The Ultimate Legacy
October 4, 2005 by Dany Mercury

Let me clear something up before I start. This isn't personal. It can't be since we don't know each other at all.

I read an article just minutes ago from Jacob Kuhn about The Ultimate Warrior and I just couldn't let that go. I decided to come back and get away from my very busy schedule and write one more article.

I find that Kuhn has a good writing style but since he says that The Warrior is his least favorite superstar of all-time, you know that the article, not the writer, is going to suck. He's going to take sides and he's done just that. He's taken WWE's side even if he acknowledges that very often, the WWE has screwed people just because they decided to do so. You have to take sides sometimes but you have to at least look at the facts correctly.

I repeat, Kuhn has writing talent but he didn't even see the DVD or considered that Warrior was angry when he wrote the article. He didn't even acknowledge the fact that Warrior is among the most charismatic wrestlers of all-time along with Hulk Hogan and The Rock. It's hard to say if The Rock is more charismatic because they never fought each other or talked during the same era. I can definitely say that Warrior was way more charismatic than Hogan and that is hard to believe. In an era where Hogan was the number 1 superstar of the company, Warrior made McMahon see it in another way. He made McMahon see that he had hired a more powerful force. Warriors were chanting alongside Hulkamaniacs and if you're asking how can I tell that Warrior was more charismatic than Hogan " At Wrestlemania VI. He didn't need to do anything. He just had to be there. He had made his fans since 1987 and 3 years later, he didn't need to pump the crowd as much. They cheered louder than the Hulkamaniacs.

Something that makes me sick is Hogan's book. It doesn't make me sick because he bashes Warrior because you can bash Warrior or anybody. It's just that he bashes Warrior with lies and with no reasons, just because the book was published while he was in WWE. Hogan had agreed to give the WWE title to Warrior, the new leader of the WWE. Hogan even said this earlier. He had no problem giving the belt to Warrior not because they had agreed to give the title back to him by beating Warrior but because he was retiring to make movies and the WWE just couldn't overlook the Warrior's popularity.

Hogan briftly retired in 1990 to make movies and then they came up with the idea of having him feud with Earthquake. I asked John Tenta on his forum about this and he said that Hogan wasn't really planning to comeback until that moment. He had never told McMahon about the title. He wanted to do movies. Of course, before leaving, he thought about the fact that he might comeback one day. He didn't know when or even if he'd do it. He didn't want to get the title back from Warrior. That's one of the reasons Warrior lost the title to Sgt. Slaughter so that Hogan, the all-american, could save the United States of America by beating Slaughter. Warrior, as he said in his 2nd letter, had no problem doing this because at the time, the WWE had plans for him. They wanted him to feud with Randy Savage.

Warrior was very open to that. He didn't mind. He just didn't want to feud with a mid-carder or lose to someone that wasn't in his class. He was doing that to protect the character of The Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior says he's not a legend but The Ultimate Warrior is. Of course. In his short stint as WWE champion, he was loved by millions and millions of little Warriors. Before and after, it was no different.

When he was a mid-carder, he was battling people like Hercules like at Wrestlemania IV and when the WWE saw that The Warrior had too many fans to remain a mid-carder, they gave him the Intercontinental championship from the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of all-time, the Honky Tonk Man. Of course, Brutus Beefcake was the one they had planned to make champion but his life and career didn't turn out exactly as planned, like in 1990, and they had to think about somebody else. One simple choice : Ultimate Warrior.

He had great feuds and the most memorable is of course the one against "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Rude was a very talented wrestler and also had a lot of charisma, very far from Warrior but he had a lot. So "The Sexiest Man Alive" finally gave Warrior his first defeat at Wrestlemania V. He cheated but that was the way Rude's character was. Warrior had lost the title but not for long. They met again and at SummerSlam 1989, Warrior recaptured the strap with help from Roddy Piper.

What was left for him to do " Just one thing : win the WWE title from Hulk Hogan. Warrior was told 4 months before that he would win the title. He was really excited ! They had planned the Royal Rumble confrontation just days prior to the Pay-Per-View. It was way more apparent that they'd be facing each other when Warrior accidentally hit Hogan with a clothesline when they were teaming against Mr. Perfect and The Genius. For the following weeks to come, Warrior defended Hogan against Earthquake & Dino Bravo and so did Warrior. Each time, they were unhappy that the other came to give help.

The Ultimate Challenge. Wrestlemania VI. Toronto Skydome. 67 000 fans. Warrior defeated Hogan to capture the championship. People went crazy. Hogan had never been pinned fairly. After that defeat, it left Hogan time to make his movies, like "Suburban Commando" and it left the company on the shoulders of The Warrior.

He took on all comers and even restarted his feud with "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Hogan came back at SummerSlam 1990 to take on Earthquake but Warrior was still main eventing against Rude in a Steel Cage match.

At Survivor Series 1990, Hogan was back and was teaming with Warrior in the finals. How many times have you seen Hogan at that time enter the ring not last " Not many ! Warrior was still the most loved and actually gave his team the win.

Hogan wanted the title back because, I admit, it was the right thing to do. Warrior had no competition or so. He had to lose to Sgt. Slaughter, who had just betrayed the USA. Who was the best to recapture the strap and "win the war" " Hulk Hogan. That left Warrior with Savage and that unbelievable match at Wrestlemania VII. Savage pinned after 25 minutes and with just one foot over him.

From there, the WWE didn't know what to do with Warrior anymore. A feud with The Undertaker was good but that didn't last too long. "When he put me into that coffin, that's the most rest I got !", laughed Warrior in 2004.

That's where the real story starts.

The "Warrior asked for more money at SummerSlam 1991" incident. I won't defend Warrior by lying. It's true but I would have done the exact same thing. In fact, I would have done it a lot more early. He carried the company for a long time with that belt and Hogan was still paid more. Warrior was right but they declined him so Warrior left. He was right !

