Eddie Guerrero: Drugs, Lies and the WWE Title Part 1
November 13, 2005 by Daniel "Flash" Williams

Wrestling fans around the world were shocked Sunday when they found out about the death of former WWE champion Eddie Guerrero, so here I bring to you in several parts Eddie Guerrero, the ultimate saga.

Eddie Guerrero was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua on October 9th, 1967 into the first family of wrestling the Guerrero's. Eddie was raised in El Paso, Texas, and attended the University of New Mexico on an athletic scholarship, wrestling for the college, before returning to El Paso to train as a professional wrestler.

He debuted in 1987 in the Mexican promotion, Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre or EMLL (now CMLL) but soon enough jumped to AAA where he won the Tag Team championship. Eddie quickly became a star in Mexico for his outstanding athleticism and ability to put on a great performance against almost anybody.

In 1993 Eddie started wrestling in Japan as well under the moniker of Black Tiger II becoming a greatly respected star. While back in Mexico Eddie joined up with "The Love Machine" Art Barr to form La Pareja del Terror. Going on to become one of the most hated tag teams in Lucha Libre history, others later joined them including Konnan, Black Cat and Madonna's Boyfriend (Louie Spiccoli) to form Los Gringos Locos (The Crazy Americans). During this period Love Machine and Eddie feuded El Hijo del Santo and Octagon that culminated on November 6th, 1994 in a match at the When Worlds Collide world ppv which Eddie and The Love Machine lost, due to a pre-match stipulation they where dragged into the middle of the ring and had their head's shaven.

ECW pioneer Paul E. Heyman watched this match and became very interested in signing these two stars to ECW. Sadly shortly after The Love Machine and Eddie agreed to join The Love Machine was found dead in his home, as a tribute Eddie started using the Frog Splash (Which had been Art Barr's finishing maneuver).

Undaunted Eddie entered ECW on April 8th, 1995 and won the TV title from Too Cold Scorpio on his debut. He became immensely popular in ECW having a series of five star matches with Dean Malenko and in September of 1995 they both jumped ship to WCW.

Eddie quickly followed his success in ECW with several more great matches against Dean Malenko and a certain fellow youngster by the name of Chris Benoit. It took slightly longer for Eddie to capture a championship but sure enough on December 29th, 1996 Eddie Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Page to capture the vacant United States title. While defending the United States championship Eddie had several classic title matches.

In late march Eddie was involved in a horrific crash when he tipped his car while doing 130mph under the influence of liquid ecstasy, this was as far as anybody knows the first hint of his drug abuse. Doctors told his family that he was unlikely to survive but within months Eddie was back training and on July 7th, he returned to the ring on Nitro in a losing effort teaming with Chavo to lose to Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton. And soon enough Eddie had gold back around his waist winning the first of two Cruiserweight titles at Fall Brawl 1997 from Chris Jericho. Eddie held the title for little over a month before losing it in a five star classic 'Mask vs. Title' match against his good friend Rey Mysterio but won it back two weeks later on an episode of Nitro. But lost it again in late December to Ultimo Dragon.

1998 was a quite year for Eddie Guerrero or so it seemed until he started mistreating his nephew Chavo leading to a match between the two at the Great American Bash where Eddie defeated Chavo in a 'Hair vs. Hair' match. In late 1998 Eddie formed the LWO (Latino World Order) in response to Eric Bischoff pushing aside the luchadores to focus on the now. He heavily recruited Rey Mysterio who was reluctant to join but was eventually forced to join when Eddie beat him one-on-one. However when the nWo reformed they basically forced the LWO to disband by threatening to beat them up unless they took of the shirts, all of them did except Mysterio who went on to a feud with Kevin Nash while Eddie returned to the mid-card until mid 1999 when he formed the Filthy Animals with Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Konnan who later feuded with the Insane Clown Posse.

I've brought it to an end now but next week i will bring to you his first run in the WWF.

by Daniel "Flash" Williams..








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