A Country Boy Really Can Survive
October 5, 2005 by Darron Clementin

When James Gibson was released from the WWE in late 2004, Independent Wrestling fans rejoiced at the possibility of seeing him work in Ring Of Honor as it was to be a tremendous opportunity to see James Gibson wrestle without the limitations that were placed on him in Stamford. Well on February 25, 2005 many fans wishes were granted as James Gibson entered ROH debut to a huge standing ovation as he made his ROH debut against ROH alumnist Spanky and in what was described by all as a spectacular match, James Gibson quickly established himself as a threat to anybody in ROH and made it known that he meant business bringing with him a renewed vigor and some new moves utilizing a Front Guillotine Choke as his finisher of choice. As the months went by we saw James Gibson put on stellar match after stellar match mostly noticeably against Rocky Romero and Roderick Strong cementing his status as a consistently great wrestler and a welcome addition to the roster.

On April 16, 2005 James Gibson began his quest to become ROH World Heavyweight Champion but came up short in a spectacular draw against former ROH World Champion Austin Aries, But Aries never gave up hope that he would one day be ROH World Champion so Gibson got back in line and ran through the competition again and found himself on Austin Aries' doorstep again this time on May 13, 2005 as this time Gibson brought some help in the form of his trainer Danny Ray Nelson who mentored Gibson as Gibson did battle with Aries once again this time tasting defeat at the hand of Aries. Gibson could've crawled under a rock and disappeared as many have who couldn't dethrone Aries but Gibson would not give up but as time went on he fell into a slump of loses against Samoa Joe and Homicide but on June 18, 2005 the ROH World Title would fall into the hands of CM Punk who then turned against Ring Of Honor and proceeded to hold the ROH World Title hostage turning away challengers in less than honorable fashion which rubbed Gibson the wrong way who was all about the honor. On July 9, 2005 CM Punk was backed into a corner by Mick Foley who demanded that CM Punk defend the belt against James Gibson at his earliest convenience but on July 16, 2005 CM Punk had a trick up his sleeve that would turn away Gibson and his World Title aspirations yet again but on August 12, 2005 Gibson would finally realize his dream as he outlasted Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and CM Punk is a brutal 4 Way Elimination to finally become ROH World Champion.

Gibson declared that he would defend the belt until he no longer could and turned away former friend and the man he made his debut against Spanky and the scorching hot Colt Cabana who was on a hot streak but Gibson ran into his greatest challenge ever as he would face one of the founding fathers of Ring Of Honor in "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson who had returned to claim what he felt was rightfully his in the ROH World Title. In a gruelling battle Danielson upended Gibson ending his reign as ROH World Champion and cementing Gibson as a legend in the same night. Gibson brought a real enthusiasm and tremendous work ethic to every match he participated in as he gave it his all to put on some of the best matches possible and he succeeded tenfold as he truly earned the ROH MVP of 2005 cranking on stellar matches at every turn.

Tomorrow we say good-bye to a true superstar and a guy who almost single-handedly catapulted ROH to its best workrate year so far and it will be a very emotion farewell that I wish I could be there to see. James Gibson is a trooper in every since of the word and brought an intensity and an emotion that you rarely see in wrestlers today and very few busted their asses like Gibson has. I truly to hope that the fans in attendance show their love and respect to a true great and a true ROH legend because there will never be another James F'N Gibson.

by Darron Clementin ..

Thomas Richards wrote:
Let me just say this about this column -- WHAT" I started to read this what promised to be an interesting column and about 2 sentences in was confused. There was part of a sentence repeated and the whole thing was a run-on. But I persisted because I wanted to know more. Then I got to the second paragraph and I thought -- WHAT" Once again the sentence (for that's what the paragraph was -- 1 sentence) ran on and on and on making no sense whatsoever. At that point, I gave up!

Aren't there were guidelines for submitting articles to OWW" This column broke Commandments 4 and 8. Who edited this" Not the writer. And even if he did, shouldn't the website editor have caught all this abuse of the English language" I'm considering giving ths column to some copy editor friends of mine and see how many mistakes they can find. As an English teacher, I found A LOT! My suggestion, remove this column from the sight so no one else has to be subjectted to its gross incompetence.

Let's keep the quality of articles like it has been in the past. Keep columns like this off the site.
Darron Clementin (original Author) wrote:
Well, maybe you should stick to reading English papers instead of trolling websites looking for mistakes in people's columns.
Thomas Richards wrote:
First of all, Darron, I don't troll the websites looking for peoples mistakes. OWW is a website I frequent because of interesting colums and commentaries by people, and because of my love of wrestling. Besides, anyone who came across the column of yours would be an idiot not to notice all the errors in it. Second, did you even read the 10 Commandments before you submitted your column" My guess is "NO". Otherwise there wouldn't be so many violations of them and the English language.

Finally, when I do find a subject that I feel strongly enough about to submit a column for, I can assure you it will not be like yours at all. It will be intelligent, well-written, and edited properly. Maybe you should develop these skills before you submit another article.
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Mr Richards" You are a teacher so I will refer to you as the children in your class probably do.

After "my suggestion" you should have included a question mark or indeed scribed my statement.

As a school teacher you should be constructive and ought to help people with their command of English. I guess you teach in America as with your attitude you wouldn't pass the aptitude test set to teachers in the UK prior to getting a job in a classroom.
Darron Clementin wrote:
Well, maybe you should mind your own affairs and not worry about mine or how I write my columns because I'll write my columns however I see fit to write them. Obviously the editor of the site didn't have a problem with my article otherwise the article would not have been posted so why don't you worry less about how I write my columns and more about yourself.
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