McMahon and his stooges couldn't find him and Vince was starting to lose confidence. "Where' my Warrior "!", he asked. When they could find him, they agreed to give him more money and he cameback at Wrestlemania VIII. He thought things would be different. He left after 8 months. What did he do in those 8 months " Feud with The Berzerker and Papa Shango. They gave him one last shot at the WWE title against Randy Savage but this time, he wouldn't win it as the Flair-Savage feud was too intense. They wanted to put him against Nailz but it was all too much for the Warrior. He didn't want to do it so McMahon fired him.

For the first time since 1983, the WWE didn't have Hogan and Warrior working for the company. Though Hogan would comeback at Wrestlemania IX, Warrior wouldn't. Look at what Hogan has done in 1993. Force McMahon to give him the title. Warrior didn't want to feud with a lower mid-carder and he got fired. There was something about Warrior that McMahon didn't like or was jealous of. It happens a lot. Jealousy is in McMahon's veins. Hogan testified against McMahon for his steroid trial and later, Hogan paid the price. He became Mr. America in 2003. What a nice gimmick for a legend. Not mentioning the times he mocked Hogan. His poses, Billionaire Ted-Nacho Man-Huckster, Big Show dressed as Hogan. All that happened just because Hogan had gotten the best of him.

Same thing with Warrior but it didn't work. McMahon never achieved what he was trying to do : bury The Warrior. Warrior always left on his own terms or it didn't matter much to him. After he was fired, Warrior went to work for some independant promotions but after too many broken promises made to him, Warrior left.

He brought the WWE to court and won over his name, character and everything about him. He just wanted to earn a living and by changing his name to Warrior, he could earn it. Some call him crazy for that but he did it to be able to wrestle again with the name and character he had created. "My wife and kids took the name of Warrior too.", he said.

He started the Warrior University and his comic books. He knew comics were big for the kids and he tried to start his own. I will admit that they were pretty horrible but I think some Batmans and Supermans suck too. It's just that all of Warrior's did...

McMahon tried to get him back in the WWE. That's what Warrior meant about "Fired" and "Hired". Everytime he fired Warrior, he came back and tried to rehire him. It worked 2 times. Warrior agreed to comeback in late 1995. He also agreed for the merchandise. T-Shirts, magazines and books with 2 different mentions : one would be "Always Believe" for the official Warrior products and the other would be "Feel The Power" for the wrestling related items. McMahon said he agreed but he did not. They were supposed to be sold as different items. They were sold together as WWE merchandise.

The plan was for him to comeback at Wrestlemania XII.

He came to talk to Triple H, or Hunter-Hearst-Helmsley, at the time about his match. "You'll hit me with your finisher, that will make no effect, I will get up and pin you." Triple H agreed but just prior to the Pay-Per-View, he went to see McMahon and tried to change the plans. The match went on as planned and that's why Warrior pinned Hunter in about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Warrior wanted to make an impact and Hunter, like many others like Goldust, were there to put him and guys like Michaels, Undertaker, Diesel and Bret Hart over.

Hunter didn't understand that and he is still mad at Warrior for this.

Warrior had a short feud with Goldust in 1996 before being fired again. The official story is that Warrior didn't show up for many many shows. That's true but there was a reason to this. Warrior's mother had just died. He needed time. McMahon didn't care and fired him anyway.

And you think Warrior is an asshole and an idiot "

wCw had approched Warrior on numerous occasions but Warrior always declined. This time, they promised to offer him more money. They did and Warrior joined the company in 1998 to confront Hollywood Hogan.

Everybody knows that Hogan, Nash and Hall were behind everything in wCw. Just days prior to Fall Brawl, Warrior injured his arm but he showed up anyway. That's why the match looks less than a good Warrior match. He won though. He teamed up with Sting, his old partner before they were both popular, to take on Hogan and Bret Hart on wCw Nitro but he didn't care.

"The matches that were put together were put together so fast that it didn't mean anything to me or Sting.", Warrior said. "Sting was very friendly.", he added.

About the trap door he used to vanish thorugh with smoke, Warrior said that Davey Boy was stoned that night, like so many other nights. He fell on it but Davey had back problems before. More than all, he had big drug problems. It's funny to say that it was Warrior's fault when the only wrestler to ever trip on it was stoned...No one else did.

Warrior finally faced Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1998. "He didn't want to put any time on the match.", Warrior said about Hogan. He didn't care. The match was pretty bad but Hogan did what he always wanted to do, beat Warrior in the middle of a ring. I'm proud he didn't do it fairly. Warrior never lost fairly. It was the way his character had to be. Until the end, he achieved his goal.

Not long after that, Warrior's contract expired and he wasn't seen in a wrestling ring anymore.

He started many other things including his own website where he'd talk about anything. He'd speak his mind. For all the pathetic people that thought he acted like his character in real life, you see that you got it wrong.

And The Rock wasn't the first one to talk about himself at the 3rd person. Warrior was the one.

I don't want to defend anybody but when something is wrong, I want to clarify it. Warrior happens to be my favorite wrestler of all-time, that's all. I defended Kane, Undertaker and Bret Hart on numerous occasions. I try to defend other people when wrong things are said. I don't care who the person is, I've just got to do it. I even defend my ex-girlfriend when someone tells me something not wrong, but incorrect about her and we hate each other.

The fact is, people are misjudging Warrior. No, he isn't perfect but he has more class than you think and he doesn't kiss anybody's ass. He said he's never be in the Hall Of Fame and he isn't. He always declines. He doesn't want to meet McMahon or accept the invitations of the WWE. He stands by what he believes in. That's a real man.

