob Van Dam at Backlash. Eddie and Rob Van Dam carried on their feud after Backlash until Judgment Day where once again Eddie defeated Rob Van Dam again to retain the I.C title. It was until Raw where Eddie Guerrero & Rob Van Dam finished their feud in style in a Ladder Match for the I.C title. Eveuntually RVD won back the I.C title to finish their fantastic fued.

The WWE changed it system and split up Raw & SmackDown with different superstars and different championships on each show. Eddie was shifted to SmackDown with his Nephew Chavo Guerrero. Eddie & Chavo teamed up to make the dominant team called Los Guerreros. The team dominated the tag team division for months. Los Guerreros won the tag titles and held them for a short period of time. Once the team lost the titles and began to feud with Team Angle they began to use their moto, "Cheat 2 Win!" Eventually Team Angle shut up Los Guerreros by defeating them in a Tag Title match. But Eddie & Chavo stole the belts after the match, but they were returned but then Kurt Angles medals went mssing. You know who stole them.

But a few months along the line and it ended up in a family feud. Eddie & Chavo began a losing streak due to bad team work. It was only for Kurt Angle that Eddie & Chavo stuck together as Kurt reunited them and got them a Tag Title shot. The Bashams defeated Los Guerreros in the Tag Matcn but at the end it was not a happy ending, Chavo brutally assaulted Eddie at the end and ended the tag team relationship. Kurt tried his best to keep the team together but no luck Kurt could do nothing about it and the family feud went to the Royal Rumble. Eddie vs Chavo at the Royal Rumble would settle it all. Eddie finished the feud and defeated Chavo and assaulted him after the match. But it did'nt end their, it seemed like a dark day for Eddie on SmackDown the following week as he was backstage Eddie was seriously attacked and took to hospital where it did'nt seem like showing up the following week. But Eddie defined the odds, that night on SmackDown Eddie won a 15 man battle royal and earned himself a shot at the WWE title at No Mercy.

No Mercy came and it seemed like Eddie had no chance, no escape, no way out. The only twist was Goldberg was on the front row, the match came and Eddie was been thrown all over the place by Lesnar. Eddie tried to fight back but Brock just taunted him, to Brock this was just a walk through the park. Brock had the advantage all the way through the match until one moment, the ref was knocked down and then suddenly Goldberg stands up and Brock has just attacked Eddie and he is on the floor right by the turnbuckle. Suddenly Brock turns around and feels the pain of the Spear from Goldberg, then the ref begins to climb up and Eddie cums to his senses and hits the Frog Splash for the 3 count! Its a miracle we have a new WWE champion! Eddie guerrero defines the odds again!

Eddie Guerrero became a great WWE champion but then he lost it to the superstar who some of us hate JBL. A few months on and then came the greatest feud I have seen from Eddie Guerrero. It started when Rey Mysterio was feuding with the Basham Brothers. Rey Mysterio's partner RVD was out of action with an injury so Rey picked Eddie Guerrero as his new partner. Everything seemed to be going well, they won the tag titles and successfully defended them until Eddie came up with the idea that him and Rey should have a match at WrestleMania 22 and put on a great performance. The match was actullay fantastic to watch but then it got out of hand the past few SmackDowns. Eddie took it too seriously and began to torture Rey week in week out. The feud carried on and on throught Judgment Day and Great American Bash. Eventually it came to an end when Eddie finally defeated Rey. Eddie taunted Rey over it then made his way for bigger things.

Teddy Longs new assistant from the Network escorted the Gm to the ring to announce the no1 contender for the World title. Palmer Cannon underminded GMs decision and announced Eddie as the Number one contender for the World title. Batista and Eddie made friends on that day or should i say amigos. Batista & Eddie went through everything together saving each other from attacks and even teaming up against other teams. At No Mercy the 2 friends faced off in the World title shot, unfortunatly for Eddie he lost. Batista and Eddie went through everything on SmackDown even iin the same team together for Survivor Series until that moment came. It was at 7:00am Sunday the 13th of November and all the SmackDown & Raw superstars were getting up to Televise the Combined SmackDown & Raw show. Eddie had a wake up call but no answer. They constantly tried no answer still, Chavo tried but no answer. People began to knock on Eddies door but no one answered. It was until sercurity came to see what was taking Eddie. It was all in shock when sercurity found Eddie dead on the bathroom floor.

So to this day we all remember Latino Heat as a brilliant wrestler. And as i bring this column to a close i would like to just say that Eddie Guerrero was the greatest Mexican Wrestler of all time. Now he Rests along side his father up in heaven in the Hall Of Fame he will be soon. Rest in Peace Eddie Guerrero, Lie, Cheat, Steal Forever!

by Calv R...

Jeff C. wrote:
It was a pretty good column. It could've gone more into detail. There were also some parts that were inaccurate. You said he won the title at No Mercy but in reality he won it at No Way Out 2004. Other then that it was good. keep it up.
Dev Hassan wrote:
Hey, nice history of Eddy. I remember also when he debuted in the WWF. I have it on tape. Al Snow "invited" them to RAW and it was Al Snow and I think Steve Blackman vs The Age Outlawz, Road Dogg got thrown infront of their feet and then he said something to them and they all attacked the hell outta him.

I also made a tribute on a site I write on weekly. If anyones intrested it's on - Ive got all positive feedback from it, I'd like to hear anyone elses if you ever go and visit.

R.I.P - Eduardo Gory Guerrero
Calv.R: wrote:
Hey i hope you read my column that i wrote here. Also sorry i made many mistakes and in my next column i will try to do my best not to do that. Thanks if you have read my column and if there is any more mistakes please e-mail me. Also i have put Eddie versed Rey at WrestleMania 22 sorry about that it was Mania 21 sorry. Thanks for all your praises and i hope to read more in the future



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