The Wise Guy: Volume IV
June 20, 2005 by David Jacobs

Welcome, once again, to The Wise Guy. I am David Jacobs and I am here to rant, complain, rave, and compliment for your enjoyment. In today's column, we will take a look at this week's RAW and SmackDown, we'll take a look at TNA Slammiversary, we'll look at an updated State of TNA, and we'll finish up with some trivia.

Let's start off with RAW. WWE really hyped up Stone Cold Steve Austin's return and it got even bigger after his surprise appearance at ECW One Night Stand (which was, by the way, extreme!). But, I think the segment was kind of flat. The only unpredictable thing was when Stone Cold told Muhammad Hassan that he was going to get his match with Shelton Benjamin. Everything else was predictable and boring. It wasn't exactly one of Steve's Hell raising moments.

For once, I actually enjoyed The Masterlock Challenge. And no it wasn't because of Chris Masters (is it ever"). This time, it was because of Sgt. Slaughter. His appearance was totally unexpected and it was great. He actually made Chris Masters look good (and that is one of the reasons he's in the HOF). It was a great segment and it made Sgt. Slaughter look great. Although, it probably diminished the reputations of Stevie Richards and Val Venis. But, who cares" We'll never see those guys on RAW again.

Now, this segment was an awesome one. It was the final one, where Kurt Angle was drafted to RAW. It was funny and it made an impact. It was so good, not even Triple H could ruin it, at least not after Angle came out. Before Angle came out, it was REALLY boring. But, after that, it got better. I especially liked it when Angle and Ric Flair were exchanging Woo's and when Triple H was kissing up to Batista. Also, it brought back memories of these guys (Triple H and Kurt Angle) in 2000. Plus, this segment set up the rematch of one of the greatest matches in history, HBK vs. Kurt Angle. Also, it was very special. Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Triple H, and (I guess he's a World Champion, so I'll say it) Batista were in the same ring at the same time. These guys have a combined 35 World Title reigns between them. And only 3 of them were tainted Triple H.

Now onto SmackDown. JBL, the Meanie Basher, was once again bragging and boring talking about how ECW is over and the only reason it was good was because of him. Blah, Blah, Blah, the usual JBL banter. The only thing that moderately saved JBL in the first three segments was the fact that the Bashams are quitting and maybe JBL is finally done in the main event spot (fingers crossed).

One SmackDown segment that was good was Heidenreich's (yes, Heidenreich) segment with he divas (ugh) and MNM (yay). The segment was flat up until when MNM came out. As usual, the Divas were being airheads. However, Melina saved the segment with her speech. And, Mercury and Nitro were great too. Is it just me, or is Melina the most talented Diva in the WWE" Once again, the draft was shocking. It was Randy Orton. I was glad to see The Undertaker back. But, I was gladder to see a fresh face on SmackDown. Some new feuds are brewing and this, like Kurt Angle for RAW, is very positive for SmackDown.

Now onto Slammiversary. It looks pretty promising and exciting. There's going to be a lot of high flyers. Shark Boy is back, along with Amazing Red and Alex Shelley. Samoa Joe makes his debut. I think the only negative thing is Shocker vs. Alex Shelley. Why couldn't they just add this to the 6-man X Division match. I think this is a true test for TNA. Can they survive without cable" Tonight will be a make or break moment for TNA, and I can't wait to see what the verdict is.

Now, dadadada. The State of TNA!!! I think it's looking good. They have Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Shark Boy, and Amazing Red now. They have made a step in the right direction by putting a show on the internet. But, this State isn't final. I think it all depends on TNA Slammiversary. Will TNA flop or float"

Let's move onto trivia. The answer to last week's question was a win against Shawn Stasiak at Survivor Series 1999. Now, this week's question. If you know it, send the answer to [email protected] and your name will show up here next week. Who were the first NWA-TNA tag team champions" Give the tag team members and their opponents.

Remember, I love hearing your thoughts. Stay tuned on The Wise Guy.

by David Jacobs ..

Brad Dykens wrote:
This column lingers dangerously close to the rejection line. I'm aware of this so I don't want anyone complaining to me, thank you. And to Mr. Jacobs, don't make this style of article a habit.







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