I'm a big fan of actor James Stewart. I recently learned that he was racist but I still love him a lot. I'm aware that Stewart wasn't born that way. He was born in 1908 and in that time, a lot of people were racists.

The moral is that before misjudging someone, learn hard to love him and if you can't, learn to respect him at least. Everybody has a reason to be the way he is.

Hogan is about the money but he loves wrestling too. He'd make more money in Hollywood even if he has no good scenarios. I don't think Hogan is a bad actor. He is good in wrestling when it's time to act hurt or whatever. I think he has talent but just like Elvis Presley, we'll never know it because of the poor scenarios.

Learn the facts before misjudging someone.

I've also got to defend people like Hogan, Warrior and Savage again. You think on telling that they suck at wrestling. I read someone say it correctly here not so long ago. If everybody were like Chris Benoit or Bret Hart, wrestling would be boring. If there would be 7 billions Einsteins on the planet, it would be boring. Warrior had his way, Hogan had his, Savage had his, Michaels has his, Hart had his, Undertaker has his...everybody has his. I know Kane is an agile man because he was very agile as Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS. He showed it a little bit as Kane but Kane is more about his power. Warrior used submission moves like the camel clutch before being in WWE and using his power and charisma to build his character.

Last year, he declined the invitation of the WWE to appear as a Legend in their Smackdown ! games. He went with Acclaim instead and "Showdown : Legends Of Wrestling".

Now, there's the DVD. There was the magnificent Shoot DVD from Warrior before that which told his career in an interview. Now, there's another DVD. This one is mocking The Warrior. McMahon had asked Warrior to give his thoughts and interviews for a new DVD for The Ultimate Warrior. One like so many others (Stone Cold, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Legion Of Doom...). Warrior declined so they made another DVD. From a Legends DVD to a Mocking DVD, "The Self-Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior" was born. All the wrestlers in it mock him, with no exception. He was green, stiff, no talent, had no brain...They all said that using different words.

There's even a section where they show bloopers of The Warrior. Bloopers are always funny except when they are made to mock the person. Here, they do just that.

When you watch the DVD, you tell yourself : "This guy hasn't done anything good in wrestling. He was a zero !" but when you know him or you know his story, you can't say that. Of course, he wasn't like that at all. They try to make you believe that. They try to make you believe that it wasn't a character and that he was really like that in real life. On Emule, I have even found a video of The Warrior in 1990, as WWE champion, in a parade where he talks with his normal voice.

Remember the "Bret Screwed Bret" story " It's the same with Warrior. Bret got screwed and didn't screw himself. They always tried to screw Warrior but it never really worked.

When Warrior responded, he was angry so don't look for the 100 % intelligent Warrior. It will pass. Today, Bret would probably not even consider thinking about McMahon as an asshole anymore. People grow up and they change.

Warrior will probably forgive McMahon one day and I'm sure that one day, even if it's in 20 years, McMahon will admit what he did wrong to people like Warrior, Hart or the Dudley Boyz. Always Believe, remember "

That's right, always believe and look further than your eyes do.

I know I took Warrior's side here but when you know the entire story, how can you not take his side "

by Dany Mercury..

Andrew Betts wrote:
the question was posed how can you not take the warriors side " well for a student of the game as i am it's very easy not to take the warriors side after all the leagaly changed his name to "warrior" that should be a huge red flag saying this guy thinks he the charactor he played i mean steve borden didn't change his name to "sting" although he has legal rights to said name terry gnene bolea didn"t change his name to "hulk hogan" but because he's so identified with the charactor he plays he goes by "hulk hogan" i bought the dvd after seeing it just made more sure this guy is whaco i mean last year proceded to piss off an entire audience he spoke to and not to mention his comments before this dvd was even confermed for release and note from the dvd it was "warrior's" father that died whom "warrior" had not seen or spoken to in 10 years by "warrior's" own choice but as much i can see that the wwe wants to burry this guy who made vince look like a fool but at the same time "warrior" has credibility issues of his own the truth is in the middle somewhere and i have yet to find it
Pat Stergos wrote:
You say we should know all the facts correctly before discussing something. You don't know all the facts so how can we believe you.

First off, it was Warrior's father that died in '96 and not his mother. As for him needing time and Vince firing him for it, it's not that Vince would've given Warrior grieving time but Warrior didn't ask. Warrior just got up and left and house shows had to be reshuffled and re-written and that costs a lot of time and money. Vince did what any other employer do to a deadweight employee, fire him.

Now as for his departure in '92, it was not his upcoming feud with Nailz. It was Vince firing him for 'roids. The DVD says that and so does Warrior in his DVD response post but Warrior does say it was to get the fed's off Vince's back.

As for the DVD, alright I haven't seen it yet, BUT from what I read; it's not a total bashfest. Yes, Bobby Heenan does bash him and everyone makes fun of his eccentricities, but they do give credit when he did deserve it. As for the bloopers, I don't think they are actually on the DVD. Of course, everything that I read about this DVD could be totally and utterly wrong, so take that with a grain of salt.

As for the Warrior's trapdoor crippling the British Bulldog, did Warrior needed to disappear into a cloud of smoke and other smoke powers" Wasn't it enough to run like a maniac and shake ropes" Of course, the Bulldog may have been stoned but I don't know.

Yep, know all the facts before judging someone.
Aaron Tolles wrote:
Having responded to Kuhn's article I feel it's fair that I respond this as well.I admit I too bashed the Warrior and yes I have seen the DVD and mentioned said things about him.But I take neither side,because well Vince has an odd way of trying to make WWE sound good and I'm jus tnot buying.I do feel the Warrior was charismatic and one of the most high energy wrestlers of the late 80's/early 90's.Being a Hogan/Savage fan as a kid I never really jumped on board with the Warrior.

Warrior was alot like Hogan in the sense that he had the look,but lets face it didn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch and was often carried by his opponents.I do give the DVD credit for mentioning both the bad and the good,but what we lack is Warrior's side.But then again having read the Warrior's columns and given past interviews,I don't think he would've made sense anyways.

I think Warrior was without a doubt lucky to have the opportunity he had and let greed and a wondering mind take over.And yes he did give us his share of memorable matches but I feel he was the biggest name flash in the pan to ever grace the squared circle.But I don't feel the Warrior could've made any bigger impact than the one he made and his run ended when it did.I won't miss him but I won't forget him.
Troy Tollison wrote:
This was somehow good and at the same time bad. First the good. I like how you outlined Warrior's career and showed it as being successful and positive. Whether anyone admits it or not, people loved him and sold out arenas to see him. It doesn't matter if you think he had bad charisma or wrestling skills. He was popular enough with the fans to win the belt and carry the company as champion. That overides anything anyone could ever say about him not deserving the success he acheived. You stated all that well in this article.

Now for the bad. First, I can't believe you wrote all this in response to Jacob Kuhn's article. His was just addressing the current situation between Warrior and McMahon. He didn't even outright say that Warrior was wrong, he merely said that he would tend to side with McMahon. He even tryed to be neutral by stating that WWE has a history of screwing people. Not only did you overreact to his column, you went out of your way to try and make him look bad. Second, there were some things that you didn't bother to justify, which I can respect, but of all the things to justify you do it for the Summer Slam hold up. Third, you didn't even acknowledge any of the comments on his website other than saying that he was angry when he made them. I'm sure he was angry when he found out that wrestlers were mocking him and that there was a blooper reel in his DVD. So to express his anger, he refers to Droz as a cripple and Grisham as a queer. If you honestly think attacking innocent people is alright, as long as you're angry, then you are an idiot.

Seriously, all in all this would've been a good article if you had cut out the crap and focused purely on his career rather than trying to make him out to be an angel. Due to recent events I don't think Warrior or WWE are even remotely trying to look like saints. I'd like to see another article on Warrior but not on the crap that's going on now. It should be about a legacy worth remembering: his wrestling.
mike dudzinski wrote:
here is my thought on the ultimate warrior im not gonna bash him on his out of the ring life. anything that had to do with politics or money or anything like that i dont know the true story the only one's who do is warrior and mcmahon so i'll leave it at that. as for in the ring he was a peice of trash. He never once not once put over a single wrestler. everyone talks about his ring entrence whoopie he is a awsome wrestler now. a wrestler is not made by his entrence so what he ran to the ring. what did he do when he got in the ring though was more important. he umm he umm well he didnt do much of anything but run around once more. his matches were a minute 30 for a reason. if the matches went any longer the fans wouldnt be going crazy anymore because they would be watching a complete snooze fest. warrior abilty should be ranked right up there with batista and goldberg. warrior has 3 good feuds and 2 of them had great wrestling skill. savage and rude could carry warrior through out the match and even if u watch the match you can see rude had a hard time. savage was the perfect oppenet for warrior because savage always planed his matches out with whomever he was facing weeks in advance. i know this because hogan, flair , and even steamboat said that before there big matches savage made them practice it so warrior couldnt mess up. and the other match that warrior had that was good wasnt really that good it was good in the sense of the hype hogan vs warrior it got no bigger at the time ill admit that. the match itself sucked it was the hype that made that match. as for warrior being charsimatic well his entrence was but for you to say his mic skills was is toatally ricioulous no one and i mean no one knew what the hell he was saying oh thats awsome, thats what i want to hear. and as for him bitching about the dvd well he had his chance to give wrestling fans of today who might not know him a chance to show his side of the story on the dvd. so its his own fault for what happen not the wwe, not vince not nobody but the ultimate warrior. warrior is out for one person and one person only he dont care about the fans he dont care about anything but the charachter the warrior thats it. also in your column you talk about there not being any competition for warrior well its pretty hard for that when he doesnt job to anyone. even hogan lost yes it was very few and far between but warrior never attempted to put anyone over.face it warrior burned out his time on top. it happens you cant stay on top forever and thats what happen to him. it wasnt there was no competition because there was. you also said that he didnt want to fight nailz i dont know if that is true or not once source says it is wwe said its not but if it is true then who cares. there are gonna be times in your career where u have to fight a mid carder to put them over triple h did it to eugene bret hart did it to steve austin and yes hulk hogan did it to the warrior. warrior was mid card before steping into the main event. im glad warrior was a asshole because he would probably still be champ if he had his way. because in warrior eyes there is no one better. he rips on everyone i wonder who he thinks is good because everytime i read anything from his he is bashing a new wrestler. cool he is your favriote wrestler and all. but he is not the best thing wrestling has ever seen far from it. warrior is not a legend and either is the ultitimate warrior. to be a legend it has to be over a long period of time. warrior reign was not that long. and i can name alot who came through those doors with more talent and charisma who could of made it and appreciated being at the top in my eyes warrior never appreciated what he did for the buissness.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
Well, thanks for mentioning me, but please try to understand my article before bashing it. Like many sports commentary, it was just that: my opinon. And I gave my opinion which I am entitled to as much as you are entitled to yours.

The response I read where the warrior responded to the DVD might seem less indicative of the Warrior if it had been the ONLY time he had done this. But it's not. It is actually extremely typical of the responses Warrior gives to just about anything. So to chalk it up to just anger would be inaccurate because that does not explain why it is given in the same way the Warrior presents everything else.

You took my article way out of context. In no way did I defend Vince McMahon. I think McMahon's stranglehold on the wrestling community is probably worse than anything the Ultimate Warrior has ever done. But the way that McMahon presents himself to the public is always going to end up with him being the winner in the end. He thinks about the words he uses and doesn't make an ass of himself when trying to make a point.

Sure, McMahon didn't give Warrior the time needed after his mom died. Makes sense to me. But if you know anything about Vince McMahon, he wasn't picking on the Warrior. Vince doesn't make a lot of concessions for a lot of his wrestlers. He, in fact, loves to humiliate them. Try reading Jerry Lawler's book and there is a lot of description of this in there.

If George Bush came out and lashed out at his opponents, calling them 'queers' and 'cripples,' how many people would take him seriously" While Warrior is not the president, he has to realize that public scrutiny will ultimately destroy someone who has absolutely no restraint. Yes, he hates political correctness, (as do I) but he would be taken more seriously if he adhered to it.

For the record, my article was very well researched and I am very familiar with the career of the Warrior. The reason he is an idiot is because he continually paints himself as the victim by attacking everyone else. I highly doubt the entire wrestling world is against the Warrior, as he would like you to believe. For example, he was WWF champion, something the vast majority of people in the business will never experience.

If Warrior would have shot back and EXPLAINED his side of the story rationally, then I would have written a different article. As much as I hate the Warrior, I probably would have written the article in his favor. But instead he played the same low, attacking tactics that McMahon did. Whether he was angry or not, this didn't help his image. I am not the only person who feels this way, either, as I have gotten many responses saying the same thing.
Izzy Rankin wrote:
The facts" Knowing the whole story" Give me a break. I think you need ice for your lips seeing is how you've been sucking Warrior's dick for the entire article. How the hell can you say that you have "all of the facts" when all you have to go by is somebody's word" Like you honestly expect Warrior to cut a shoot DVD and say all those things about the failed drug test, having poor in-ring skills, using my father's death as an excuse to no-show house shows in 1996, and threatening to no-show Summerslam '91 is all true and then some" Since both parties are covering their asses, we can't expect to believe anyone is giving the pure gold truth. "The moral is that before misjudging someone, learn hard to love him and if you can't, learn to respect him at least" has got to be the third dumbest thing I've ever read in my entire life. Why do I have to respect him" Last time I checked, you have to earn respect. So, he didn't kiss his boss' ass, big whoop. Does that make him better than Hogan" Flair" Shawn Michaels" Road Warrior Hawk" Undertaker" The real lesson of this story is that we'll never know what really happened behind that WWE/WCW curtain... Ever.

You want to talk about people not having the facts straight. Do you read what you write" I don't know what DVD you were watching, but after watching The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior several times, I felt that the insults dished out by Eric Bischoff, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, Bobby Heenan, and Ted DeBiase were tongue-in-cheek at best. This DVD isn't the "burial" that you and whoever manages the wrestler profiles on this site say it is. Hell, it isn't even that long. The worst Edge, Christian, and Jericho said was them mentioning how they couldn't understand most of the Warrior's promos. Other than that, they didn't say anything inflammatory. Jericho even said that Warrior is underrated as a wrestler. And about Hogan and Warrior's shit-fest of a match at the 1998 Halloween Havoc, Bischoff admitted that it was the worst match during his administration over WCW and Hogan actually blamed himself for their match being so terrible, which is a surprise to this writer. And you have to admit the promo with Warrior crashing Hogan's plane into "Parts Unknown" was great. I can't believe Christian remembered that word for word.

I will agree with you on the Triple H thing. I was surprised to see negative remarks from him on the Warrior considering his reputation behind the WWE curtain. Since they showed the footage, Triple H obviously gave McMahon the "OK" to put it in. I can't believe that after all these years and all the success The Game has had, that his ego is still bruised from having that squash match with Warrior at Wrestlemania XII. I'll also take Davey Boy being stoned when he broke himself on Warrior's trap door. His back problems and painkiller addictions have been well documented and it makes sense since he was the only dude to break himself tripping over it.

Oh yeah, the second dumbest thing I've ever read was when you said that you found out that Jimmy Stewart is a bigot but excuse him for being so because he was born in 1908. Yeah, being born in 1908 makes it all better. I guess you're not black and you're not friends with black people or an other ethnic minority because someone who is wouldn't write something that retarded. Next time I do or say something stupid, I'll say it's because I was born in 1985.
Vincent Waller wrote:
I agree with Dany Mercury that the whole story needs to be told, so let me add to what he's said.

Unlike Jacob Kuhn and like Dany Mercury I was a big fan of UW back in the 80s, and so I suppose that may lend itself to my bias in favor of UW and against Vince McMahon on this one.

But it's a lot more than that. This whole DVD episode is a testament to the fact that wrestling today is not what it once was.

Now I know that by going down the "back in my day" path that I echo the words of so many old timers everywhere, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. I'm 24, and I think wrestling sucks today, and I think it was waaay better in the 80's.

I was born a WWF fan (and I still am a WRESTLING fan) but I don't give a flying fuck about 99% of what's going on in the WWE today, and I guess that enough people are like me that Vince now has to start digging up the past just to keep people interested.

My interest in the WWF started to wane in the early 90's, came back in the late 90's and died with the death of the WCW, and the adoption of the name "WWE". Ever since the WWE has been the single dominant promotion and it has been total crap. It's not the wrestlers-it's the promotion, it's Vince and family, and their lack of respect for wrestling and for WWF history.

But Vince is only partly to blame. With no competition he's losing his balance and perspective. The deaths of ECW and WCW were big losses not only for the wrestlers, but for wrestling and for America. For me its like factories shutting down and jobs being lost to foreigners overseas.

Why do people in Japan get 10 different kinds of kickass fighting promotions with TV deals and spectacular cards televised for free on New Year's day while we in the USA were paying 10 bucks a week to watch TNA" In the USA today, you can't even hear a boxing match on the radio let alone watch ECW on CBS. Isn't this supposed to be the future"

What does this all have to do with this DVD episode" I'm getting to it.

Now whether its product was good or bad, for years and years the WWE sucked at telling history. They acted like we're living in an eternal present and ignored title histories as well as other promotions, and basically acted like Big Brother (and mostly this is all still true). But recently they've actually started making references to past wrestlers, like a couple Wrestlemania's ago when JR mentioned the Dynamite Kid. I guess they figured even though he can't wrestle for them anymore, they still own the rights to some old videos he made, and that people have somehow remembered him despite any recognition by the WWE's publicity machine for over a decade. Also, in a copy of RAW magazine they compared the Superstar Billy Graham to Scott Steiner. When I heard about these things it struck me as something the WWE is only going to do out of necessity, since referring to the history of your sport is a good idea and most of what the WWE does is stupid and assbackwards.

Whoops, did I just call wrestling a sport" I guess I must be living in the eighties. Speaking of which, it was in 1989 that Vince McMahon "revealed" the business in front of the NJ state athletic commission so he could save a few bucks. When you look at all the other ways he sold out the sport of wrestling, it makes perfect sense. Be patient and let me explain.

In Mick Foley's first book he referred to the time Ole Anderson took him aside and told him a story about a guy who saw a dead baby and said "HOLY f'n hell that's terrible!", then he came across a bunch of dead babies and said, "HOLY shit that sucks!" and then saw a busload of dead kids and so on and so on and the point is that after a while the guy didn't care anymore. The moral of Ole's story for Mick is that you need to be careful when you are putting on a wrestling show to pay attention to HISTORY, and CONTEXT to get the most out of storylines, and to keep the fans caring.

In Terry Funk's book he said when Vince revealed the business in 89' he was pissed off at first, but then decided it was a good thing because it "got the monkey off our backs". But he said a part of him is still pissed about it. I identify with that part of him and heres why: Awesome crazy magnificent events in wrestling are so much more awesome and edgy when you think they are real. Wrestling is better when you can let yourself be a mark, and at least the promotion and the wrestler's are encouraging you to be a mark. That's why so many wrestlers for so many years did so many things to "protect the business".

That's why the Ultimate Warrior is the greatest champion of all time.

Now, I can't say how he'd fare against a Lou Thesz, or a Frank Gotch, or a Benoit or Dynamite Kid. If it was a shoot-it would probably be like a lot of Warrior's matches: fast and fun to watch-but probably in a much different way.

Perhaps in retrospect nobody really believes that UW would be a legit world beater, but who really knows" I mean, a lot of people think Chris Jericho or HHH are good wrestlers, but for all we know UW could whip the living crap out of them. We don't know because of the whole predetermined match factor of professional wrestling.

But like Johnny Valentine supposedly said to Roddy Piper one time, "I can't make them believe that wrestling is real, but I sure as hell can make them believe that I'm real." Ultimate Warrior was one of those guys, and he still is. I believe if you listen real close in Wrestlemania 7, he tells Sherri Martel, "Come here bitch!" This was back in the super kid friendly 80s WWF, the same federation that had all these stupid skits and angles to appeal to kids, and UW was the ultimate good guy, loved by kids, why was he swearing" Didn't he know the cameras might catch what he was saying" That's not supposed to happen, it must be real! Because if it was fake why is he really calling her a bitch" Wouldn't we catch him telling her something like "Duck" or talking to her under his breath in a Jim Hellwig voice instead of UWs growl" Maybe not, but it was somewhat real, at least it was damn edgy.

By contrast, I remember watching RAW one time about a decade later and Ken Shamrock is screaming at his sister Ryan for being a whore, and the cameras right up in his face but he doesn't have a mike so I guess he thinks we can here him. And then he clearly whispers "slap me" to her. And she slapped him. And I changed the channel.

I don't know what UW's actual fighting ability was or even what fighting style he called it, but he damn sure was the right person in the right place at the right time, for a good while, and he pulled off a character that no one else could ever get over. Think about it: What other champion ever played the insane cosmic space warrior role" And as I recall he was REALLY REALLY OVER.

I can't say whether UW in his prime would still be over in wrestling today, or whether he'd ever have been over anywhere besides the WWF I remember, but back then it all just clicked because UW had a monster look and a unique amount of intensity and because he was given the right stage to perform on.

The WWF of the 80s benefited from both Vince McMahon's cocaine inspired creative genius, but moreso from the fans and people and wrestlers who set the standards and created the context of what wrestling was expected to be. Guys like Terry Funk, Gorilla Monsoon, Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik and too many others to mention. People that cared about legitimacy, because they knew it would always matter to the fans.

Sure, in hindsight they were lying to us, but would you rather read a regular Stephen King book, or the same book, but at the very end the main character says "And right after the monster ate me I woke up and it was all a dream". The first, because after the second you'd throw the book down and say, "All a dream"" What the fuck was I reading this book for""So maybe it was all fixed, but would Gorilla or Jessie ever admit it" Hell no!

The WWF used to have a practice whereby the "Superstars" used to wrestle guys like Frankie Williams on Saturday morning television and the Superstars would always win. It still seemed real because it felt like a tune up match for the star wrestler. Vince later abandoned the practice when Nitro was recreating wrestlemania 5 every Monday night, and people were changing channels. But after watching Stone Cold battle the Rock for the 100 th time and the second consecutive wrestlemania, I felt like, "Hey, Give Frankie Williams a shot at the belt," because it just seems like a more real thing to do. You never see boxers going beyond a trilogy of big fights and that makes each Gotti Ward fight so much more interesting than Stone Cold v Rock #152. By contrast, UW only wrestled Hogan once in the WWF! And he had great opponents like Macho Man, who I believe he only wrestled twice. And he benefited from being on shows packed with talent like Shawn Michaels, Steamboat, Rick Martel, Sargeant Slaughter, Bob Orton, Greg Valentine, and Tito Santana-wrestlers that created a background of relative normalcy against which UW could shine. What also helped, again, was that the WWF still cared about coming off as legit. So when UW obliterated his opponents in 3 minute matches, he truly seemed invincible to us young tykes. When my younger brother grew up watching Stone Cold, even at the age of 6, he still knew it was fake. It's not Stone Cold's fault, it's the promotion.

I haven't seen the DVD, but in it supposedly a number of WWE wrestlers such as HHH are imitating UW and the way he shook the ropes. I read UW's comments and I could see how he'd be pissed. As the UW not so eloquently pointed out, a lot of those guys have ripped him off more than they'd care to admit so who the hell are they to be mocking him without giving him his props" On the one hand, UW should lighten up, but on the other, he has a right to be pissed if Vince's secret message is, "Anybody could be the Ultimate Warrior".

I don't think that's true. The Ultimate Warrior was a big hulking dude that was ripped to shreds and yet could run to and from the ring like a bat out of hell, giving the illusion of limitless stamina and energy and basically a dude that could whup a good deal of ass. Plus, the gorilla press slam-who else has the balls to make that their finishing move" You'd have to be willing to try to lift any future opponent clear over your head before launching them in the air, and he did it to Hulk Hogan and other heavyweights. You risk failure and looking like a pussy and a fool.

As far as UW's commentary, sure he's kinda out there, but I don't agree with Jacob Kuhn that UW needs a PR guy. The world would be a suckier place if we all had PR guys watching what we say. I appreciate UW's frank and candid and uncensored commentary and the fact that he truly seems unable to separate Jim Hellwig from the UW character, and the fact that he apparently has no friends in wrestling and comes off like a complete loner. By doing all of this, he's doing his part to protect a business that Vince has all but sucked dry. The UW is a legend, he deserves his place in wrestling history.
luis melito wrote:
thank you for trashing jim hellwig's (the ultimate warrior) speech to the students at the university of connecticut. i'm really glad you did that. i just wanted to thank you because it has strengthened my conservative beliefs. jim hellwig is a great man. i call him a truth teller. i agree with every last statement he made regarding his speech. listening to his honesty was spiritually and intellectually invigorating.

the liberal attacks on him during his speech were encouraging, as was their failure to silence him. jim hellwig, a.k.a. the ultimate warrior, is a better man than any liberal i can think of. he is a man of courage and conviction. a man of truth; absolute truth. i feel sorry for liberals. i feel sorry that they are people that stand for nothing and represent nothing.

i feel sorry that they are weak and that they hate our country. it's too bad that they don't appreciate the sacrifices made for them by our fallen soldiers throughout history. they seek to destroy the freedom that was gained for them and piss on the blood that was shed for them. it truly is a pity.

i call him a great american. you say he is filled with hatred; yet he cared enough to try to snap some sense into some college simpletons. He is more of a person than any liberal claims to be. you should wake up and stop being a child. you should learn your lessons now and wake up before it's too late. stop honoring che, castro and mao. honor instead jefferson, franklin and washington. these men believed in true freedom and equality.

liberals only believe in free speech until you say something they disagree with. then, they want to attack you and silence you. think about that. for all they say they are open-minded, they sure contradict themselves.

again, thank you and your liberal friends on my behalf. your hatred for people like jim hellwig merely serve to strengthen us. the more you name call and label, the more power it gives us. the more you fight, the stronger we get. the truth is that you are the real bigot. conservatism empowers ALL people. It gives everyone a fair shake. Unlike communism, socialism and liberalism, it doesn't relegate anyone to depend on meager handouts in order to sustain themselves. If liberals don't grow up, they will be a responsible party to the ruination of america.

anyway, who are you to trash jim hellwig" get off your soap box. good day to you.
J Spade wrote:
It was excellent article I have to be honest I was a huge fan of the Warrior and everything he achieved at the WWE but my feelings changed after he made a speech I beleive for a Republican convensionat at a University where he made remarks to the audience of a racist and homophobic nature almost causing a riot. I thought that this was a far cry from the warrior who would have people on their feet when he ran into the ring with his arm raised and his music pumping through the speakers. However after reading the article by Jacob Kuhn and yours I am undecided which was better than disliking the man. It was interesting to see both sides of the story and the possible reasons behind them.
Nailed it right on the head. The Ultimate Warrior didn't need to do the interviews to get the fans. He just had to run to the ring. I remember those days as a kid, and remember being a warrior fan more than a hogan fan. I would sit down with my cousin Andy (also a warrior fanatic) and we'd watch as Warrior ran to the ring, with the tassles, and go crazy. Then wor gordon (another cousin) would argue that hogan was best, but even he was excited by Warrior.

I think most Hogan fans, if not all, would admit to being more of a warrior fan at some time. Also, Warrior has 1 wrestling match that will go down as one of the greatest of all time (something hogan cannot claim). His WrestleMania 7 match with Randy Savage is my 2nd all time favourite WWF/E match (after Bret V Bulldog at SSlam 92).

Warrior is a legend, NQA, and Danny Murphy couldnt have put it better
T.O. wrote:
I'll agree with you that Warrior was one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the business. I also need to point out that after Hogan's " Retirement" in 1992, Warrior, although he didn't have the belt, was the company's top babyface, followed by ( In this order) Savage, Bulldog, and Bret Hart. It was after the firing of Bulldog and Warrior ( Not to mention the departure of Ric Flair) that business really started to get bad. In the last thing in Warrior's defense, He was one of wrestling's all-time biggest Merchandising draws. You made one error in your article, it was Warrior's father who passed away in 96. Otherwise good read. Have a good one. PS: For the love of God, can someone tell the whoever edits the site that you forgot to put Terry Funk on the WCW hall of fame page, he was elected at Slamboree 95, thanks.
Joelmaspeth wrote:
I saw the Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior and I must say it's one of the two things: either it is a complete trainwreck of historical inaccuracy and fabricated nonsense or it is the funniest wrestling product released in stores since the JCW tapes. You can clearly tell that the WWE is trying to make themselves look good and take it out on a guy whose trademark they don't even earn yet at the same time, you could clearly understand that the Warrior was, indeed, a delusional man with an ego the size of Texas. And his actions are evident outside the ring, as you could see from my "Jim Hellwig: The Ultimate Pinhead" article, as well as his childish response to the WWE-corporated DVD.

Does the Warrior have the right to defend himself" Of course, he does. But when he responded to the DVD, it made him more of a spoiled, rotten child than a victim of this scenario. Instead of just bringing up previous history that Vince and the WWE don't want the public to know, he insists on blasting them for a variety of reasons in a way that would make a childhood bully look intelligent. I mean, seriously, how on Earth could anyone approve of Warrior's comments that he hopes Bobby Heenan's cancer goes to his grave"

When the Warrior released the shoot interview a couple months ago, he presented detail about his personal and professional life in a mature form, acting like an adult and being blutantly honest while knowing what to say. Here, his behavior is equivalent to a prima donna that demands attention on herself and his "shoot" on the WWE consist of more incoherent insults than straightforward criticism. Here, the Warrior looks like the enemy of the whole situation, not the WWE.

So what you're dealing with is a pretty fucked up human being who can't even defend his story easily. I always loved the Warrior back in the old days, when his strong presence electrified the crowd and his babbling promos created such unparallel intensity that's nearly unrival these days. The WWE had no business creating such a hatchet-job on this man when they are as guilty as the Warrior. But when you read about how he states that "queering does not make the whole world work" or wishing death upon Bobby Heenan, it's quite clear that no one in this feud is a winner and that the Warrior's fame is over. So Warrior, do yourself and go back to reality because your laughable words of wisdom are just damaging your reputation further.

In the words of JBL, go back to the bat cave where you came from.
Nikki Collins wrote:
Its such a shame that "so called wrestling fans" forget about what made the WWF/E so popular in the first place. When I was 7 years old (1991) I got my first real introduction to wrestling and the first wrestler I ever supported was Ultimate Warrior. As a young kid seeing this larger then life character run down to the ring with tassles and bright coulers on with his face all painted up, distroying his opponent in less then 2 minutes was so exciting that I instantly became the biggest WWF/E fan ever in my school.

To me that was what the WWF/E stood for, entertainment. I know alot of you claim to know everything about wrestling and Im the first to admit that Warrior was'nt the best wrestler ever but what he brought to the ring was what it was all about back then in the WWF/E.

By todays standards Warrior's character would'nt work, cause WWE is'nt about kids anymore. Its about showing half naked women slapping each other in the ring and haveing every match have a run in.

The DVD is just a very nasty way of exsploiting a past star that made WWE very rich.

I agree that some of Warriors statements are slightly harsh and wrong to say but I believe in hurting others who hurt you first and Warriors reactions and words are just his way of getting back at the one's who started it.

Vince can't handle not haveing one of the most popular WWF/E stars ever in the palms of his hands. All that money he could of made with Warrior. Never gonna happen now.
Jeremy R. Thompson wrote:
Ahh!, The Ultimate Warrior. Maybe I don't speak for everyone when I say this but I am so sick and tired of the ignorantly negative comments made about the Ultimate Warrior. He did what he was paid to do. Ok. He wasn't expected to be a "technical" wrestler. It would not have fit his gimmick. You have all these wrestlers like Undertaker, Jake Roberts, Bobby Heenan,etc. just regularly saying the "same" comments about Warrior. Geez, since they all say it, it must be true. Put on the brakes here, nope. They're just being Vince's little bitches. They don't like the warrior because he was himself, he had the fans that they wanted to have root for them, and he had the balls to stand up to Vince and speak his mind. HHH's comments on the Self Destruction DVD, hahaha, if it hurts him that bad, he needs to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. He's suppose to be all big and tough and there he's crying like a little bitch. Aww, poor thang. I guess it's ok because not everybody is capable of handling such issues as being upstaged by an established, and selling, gimmick. You know here's a concept. They've done all they can to down the man, and he'll still be remembered longer than they ever will be. They all don't want him back. Well here's another concept, he didn't want to do it anymore. Where's your argument" They've all been busting their asses over a goal they won't never accomplish. They want to be respected for "wrestling technicalities" and such. Here's a clue.. The audience who is watching could give a damn. So how could anyone expect to be respected. Besides, it's all staged, coreographed and whatever. I think the funniest comment though was from Bobby Heenan calling the warrior stupid. Lets see. Hmm!!! The Ultimate Warrior was an established bodybuilder and chiropractor. Bobby Heenan, a 7th grade education at the max. Sounds to me like someone's a little jealous that they weren't blessed with the genetic superiority to do the same as Warrior, so he's just trying to use politics to make him look better. Well there's the stupidity right there. When you do stuff like that, nobody likes it exept for other insecure, self-confident insufficiant pussies like yourself. There's the clue as to why the Warrior was and always will be more popular and revered than any of those oversized bitches behind the wwe stages. Ok I've spoke my mind enough now. Just one question. I heard all this hype between the WWE and Warrior Shoot videos is all promo for a match between Warrior and Vinve McMahon anyway. Is this accurate or just a rumor. Thanks for your time.


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